Chapter Forty-Six, Part One: I’ve Got You

Dweezil: Wow… I just realized something.

Kristina: And what is that?

Dweezil: Um… I realized… you’re prettier than my sisters!

Kristina: Oh. Well. Thank you… I think.

Actually, THIS is what he realized. But he couldn’t tell her that, right? He had to seem like a freak instead.

Welcome back! Last time: I rhymed badly, there was male bonding, Sage ran into her girl crush  (Her My One) again, and another burglar got a double beatdown. Let’s see what happens this time!

Sage craves more celebrity star levels, so she’s been spending a lot of time with simselves and Gerard Way (now that Lola Belle is dead, they’re the only celebrities left). My simself and Gerard moved out of the house they shared with sim!Mariah and sim!Cassidy.

TS3EP03 2011-03-14 00-01-44-50

Because he and Mariah couldn’t play nice. Rude.

They had been living alone, but then I added my friend Calli’s simself to the house. Calli writes the very funny (and fun to say) Nubbin Legacy. Read it, it’s guuuud.

Calli: This is a lot more boring than I thought it would be. When do I get action?

Well, you’re kind of supposed to make your own action. Lol n00bs.

Sage Moonblood: Hahaha, I just rolled a wish to kiss Gerard! How funny is that?

Starla: HAHA! That’s hilarious, because you know if you do it I will murder you in your sleep, right?

Sage Moonblood: Haha! You so crazy! And speaking of murdering people…

Calli: I’ll show YOU making my own action.

Sage Moonblood: I bet you a thousand dollars she tries to pull a Mariah.

Starla: What do you mean? What did Mariah do?

Sage Moonblood: Oh, wait, you’re still clueless about that THING THAT HAPPENED IN CHAPTER FORTY-THREE. Forget I said anything.

Starla: Bitches tryna take my man grumble grumble plottage.

Welcome to The Phone. Please select your language by saying the language you’d prefer.

Dweezil: O…kay. I just want to call my girlfriend. I don’t nee–


Dweezil: Um. What?


Dweezil: What is this?! I just… I just want…

Ghisdiajsdknej. Isndhabuidshaljaka. DDOIASDHADUENSJAS.


After a traumatic phone experience, Dweezil runs all the way to Kristina’s house to ask her on…


Of course then he ruins it by sitting at an entirely different table during dinner. I hate when this happens.

Kristina: It’s okay. I didn’t bathe this week in order to conserve water. It probably wouldn’t be pleasant for him anyway.

You sure about that? I mean, he is a Creeper.

Originally I had planned an amazing beach scene right here, but Dweezil had plans of his own. He’s just made of win, isn’t he?

Dweezil: Let’s hang out by this huge cliff where Starla will have trouble maneuvering the camera.

Kristina: I love huge cliffs!

Kristina: What are you doing?

Dweezil: Being perceptive.

Kristina: By magnifying my boobs?

Dweezil: Noooo, I’m perceiving them.

Dweezil: Anyway, I love you.

Kristina: I love you too. Wanna go do it in City Hall again?

Dweezil: I have a question for you first. Plus, I think the judge is starting to get suspicious about his desk always being cleared off.

Dweezil: Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife, Kristina Burch?

Kristina: Oh! Dweezil I… Of course!

Dweezil: I can’t wait to start a family with you, baby.

Kristina: Neither can I. Buuut… can we wait to get married until after the Ghost Hunting protest?

Dweezil: Anything you want.

Kristina: Psst, girl I’ve never met who is wearing the same top as me, I just got engaged!

Natalia: Ooh, how exciting! My mom was married once.

Natalia: And then she had me and got divorced and had a baby with your future uncle-in-law and two other guys while dating the entire town.

Latrice: Girl, you got issues.

Natalia Goss, everyone. Tenisha’s first baby, aww.

And if you couldn’t tell by her hair, Latrice is a Creeper too. I forgot who she belongs to though. She’s on the family tree somewhere. I guess I could’ve looked, but :P

Starla from the Future: She’s Diva’s granddaughter, in case anyone cares XD There are two Latrices on the family tree now because the game is unoriginal.

Dweezil: Honey, look! I found a baby on the beach.

Latrice: That’s mine, I think. Just leave it there for now.

Welcome to The Phone. Please select your language by saying the language you’d prefer.

Sage Moonblood: Um. Yellow.

Thank you. Now connecting you to Hermione Granger. Was that so hard, Dweezil?

I love not making sense.

Sage Moonblood: It helps that I’ve been drinking.

Sage Moonblood: Hi, Hermione? It’s Sage Moonblood. I hope you don’t mind, I got your number from my dad. Yeah somehow he knows, like, everything ever.

Pilot Inspektor: It’s true. I do.


Sage Moonblood: Anyway, I was sitting here mixing up some fun juice and I started thinking maybe you and I should go out somewhere and have some fun. You look like you could use some fun, I mean with the boring clothes and all that… Okay I’ll shut up. You’re in? Great, meet me at Dance Your Pants Off in 15 minutes.

Lol they’re green.

Hermione: I could use some fun, huh?

Sage Moonblood: Yup.

Hermione: Let’s get some drinks then.

Sage Moonblood: Me and my friend need some drinks please. Awesome drinks full of awesomeness. You think you can handle that, old lady?

Bartender: I’m sure I’ll manage.

Sage Moonblood: I don’t trust old people.

Sage Moonblood: Wow, these ARE awesome. AND full of awesomeness.

Bartender: Work really hard and you, too, will become an awesome mixologist.

Life lessons from The Creeper Legacy.

Hermione: *sip, sip*

Sage Moonblood: *GUUUUULP*

Hermione: Hm. My legs already feel tingly.

Sage Moonblood: *GUUUUULP*

Hermione: Alright, let’s get this party started.

Sage Moonblood: I love you already.

Hermione: Just so you know, I happen to have a LOT of fun. All the time. And some might say I have a bit of a rebellious side.

Sage Moonblood: You? A rebellious side? Ha! What have YOU ever done that’s rebellious?

Hermione: Well I’m not going to make a list, if that’s what you want. What I’ve done is pretty legendary, though. I mean someone might’ve even documented it in a seven part series or something.

Sage Moonblood: Well. Do you know how to dance, Miss Rebel?

Hermione: Of course I know how to dance. Why wouldn’t I know how to dance?!

Sage Moonblood: I dunno, I wasn’t even sure if you knew what the word meant.

Hermione: Well I do.

Sage Moonblood: Prove it.

Hermione: You sure have become bold since the day I stood up for you on the sidewalk.

Sage Moonblood: Pfft, I let you stick up for me that day.

Hermione: Haha, let me, huh? And why on earth would you do that?

Sage Moonblood: Because you’re gorgeous.

Hermione: Liar.

Sage Moonblood: And you looked like your life was filled with boring, so I thought I’d spice up your day a bit by letting you stand up for me.

Hermione: That’s more like it.

Sage Moonblood: You know what? You’re already drunk.

Hermione: I am not! You have no way of to be seeing that I am that way.

Sage Moonblood: Shh! You hear that?

Hermione: What? What is it?

Sage Moonblood: It’s you. Speaking DRUNK!

Hermione: Oh shut up! And stop spinning, it’s hard to focus on you…

Hermione: You wanna know something?

Sage Moonblood: What’s that?

Hermione: I’m really glad you let me stand up for you that day.

Sage Moonblood: Liar. I’m too bold now.

Hermione: I never said boldness was a bad thing, did I? Now let’s get more drinks.

Hermione: *GUUUULP*

Sage Moonblood: Funny, I see the drink in my hand, but I don’t feel myself holding it. Maybe it’s imaginary.

Hermione: Oh dear, I have to pee. I’ve had a fear of public restrooms since I was attacked by a troll in one.

Sage Moonblood: You are so drunk.

Hermione: And so then Harry is hanging on the troll’s neck and the thing is way too freakin’ huge and we all just know he’s gonna die because Harry nearly dies every single day. Then Ron fin–

Sage Moonblood: This Ron guy. Are you in love with him?

Hermione: Oh, no, this is all strictly AU.

Sage Moonblood: Okay, continue.

Hermione: Thank you so much for an amazing night, Sage. I did need to have a little fun, I guess.

Sage Moonblood: No problem, but next time you’re buying.

Hermione: Maybe there won’t be a next time.

Sage Moonblood: Oh, there will be.

Bartender: Lights off means leave my bar, ladies. I’ll lock you in if you’re not out in ten seconds.

Hermione: That wouldn’t be so bad, would it, Sage?

Sage Moonblood: No, it wouldn’t be bad at all.

Hermione: Your hair is so soft… And your lips…

Sage Moonblood: I want to…


To be continued…

24 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Six, Part One: I’ve Got You

    1. Omg and like a moron I didn’t link to your Nubbins D: It’s there now so pretend it was there the whole time, kay?

      I love you too! Write one! Write it! :P


      You update too!


  1. Look honey, I found a baby on the beach!
    Lol xD That was hilarious! And of course Dweezil would hang out by the huge cliff that hinders camera movement! If he didn’t, he wouldn’t really be a good enough sim for you xD
    AAAAAAAHHH Hermione!!! <3 *nerdgasm* Oh goodness, I can't wait to see where this goes! Yay for future amounts of obscure references left and right! :DDD
    I love Harry Potter.
    Babies?! ;D The suspense is killing meeee!


    1. Haha that’s true. Silly Dweezil XD

      I can’t wait either, to be honest. I haven’t played too much further.

      I love Harry Potter toooooooo, in case you couldn’t tell, lol.

      *vanishes and leaves you hanging* Bwahaha!


  2. *fangirl squee*

    ‘This guy Ron. Are you in love with him?’
    ‘No, this is all strictly AU’ I LOVE that part.

    I can totally see why Hermione would have a fair of public toilets. Not only was there a troll, but one of them is haunted at Hogwarts. I’d have a fear of them too…

    You know, using the potty’s a great time to socialise :P

    Of course, the whole thing is good.

    ‘Dweezil: Honey, look! I found a baby on the beach.

    Latrice: That’s mine, I think. Just leave it there for now.’

    She’s turning out to be a great mother.


    1. XD I’m glad you liked it! I was afraid people wouldn’t know what the heck I was talking about.

      For real. I don’t think I’d ever go in one if I’d had experiences like she did.

      It is, haha.

      Aw, thanks :D

      I don’t know about you, but I find it funny that all of the Creeper relatives are terrible people XD


    Jk, I love you. Because you wrote this.
    If Hermione and Sage have kids they are going in my alphabetacy.


  4. Sweeet chapter :D

    So many funny lines that I would cover the whole page trying to rewrite them here :D

    D: How dare the bartender interrupt! Daft old lady, you could freeze your wrinkles somewhere else!

    Oh, and like I promised:

    CC-free version of my simself:

    And CC- version:

    I used only store stuff and this lipstick:

    Have fun! :D


  5. You’re updates always make me smile.
    I love that your simself is unaware of all the flirting, although I can’t wait to see her get in a brawl.
    Your random phone conversation with Dweezil and Sage was awesome, and to top it off I like that ‘yellow’ worked as an answer.
    Yay for Dweezil getting engaged! And I’m glad you EVENTUALLY got the beach shots, lol.
    Hee hee, “I think that’s mine” who knows, apparently she’s as loose as her mother but without the mind to know who is who.
    Eeeee Sage and Her my one. Adorable.
    Also, go Pilot for knowing everything. Ever.

    <3 U Starla. Thanks for always making me smile.


    1. Aw, I’m so glad they do, thank you.
      Yeah one of these days she’s going to go mad with fury. I just hope I’m there to catch the action XD
      Haha thank you, I was feeling very random this update.
      Lol yeah how rude of him to try and ruin my shots, right?
      Yeah, oh man, that family is all sorts of messed up XD
      Aren’t they? I want to squish them.
      Yessss, go Pilot!
      Thank you so much for always making ME smile <3


  6. Phew! All caught up FINALLY! :D I love love love this legacy ^_^. I was laughing so hard at this part:

    “Welcome to The Phone. Please select your language by saying the language you’d prefer.

    Dweezil: O…kay. I just want to call my girlfriend. I don’t nee–


    Dweezil: Um. What?


    Dweezil: What is this?! I just… I just want…

    Ghisdiajsdknej. Isndhabuidshaljaka. DDOIASDHADUENSJAS.


    I must have read it 5 times over, it was so funny XD



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