Chapter Forty-Eight, Part One: Missing You

Hey, um, Pilot, you’ve got a little something in your beard there.

Bartholomew: THAT’S MINE OM NOM NOM.

So, I’d like to think that my Creepers grow up in a safe, stable environment.

But stuff like this always happens to people who come near the house.

Paperboy: I was only watching TV through the windows!

He’s dying from the mummy’s curse.



What in the world?

Paperboy: You feel good about yourself, Reaper? Feel like a big man, killing an innocent child off like this?

I don’t get it either. I’m just in this for the ladies.

Well. Last time: Our beloved Sage and Hermione got married, had woohoo in some old person’s bed with Tenisha watching, and found out that Hermione got pregnant in that old person’s bed. Oh, also Dweezil and Kristina had twins, Finn and Kurt.



Unfortunately, they grew up freckle-less and looking like Dweezil clones, which is just boring to me, so I kicked their little family out and we’ll be hearing from them at the many parties Sage throws.


Kristina: Kicking us out in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep?


Kristina: I am not coded to ever be mad.

So true. BAI GUYS!

I’m going to be completely honest here and let you know that there may be some ridiculous continuity errors and/or weird skipping around in this chapter. I moved the family to a fresh town and had issues, first with a few missing family members and a broken family tree (causing Reignbeau and Leroy to hook up), second with a missing Grim Reaper, and third with some issue with the schools (I’ve put two in town to prevent overcrowding). So these screenshots are from three different save files D:

Since Sage is THISCLOSE to gaining skill level 10 in Mixology and we’ve got $200,000 in family funds, I figured it’s about time she completes half of her lifetime wish and let her buy a bar. This is the pre-made dance club The Grind, re-vamped.

Sage Moonblood: Oh yeah, look at that sexy night club. Mama loves yoooou!

Naturally, she has a party here to celebrate.

Let’s play a game called Spot the Preggos. I can find 3, can you?!

Cassidy: AM I ONE?

Yes you are.

Everyone loves watching Sage and Hermione make out. It’s so exciting even Tu Morrow is in a good mood from it.


Tu Morrow: That’s my sister! WOO!

Cassidy: That should’ve been MY wife!

Kristina: What a magical party. It’s impregnated me!

Hermione: You remind me of a girl I once knew named Luna.

After the party, Hermione helps Sage gain her final skill point.

Hermione: One drink won’t hurt the baby.

Sage Moonblood: This is your eighth, right?

Hermione: Yeah.

Hermione: Ooh, Baby liked that one better than the last. *hic*

*angels sing*

I think this is the first one to complete their LTW since… uh… Gerald? Fifi? I have no idea.

Nevermind that this is like the easiest LTW for a generation six legacy heiress to complete. Besides the Living in the Lap of Luxury one. This just further proves my naturally bad simming abilities.

Hermione: I’m so proud of you, honey.

Sage Moonblood: Thank you. I’m so happy!

Sage Moonblood: But not as happy as I’ll be when I meet Baby!

Hermione: We should probably pick a name for Baby. I was thinking maybe Hugo for a boy, or Rose for a girl?

Sage Moonblood: Nah, those names are LAME*. What about Tabooger?

Hermione: Tabooger.

Sage Moonblood: Yeah, Tabooger.

*I do not think those names are lame :P

Hermione: You’re serious? That sounds like a troll’s name.

Sage Moonblood: No way! It’s the most badass name in the universe, and our kid will have it because it’ll be the most badass kid in the universe.

Hermione: Who would want to give their child a name like Tabooger?

Sage Moonblood: Have you met my family? Perhaps you know my father, Pilot Inspektor, or my sister Moxie CrimeFighter, or my great-grandmother, Fifi Trixibelle?

Hermione: Fine, you win, I see your point. Let’s go to bed.

Sage Moonblood: I always win :D

I needed a segue, so… here you go.

(Bonus points for knowing where that’s from.)

Hermione: Good morning, love.

Sage Moonblood: Morning! I’m making you and Tabooger some waffles.


Sage Moonblood: I thought you liked waffles!


Sage Moonblood: Oh…

Sage Moonblood: I burned these anyway.

Hermione: Waffles sounded really good. I’m starving.

Sage Moonblood: I’m terrified.

Hermione: Don’t worry, babe. We can do this.

Awwwwwwww, they’re holding hands. Almost. I can wish.

Sage Moonblood: Aah, this is the greatest day!

Hermione: It is, isn’t it? And we get to take a limo home because we’re celebrities.

Sage Moonblood: It just gets better and better!

Hermione: You could’ve sat next to me, you know.

Sage Moonblood: No way, look at all this room we have! And these seats are like CLOUDS. CLOUDS, Hermione.

Tabooger was named after TV personality Dan Cortese’s son. Dan Cortese hosted a TV show called ‘My Dad is Better Than Your Dad’, was on Melrose Place for a while, and appeared in a Seinfeld episode. So really, naming his kid Tabooger is the only reason people still know who he is (ooh, buuurn). The name Tabooger isn’t really gender specific, in my opinion. I don’t know if it’s even species specific.

OUR Tabooger was born to hate the outdoors and fall over stuff. She’s already badass.

A fresh pizza and mixed drinks can only mean one thing: A party!  To celebrate the birth of Sage and Hermione’s first daughter.

Hermione: Mmm, smells so goooooooood.

Sage Moonblood: Hey, guess what. I’m making a new drink called The Pilot Inspektor!

Pilot Inspektor: Hello, Cassidy. Although I don’t know you very well, I would like for you to be the first to try my beverage.

Dweezil: I can’t see through my douhebag hair.

Cassidy: Is this a trap? I feel like this is a trap.

Pilot Inspektor: Just drink. Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink.

Cassidy: Sure, why not.

Cassidy: Ooh, mmm, it’s like liquid awesome!

Pilot Inspektor: With fried gnomes and jungle lions!

Cassidy: Exactly!

Pilot Inspektor: And now we dance.

Pilot Inspektor: Do you feel that? It’s called attraction. You are attracted to me because you drank my manly juices.

That sounds wrong on many different levels.

Pilot Inspektor: Yep. She wants me. I’ve still got it at age 105.

Pilot/Cassidy shippers anyone? Anyone?

The next day, Sage and Hermione leave Tabooger with Pilot so they can have a date at Fiji.

Pilot Inspektor: Who loves his little Booger? Grandpa does, yes he does! I love all my boogers! 

Sage Moonblood: Wow, it’s completely empty. Not even a mixologist on duty! I should buy this place too and get it rockin’.

Hermione: Maybe. But you know what’s great about it being empty?

Sage Moonblood: What’s that?

Hermione: We can get away with whatever we want.

Sage Moonblood: Ooh, Hermione. You never stop surprising me with your brilliant bad girl side.

Fiji has an amazing view from the hot tub.

Sage and Hermione wouldn’t know XD

Hermione: We made hearts LOL.

Sage Moonblood: Can we look at our feet now?

Hermione: Of course.

They head home after their date and Sage autonomously snuggles Tabooger before heading to work.

She moonlights at The Grind every now and then. Doesn’t her hair look friggin’ awesome in the light?

Sage Moonblood: Unfortunately, I will not be auditioning to be the next lead singer of Paramore.

Hayley Williams: Good. Back off.

The Grind gets tons of customers, mostly Creeper relatives because they’re taking over town. I’m thinking about downsizing the amount of relatives I take with me when I move them.

Galen: But then I won’t be able to stare longingly at my second cousin or somethin’.


There are a lot of non-related sims though too.

Guy: It’s too bad you’re a lesbian ’cause DAYUM GURL YOU FINE.

They’re still just as creepy.

Also, people bring their toddlers in so they can drink without worrying about having to pay a babysitter.

I should add a play area for convenience. A lot of bars would probably get more business if they all had play areas, you know. Business idea! I HAD IT FIRST, DON’T STEAL IT*.

*I do not actually think this is a good idea.

I love seeing a busy bar. I think Sage has done well.

Sage Moonblood: Drinks on the house!

Pregnant Starla: Count me in!

I bet Starla would use the play area for her kids.

Okay, so this excites me! It may not excite you, though.

This is Kia Staples-Creeper. She’s a descendant of Rumer.

She has the lips and mouth of Agnes! Agnes lives in Kia!

Kia: You’re a freak.

I forgive you because you’re adorable.

Back at home.

Hermione: Ooh, pregnant again.

Pilot Inspektor: Did you drink my drink? That could’ve done it.

Hermione: I can’t wait to tell Sage the good news!

The next day Hermione wakes up with no one beside her.

Sage Moonblood never came home.

Hermione: Something’s not right.

To be continued…

36 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Eight, Part One: Missing You

  1. Dun dun DUN!

    I had to add that >.> Although I do hope that nothing too bad happened D=

    And oh god, Tabooger…that might be…the worst name….EVARR. These celebrities *shakes head* lol. On that note, I bet she grows up to be adorable =P

    Another wonderful chapter! You never fail to make me laugh and your sims are so awesome!!


    1. Lol, we will see!

      Yeah, Tabooger! What the heck? I think when all this is over, I’m going to make a poll on which was the worst name, lol.

      Aw, thank you :D I just started reading Different Winters (how did I miss it?) and I’m absolutely loving the story you’ve written. It’s wonderful. As soon as I’m caught up, I’ll comment.


  2. … Tabooger. I have to say, if any of these celebrity children were born to normal people, they would be picked on at school SOOOOO much. But I guess since a real celebrity named their kid that and Hermoine is technically a celebrity IRL too, it’s ok.

    Nooo, missing Sage! Do not want! D:


    1. They really would. I guess celebrities figure their kids can always retaliate with, “Yeah, well. I’m rich and you’re not.” and that would end the bullying? Lol, it all work out, right?

      D: Neither do I.


  3. ” You are attracted to me because you drank my manly juices.” Bwahahahaha! Pilot has the best lines. XD

    I was lovin’ all your little disclaimers in this Yay for Tabooger (OMG, Tabooger? REALLY?), and can’t wait to see the new baby. Uh oh, Sage stayed out all night at the bar! This could make waves…and not the good hot tub kinda waves…


    1. Haha Pilot. I will cry when he dies. I WILL CRY XD

      I’m glad you liked them, lol. Yeah I don’t know if it could get any worse than Tabooger, but we’ll see. Ooh yeah. We’ll see what happens D:


  4. Oh no. Not a cliffhanger D: I hope nothing Audio Science-y is going on.

    BTW, that segue is totes from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. DO I SENSE A FELLOW ZELDA FAN? I THINK I DO.

    Hermione and Sage remain awesome, and adorable. I laughed pretty hard at the baby naming conversation. Hugo and Rose…pfft, who names their kids THAT, Hermione?


    1. That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? D:

      YES YOU DO. I LOVE ZELDA. *Master Sword high five*

      For real. Pfft, Hermione. XD



  5. Dun dun dunnnnnn! :O

    Eep! Did someone sic their drunken toddlers on her at the bar last night?! xD

    Tabooger. Oh my goodness. Where do people come up with these things?!? That’s hilarious.


  6. oooooh shocking! The mystery! Awesome chapter and FYI my simself totally rocks! XD *huggles simself* can NOT wait for the next chapter it will be totally epic! and you are gonna keep Pilot alive right? right? YOU MUST! Oh please oh please oh please! He can be the Coke of this legacy! He must! *gets on knees and begs*


    1. Haha, she does. Lol I dunno about epic, but we’ll see. Aw, I dunno :( I don’t want him to die, but then again I do : I’m TORN!


  7. Please don’t tell Sage is dead!!!! Please no!!!

    Sorry for the panic attack, I’ve been reading a legacy where it takes forever for amazing characters to get together, and then one of them dies.

    Great chapter though!


    1. Omd dead Sage is EXACTLY what I thought. I don’t want Sage to die! *hugs pillow*. It’s going to Chagnes all over again, isn’t it. A mother has to raise her two children all by herself after finding her dead spouse. AND OMG I LOVE KIA! She has the Chad/Apple/Moses/Justice/Rumer/Oliver nose! I love that nose! I do hope nothing bad happens though. *hugs pillow tighter*.


      1. Wait one more thing is that toodler in The Grind Moxie’s kid? The woman standing next to him has moxies shoes and jeans. I am going to let you know that this is my last comment of the post (hopefully) because I post WAY to many comments. Oh and it’s nice to think that your going to haz a bb!


      2. OMG Sorry about another post, but you should totally here some of Busted’s stuff. It’s amazing, or I think it is anyway. While it has alot of cheesy pop that kids would like, they are my favouroite band ever! Member Matt Willis is like my fav though.

        My fav Busted song-


      3. D: We may never know! Lol.

        Isn’t Kia awesome?! I want her XD

        You have a good eye, Kerr! It IS Moxie’s son, but it was from another save file and I don’t think she has him anymore. I think she’s got a different one, so I didn’t mention it XD I don’t mind your comments, by the way.

        I love when my simself has babies! Haha.

        Ooh, nice, I’ll have to check Busted out! Thank you :)


    2. :O I hope she’s not. That’d be sad :(

      Oh no! That sounds terrible, but intriguing. What legacy is this?!

      Thank you!!


  8. OMG SAGE D:

    I found it freaky that when I saw Sage’s hair in the Grind I though


    Now I’m listening to Paramore and I is happy


  9. This has actually been my favourite chapter so far! It was HILARIOUS!

    “You remind me of a girl I once knew named Luna.”

    “You are attracted to me because you drank my manly juices.”

    Lol :D Pilot looking after Booger was totally adorable! I can tell that I’m gonna love that kid :D

    Awesome job as always!!!


  10. ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome Cliff-hanger (??Not sure if thats right??)
    First the founder dies like straightaway…and now SAGE-perhaps.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 the name Tabooger-Classic-that kid will go far.
    Update ASAP!!!


  11. Its Majora’s Mask. The Final Day (24 Hours Remain) is from Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask on N64. Granted…. I never made it to the final day because Majora’s Mask is haaaaard, but my friend could beat it in a day….. >_> Gamer nerds represent!


    1. You are correct! Haha, I beat the game, but it freaked me out a lot. The moon’s face was enough to give me chills XD

      Gamer nerd fist bump!


  12. I’m just missing yoooooooouuuuuuuu.

    I love this. I love all the little HP references. “I was thinking Hugo for a boy, or Rose for a girl?” TOO BAD you already had a naming theme :(


    1. :D

      Aw, I’m glad. I feel like I make too many of them, so I’m glad you’re not getting annoyed with them XD Yeah, that is too bad, isn’t it? Haha. Thank you :)


  13. WHERE did u get Sage’s hair? I LOVE IT!!!..and she realls did look like Haley from Paramore…with all the celebrity naming..I’m suprised you didn’t change her name at her birthday :P.


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