Experimentation: EA’s Story Progression

I’ve played up to six sim weeks in the town so far with just EA’s SP. It’s driving me nuts, so I think I’m done with that part. There have been no marriages (sims have paired up, but they won’t go much further than being in a steady relationship), no births (with the exception of the Keatons and Claire Ursine of course), and every week there have been between 2 and 4 random deaths. Most of them have been sims I didn’t know existed, but I was a little sad when Xander Clavell burned to death. Also, I was offended when the Langerak, Bunch, and Bachelor families moved out of town. Meanies. Along with the deaths, between 2 and 4 families moved out of town each week D:

I think I’m done with the EASP/BCM combo too. After week five, when I saw there were absolutely no babies or toddlers in town, I activated the Birth Control Mirror and it instantly knocked up three sims (it told me when it did and there’s no way to disable that as far as I’ve read). As soon as two of those sims gave birth, it knocked them up again. I guess I’ll have to mess with the settings when I play it with AwesomeMod.

There are about 23 celebrities in town, and 9 vampires. Honestly, I’m not too bothered by that, but considering I’ve only got 70 residents, it’s a bit ridiculous.

Good things… I’m trying to think of good things… The game ran nicely. That’s about it.

In conclusion: EA, I am disappoint. Three EPs later and you still don’t have it right?

Is this even interesting? I feel like I’m so boring right now and I’ve made you pass out at your computers. Picture time!

Here’s a better-but-still-not-that-great picture of Zinnia. She’s a dramatic, flirty, kleptomaniac who loves the outdoors and can be mean-spirited. She wants to be a Heartbreaker. In other words, she’s your future psycho ex-girlfriend.

She’s dancing with Hank Goddard. They’re old friends.

Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s her Sassy Gay Friend.

It helps. Everyone should have one.

She’s an amazing firefighter, and I’ve actually fallen in love with the Firefighter profession. It’s pretty awesome. I mean, if you don’t shower at home, you can go to work and shower there. How many people can say that?

Zinnia: I shower though.

My favorite part about being a firefighter is the large house fires. The music is so dramatic and you get to break into houses with an axe. Oh. You also save people, which is cool. But the axe!

Zinnia: The door’s open, you dumb bitch! Get out of here!

Zinnia: I will backhand you if you don’t stop acting like a pussy. GO!

Zinnia: So, I just saved your life. Wanna hang out?

Stiles: Gross. You obviously haven’t showered today.

It worked on Christopher Steel.

There’s also tons of fun in being a kleptomaniac firefighter. See, while the homeowner is outside worrying about their burning house, you can easily take their stuff.

Zinnia: It seems so wrong, but it feels so good.

Then you put out the fire, the day is saved, and you’re a hero. With free stuff in your pockets.

Zinnia lives in The Monotone. Most of the stuff in this room has been stolen. The easel is Christopher Steel’s, the sofa is Agnes Crumplebottom’s, the chairs on the left are the Andrews’, and so on. I don’t recolor the stuff she steals because it’s more fun that way.

But she’ll have to start all over again because I’m starting a new save file. Ner ner.

Next time: I will explore the wonders of AwesomeMod’s Story Mode. Hopefully we’ll have a better outcome (I don’t think it could be worse, really).


9 thoughts on “Experimentation: EA’s Story Progression

  1. I love the videos! I don’t make my sims dance enough.
    How are you keeping track of your experiments? Do you have a spreadsheet where you log everything? Sorry, before I was in documentation for a scientific company so it kinda interests me… (borrrring! I know :)
    Sorry to head EASP is still a big fail. I was kind of hoping that wouldn’t be the issue… Maybe they have given up because there are awesome modders out there. If so they fail even harder! You should hear my husband rant about EA and me whining, but it’s my sims! :(
    Anyway, I love Zinnia, she looks awesome. And I think when you are though with your experiments you should marry her into your legacy. She looks like she could hold her own with any Creeper. Psycho ex-girlfriend indeed, just what every legacy needs!


  2. HAHA When Hank falls in that video his expression clearly says, “YEAH, I MEANT TO DO THAT” Sassiest dancing ever. I clearly don’t make my sims dance enough because I never realized they dance so… sassy.


  3. EA’s story progression is a fail. A complete fail. To be honest, I have had some things happen in EA’s SP before, weird things, but not enough, and EA really needs to work on it.


  4. This is interesting as it will always warn me as to why I should NEVER play with just EAs mod. Even though my game would run faster. Thank you.
    Also, the pics were awesome. I love that she steals things as the house burns. Best character ever!


  5. I’m sorry EAs progression doesn’t work for you D: Sadly, I’m the opposite, other mods don’t work on my computer, they either crash the game, or when they don’t crash it, act like I disabled the game or something, no matter what I set them to. Personally, I recently went back to EAs progression, sad I know, but it’s done more so far than what the mod’s do on my computer. So far two sims have gotten married, a whole bunch of romantic interests have happened, some steady relationships, but I do admit, several people have died in my game too. My Xander as well, he was fried by lightning!

    Still I do wish I could get the mods to work. I agree, the SP sucks after a couple generations.

    Moving on, I can’t get enough of Hank’s dance! Makes me want LN so much! D:


  6. Do you plan on testing EASP again after you install Generations and the patch? I keep reading forum posts where people claim it is now fixed.
    Anyway, Generations comes out tomorrow. WOOT!!!!!


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