Chapter Forty-Seven: The Next Great Adventure

Pilot Inspektor: Warning! The new portal to Narnia is currently overflowing. Do not attempt to enter until further notice. Especially you, horse!

Welcome to The Creeper Legacy.

Hermione: I am so happy right now. I don’t ever want to leave this spot. EVER.

Sage Moonblood: *fart*

Hermione: Okay, time to get up.

Oh, shameless fart jokes.

Last time: Dweezil married Kristina and there was a lot of SageMione spam which ended with a SageMione woohoo.

Not only did Sage and Hermione’s magical night bring them closer, but it also produced some other nice results for the two of them.

TS3EP03 2011-03-29 02-36-56-75

Her endeavors? Woohooing a celebrity? Sure. Well, she gains three stars because of it. I’d say it was worth it.

TS3EP03 2011-03-29 02-37-02-49

And Sage gains one, making her a four star celebrity. If it were that easy, well, the whole world would be famous by now I’m pretty sure.

Pilot Inspektor: *gasp* The Man Meal has been infiltrated! Abort manly discussion! Abort! Abort!

Dweezil: We were only talking about how you burnt the french toast, dad.

Pilot Inspektor: Damnit, Dweezil, now she knows everything! We must kill her!

Hermione: I can just leave the table if you want.

Leroy: Nah, he’ll calm down in a minute.

Dweezil: Honey, I was just promoted to Yes-Man! I’m moving up so fast, I’m so good at everything I do!

Kristina: Oh, that’s great, baby! I was just promoted too! I’m a Bed Pan Cleaner now!

Dweezil: …That’s a promotion?

Kristina: Don’t ruin my enthusiasm, I will cry about it every night!  But now we can do that thing we talked about doing!

Dweezil: That’s right, we can!

Both: I love you!

Both: Jinx! :D

Aw, smooches. They’re so cute.

Kristina’s traits made me giggle a bit. She’s charismatic, eco-friendly, a genius, good, and a workaholic. She’s like a new-aged hippy fairy princess thing :D

And she reminds me a bit of Giselle from Enchanted.

Sage decides to throw a party to celebrate her and Hermione’s hook up, I guess. And naturally there’s something wrong with Tu Morrow.

Tu Morrow: Making her stupid party drinks with her stupid hair and stupid newspaper pattern on her stupid sweater grumble grumble.

We also find out that Mariah’s pregnant again, even though she just had a baby named Ali.

Mariah: At least it’s by the same guy.

True. Very true.

Reignbeau: I’m doing this for facetime!

Too bad we can’t see your face, ner ner. Am I the only one who finds it kind of funny that Reignbeau wants a rainbow legacy writer’s autograph? Eh? EH?

Last time I mentioned that I don’t have vampires.



Starla: Hee :D

Oh, also Gerard because duh.

Gerard: They couldn’t make me do Twilight, but I’m all over this.

Aw, lookit him acting like he has a choice :D His eyes look awesome. They pierce through your SOUL.

Not much else happened at the party. No one died this time at least, so that’s an improvement. Once everyone left, Sage and Hermione shared a private moment in Sage’s room.

Sage Moonblood: I know it’s 3 am, but I want you to know that I want to be with you. Forever. And I want you to move in.

Hermione: Well any idiot could’ve figured that out, Sage.

So Hermione moves in, bringing with her $30,000! If the Creepers weren’t already filthy rich, I would really enjoy that amount of money. Instead I think I might have Kristina donate it to charity :) I wish it were REAL money though. Boo that it’s not.

I downloaded this Hermione from Mod the Sims, but I’ve altered her a bit to my liking. I left her traits the same, though, and they are: bookworm, brave, friendly, genius, and good.

And then I changed the room. It’s now obnoxiously red and gold for Gryffindor. (I’m a Slytherin fan myself.)

Sage Moonblood: GO SLYTHERIN! *heavenly music*

Yeah bb! Just don’t say that when Hermione’s awake. She might punch you in the face.

Sage Moonblood: Maybe I’d LIKE it.

Yes. Yes, you probably would.

Kristina: I feel odd.

Probably because the shower glass is distorting your–

Kristina: Nope, I’m pregnant. Yey C:

Babies! Too bad they aren’t actual heir ones.

Kristina: Dweezilface, it worked! I’m pregnant! Isn’t that great?!

Phone Ringing: *is annoying*

Dweezil: Al-already?! We just tried last night!

Kristina: I know, isn’t it wonderful?! You’re going to be a father in like two days!

Dweezil: I really am good at everything I do. What will I do with these new Being Awesome powers of mine?!

Use them to read a pregnancy book because  that’s what your wife wants.

Kristina: Haa, you’re so whipped.

Hermione: Sage. We need to talk.

Sage Moonblood: You can’t dump me! I will… I will torture your friends if you do!


Hermione: Okay, I won’t dump you. How about you marry me and leave my friends alone?

Sage Moonblood: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! …I mean, uh, yeah. Good deal. I can work with that.

Are we tired of all the spam yet? XD

Apparently nothing happened in the next day or so, because this is the next screenshot I have and Kristina’s huge. And panicking.


She is clearly not! Are you sure YOU aren’t in labor and are just glitching?

Labor Lady: Oooh, get this thing OUT OF MEEEEE!

It’s already… I don’t get…

Kristina: I TOLD YOU, DIDN’T I?!

Labor Lady: HospitAAAAAAAAAAL!

Get off of my lawn, this ain’t the Creeper taxi service! Find your own way to the hospital for your non-existent baby thing, you’re freaking me out!

The Labor Lady was contagious.

Kristina: Yaaaaay, now I really AM in labor! This is a wonderful day!

Kristina: Wait, okay, ow. Maybe not. OW.

Dweezil: *jazz hands* Baby time!

Sage Moonblood: *doesn’t really care all that much*

Leroy: So, guys… babies come from scientific experimentation, right? The chemical reaction between hydrogen sulfide and barium? At least, that’s what I heard from our cousin Keith.

Hermione: Um.

Sage Moonblood: I think that’s something you should ask your fath—Oh, right…

Hermione: Awkward.

Sage Moonblood: I don’t think Keith’s ever even had a girlfriend.

Kristina: Well, that was interesting.

You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Kristina: Wait until you see Dweezil.

Dweezil: You did this on purpose, didn’t you?

No, I honestly didn’t. How did you end up with twins?!

Dweezil: This must be my powers! More proof that I’m good at everything I do.


Dweezil: Seriously. Good thing I’m Family-Oriented.

The twins’ names are Kurt and Finn. Oh yes, I went there! In case you don’t watch the show Glee, the characters of Finn and Kurt are classmates-turned-stepbrothers in the series. In the show Kurt is homosexual, and had a boycrush on Finn for quite a while (until Blaine AKA Harry Freakin’ Potter from AVPM/S came along – see what I did there?). They were the first names that popped into my head, so there you go. And I ‘m sorry if this whole paragraph is just confusing, it’s like 4 am.

Keith: Haha, dumbasses! You mixed the chemicals wrong!

While I was gawking at the new twins, I guess Leroy grew into a young adult.

Leroy: The world is at my fingertips!

Good, so I don’t feel as bad for kicking you out now.

Leroy: That’s okay. I didn’t want to spend my bachelor days with crying infants anyway.

Goodbye, Leroy! Don’t let Story Progression turn you into your mother, ‘kay?

Sad, I don’t even remember what his traits are.

And now it’s time for a short intermission. I call this "Creepers Marrying Creepers: It Was Bound to Happen Sometime".

Audrey is Diva Muffin’s daughter. Rodney is Tallulah, Aunt of Diva’s, son, making him her Great Uncle. That’s not so bad I guess. Everyone needs a little love, even if it is from the same bloodline…

Right? O_o

Charmaine is Everly’s cousin and Wilbur is Everly’s son (he grew up really fast!). That makes them first cousins, once removed. Wait, let’s get a clearer picture of that.

Um. According to a quick google search, that’s somewhat legal. I guess?

Anyway XD

Now two people who aren’t related in any way are about to get married. In a night club.

Hermione’s favorite color is red as well, so they look like twins.

Sage Moonblood: Looking like twins on your wedding day isn’t weird at all.

Not for your family, at least.

Sage Moonblood: My future wife is so hot. Is it picspam time?

It’s picspam time.

Sage Moonblood: Here we go.

Moxie CrimeFighter: This should be on YOOOOUTUUUUUUUBE! >:[

Sage Moonblood: Alright, enough of that. Let’s get this party started.

Hermione: Yesssssss!

Of course no wedding is complete without the brides’ first dance.

Pilot’s Phone: I WANNA DANCE TOO.

Some dancing on the countertops.

Grilled Salmon: I wish I could do that :(

A bit of jealous rage.

Lady: I can’t believe it’s Hermione Granger! I LOVE YOU HERMIONE!

Sage: It’s Creeper now, and back up off my woman before I cut you.

And a birthday? Aw, she’s already an adult? Where did the time go?

Sage Moonblood: The time went into all the picspam, loser. And I don’t care, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

I always invite Cassidy Crazybat to the parties, but she always shows up hours late and leaves as soon as she gets there.

Cassidy: I just realized I’m way too important to be here. Bye!

Snob :P

After the wedding party, Sage and Hermione had a house party to attend.

Sage Moonblood: Is this where the party’s at?

Pauline: It sure is. Grab a book and party on.

Sage Moonblood: We look smoking hot for no reason, baby. This is one of those elder parties that smells like pee.

Hermione: Aw, I think old people are sweet.

Sage Moonblood: Let’s spice things up a bit, shall we?

Old Lady: Oh, love. I… well, I forgot what I was about to say.

Actually I forgot what I was about to say, but shh. We can blame the old lady.

Sage Moonblood: You want to really have fun here?

Hermione: What do you have in mind?

Sage Moonblood: Just follow me.

Hermione: Hey, where are we going?

Sage Moonblood: Shh, just come on! Act natural.

Hermione: Yes, because it’s so natural to be roaming through a house that doesn’t belong to me.

Hermione: What are you doing?! We should go back downstairs, come on.

Sage Moonblood: No way, I’m getting comfortable. Look, the room’s in Gryffindor colors just for you.

Sage Moonblood: Are you going to join me or not?

Hermione: Well, it’s in my queue, but you’re in my way. I’m going to turn around now and go to the other side like I should’ve done in the first place.

Don’t you hate when that happens? Duh, sims.

Tenisha: Oh, hello, ladies. Having some girl time?

Sage Moonblood: Yeah, we’re kind of trying to woohoo on a stranger’s bed, if you don’t mind.

Tenisha: Oh, of course. Everyone knows I’ve done my share of that. I’ll just leave you alone then. I’ll go out here, it’s a wonderful night.

Sage Moonblood: Isn’t this exciting?

Hermione: Exciting?! This is terrifying, we’re going to get caught! And then we’ll have to strut out of here.

Sage Moonblood: That’s what makes it exciting. Come on, let’s do this.

Tenisha: …I have regrets about this decision.

Tenisha: Oh, come on, I’m so hungry!

As Hermione and Sage were being kicked out for being inappropriate, Pauline Wan dropped dead.

Pauline: Does it really surprise you all that much? An old people party? Death was probably waiting at the buffet table.

Approximately 24 hours later.

Hermione: Oh, I got a new top. I like it :)

Next time: Babies?! BABIES! Rabies? Hopefully not. More Creepers marrying Creepers? A death? Two deaths? THREE deaths?! Find out sometime in the near future! Thank you for reading and happy simming!

38 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Seven: The Next Great Adventure

  1. yyyyeeessss! New chapter. Oh I have waited so long. and my simself would’ve shown up…she just lost track of time reading legacies i swear XD. Can’t wait till I’m a Creeper! Love Kurt and Finn too, Kurt will be awesome without a doubt! *babbles on aimlessly for another 500 words*




  3. Hee hee, what a cute update! Hmm… and now I know that the door to Narnia has been relocated to inside a washing machine. How inconvenient.
    I kept laughing at all of Dweezil’s powers of awesomeness. Especially when it produced twins.
    I suppose it was inevitable for the Creepers to start breeding together, but that just also makes it more creepy, lol.
    The wedding was perfect for those two, and I laughed so hard at Pilot’s Formal attire. The orange shoes are the best part.
    Great update Starla!

    P.S. You look amazing as a vampire.


    1. Thank you :D Yeah it is inconvenient, isn’t it? I prefer wardrobes, definitely.
      I wish I could be accidentally awesome like Dweezil.
      Haha it does. Eventually they’ll all be related if I don’t start downsizing.
      He really knows how to dress for a formal occasion, doesn’t he? XD
      Thank you!! :D

      Lol, thank you! I kind of love my vampire simself in an unhealthy way.


    1. Awesome: shameless fart jokes win me over every time.
      I wonder, did Bartholomew also sample the burnt French Toast? My dad’s facial hair always samples his dinner.
      I <3 Dweezil and Kristina. And I love her maternity shirt and his powers of awesome!
      " Everyone needs a little love, even if it is from the same bloodline…" I think Edamame just threw up a little. :)
      Love the dual wedding dresses! I also love Hermione’s hair! Care to share?
      "This is one of those elder parties that smells like pee." = Best Line EVAH!
      "As Hermione and Sage were being kicked out for being inappropriate, Pauline Wan dropped dead." That made me LOL!
      Great update as always!


      1. Haha I’m glad!
        Yep, lol! Bartholomew gets so much food, especially with Pilot being a slob XD
        I agree, they’re cute. I love her maternity shirt too, although now everyone in town decided they want to wear it too, lol.
        Oh I bet she did, haha!
        Thank you! Yes, I got it from Lotus’s Journal here:
        Lotus’s Journal is my new favorite place to get hair :D
        Lol I’m glad you liked it!
        Thank you SO much!!


  4. *Finishes*

    OMG VAMPIRE STARLA AND GERARD! That’s like, so cool! I’ve been waiting forever for an update, but your in-laws were in town. And yes, *mumbles*. *mumbles again*. I SAID I’M SORRY FOR SHOUTING AT YOU! And yes, Tenisha has had her fair share of that, hasn’t she now?!?! And OMG Hermione is pregnant! SageMione babies! And hey, you totally should of gave Kurt and Finn celeb bb namez. Like Camera. Or … Dweezil’s kid. Lol I don’t actually care.

    BTW, I got MasterController so I know how to get the custom maternity wear, but how do I edit them in CAS? Thx.


    1. Oh, and also, why doesn’t your simself have the Good Sense of Humor trait? She totally should! Is it because you don’t want to brag? Speaking of your simself, I find it cool that she is evil like the Bridgeport vampires. And OMG another question, did you download Gerard? My Chemical Romance is like one of my FAVOURITE bands! I need to have him in my game. I have a celebrity house which has me (sorry, but it had to be done), Avril, Matt Willis (you might not have heard of him; he was in an English band called Busted before they split. They ARE my favourite band, even better that MCR), James Bourne (also in Busted), and all the other MCR members. Oh yeah, and Diva Muffin. Check the downloads page to see what happened to Fifi.


    2. Lol it’s okay :D Yay, Hermione is pregnant! I would’ve given them celebrity baby names, but I decided not to do doubl eheirs and didn’t want to waste names on them, haha.

      You should be able to click on the sim and go to Nraas>MasterController>Advanced>Edit in CAS.

      Haha, I didn’t give her good sense of humor because… well, I dunno. I guess it was partly because I didn’t want to be like HAHA I’M FUNNY and then have people tell me I’m not. It would be sad, lol. And also because I wanted her to have the Evil trait XD Yep, I downloaded Gerard from MTS. I’ll put the link to him on the bottom of this relpy. Ooh, I’ve never heard of Busted. Sounds like a sweeet celebrity house though!



  5. “Sage Moonblood: GO SLYTHERIN! *heavenly music*

    Yeah bb! Just don’t say that when Hermione’s awake. She might punch you in the face.

    Sage Moonblood: Maybe I’d LIKE it.

    Yes. Yes, you probably would.”

    This totally reminds me of S&M by Rihanna… Is that bad? xD “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me!” Ah, Sagey. :P

    I am so psyched to see their babies omg. <3 Next chapter now please?! :3

    But yay for Dweezil and his cute little princess wife having twins, how cute!! I can't wait to see them as toddlers. :D

    And I love Pilot freaking out about his man breakfast. Aah! He's my favorite!

    The elder party was hilarious!!! Although of course Tenisha would be there, and she WOULD creep on the porch during SageMione's woohoo. Sheesh, will she ever grow up!? xD

    Ah, great update as always! Can't wait for another :)


    1. Hahaha, I didn’t think of Rihanna, but it totally works XD

      Babies on the way! Haha, I’m really excited to see them too.

      I thought I couldn’t wait to see them as toddlers, but then I did and I was disappointed LOL. You’ll see next update what I’m talking about.

      I love Pilot too! He’s getting so old and ready to die :(

      LOL I don’t think she will. She’s a freak, man. A real freak.

      Thank you so much! I love the feedback :D


    1. Yay vampires!
      Yeah, I didn’t have any either. But now twallan’s SP offers vampire settings, so vampires can move into your town, or ones you create will turn others, but not so bad that they’ll take over the town. It’s pretty cool, did you check that out?
      Thank you!


  6. Ahh! Update! <3
    The disrupted man meal! Dweezil's awesome powers! SageMione wedding and woohoos! Ah, of course Tenisha would be there, watching!
    Too much awesome to comment on without leaving a ridiculously long comment! But I'll say this: I loved it. As always.


    1. I totally agree, I think the freckles fit her perfectly! Aw, thanks! I think she looks cool as a vamp too. Almost makes me want to be one XD


  7. “…I have regrets about this decision.”

    That made me laugh out loud….at like nearly 6 AM. On that note, it’s nearly 6 AM!?

    *coughs* Anyway, gahhh I love your legacy! It’s so entertaining and wonderful =) Sage and Hermione are so cute together that I don’t mind the picture spam at all- in fact, MOAR PICTURE SPAM.

    Hehe. Can’t wait to see some babies!!!! ^_^


    1. Oh man, 6 am! Get some sleep! XD

      Thank you so much, that really means a lot. I will try to spam some more!

      I can’t either! Thank you!


  8. “Pilot Inspektor: Warning! The new portal to Narnia is currently overflowing. Do not attempt to enter until further notice. Especially you, horse!” Full of WIN. I will miss Pilot when he’s gone. Loved this update! XD

    Your simself looks awesome as a vamp, but be careful! Hermione’s the Slayer, after all! She and Sage are so fun…loved their innappropriate-ness. :D


    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! I’ll miss him too D: So much.

      Yeah, I really would hate for my simself to be killed by Hermione. It would be sad. Lol thank you!


  9. OK, I never thought that it was possible, but it is – this legacy is getting even more awesome. You’ve literally taken all of my most favourite things and put them in this generation. AND this chapter was completely hilarious. LONG LIVE THE CREEPERS!


    1. Wow, thank you! That means so much! I’m really glad I could get everything you like in here :D Yay, I hope they live long XD Thank you!! <3


    1. Yay! I’m excited too, I can’t wait to see the genetics.

      As I was writing this, he was about 103. Yeah, Andie died way early, didn’t she?

      Thanks for commenting!


  10. I love love love this legacy. The way you write is fantastic, AND you’re hilarious! I’m constantly checking for updates on the Creepers. WRITE MOAR PLZ.

    AVPM/AVPS is totally awesome btw. ;)


  11. Just wanted to say I wish Tu Morrow won. She has really pretty genetics. I want to download her into my game but I don’t have Late Night and I’m not going to get it for a long time yet.. So I don’t know if her non-existent traits will crash my game.


    1. Aw, I’m sorry. I agree, she is really pretty. I think she’d be okay, I think the traits would just be replaced with others, but if you want, I can upload a base game friendly version :D


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