I need Generations like I need air.

My in-laws are here until tomorrow, so I’ve only had enough time to install Generations and play for about 30 minutes while they went shopping. From what I have played, though, I am very impressed. For one thing, and I don’t know if this happened before the EP but it’s never happened to me in any save file, my sims autonomously woohooed! It was preeeeetty cool. They were just flirting and suddenly both went to relax and then magic happened XD

They also had a pillow fight. SO GLAD they brought this back. I missed it. I also missed memories, which they can now have! Up to 300, but at least it’s something.

I don’t know if there’s a new town or not because I just jumped into a Sunset Valley save file, but there are a bunch of new premade houses which are actually pretty freaking sweet. I forgot to take pictures of the one I played in, but it was definitely decorated better than any premade EA house I’ve ever seen.

The new stuff is really nice. They’ve got some great new patterns as well, and tons of new little interactions that make gameplay so much better. That’s all I was able to explore so far.

I decided to start my SP experiments over with the new EP. I’m hoping that the fact that sims are autonomously woohooing means EASP isn’t so broken anymore. Wishful thinking? We’ll see!

Gotta go be social now though. Boooooo.