Bow down, EA. BOW DOWN.

You know what that top means? That top means I got Outdoor Living Stuff. I won! Yay!

Zinnia: You feel better about yourself now?

YES. Justice has been served. On ICE.

After reading about the amazing luck Hrootbeer had when she gave EA a call, I decided to call too.  The guy, Jayson, was totally cheerful (despite the fact that he works for EA tech support) and made me feel better. He looked into both of my live chats and apologized for those people being douchebags, then set up the digital download for OLS. I thanked him and almost told him I’d name a sim after him, but figured that’d be weird. I’ll still name one after him though.

I didn’t even really want Outdoor Living Stuff in the first place, but the freeness of it made me need it XD

Lesson of the day: Be a brat*; get free things.

*I wasn’t actually a brat. I was nice and respectful. But I’ve got a badass reputation (in my imagination) to uphold.

15 thoughts on “Bow down, EA. BOW DOWN.

  1. Hahahaha, awesome! I bet he would have been honored to know you were going to name a sim after him. ;) And, being nice and respectful is THE BEST way to get what you want!

    My grandma always said, “You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Not that you’d want to attract flies, but the premise is the same. ;)


  2. Can’t wait to see Jayson the EA Rep in your game!

    You should have told him you are the author of the Creeper Legacy. He would have been all, “OMG! Jeeze, here have all the stuff packs and the upcoming one for free. And thanks for the awesome Sims 3 advertising. You’re blog is the shizz’nit! Oh, and sorry our SP sucks pie hole, but whatcanIdoIjustworkhereandjustgaveyoufreestuff.”

    Totally could have happened. :D


  3. Ahaha congrats on winning! :D <<< happy face for you. I know how you feel, I didn't want Outdoor living stuff either, but seeing as it was free, I just had to have it! They shipped out my ols today, and it kinda surprised me because I figured they would ship it with generations. Guess there *trying* to be nice for once…..



  4. Hooray at free stuff! But if all efforts would have gone to waste, you could’ve just sued them *evilface*.

    No, but seriously, good for you :DD


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