An Experiment of Sorts

I mentioned in the last update that I’m playing around with mods. I’m trying to find the perfect combination of mods for both smooth gameplay and a more "natural" flow of story progression. It’s taken up a lot of my time lately (read: all of it), which is why I haven’t updated, commented, gone outside, or eaten much (not really though, I did go outside AND eat yesterday, lookit me go). I’ll explain a little about what I’m doing in case someone is the least bit curious. If you don’t care, you can feel free to close this window and make yourself a sammich. Mmm, sammich. Just be warned that this is going to be a bit long.

So I’ve used a story progression mod (first Indie Stone, then twallan’s) for most of my TS3 career because I’d already heard about the borkedness of EA’s SP when I bought the game. A few weeks ago, I took out all of my mods and decided to see exactly how borked it is. It was a little messed up, I only played for a couple of sim weeks, but I liked that my game played so much more smoothly (which is understandable because it didn’t have a bunch of stuff mucking it up in the background). Also, it was kind of cool to not know what was going on around town (I used to hate that, dunno what happened). Suddenly, I was filled with inspiration! It was exciting, that’s why I used that exclamation mark there. Yep.

Now I absolutely ADORE twallan’s SP and there’s nothing at all wrong with it, I’d recommend it to everyone, but I’d heard that AwesomeMod’s Story Mode was different in that it gives an "if it didn’t actually happen, it didn’t happen, m’kay?" effect to gameplay. In other words, inactive sims are making their own decisions in life rather than being told what to do by number crunching, and that’s something that intrigued me. But I didn’t want to give up twallan’s SP, I didn’t! *clings*

AND SO! I devised a plan (an eeeeeevil plan) to put my game through TORTURE and play it in various ways, testing each possible combination for story progression and seeing what I like best. So far, the playage plan goes like this:

Save File 1 will be a vanilla game (with the exception of clothes and hair and such because I NEED THAT). Word.

Save File 2 will be a vanilla game WITH the addition of Buzzler’s Birth Control Mirror to encourage baby having around town. I don’t know how effective this will be… but that’s the point of an experiment, right?

Save File 3 will use AwesomeMod’s Story Mode.

Save File 4 will use AwesomeMod’s Story Mode PLUS the Birth Control Mirror (because AM requires cribs for baby having and the BCM disables that).

Save File 5 will use my precious twallan’s SP, no extra things (town thug, slayer, cassanova, etc.).

Yeah, that’s a lot of work… I’ve got an edited Sunset Valley (added clubs and junk) with the usual playables, but fresh, out of the box NPCs to play these in. I’ll play each save file on Long Life mode for the same amount of time (I haven’t decided exactly how long yet), checking the town’s stats as I go (twallan’s MasterController will help with that). Whichever game has the best stats and most likeable playability for my style of gameplay will be my new mod combination! Yay!

So here’s the part where YOU come in (did you think you’d get out of helping me out? :P). First of all, I was thinking about documenting my conclusions. Is that something that would interest you? Also, if you have any ideas for other mod combinations, let me know. I’m willing to try things out for the greater good. If you don’t care about any of this and are tired of reading, feel free to laugh as I undergo this ridiculous task.

Here are some pictures from what I’ve played in Save File 1 so far:

I’d like to introduce the Sunset Valley Fire Department. Girl power!

Don’t let their gamer girl tendencies fool you. They’re definitely on top of things when it comes to emergencies.

Map reader is reading map. I am excite.

Agnes Creeper Crumplebottom looks hotter than ever before.

And this is the sim I’m using for all experiments, Zinnia Malphoy. I love herrrrr. She’ll be putting out fires for an eternity.


31 thoughts on “An Experiment of Sorts

  1. Ooo I just love the idea of a female firefighter group hope u don’t mind me stealing that and makin my own group lol :) I recently used the karma simtra mod by twallan the thought of having a sim be a “professional woohooer” was too funny to pass up


    1. I don’t mind at all! I love the idea of a female firefighting team. LOL I thought about downloading that once, but decided not to. Is it fun?


  2. I’m pretty sure anything you document will be fun to read. ;) Also, I didn’t even know about Awesomemod’s SP OR the birth control mirror, so I could definitely stand to learn a lot from your experimentation!


    1. Aw, thanks. I feel so boring talking about all of this though XD

      Ooh, well I’m glad! Hopefully one of us will learn something besides “Starla wastes a lot of time” lol.


  3. I am highly interested in your experiment. I love Twallan’s mods, but if there is something out there that will allow my game to run and play more smoothly and still not die out on me. I am ALL over it!

    I have been very interested in Awesome Mod, but also very scared. Core mods scare me. >.<

    I have a love hate relationship with the Twallan notificaitons. I love knowing what is happening around town, but hate getting notices all the time. I wish I could get a weekly report or something.

    Anyway, good luck with your testing and keep us all posted on your progress!


    1. That’s so good to hear! I know exactly what you mean! Hopefully I can help the both of us!

      Yeah I get that. They are scary.

      Same here! I think now that I’ve been playing without knowing what’s going on in town, I can go both ways in that area. They both have their pros and cons, I guess. But I’ve noticed that with twallan’s, even if I turn down the amount of notifications, I focus a lot on them and it distracts from the actual game. Maybe that’s why I don’t take many screenshots :P

      It seems like, for the most part, we kind of have the same opinions when it comes to mods :D

      Thank you!


  4. I love Twallans mod myself, and would never eber change it xP. I do sometimes hate the popups but after a couple of months, you just have to get use to it XD I did. I really am interested as to what happens with your expierments. =]


    1. I knoooow, I love his mod so much. I’m used to the notifications, but after playing without the mod and seeing how amazingly smooth the game was running, I kind of got addicted to that, and with twallan’s mod doing all that stuff in the background, it makes it a little jerky and laggy at times.

      I’m honestly hoping that if I tweaked my settings and only used the basic story progression, twallan’s mod (and my game) will work the way I want them to :D


  5. I’m pretty sure Twallan’s SP has an option where you can only get certain notifications or you can change how often you get them. I’ve done it before because the frequency of them was driving me insane, but then I started to miss them. But maaaaaybe it’s changed and I’m wrong or something. :B


    1. No, you’re definitely right. You can change the amount of notifications you get, and I definitely will be doing that when I experiment with it. I’ve just used twallan’s mod for so long, the notifications were a pretty normal thing for me, so I didn’t think to adjust them. For some reason, I never realized that not knowing what was going on was kind of fun.

      Thank you :D


  6. How does AwesomeMod story progression work? I tried making that my main story progression mod but it didn’t seem to work (or I didn’t notice anything changing). Can you enlighten me?


    1. I don’t have much experience with it, but from what I understand, AwesomeMod’s SP works like the EA SP was SUPPOSED to work, in that it pushes inactive sims choose their own destiny. They get married, have children, work, skill, etc, all on their own.

      I don’t think I would’ve noticed anything changing if I didn’t have twallan’s MasterController installed (and had my sim read the newspaper every day). What I do is on the beginning of each week (every Sunday at around 8 am), I use MC to get the population stats and write them down. Then I can compare them each week and see if my town is growing or deteriorating. Sometimes I also check out who’s in a relationship, who’s got a job, all that. It’s a little tedious, but I think it’s the only way to really know.

      I hope that answered your question a bit! I’m ready to experiment with it (I’ve played the vanilla games already), so maybe I can help you out more now.


      1. Ah, okay! I guess I was so used to Twallan’s SP giving me notices I was worried it wasn’t working.

        Looking forward to the results of your test!


  7. I would definitely be interested in seeing you document your experimentation. I’m in the middle of deciding what mods would be best (though I am a complete n00b and even though I’ve read over the install instructions a hundred times, Twallans SP still wouldn’t work on my computer).


    1. Oh no, I’m sorry twallan’s hasn’t worked for you D: Maybe explain a little and I can help?

      Also, I hope I can help people by doing this. Finding the right mods for your game is definitely important.


      1. Well, you see, I’m not sure about how it didn’t work. I use the instructions from Mod The Sims about installing Package files, read over it many times, and using those instructions has worked for a lot of different things I’ve downloaded, but it just hasn’t for Twallans mods (I’ve only tried the Story Progression and SuperComputer). I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something along the way…


  8. ._. I have forever wondered how you and Skehrer get all these notifications about what all’s going down, I feel so out of tune with my game… The sims gossip grapevine gives me NOTHING.
    <_< I'd love to read your documentation of experimentation.
    I tried installing AwesomeMod ONCE and it just didn't work out, but I didn't know what other mods there were, soooo….


  9. I found Awesomemod cumbersome and also very glitchifying…it gave my game more glitches.

    However, I’m interested to see if it’s changed any and if you like it. I wish you luck on your experiments. I have found a setting combo for Twallan’s mod that I enjoy. I only get pop ups for Blood. I get a lot fewer notices.


    1. Uh oh! What kind of glitches? D:

      Thank you! I’m kind of hoping that I can keep twallan’s mod around, in all honesty. I’m definitely going to try and tweak it to make it amazing.


  10. I say go for it. I once had awesomemod and I loved it but it made it take incredibly long for startup which made me grrrr viciously. I wanted to take it off but I had no flash drive, no idea how to back it up or anything so I ended up rebooting and reinstalling which lost me my precious sims. It’s all good, though. I used Twallan’s master controller and put their skills and stuff back, but it was never the same! I’m saving up for a new computer because mine is a weakling from Acer. I’ll be lucky if it can handle generations. So now that I’m done rambling I say based on all that crap that I recommend you don’t read, do it. ;)


    1. By the way, where did that Slayer, Town Thug, Casanova business come from? Is it in Twallan’s story progression?


  11. I’d love to read your results! I used to always run my game with Awesomemod and Twallan, but my game just became too laggy, so I switched computers and got rid of awesomemod, and it isn’t as laggy anymore.


  12. I’m interested in your experiment results as well. I think I might die without Twallan’s SP and the like. I’m a control freak when it comes to making sure there’s lot’s of randomness. And I think I may have just figured out how to keep it from giving me vanilla sims. And AM seems difficult.


      1. I just learned that turning immigration thingy to 1 and chance of random bin genetics to 99 helps and when I see a vanilla sim I obsessively edit in CAS and hit randomize.

        Awesomemod is supposed to be even better at preventing vanilla, but my game hates it.


  13. I would be VERY interested in your experiment as I share your desire to find a good combo of smooth play and a reliable, realistic story mod. I used to use Indie Stone as well, and have been using Twallan’s for ages now. Never bothered with AM but if it works well it might be worth a shot. SO WRITE FUN(?) things for me to read :3


  14. I want you to document your conclusions :D
    It’s seems like it will be helpfull, but don’t take up too much time doing it, I will probably like reading the creeper story better :)
    Oh, by the way, I’m new here (I read your legacy in 2 days, I have no life lol) so that’s why you haven’t heard from me before :)
    And I don’t have a cool sim picture like you guys because I don’t have TS3 and even if I had I’m scared of writing legacys because all the email stuff you have to make wants to have your phone number, and that’s creepy… I don’t trust them… if I were a sim I would have the technophobe-trait and the computer-wis trait at the same time… is that normal??
    Okay sorry I talk to much because I’m tired since it’s like 00:19 here now (no-lfie continued) so bye! :D


  15. So, this might be something you already tried (or thought of) but if I recall correctly, there was an option in AM to turn off it’s SP and use someone else’s? I originally wanted to try that idea and use twallan’s SP cause there are so many attractive things in AM for general town/sim stuff but the twallan SP seemed more involved (to me). However, I chickened out & am just using twallan’s SP & MC (along with a &$^*-load of other mods) =p
    Is that a combo that you’ve tried/think you’d like to try? (I also want to use it purely for the wording Pescado uses for all the options…witty sarcasm at its finest…)


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