Argh! I am SO MAD right now!

Warning: The following post is filled with RANDOMCAPS and RAGE. Please be advised.

So I wasn’t going to pre-order Generations. I was going to take my happy butt to the store, not just to buy it in real life, but to also burn a few calories before I sit in front of my computer getting a nerd tan for DAYS (see, I think rationally). But the other day I looked at my credit card and I said to myself:  HAY, PRE-ORDER YES?! So I did.

Well today, as I was browsing My Sims 3 Blog, I come across THIS:

And I was like OMG YES, FREE STUFF I CAN HAZ?! And I checked around, looking for an email or something saying, "Oh, you pre-ordered BEFORE we put this very tempting ad up, here’s your free thing, plus some bonus smiley faces."

I didn’t have one D:

So I went to EA’s live chat customer service thing and asked them about it and this guy named Cody told me, "Yeah, no. You don’t get that lol."

WHAT? WHAT IS THIS YOU’RE SAYING TO ME?! But… but I pre-ordered :(

Then I started thinking OKAY FINE. I will simply cancel my pre-order and make ANOTHER pre-order WITH THE FREE. Smart thinking, Starla! So I hop onto live chat again and get Caroline. She’s like, "Rofl, I can’t cancel your order, silly. Just, when it’s delivered, tell them you don’t want it or something, I dunno."


I pictured Caroline chewing gum obnoxiously and filing her nails while she listened to classic rock on her Zune. That’s how much she didn’t care about me.

So apparently EA is untouchable. I’ve heard of people having these problems before, but I I’ve never really experienced them personally.


I sent them a mean email. And when I say mean, I mean mean enough to where I’m not completely a jerkbitch, so they’ll feel guilty and give me free things. It kind of goes like this (but not really):

HEY! EA! I am a good customer, and I should be treated thus-like and suchforth! Why is my pre-order different than other pre-orders? Are you RACIST? And why can’t I cancel a pre-order anyway? It’s basically a placeholder. It’s like the people from Jersey Shore, not contributing anything to society. Please give me free things. Thank you.

I’m awaiting their reply. Next time I’m trusting my instinct.

36 thoughts on “Argh! I am SO MAD right now!

  1. DDDD:

    I hadn’t preordered yet and was excited when I saw that and might still. BUT MAYBE NOT JUST OUT OF PROTEST. BAD FORM, EA. *shakes fist*


  2. Guess what e-mail just showed up in my inbox? -_-

    I don’t want Generations or Outdoor Living Stuff anyway. And I’m not getting Unleashed (really, EA? Reusing a Sims 1 title?) when that comes out.


      1. LOL I’m like… little kid excited for both Generations and Unleashed. I dunno why. I didn’t want OLS much, but the fact that it was free made me NEED it XD

        Boo, EA. Boo!


  3. omfg I want to preorder just to get the free stuff but we don’t have the funds and I hate banks so I hoard all my money in a jar… WHERE IS THE JAR YOU ASK?? good luck finding out, I’m like a dragon, rawr.
    Also; that’s BS, for serious, you preordered, you should get free stuffies. Good laaaawd someone needs to be beaten with a bat. Break some knee caps…
    I have the mean spirited trait. And if there was an excessively violent trait, I'd have that too.


  4. If you thought that was bad, imagine how I feel as a Mac user playing the sims. MAC SUPPORT IS NONEXISTENT. EA Tech Support will be like, “OH YOU’RE ON A MAC? LOL WELL THAT SUCKS, WE WON’T HELP YOU THEN. GET A PC.”

    :| As a result, I’m pretty good at fixing my game when it breaks. (Without having to totally reinstall everything!) But it’s still incredibly frustrating that their tech support is even worse when you own and use a Mac instead of a PC. It’s not even like my Mac is incredibly old, my college gave it to me like 3 years ago. IT’S ONLY A TODDLER. HELP ME WHEN I HAVE PROBLEMS EA, DON’T BLAME MY MACHINE.

    /rant. sorry. ._.


    1. *comment-stalk*
      YESSS!!!! Aah! Macs are good for some things, but I’ve discovered gaming is not one of them. Every time I email EA for a tech support question, they tell me to reinstall, regardless of what my actual problem is. Macs are not that hard to figure out! I think I know more about Sims on a Mac than their tech support does >_>


    2. Aw, man, I’m sorry to hear that! You’d think they would set aside a budget just for training in Mac tech support. A lot of people have Macs, holy crap how hard is it to realize that?


    1. Yeah, she totally does! But see, Starla, this will teach you a lesson. A wise young man I (no proof that it was me but it probably was :P) once said Never Pre-order any game. It will not be dispatched (did I use the right word?) until the realese date, and you will not get it until like 4 days after. Sorry Starla :( You diserve your free stuff. Not cheeck from Caroline!


      1. LOL aw, I DO deserve it damnit. Mostly because I’ve spent so much money on EA stuff in the first place -_-

        I pre-ordered Ambitions too and got it the same day, actually, which surprised me. I had to drive 60 miles to get it because I moved after I pre-ordered and they wouldn’t let me change my address, but I still got it on the release day XD


  5. Awww that sucks so BAD! I was gonna pre-order the other day, but then I was too anxious to wait for it to ship, so I decided on the store. Now I ish going to pre-order. I hope they still give you the outdoor living stuff pack, that’s just no fair.


  6. ugh, ea. i’ve heard so many horror stories about their ‘customer service’, thankfully i’ve never experienced any (only becuase i know i’ll get too frustrated and smack a fool or something). i can’t believe that you’re not going to get the free outdoor living stuff even though you pre-ordered. i had contemplated on preordering because i saw this promo, but yeah i’ll just buy it in person. :/


  7. Aah that’s so depressing!! D: I’m sorry! You could try calling them? The online chat thing usually ends badly, in my experience.

    And P.S., I think it’s amazing that you still manage to be hilarious even when you’re pissed off. xD


    1. Haha aw, thank you. I did try calling and it worked out, so yay! Thank you for your kind words during this terrible time :D


  8. What I want to know is did you actually call them? Sucks to make a long-distance call to actually talk to one of the gum-chewers, but I think talking to them makes it more real.

    But you know that my experience was the opposite. I hope you got yours turned around. You should be able to cancel that order and re-order if nothing else. Or make another pre-order with the freebee and send the original back for a refund (not ideal).

    Anyway, hope you were able to talk to live human and get seriously jerkbitch on him…or maybe you got my beloved Patrick, who is an EA Customer Service GOD!


    1. Yep, I sure did, and it worked out nicely for me! I didn’t get to be jerkbitch because he was really nice, but I got OLS so it’s all good. I almost wanted to say, “Hey, I heard that someone also got…” but I didn’t want to seem greedy (even though I am XD). Thank you for your help!


  9. Aw, that sucks. When I saw that, my mouth dropped since I already got outdoor stuff, and would have switched my preorder from Amazon to EA if it weren’t for me already having outdoor stuff.

    I hope you can figure something out. I recommend calling them as well. If you sound pissed off enough, and make the length of the call extremely long, I’m sure they’ll do whatever just to get rid of you =D


    1. Aw, I wish they’d be like, “You can buy this now, but we’ll probably give it away for free later on, so it’s worth the wait.” That way no one feels like they’ve wasted money.

      I heard Amazon works better than EA when pre-ordering anyway, so at least you’ve got that :D

      Thank you! I did call them, and I GOT IT! Hooray :)


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