Chapter Forty-Five: Lady in Red

Thing 2: Psst, hey, One! When do these chicks start taking their clothes off?

Thing 1: I dunno, man, but I don’t think they’ve moved an inch in like 7 hours. What’s their deal?

Thing 2: You think the turtle’s their boyfriend? He’s giving me the stink eye or somethin’.

Thing 1: Maybe he’s their pimp.

Thing 2: Maaan, what a waste of our daily move.

Thing 1: Yeah, I think I’m goin’ back to standin’ right in front of the washin’ machine tomorrow. Those people hate when I do that.

Amg even our gnomes are creeps.

‘Twas the night before… Sunday, when all through the house,
Not a Creeper was stirring, not even Moxie’s computer mouse.


There wasn’t a chimney to hang things with care,
But tomorrow, the Creepers would have a new heir.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of rum and Coke (and more rum) danced in their heads.

Sage Moonblood: …Zzz…Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P-Diddy…Zzz…

And Dweezil… with band-aids…

Dweezil: *fart*

And Tu with her… crap,

Tu Morrow: …Zzz…You’ve been a bad, bad boy…Zzz…

Had just settled down for a long Creeper’s nap.


Sage Moonblood: Was someone trying to rhyme last night? I had a dream about a terrible poem.

If I wasn’t so busy typing this, I’d be flipping you off right now. Now get up and go see who the new heir is!

Sage Moonblood: You kind of already gave i–

Shut up and play along!

Sage Moonblood: Where’d this wallpaper come from? The 70s?

Oh don’t you go all diva on me now, Sage Moonblood. I can still rig the voting. Somehow.

Sage Moonblood: Oh relax, I just haven’t had my morning cup of Party Drink yet.

You go do that and I’ll show everyone the new stuff.

Tu Morrow’s favorite color is red too, but I think it’s obvious to everyone that Sage Moonblood won the vote (although Dweezil wasn’t too far behind for a while there).

So here’s her new… kingdom. This is half of the living room. The layout is somewhat similar to the way it was before because I liked it and it worked and I’m lazy. Look, it’s Moxie!


Moxie CrimeFighter: About what?

Not being heiress. Being dead last with votes.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Nope, I’m good. Just changing my Facebook status to ‘Spare’.

Aw. Well, Moxie fans were very enthusiastic with their voting, so you’re not unloved, Moxie.

Moxie CrimeFighter: I’m not worried about it. BRB, Blair’s on his way over.

You haven’t died yet, dude?

Audio Science: Not quite.

Well… Keep truckin’ I guess.

Aaand the other half of the living room.

Audio Science: You realize this is boring to people, right?

You don’t know! Leave me alone.

Anyway! The ensmallened dining area! Does my using exclamation marks excite you?!

No? Okay then.

And the kitchen!

Leroy: Couldn’t have replaced the dishwasher while you were busy recoloring countertops, could you?

What, is it ‘Push Your Creator To Kill You’ day or something? Jeeze. Meanies.

Dweezil: By the looks of things, I’d have to conclude that Sage Moonblood is the new heir.

No shit, Sherlock. What gave you that idea?

Dweezil: I know you don’t mean to be so harsh. I forgive you.

…I just can’t be mad at Dweezil. He’s like a puppy. And I’m actually kind of glad he didn’t win because the house would be LIME. You guys just saved your retinas.

Tu Morrow: I’m just going to go ahead and move out now, dad. I need to spread my wings and become awesome. I hope you don’t mind.

Moxie CrimeFighter: YOU WANT TO MARRY ME YET?!

Blair: Um, could you take it eas–

Moxie CrimeFighter: WHAT ABOUT NOW?! 

Blair’s Back: *CRACK*

Pilot Inspektor: Okay, no problem, Reignbeau! Have fun out there!

Maid: Oh no he di-in’t.

Tu Morrow: *rages*

Pilot Inspektor: Did that hot maid just hit on me? Weren’t you leaving?

Pilot Inspektor: Suddenly I am standing here.

Blair: We can’t do that here, Moxie, your dad is watching!

Moxie CrimeFighter: Banned4lyfe?

Moxie CrimeFighter: Marry me so I can get out of here?

Blair: Of cooooourse! Ohmigodohmigodohmigod, put it ooooooon already!

Moxie CrimeFighter: This ring has a built in USB adapter and 6 Terabytes of storage. I should be the one getting it, but whatever. I’m okay with that.

Pilot Inspektor: You hurt her and I will murder you with faucets.

And the two of them moved out together and will hopefully live happily ever after. We’ll see.

Audio Science: It is time you and I bonded, Leroy. Let’s get out there and I’ll teach you how to be a MAN!

Leroy: You know how? I couldn’t tell.

Audio Science: Enough with the attitude! Let’s go play catch.

Leroy: Secretly I’ve had this wish locked in since I was a child. I’m so excited! Squee!

Wow, Leroy… Where’d you learn to throw so… fancy?

Oh, I see.

Audio Science: Nice toss, buddy! Now try and catch THIS! I’m so HxC!

Leroy: I got it, dad! I got it!

You don’t got it.

Leroy: Aw, man, I don’t got it.

Okay, this is just really sad. Let’s try fishing, shall we?

Much better. Now you at least look manly.

It was cute. They both stood there singing Ping and His Checkers. And then I started wondering what hidden traits Leroy has. Let’s look!

Wow, FOUR hidden traits. Where do you suppose he got Makes No Messes from? That’s from being a descendant of a maid, right? I don’t remember Tenisha ever being a maid. Maybe she was before she married Ahmed Creeper. Who knows.

Aw, more male bonding at the dinner table. Sage is the only female left in the house.

Leroy: So… how hot is Dweezil’s girlfriend, yeah?

The Men: Yeeeeeeah!

Audio Science: I’d tap that.

Dweezil: *chokes*

Pilot Inspektor: We should build a fort! No girls allowed!

The Men: *buuuurp* Hell yeah!

…Where is Sage anyway?

Paparazzo: Paparazzo sandwich! Giggity!

Mariah: This was not in my contract, Starla.

Sorry XD I’ll remove him.

He really just walked away, but I like to make it seem like I HAVE THE POWAH.

Mariah: Hey, so I guess you’re old enough to impress me now.

Yeah apparently teenagers can’t impress celebrities.

Sage Moonblood: Okay, I’m rich, I’m unemployed, and I’ve got a few Mixology skill points.

Mariah: Impressive! Gold star! Hey, is that Hermione? *vanishes*

Mariah’s so magical :3

Sage Moonblood: Hey I don’t know if you remember but you stuck up for me that one time and I’ve just always been really thankful and my name is Sage and I hope you don’t think I’m weird.

Hermione: Oh, right! You’re the girl who was getting booed by that horrible old woman. You’re all grown up now.

Sage Moonblood: Yeah, and you haven’t aged a day. Literally. *eyes Starla*

…What? What did I do?

Hermione: Well, it was good seeing you. Keep fighting the good fight, okay? It’s totally worth it in the end.

Sage Moonblood: She’s touching me, she’s touching me, she’s touching me, she’s touching me…

Hermione: I’ll see you later then.

Sage Moonblood: Whatever you say… *droooool*

Alathea Skipton!

Thea: Shh! Mariah’s back there. She can’t see me.

Er… why not?

Thea: It’ll screw up the space-time continuum.

Oh. Wow, I never knew.

Thea: Just kidding. I just really don’t want to talk to her.

Burglar: Mmm, I smell new things! New things, new things, new things! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

There’s a reason why I haven’t invested in a burglar alarm.

Burglar: Oh, hmm, I can’t seem to go any further.

Audio literally just came out of the door and jumped on her. I didn’t even have time to get a screenshot before he started hulksmashing her head.

I think I’m back to loving him again.

Burglar: Pfft, you think I haven’t prepared for something like this? You LOSE, old man.

Audio Science: You’re right. I do lose. What a shame.

Burglar: Why do I feel like I should just quit while I’m ahead?

Pilot Inspektor: Good evening. Is there something I can help you with?

Burglar: You… you planned this!

Audio Science: Don’t fuck with the Creepers.

I’m starting to think they really DO plan this out O_O

Burglar: Beautiful vistas… Beautiful vistas… Gotta get out of here… I think my leg is broken…

Pilot Inspektor: I just… I keep expecting it to get old, but it just never does.

Audio Science: Iknorite?

Pilot Inspektor: Admit it. You’ll miss me when I’m gone.

I will :( It’s true.

And now I’ll leave you with a picture of a pregnant Mariah catching bugs in front of the Creeper’s house (and Sunset Valley’s very own Super Moon). Next time: Will Sage get the courage to pursue Hermione, or will she forever just have a girl crush and pursue others instead? Will Dweezil move out or will I decide to do double heirs for real this time? Will Audio and Leroy’s relationship continue to grow? Will Pilot leave us forever? God I hope not. Until next time, happy simming, and thank you for voting!

63 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Five: Lady in Red

    1. Haha, aw, yay! For a while back in the day I was totally a DracoMione shipper, so having Sage look a bit like AVPM!Draco kind of makes my younger dreams come true XD

      Yay, I’m glad you are! I am too, but don’t tell the other kids that.

      LOL I had no idea that trait would be this fun. I just can’t believe it’s lasted since Apple’s reign!

      A lovely comment as always :) Thank you!


  1. Isn’t it funny when a burglar comes onto the lot and Audio always gets beat up, then Pilot comes and saves the day because he is better?!?! That’s what Audio gets being a doctor instead of a military guy. Please DON’T do doubles with Sage and Dweezil! It will look like christmas like it did in Dweezil’s room when Tu was there. If you do doubles, move Moxie back in!


      1. I agree, totally! I think Audio wears the burglar out though. Maybe just a bit.

        Haha, what, you don’t want a Christmas house?! XD Yeah, I most likely won’t do doubles. It’s hard to keep track that way.

        Thank you! I’m not great at decorating, but I tried.

        I got the set from Holy Simoly, my favorite place to get furniture for TS2 and 3! Here’s the link!


    1. Thanks! I might keep him around for a while. I definitely have to see what his kids look like at least :D Those creepy gnomes! I’ve got FOUR of those laundry gnomes. They’re the creepiest!


    1. Nice! I’m glad you got who you wanted!

      LOL thank you! I do too! It took me forever to choose a pattern for that darn wall XD


  2. YAY, I’m so happy, another chapter :D! I don’t know if I have ever commented, but I love your legacy!

    So happy that Sage won, I was hoping she would :)! I prefer red over lime, anyway :P. And I will miss Pilot as well when he is gone :(…. I’m always thinking about adding him to my game, but I always forget to…..


    1. Aw, thank you! Yeah, I don’t think I remember you commenting before, so yay! Hi!

      I’m glad you’re happy with Sage! I am too. Definitely prefer red over lime, haha. Yeah, I think I might just cry a little when Pilot dies. Aw, you should. He will live on through your game! Lol.

      Thank you for a great first comment! Hopefully there will be many more :D


  3. OH YEAH, also the house looks GREAT! Really! Every thought about putting her for download ;D? (so I don’t need to actually do a house, because I’m lazy)


  4. The house looks great! I loved seeing all the new colours!
    I’m saddened Dweezil didn’t win, but try about the lime green and our eyes. Thanks for thinking of that.
    Pilot vs Burglar FTW! I love that man so much, I will miss him when he leaves. Which hopefully won’t be for another couple chapters.


    1. Thank you! I did too. A nice break from all the orange!
      Haha yeah, that lime would’ve had me in tears.
      Yeah I hope he lives forever. I mean Moon Unit is able to, right? He should be able to too XD
      Thank you! Awesome comment as always <3


  5. I love your legacy! The kids were all so pretty this generation. It’s awesome how all your sims are so nice and unique looking. I think you should definitely keep Dweezil around; he’s awesome!


    1. Thank you so much :D I definitely like to go for a unique sim over a pretty one, so when they’re unique AND pretty, it’s really nice. Thank you! Yeah I think I might keep him around. Maybe not double heirs, but at least keep him in the house like I did with Audio.

      Thanks for the comment! :D


  6. Oh my god I love Sage XD LOVEHER. Sagemione ftw. OTP.

    I’m going to cry when Pilot dies.

    I wish I were joking >>

    I’m dying to see what he does in my legacy XD

    Also! I appreciate your use of exclamation points! Yeah! :D <3


    1. Haha, yessss!

      I am too D: Maybe I’ll make him NOT die. That would be super and save us both from tears.


      Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


  7. Ah, Audio and your awesome beard. Love <3

    Also. Sage = adorable. Hermione = awesome. Sage/Hermione babies? = SUPER FANTASTIC! I'm so excited ^_^ More chapters soon?!? xD

    "Even our gnomes are creeps." So true xD That did crack me up, though. Lol.

    Love the new house, also :3 I wasn't bored with the little tour, so you know :D


    1. Haha yay beard :D

      Yes, definitely more chapters soon! I’m typing one up now!

      Lol creepy gnomes. The laundry ones are the worst D:

      Aww, thank you. I’m glad you weren’t bored, that mkaes me feel better.

      Thank you so much for another great comment :D


  8. GNOMES! :D

    God frammit, I want Blair’s ring!! D:

    Of course the exclamation marks excite me, U MAD?

    Please to be making Pilot immortal like Moon Unit D:

    Love the red house.

    Btw, at some point I’ll upload my simself. Do you want me to give you the link, so you can add her? :D

    Happy Simming! (And sorry that I make so long comments -.-)


    1. I do love me some gnomes, even if they are perverts XD

      I do too omg! I think they should totally exist and readers of the Creeper legacy should get one for free XD

      Hahaha yay! NO U MAD?

      I’m tempted! I really am. I love him and his beard :(

      Thank yoooou :D

      Yes, definitely! I love simselves! Gimme!

      I LOVE long comments. They’re like my oxygen XD So thank you so much and happy simming to you too!


  9. Where do you get all your lovely furniture? I want those couches! And the little palm tree you have on the corner tub. And the dining room table with the runner! Where do these come from? ;-;


    1. So I usually don’t download too much major furniture, but when I do, I get it from Holy Simoly!

      The couches are here:

      The dining room set is here:

      And the little palm tree came in a Bon Voyage conversion set here:


  10. I wasn’t bored by the house pics! I thought the decor was awesome and I was feeling a lot of envy since my decorating skills are pretty lacking.

    I loved the robbery…or the almost robbery. Those two are so hilarious. I hope that Pilot doesn’t leave.

    P.S. Are you going to give Hermione the short short hair cut that Emma Watson has now?


    1. Aw, it makes me happy that you weren’t bored AND that you liked the decor! Thank you so much! I’m pretty lacking in decorating skills. The house actually took me like 5 hours to redecorate D:

      I hope he doesn’t die either :( I love their Boondock Saints-like burglar beat downs XD

      I’m not sure actually! I think that short cut is gorgeous on her. It was such a bold move and it worked! But I think I might keep her hair Hermioneish. Or I’ll change it later. Ooh, I dunno now! :D

      Thank you :D :D :D <3


  11. Haha Tu with her crap. :P
    YAY SAGE! :D But she shouldn’t be hatin’ on that wallpaper, I think it’s cool.
    Ensmallened is such a great word. :D
    By Tu, I won’t miss you “Tu” much (LOLpun), but have a nice life anyway.
    Wow – lots of “Can Apprehend Burglar” Sims in your house. Well, no need to worry about home security…

    Where do you get your CC? Your hairs, clothes and furniture all look amazing :D Oh wait, someone above me asked that XD Well, now you REALLy need to answer :P

    Wow, this is such a long comment!


    1. I’m not a good poet if you couldn’t tell XD

      Haha thank you :) It took me forever to pick that wallpaper, dangit.

      Lol thanks! I stole it from Pescado.

      Haaaa very nice pun! It made me giggle XD

      Yeah no need at all! The house has been full of “Can Apprehend Burglar” since Apple’s day :O Crazy, right?

      Lol, well thank you, that makes me happy :D Most of my hair comes from either Anubis or Lotus. Most of the furniture comes from Holy Simoly (links above). Annnnd most of the clothes either come from the TS3 store or All About Style. Most (if not all) of my maternity comes from Poppy Sims. I’m kind of picky when it comes to CC. My CC doesn’t have to be “Maxis Match” necessarily, but it has to blend really well with the game, in my opinion.

      And of course I check My Sims 3 Blog every day, so sometimes I find things from other wonderful creators.

      I can link you to these places if you want! I just didn’t want to muck up this comment with big links, lol.

      Thank you for the long comment! I love long comments! And mine is probably longer now, so sorry XD


      1. I’m the same way with hair and clothes. I’m very Maxis Match too and like stuff to blend in. If it’s too “real” or the shadows are off or anything, I don’t download.

        Okay. Anubis, Lotus, All About Style, Poppy Sims, Holy Simoly, My Sims 3 Blog. I found them all by searching for them, so no links needed.
        Wait, are they all free? Do you need a membership for any of them?

        I don’t really like the Store too much because you have to pay. Granted, I used the free SimPoints from registration, but I still paid for Barnacle Bay, which doesn’t really give me a “real” Maxis/EA feel (it almost seems like a world from a fansite.)


      2. Oh, and thanks for telling me :D I usually don’t like a lot of CC, but… you’ve convinced me otherwise :D


      3. Yeah definitely.

        Oh good, I’m glad you found them. Yep, they’re all free. You don’t need membership :D Yay for that, right?

        Yeah, it is kind of rubbish to have to pay for store stuff. Most of my stuff was from free SimPoints (I think like $20 total), but I think I’ve put in about $20 or more worth of my own money because I’d see something I really liked and HAD TO HAVE RIGHT NOW and… yeah. Lol. I was thinking about getting Barnacle Bay, but I wasn’t too sure about it :

        No problem! I was kind of against getting CC for TS3 too, but I’ve slowly started to build my collection up. As long as I stay restrained and don’t feel the need for crazy, non-matchy CC, it’s not so bad.


      4. Anyway, I’m looking through the different sites right now and what they have to offer. Anubis has some nice hairs.

        I wouldn’t recommend Barnacle Bay, but I wouldn’t NOT recommend it… it just is. I personally don’t like it a whole lot, but that’s just me.


  12. Wooo!! Go Sage!! :D I hope everything works out for her and Hermione :) They’re really cute together.

    I laughed so much during the dream part x’D

    And Audio and Pilot makes for an awesome team! xD
    Great chapter as always!


    1. I have to say I do really like the possible Hermione/Sageness.

      Lol, glad you liked it!

      They do! I can’t believe how cool their burglar fighting is XD

      Thank you so much!


  13. I knew Sage was going to win, but was one of the couple of people that voted for Moxie v_v

    And why are you talking about missing Pilot when he’s gone?! Don’t talk like that! Pilot can’t ever die, he’s not allowed to! D:


  14. I still heart those Creeper brothers! Nice smack down with the burglar. I love them.

    I love the house. So awesome, however I will totally miss the ORANGE though. LoL. But the red looks amazing.

    And I really hope Sage goes after Hermione. She needs to go after that crush big time.


    1. I do too. They kick burglar butt. I will miss it.

      Thank you :D Haha my husband misses the orange too. It’s his favorite color.

      I wasn’t sure about Sage and Hermione, but it’s starting to grow on me :D

      Thank you so much!


  15. kay several things! Casssidy is willing to marry Sage XD. Have Pilot be the Creepers Coke Chimeree! (that is a must) and epic chapter Luvs ya!


    1. LOL if Hermione says no, I will totally work Cassidy in there XD I’m definitely thinking about it. He’s too cool to die :(

      Thank yooooou! <3


  16. So…. basically… I LOVE this legacy. It’s my favorite legacy EVER.

    “Dweezil: *fart*”

    I laughed at that. So freaking much. Because I’m immature like that and I appreciate fart jokes. :P

    One last thing…. Sage HAS to get with Hermione. Like… there’s no other option. I am SO EXCITED for that to happen.

    Please let that happen. *puppy dog eyes*


    1. Wow, EVER?! That’s amazing! Thank you :D

      Lol, I definitely appreciate fart jokes every now and then too. I’m glad you did!

      Hahaha, well if there’s no other option, I guess I’ll have to. And I definitely can’t resist puppy dog eyes. You win.

      …Or DO you? Dun dun dun!


    1. Sure :) Just click the link that says ‘Download Mesh’, unzip it, and click on each item. They aren’t .package files so they install via the launcher. As far as I know, they don’t have .package :


  17. Took me almost a week to read through your legacy up to this point (can only read it at work when it’s not too busy :( ) and, if the aforementioned is not proof enough, I am totally hooked and think it’s SUPER DUPERLY AWESOME-TASTIC! I’ve been laughing out loud during every chapter and although I’ve been getting very peculiar looks, I love it!

    Favourite character by far, besides Chad of course, is Pilot Inspektor. His one liners are beyond awesome and I use my favourite, “I’m sexier than a shark snorting yogurt”, almost everyday. Hehe.

    Before I take too much of your time with my ramblings I should end off with saying that I can’t wait to read the next update.

    Creeper awesomeness FTW!!!!!


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