Generations makes me a moron.

Sage Moonblood: I think she’s finally lost it, Hermione. What are we gonna do?

Hermione: It’s time for an intervention.

Yes well… apparently I think I’m special and can get EPs early. I don’t know if I just lost all ability to read a calendar or I was just completely preoccupied this morning, but yeah, I’m not getting Generations today. I will be getting it on the 31st and I’m working on an update this week XD

Epic fail, haha.

No, actually I was just testing you all. My previous post was just a drill. Carry on!

8 thoughts on “Generations makes me a moron.

  1. A drill!? I do those a lot to my husband, or will. >=D “The baby’s coming!!!” “OH NOOO” “HAHAHAHHAHAHAA you should have totally seen your face” Ironically, he’s looking at pictures of just born babies, him = “OHHH MY GOSH” me = “I’ve already seen it, watched that video in biology TWICE.”
    Can. Not. Wait. Also, I think a happy (bleated) mother’s day is in order.

    Excuse my rambles…. ._. I have a condition… uh… called… uh…. ramblitis…. or something like that- KBAI


  2. God dammit D:

    I was already franticly checking the Estonian simsite for the release date and went all O.O, since it said 3rd of June D:
    I thought that I would suffer a whole month longer D:

    … This just means that we do not live under a rock :D’

    And that Generations is out of our reach for the time being.

    ANYWHOO, looking forward to the new chapter :D




    Also, I’ve not played TS3 in three days, and thats a new low for me.


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