Um, a little detour D:

I was working on the new Creeper update when I checked my email and saw that the TS2 store was closing. They said that if I wanted my store stuff I needed to snatch it back up OR ELSE. Like a ransom note! But not quite!

So of course then I sat for half a day (it seemed) re-installing The Sims 2 and all EPs, a little afraid because the last time I tried to have both The Sims 2 and 3 on my computer my graphics card said, "No." Very loudly.

So far so good, but OMG I am so excited to be playing TS2 again. I had to play to make sure my store stuff was installed, after all. And then I spent an entire night downloading new stuff because I’m psychotic and my CC taste has changed since the last time I played. And now I’m all nostalgic and wanting to write a TS2 story.

Nice move, EA. Nice move. I mean you can’t help but think they did this sort of thing on purpose, to bring attention back to TS2 and make more money by making people panic and buy everything ever. That’s just how they roll. I guess. I really don’t know. Don’t tell on me for saying that.

But don’t worry, I will be working on my update today.

19 thoughts on “Um, a little detour D:

  1. Awh, you posted on my birthday! :DD

    I just installed Sims 2 and all of the EPs I could find. Enjoying it so much now! :DD

    (Even if my Downloads folder is exploding)

    Happy simming! :D


    1. Aww, happy belated birthday!

      Oh man me too! So fun.

      Haha mine too! I had my old Downloads folder saved on my external hard drive, but I think I’ve already doubled my content since I re-installed.

      Thank you! Happy simming to you too!


  2. Comment: *being unrelated* I have 5 questions for you. Important.
    1. Would you say that Twallan’s mod is better than EA’s SP?
    2. Would you recommend it?
    3. Do you need to have Awesomemod to edit sims in CAS and make custom maternity wear?
    4. I don’t want to be a pest, but how do I download from Poppy Sims? There are no download instructions on the website.
    5.Is that your TS2 simself on the picture?

    PS. I’m sorry the comment is so long, but I remember you saying that long comments are your oxegen XD


    1. 1: In my opinion, yes, although I really haven’t ever sat and played for more than a sim week on EA’s SP. I tried, but it just seemed so quiet and boring and I really wanted to know what was going on in town besides what the newspaper was telling me. Also, most people who have played on just EA’s SP have had issues with their town dying out because sims just aren’t having children. I don’t know if they’ve fixed that or not.

      2: Definitely! It’s made gameplay so much more interesting.

      3: Nope! Actually, I use Twallan’s MasterController to do all of that.

      4: You’re not a pest :D Just click on the picture of the item you’d like to have and save the .zip wherever you want it, then unzip it.

      5: Yes it is :) I missed her.

      It’s not a problem at all! Hope I answered your questions well :D


      1. You did, and I appreciate it! I’m going over to Poppy Sims now then, well, after I’m finished playing. I have a family and the story is like this: a woman called Avril who is an author was married to a chef called Noel. she wanted kids, but he didn’t: there was no spark. SO she divorced him, went to China, married Liang Yat Sen (yes, Moon Unit’s dad) and they live happily together. With twins, Adele, who is sporty, and Xin, who is deeply connected to her Chinese side and loves Sim Fu. She always invites her granny Abi over from China so they can do Sim Fu XD


  3. I think I’ll be downloading it then! I’ve had TS3 since April 2010, and I have to say that EA’s SP basically sucks! Half the town keep turning into vampires due to Late Night: does Twallan’s Sp prevent that?


    Oh, right! So what does Awesomemod do then?

    Thanks! I’d hate to think I was! I love the stuff over at Poppy Sims! It’s amazing! Love it!

    I would miss her too, if I new about her. And she was me. But she’s not. My simself looks similar to me, but I just can’t get his nose right.

    You did! I appreciate it!


    1. Yes, it does, as far as I know. I actually have no vampires in my town at all. I might make one and see what happens.

      Awesomemod does a lot of little different things that twallan’s mods do, but the only thing I use it for is its “NoVanillaPudding” feature, which prevents newly spawned sims from having the same face. You can use the configuration tool to make it the way you want it :)

      I do too! It’s the best maternity wear.

      Lol, my simself looks pretty close to me, not exact of course. I’d forgotten how much easier it is making TS2 simselves than TS3 ones though.

      Glad I could help!


  4. Aww, TS2! I kind of miss that game a little. In all honesty I miss seasons, pets, and university… and that’s really it. xD But I do miss it! But oh boy would it take a long time to reinstall on my computer… And I don’t even think I have the memory :P Ah well! I would not be opposed to reading a sims 2 story/legacy of yours :3


  5. Aw man, I’ve been missing Sims 2 lately… hmm… Maybe I should reinstall it, when I’m not grounded anymore (I’m making this comment by secretly using the computer, shhh….)

    I wish I’d kept my downloads folder, but I uninstalled Sims 2 and never expected to play it again. D:


  6. I can’t play TS2. I just … The loading times kill me. So very, very much. On a side note, I totally just bought TS2 Pet Stories and Castaway.. Purely because I found my old DS Castaway and was like “I wonder if the PC version is any good?” Shall be interesting since you get NO CC FOR THEM. Wah.


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