Chapter Forty-Six, Part Two: I’ve Got You

Sage dropped Hermione off at home and returned to the legacy house in the best mood she’d been in in a very long time.

It didn’t last long.

Sage Moonblood: No… Dad?!

Just kidding, it’s not Pilot. THANK GOODNESS OMG.

Audio Science: Please, I don’t want to die yet! My son and I were just beginning to bond! He’s too young to be without a father!

This is why the elderly should not have babies. It’s gross and stupid and the kids always lose. Your son will be punished for your awful mistakes and that is my final word.

Leroy: Daddy! Noo!

Seriously, get up. I’ve got a date with your son’s mom in thirty minutes.

I wouldn’t doubt it.

RIP Audio Science. I had a love/hate relationship with your antics, but I think you’ll be missed. Just not as much as your twin brother :P He lived until the age of 99 and did not complete his LTW. Sad.

Autonomously, Dweezil immediately rushes to Leroy’s side to cheer him up.

Dweezil: Hey, just remember your dad loved you very much, okay? He’ll always be proud of you, and you’ll always be able to go to the family’s graveyard and chat with him.

Leroy: And jump on the *sniff* trampoline?

Dweezil: Yes, and jump on the trampoline.

Dweezil: You’re a tough young man. You’re gonna be okay, right?

Leroy: Yeah. Yeah, I am. Thank you.


Audio has absolutely terrible timing because Dweezil and Kristina’s wedding is the very next day. Stupid Audio.

The family works together to prepare for the big event like one of those stupidly cheery families on TV in the 90s that made you sick. The party will be held at Old Pier Beach, so Pilot starts making meals and Sage starts drinking making drinks to take with them. I later found out that you can’t put drinks in your inventory. Not fair >:( I put drinks in MY inventory every day *drinks from hip flask*

Sage just learned how to make Sorrow Annihilator drinks, so she puts her mad skillz to use for her cousin. He just lost his father, after all.

Sage Moonblood: You tell anyone I gave this to you and you will be seeing your father faster than you can say Alco *hic* holics Anonymenonus.

And so the wedding begins. It’s obvious that even though they’re paying attention, no one really cares about what’s going on. Look, even Dweezil’s busy gaining a skill point or something. A wedding skill point probably.

And what the heck is Moxie wearing? You see her? On the left? What IS that?

Kristina: AHEM. Wedding time.

Oh alright.

Omg lady you’re facing the wrong way.

Old Lady (obnoxiously loud): Hey, you guys seen that new Yogi movie? That Yogi gets me every time, aaaahaaaahaaaa!

Tu Morrow: How dare my brother get married BEFORE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Yeah, because with outbursts like that, how are you still single?

Look how bored everyone else is. Moxie practically wet her pants because of her Loner trait. She ended up running home crying.

Moxie CrimeFighter: I thought these aviators would make me invisible, but all they do is just protect my eyes from UV rays :

Who woulda thought.

Pilot Inspektor: For the last time, Handie, I will NOT put a frog in his underpants!

Bartholomew: Now, now, gentlemen. Don’t make me turn this car around, honk honk.

Gerard: Is this real life?

Kristina: Goodness, Dweezil, this has been the best day of my life! It’s even better than that time we saved all those dolphins!

Dweezil: Or that time when we tied ourselves naked to that tree near the military base!

Kristina: Oh yeah!

Well clearly I don’t take enough screenshots.

Hermione was a little odd at the party. Either it was because she was embarrassed that she wore the same hairstyle as Tu Morrow, or she was going through the awkward "Oh no what did I do last night I hope I didn’t embarrass myself beyond repair" phase.

Sage Moonblood: You look stunning, Hermione.

Hermione: Erm, thank you, Sage.

She did come out of her shell long enough to snatch Starla’s autograph though.

Starla: Only if you marry Sage Moonblood Creeper.

Hermione: Of course, whatever you say! Not like you keep tabs on the Creepers anyway.

Moon Unit: Who are you texting? Don’t you dare be cheating on my grandson already. Do you know who I am? Do you know what I’ve done? I will ri–

Kristina: Would you relax? I’m just sending a picture to my mother!

Moon Unit: You’d better hope that’s all you’re doing, missy.

You think it’s about time we let her pass on? I’m starting to think so.

Sage and Hermione spend the rest of the party sending longing glances to each other.

Old Man: Get a room! But let me watch.

I believe he’s a relative of some sort. Figures.

And then of course later on someone dies.

Dying Lady: I don’t get it. I was just talking to some redhead and then I got all sparkly.

Moon Unit! Stop killing off the townspeople! That’s it, we’re not inviting her to parties anymore.

Action!Kristina: I’m getting out of here before Grandma Moon Unit decides to go two for two.

Dweezil and Leroy: *manly talk about politics*

Friggin’ men.

Sage Moonblood: Heeey, this isn’t going to ruin my party rating is it?

It better not. I put effort into this. Effort!

The party gods gave us a ‘verging on epic’, and while Dweezil took his new bride to the Creeper hot tub to enjoy their first night as husband and wife…

Sage took Hermione out to one of the new clubs in town to party it up.

Sage Moonblood: Are you ready?

Hermione: Let’s do this. *game face*

At this point I installed Twallan’s updated SP, which adds options for a Vampires/Slayer feature (among other things). This caused me to see the most badassed pop up I’ve ever gotten.

TOO AWESOME, RIGHT? I nearly squealed with delight when I read it. Too bad I don’t have vampires in my town… yet. More on this some other time.

Sage Moonblood: You’re pretty good at this.

Hermione: What do you think we did in the dormitories when we weren’t plotting against evil?

Sage Moonblood: Hmm… never thought of that.

Sage’s Attention Span: Bored now.

Sage Moonblood: Let’s go do other stuff now.

Hermione: ‘Kay.

Hermione: Oh nice, a hot tub in a night club. I wonder how sanitary that is.

Sage Moonblood: The point is not to think about it! Just get in.

Sage Moonblood: Don’t stare, don’t stare, don’t stare, look at foot, look at foot, look at foot…

Sage Moonblood: Wow, what a nice foot I have.

Hermione: Hmm…

Hermione: Hey, mine’s pretty nice too.

Sage Moonblood: Fooooooooooot.

Hermione: Foooooooooooooooooooot.

Oh sims.

Sage Moonblood: I love how absolutely comfortable I am around you.

Hermione: Yeah, it’s crazy how we can just sit here looking at our feet for an hour and it’s not weird or awkward at all.

For you guys maybe.

Sage Moonblood: Being with you almost feels like…

Hermione: Like what, Sage?

Sage Moonblood: Like…

Sage Moonblood: Home.

Hermione: Yeah… Yeah, it really does.

Hermione: Just like home.

Sage Moonblood: Speaking of home… Let’s go to mine.

Hermione: Clever.

Hermione: I have to be honest… I have no idea what I’m doing.

Sage Moonblood: Well, I figured that. You’re a prude.

Hermione: A prude you can’t seem to get enough of. Now shut up and let me kiss you. 

Next time: Another wedding? Babies? More SageMione spam? A shorter wait? Let’s hope so!

Thank you for reading and happy simming!

78 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Six, Part Two: I’ve Got You

  1. Can’t say I’m too upset over Audio’s death after what he did. >< Glad it wasn't Pilot!
    "I put drinks in MY inventory every day *drinks from hip flask*" Hahaha, so much win!
    Eee, Moon Unit! :D I laughed at the part about you not taking enough screenshots…naked and tied to a tree, huh? Clearly we need pictures of this.
    "Dying Lady: I don’t get it. I was just talking to some redhead and then I got all sparkly.
    Moon Unit! Stop killing off the townspeople! That’s it, we’re not inviting her to parties anymore." LOL!
    Hermione is the Slayer?! That's just freakin' awesome! Her cool level has risen to 11 out of 10.

    Loved it, as usual! Can't wait for the next one! :)


    1. Lol, I don’t blame you.
      Trufax XD
      Definitely. That would’ve made for some great commentary, haha.
      Moon Unit hasn’t lost her touch, clearly. Lol.
      Yeah, Hermione as the Slayer is pretty much the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in the game so far LOL.

      Thank you so much :D


  2. Sage’s expressions…. from her “fooooooooot” to the very first shot where she’s sad, to her “are you ready?” face….. all of them are just full of win.

    And yay! for SageMione. <3


  3. What an amazing Chapter. I was scared that it was Pilot when Audio died. So glad it was Audio lol. Awww Dweezil! Go him for being so sweet to Leroy. Tu Morrow looked amazing at the wedding, even if she was screaming her head off. And speaking of looking good, holy Moon Unit hasn’t aged a freakin day! Although apparently she’s still killing :D
    Awww Sagemione, so cute!

    Great update as usual!


    1. Tu does look great, doesn’t she. I just realised how much I love Twinbrook, and I have a stylist sim who has formal clothes JUST like her. I can’t go on the computer today though because I’m grounded. I’m making this comment by secretly using my phone. Shhh… Don’t tell my parents who believe everything I say!


      1. Sorry you’re grounded, but omg it is so awesome that you’re posting on here while you are. Not that I condone rule breaking *cough* XD

        I agree. Tu looked pretty good!


    2. Haha I’m glad it was Audio too. I mean, he’s cool and all, but Pilot’s death would be epically tragic. I have to say Dweezil is the sweetest sim I think I’ve ever had. He’s so adorable. I don’t know what Tu’s deal is, she’s moody all the time XD I guess that’s her Over-Emotional trait working. Lol unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I turned Moon’s aging back on, so now she’ll get old and die and stop killing.

      Thank you!! <3


  4. “I put drinks in MY inventory every day *drinks from hip flask*” Ahahaha. That cracked me up xD It reminds me of Mad-Eye Moody, or more accurately the man drinking Polyjuice Potion disguised as Moody. HARRY POTTER <3

    Dweezil's little wedding was so cute :3 Or, you know, as cute as it can be while also containing a death *cough* xD That's sims for ya, I guess.

    Foooooooooot! Oh, goodness. Every time my sims do that I am struck by the ridiculousness. But I suppose it is much more entertaining than if they had never done that at all, right?

    Aww, Hermione and Sage. They are too cute for words! I love love love Hermione; did you make her, or download her?? Either way, is there a download link I could have?! She's awesome <3

    I cannot wait to see these girls' babies!! They are going to be so awesomeeee! Wizards, vampire slayers, ah, drunken Draco Malfoy look-alikes… They'll have it all xD


    1. I suppose the fact that I forgot to even say a thing about Audio’s death shows how much I will miss him, right? xD I’m not a fan of cheaters (though it certainly added to the story ;D), and I will miss him much less than I’ll miss his twin xD


    2. YAY HARRY POTTER XD Haha, yeah I thought of Moody too when I wrote that. Mind linkage!

      Yeah people die everywhere on the sims. I would be sad if it were like that in real life. I think everyone would be a little more terrified XD

      Definitely! I love the foot thing. Even if they do it for hours, lol.

      I do like Sage and Hermione together. I downloaded her and then tweaked her a bit. I’ll be linking to the download in the next update!

      Oh I know, I bet their babies will just be too awesome to be regular babies. They’ll probably come out golden. With wings.

      Haha, I agree, but don’t tell anyone XD


  5. Hermione = Buffy…?
    I think all of my fan-fiction fueled dreams just came true. <3

    Btw, what graphics card does your computer have? I've been looking into getting a new one and yours seems to handle the Sims (the only game I really care for top notch graphics on the computer) very well. :3


    1. I was thinking the exact same thing actually, I need a desktop and new graphics card before Unleashed comes out, or my computer will explode.

      Awesome post XD I love Harry Potter so this is just . . . hgfjfklgkl

      Pilot and Sage are my favourite Creepers. It used to be Audio and Pilot but his cheatingness ruined it for him. Sage is just too epic, though.

      Even so, I’ll miss Audio. He was pretty cool before Tenisha :'(

      As I said, great update :D Dweezil and Kristina are too cute :D


      1. Haha, oh man, I can’t wait for Unleashed. The things we go through for games, right?

        Thank you :D I LOVE Harry Potter too, although I tried not to let my obsession leak into the legacy, but I just can’t fight it XD

        Aw, I think I’m with you on that one. I adore Pilot and Sage.

        He was. I’ll miss him a bit too.

        Thank you again! <3 <3


    2. Hahaha it would make for some amazing fanfic wouldn’t it? Someone should write that. I would pay to read it.

      It does handle it very well, which is good because I upgraded just for TS3 haha. It’s an Nvidia GeForce 240 GT and it works great. It also wasn’t too expensive, so person person plus! XD


  6. ok you must keep Pilot. Must. Hermione is very well made. How come i wasn’t invited to the wedding? And Moon Unit….I will be so sad when she’s gone I mean really she is my favorite of like all time ever! And Reaper is right on the bandwagon. The awesome writing is almost worth the painfully long waits…almost. Luv ya! Keep writing!


    1. I wish I could keep Pilot, but I think it’d be better if I let sims nature take its course :( Lol, you were invited to the wedding, and I will show you what happened in the next update! I’ll be sad about Moon too, but I think she’s ready to die. Or, okay, I might be ready for her to die. The Creeper Graveyard is missing her XD

      Thanks so much, Crazybat!


  7. Hermione: What do you think we did in the dormitories when we weren’t plotting against evil?

    I can actually see the trio getting into something like that. I think I spend too much time with the fanon rather than the canon.


    LOL Hermione is the Slayer. Never really watched Buffy, but I got to say, it kinda goes with Hermione’s mad ass-kicking skills.


    1. Haha same here! The canon’s great, but fanon is too fun to resist.

      Whoa, that’s saying a lot! Wow :D That’s awesome!

      LOL I agree! Hermione is badass enough to Slay. I actually didn’t watch Buffy much until I streamed the whole series on Netflix last year. It’s SOGOOD.



  8. Am I the only one sad over Audio’s death? D: I mean, I’m glad it wasn’t Pilot, but not Audio! Alright! Hot girl on girl hot tub action! Now that’s what I’m talkin about :D


    1. Thank you! I cracked up too when I saw that XD

      Always! It’s inevitable! It drives me nuts! Lol.



  9. I will miss Audio. I was hoping for more baby momma drama. *sigh*. It was awesome to see Moon Unit again. I think she should have Grim Reaper spawn before she kicks it. You know those two have a thing together.



    They are so sweet ;__; I am not sad about Audio dying. HOMEWRECKER. And I literally snorted at the looks on their faces in the hottub. Foooooooooot XDD

    I cannot believe how Moon Unit’s presense causes death with such reliability. I’ve always loved Moon Unit and her Grim Reaper tendendies are a large part of it XDD

    Im going to cry when Pilot dies.

    Also. IS THIS REAL LIFE. I died XD I love you and your references. :3


    1. YESSSS I love them!

      Haha, aw, poor Audio. So hated. Foooooooooooot. I love that animation XD

      LOL I’m actually glad death has been so consistent around her. It’s made for some excellent stuff.

      I am too :(

      Haha, I LOVE YOU SO THERE <3


  11. OEMGHEE!!!!
    Yay!! <3 Hermione and Sage r soo cute together :)
    *Hey have u seen that new yogi bear movie? Haha-that yogi gets me every time*
    Hurry up with an update Star- we can't get enought of the Creepiness!!!!


  12. Awww Dweezil and Kristina are just too cute!

    I loved that line “Get a room. But let me watch.” x’D
    And the old lady at the wedding xD!!

    Sage and Hermione finally got each other, YAY!!! :D

    Great chapter as always!


    1. Aren’t they? I love them :D

      Lol, I’m glad you like my creepy humor.
      Friggin’ old people XD

      Yay! Now we can get on with the generation! Lol.

      Thank you so much! <3


  13. I was like LOL at the point when Starla showed up at the party! But really, she is you, so you had to! Is Hermione a YA now? She has to be to… you know… do that last picture. Also, does Twallan’s SP prevent celebrities?


    1. Everyone seems to talking about Audio’s death. I don’t care. The only thing I have ever liked about hm is when he said “Anyway, my wife knows about the baby, so your argument is invalid! Because potato! Funny stuff Starla!


    2. I’m so glad you liked it! Yep, Hermione is YA. Twallan’s SP doesn’t prevent celebrities as far as I know. It has new celebrity options where you can tweak how people become celebrities and such, and you can disable HIS celebrity settings, but that’s about it.

      Lol, thank you :D


  14. Aww, I sort of liked Audio. Except for the whole cheating part.

    “This is why the elderly should not have babies. It’s gross and stupid and the kids always lose. Your son will be punished for your awful mistakes and that is my final word,” made me giggle. A lot.


    1. I’m glad you think so! I downloaded her from MTS (I’ll link to it next update) and tweaked her a bit.

      Haha yeah it’s pretty hawt, isn’t it? XD


  15. probably won’t miss audio
    Hermione the Slayer = EPIC
    annnnnd… done freaking out over another epic chapter.


    1. Haha I guess a lot of people won’t. He was kind of just sitting around anyway XD
      Totally epic!
      Hahaha that’s great! Don’t die though! XD

      Thank yoooou <3


  16. I was just reading back all of the Creeper posts from the beggining, and I noticed how Moon liked teaching the kids stuff. It’s not unusual. My Avril author sim I told you about has the couch potato trait and yet has a blue belt (level seven) in martial arts!

    Also, two things I need to ask you. I know this makes me seem like a complete noob (which I am) but how do I download this from MTS? I’ve got stuff from there in my game, but I just saved it, opended it, did something and it ended up in my game. Avril is REALLY strapped for cash and she NEEDS thescribbling pad you got for Andie. Question 2. What lot in Twinbrook did the Creeper’s live on. I need a Twinbrook lot to acommodate (ha, fancy word!) my legacy sims, but there are no 60×60 lots. Stupid EA. Don’t you know about legacies?!?! *makes angry face because simself has hot-headed trait!* !!!!exclimation marks! ! !


    1. Wait, I figured out about MTS, all by MYSELF (with a little help from my genius brother, who told my that I need to open a .zip file before I save it :p)! I got the scribbling pad and more stuff.


    2. Oh nice! I haven’t gotten any sim to level 7 martial arts, let alone a couch potato XD

      I’m sorry I didn’t help you with MTS before you figured it out :

      Um, I think I deleted a house in Twinbrook and stole the lot for the Creepers. One near the Bakers, if I remember correctly.


  17. I wrote the above comment one thing. For some reason, it says I posted as anonomus (*not caring how it is spelt, you know what i mean*). I didn’t. STUPID WORDPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!

    only kidding!


    1. Sorry, my in-laws have been in town and I haven’t been able to get to the computer :) I’ll be able to reply in a day or so.


  18. So awesome! By now you may be sick of hearing how fantastic the Creepers and your writing are/is but too bad! just one more compliment lol
    I love Hermy; she is the bestest down-to-earth girl for Sage to introduce to fun & alcohol…though her hair seems to have run into some anti-static dryer sheets….
    Overall, this is one legacy I can’t get enough of!


    1. Aw, thank you so much!! I don’t think I can be sick of hearing this, it really means so much to me :)
      Haha yeah her hair’s a little off. I changed it in the next update, so hopefully it’s better.
      Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoy it, it makes it so worth writing.


  19. I love the Creeper legacy!!! I just have one question though. Where did you get Moon Unit’s hair?!?!?! It’s soooo cute and I want it so badly but I can’t find it anywhere. I already downloaded her from your page but the hair didn’t seem to come with it. Oh sorry, I lied. I have another question. Also where did you get Kristina’s freckles? Those are so pretty. :)
    This is a super funny legacy and each one has me laughing every time!! I think that you should just keep Pilot in the game like Moon Unit. Those are my two favorite characters and then probably Fifi Trixibelle.


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