Chapter Forty-Four: Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?

The drama of finding out about her husband’s grand affair (now with bonus lovechild!) has gotten to Marlene so much that she’s taken to eating in her daughter’s room with Piñata Patrick.

Marlene: Hey PP, these waffles are delicious. You should try them.

Piñata Patrick: No thanks,  I filled up on candy.

Har har.

Everly Bear: Mom, your behavior is concerning me, and since Starla decided at the last minute that neither I or Reignbeau would be in the running for heir because we’re boring and I’m knocked up, I think we should all move into Buddy’s family’s house, away from the drama.

Marlene: Buddy’s family? Does that mean we have to shave our heads?

Everly Bear: Maybe. I’m not sure yet.

And so they went. I’m sorry if you were looking forward to voting for them in the heir poll :

Audio Science: I’m grumpy!

Shut up no one likes you.

Not too long after Marlene and the others left, Sage Moonblood was ready to grow up.

Sage Moonblood: About damn time.

Andie: My babies! They grow up so fast!

Sage Moonblood: Mmm, what’s that smell? The cake?

No, I’m pretty sure that’s your burning flesh from the sparklies.

Sage Moonblood: Oh, well I smell delicious!

Audio Science: Yay, Sage, happy birthday!

Sage Moonblood: Shut up no one likes you.

She grew up clumsy. A brave, clumsy party animal with star quality who hates electronics. Meaning she should party with a helmet on.

Sage Moonblood: Yeah, a BEER HELMET. WOO!

Leroy was next for a birthday. Sage seemed enthusiastic considering the boy was an unwanted burden.

Sage Moonblood: WOO! Parties!

Andie: Why do I have to be the one growing up this bastard?

Poor Leroy.

Leroy: Hey yo pops, I grew up an evil douchebag just like you. Ain’t you embarrassed now?

Audio Science: You’re not still saying "Poor Leroy" are you?

Shut up no one li… well, I guess the kid’s all the payback you need.

Audio Science: Gee, thanks.

Some of you might be wondering what Dweezil’s been up to this whole time. I haven’t been fair to Dweezil with the facetime, but he’s starting to grow on me. Especially when he brought this cutie home from school one day.

Dweezil: I can name about 43 different things I’d like you to do with those lips right now, Kristina.

Down, boy.

ISN’T SHE CUTE? I WANT HER GENETICS. (I may or may not have edited her skintone :P)

Kristina: Dweezil, can you make your creator back up off me, please?


Dweezil and Kristina’s dates consist of protesting in front of City Hall because they’re political nerds.

Dweezil: Down with radioactive materials! Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are cautionary tales! Lookin’ good over there, Kris baby!

Kristina: Thanks Dweezy! Booooo! Radioactive waste will turn my kids to paste!

And they aren’t the only familiar faces in the crowd of protesters. Just after giving birth to twins with her husband Julian, Bluebell Madonna makes it clear that she’s against radioactivity too.

Bluebell Madonna: Radioactivity is the reason I wasn’t made heiress!

Keep telling  yourself that, love :) She aged into elder shortly after this.

Also protesting is awesome reader Connor’s simself! I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to. I moved him into town ages ago and haven’t heard a thing about him.

Connor: I will cut you! I will cut you all!

LOL he’s got some pent up aggression there.

After a long day of protesting, Dweezil and Kristina (as well as a few others it looks like) take advantage of cuddle time. Hermione’s alone because she’s a loser.

Hermione: I’d rather be at Hogwarts right now.

After this kiss in front of City Hall, Dweezil rolled the LTW to become Leader of the Free World. I locked it in because d’aww!

Since aging up, Moxie and ZombieApocalypse15 (who I finally learned is called Blair) have been going on dates all around town. Mainly the library, where the computers are easy to hack.

Lady: I just… I just want to put my book back :(

Blair: Hush, stupid lady. I’m gettin’ my mack on here.

Lady: But… the boooooooooook :(

*first kiss bling*

Computer: I did that. Yeeeeah, take THAT, eHarmony!

Sage’s LTW is to become a Master Mixologist, so instead of going out to parties and bars like she wants, I’ve forced her to stay in and WORK.

Sage Moonblood: Thisss one’ss alllot betur than th’ las’ fourtee’…

Or maybe you’re just too drunk to tell the difference?

Sage Moonblood: No ‘m nawt drink.

Sage Moonblood: Fly birdie fly! I release yooou!

Sage Moonblood: Catchhhhh! Le’s frow you again.

Sage Moonblood: Be freeeeeeeee!

Skillbar: OHAI!

Sage Moonblood: Osht! Whoops!

Sage Moonblood: You didn’ see tha’ ‘kay? Bye!

Dweezil: Hey babe, wanna come over and plan for the police car protest? Okay, see you in ten!

Leroy: My favorite color’s black!

Audio Science: Why’s that, son?


Audio Science: I don’t even…

Kristina: Surprise! I grew up last night! I’m hot right?

Dweezil: Uguh… uwuh… ubuh… What just happened to me?

Andie: I suppose it’s time for The Talk.

Dweezil: Look, Moxie! LOOK! My girlfriend is smokin’.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Well she has to be smoking something to be interested in you.

Bluebell was at the police car protest too.

Lady in Skirt: Oh I’ve worn the same shirt as that woman, how embarrassing.

I don’t think the Fashion Police are here, don’t worry.

Bluebell Madonna: Yeah, they can’t be here because we’re protesting their cars.

Oh, I get it. Haa.

Everyone quickly heads home because it’s birthday time!

Tu Morrow: Dweezil’s making us grow up because he wants to do his girlfriend.

Tu Morrow doesn’t get much facetime either because she doesn’t do much besides skill and go to school. I still love her though.

Sage Moonblood: Yaaaay, a party buddy!

Tu Morrow grows up with her trait locked in. She’s now an easily impressed, grumpy, over-emotional natural cook with STAR QUALITY.

Tu Morrow: Real Housewives of Sunset Valley, here I come!

Dweezil: I’M A TOOL :D

Family oriented is Dweezil’s final trait, joining easily impressed, clumsy, friendly, and perceptive.

And now I think is a good time for what I like to call Tenisha’s Corner (get it? corner? because she’s a whore? lol), where we find out what the homewrecker’s been up to since ripping a family apart.

You might remember that during the last update, Tenisha and Greg got pregnant with an Oops Baby. Well, that relationship ended.

So she moves in with Todd and soon gives birth to Greg’s baby. She names it Dumbass or something, I dunno.

She moves on to Tyree. "Could it be love?" Probably not because it’s Tenisha we’re talking about.

It wasn’t love, of course, and Tenisha starts devouring Denver.

Nathaniel Croft has potential. LOL yeah, okay.

All I can say is LOL Homer Colon.

Hey! Maybe Huge Bird will do.

Or not. Well, you know, if all else fails, just get with your roommate. They’re already there anyway. It’s convenient, right?

Well, here we go again. Not surprisingly, they broke up a few days later.

Aaaaaand it’s Tyree’s turn again.

One of my readers, kerr, asked whether Pauline Wan was just was bad as Tenisha (because one of Justice’s grandkids married her). Actually, Pauline has been pretty tame in this save file, and I don’t think I’ve seen her this bad in other ones either. She’s been with maybe five sims, and only had one child (with Justice’s grandson). Before Audio, Tenisha had a kid with Diva Muffin’s son. Then she had Leroy, then Greg’s kid, and now Todd’s. It’s like she’s starting her own WYD? Challenge. Leave it to a Creeper to get with someone like Tenisha XD

Thanks for the question, kerr, and I’m sorry I haven’t replied to that comment yet D: I’ll be busy after this update with all the catching up I have to do, lol. Anyway, back to the legacy!

Dweezil’s first order of business as a young adult is to do his girlfriend, of course! So they both have their first time in City Hall. It’s fitting, right?

Kristina: That’s something I’ll never protest :D

And then they strut their way over to the bistro and dine on fine cuisine.

Kristina: This strut goes away soon, right?

Dweezil: We’ve got two hours, I think.

Kristina: Yeah this isn’t embarrassing at all.

Moxie and Blair enjoy a date night as well, getting all romantic-like at Fiji.

Pilot Inspektor: Remember our date nights, babe?

Andie: Of course I do, I’ll never forget them.

Pilot Inspektor: Neither will I. And whatever happens in the next few screenshots, just know that I will always love you, Andie. 

Andie: …Okay. And I will always love you too, Pilot Inspektor.

Andie: I never noticed that those pictures aren’t of our family. Who the hell ARE  those people?

Andie: Did someone just call my name? Pilot? Where’d you go?

Moxie CrimeFighter: Oh I love funny face time! Abagababoo!

Blair: Woopedywoowoo!

Tu Morrow: *sniff sniff* At least now I’ll have something to inspire me for crying on cue.

Heartfelt. Truly.


Whatever kid, you’re totally bawling like a baby. Anyway, not to overshadow the whole Andie dying thing, but the play area I had set up outside is now a playroom in the house, look! *applause*

Pilot Inspektor: Noooooo, but I’d just made her cooooookies! Her favoriiite! My loooooove!

Poor Pilot :(

RIP Andie. She was the youngest of the elders, only 89 years old, and I actually had to watch her die twice because my game crashed after the first time. She didn’t quite make her LTW, but she wrote a few best selling novels and that was good enough for her.

Sage Moonblood: Hello, handsome man. I see you’re with your grandmother, but I thought I’d come hit on you anyw–

Bluebell Madonna: Actually, I’m his wife. And I’m your aunt, meaning he’s your uncle.

Sage Moonblood: But I rolled this wish and… I… Yeah, I’ll just go. See you at the family reunion!

She rolled this wish randomly and hadn’t ever met him. I don’t know sometimes.

This toddler is Wilbur.

Wilbur: But you can call me SATAN.

He’s the baby Everly Bear was pregnant with when she moved out. I guess SP makes them grow up pretty fast O_O

Leroy: Birthday :)

This is almost the only time you’ll see him smile.

Leroy: I am a clone of my father.

Looks like it. LOL Audio wouldn’t have been able to hide the secret for long. Loves the Outdoors is locked in for him, making him a nature loving technophobe (makes sense) who is both evil and excitable.

And hey guess what! I’m ending this here, meaning it’s finally, after a decade of waiting, heir poll time! Here are the contenders:

Moxie CrimeFighter

– Can’t Stand Art, Computer Whiz, Grumpy, Loner, Loves the Outdoors
– Pop, PB&J, Spiceberry
– Libra
– International Super Spy
– Will most likely marry Blair Barkley.

Sage Moonblood

– Technophobe, Brave, Clumsy, Party Animal, Star Quality
– Egyptian, Spaghetti, Red
– Gemini
– Master Mixologist
– Has a crush on Hermione Granger, but also wants to flirt with married men (and her uncle).

Tu Morrow

– Easily Impressed, Grumpy, Natural Cook, Over-Emotional, Star Quality
– Roots, Frogs Legs, Red
– Gemini
– Distinguished Director
– Her spouse options are open.


– Clumsy, Easily Impressed, Family Oriented, Friendly, Perceptive
– Pop, Spaghetti, Lime
– Gemini
– Leader of the Free World
– Will most likely marry Kristina Burch.

The poll is HERE, or you can just comment with your vote!

I’d like to take this time out to thank you guys for being patient with me, for continuing to read my legacy, and for motivating me throughout <3 I’d like to thank those of you who helped me win the award for favorite active sims 3 legacy in the Golden Plumbob Awards! You guys are just… wow :D Thank you. I’d also like to offer my thoughts and condolences to those who’ve been affected by the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami. We live in a crazy, unpredictable world. The poll will only be up for 3-5 days (I’m not sure which yet) because I’d love to jump right into the next generation. Again, thank you so much and happy simming!

73 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Four: Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?

  1. HAHA. Oh god. XD

    Tenisha is so. Bad.

    Dead!Andieeeee D: *cries* I HAS A SAD.


    Also I has a question. Do you use the in-screenshotting or do you use another program? Your screenshots are so clear and pretty :3


      1. Tenisha is skank man. SKANK.

        Aww! LOL.

        Omg it IS. That’s why I let you guys choose, bwahaha!

        Yesss, I use the in-game screenshotting, but then there’s always a sort of blurriness around the edges that I don’t like, so I batch edit them in Gimp and sharpen them just a tiiiiiiny bit to clean it up.


    1. Poor Andie :( I thought she’d be the last to die honestly.
      Team Moxie is hardcore man! I love it :D
      Thank yooou! Sleep well!

      @Andie: :P


  2. Oh Audio. What a buttwipe. And yet I can’t be mad at him, he’s so nice in my game as a townie. And single. And will probably become gay. D|<

    Oh, I don't know who to vote for! They are all so interesting and unique. Why can't you just have all of them it seems D:


    1. LOL gay Audio sounds great!

      Iknorite! I thought about it, but I’m pretty sure my head would explode from all the sims XD

      Thanksssss! And keep up the good work with your rednecks! I adore them (and still need to catch up oh man).


  3. I would like to vote for Dweezil. Although Sage is a VERY close second. Gah, you make life so difficult Starla!

    Also R.I.P. Andie, you were an awesome wife to the best heir ever (Pilot will always hold a special place in my heart).

    I’m so glad you got another chapter out! I have missed the Creepers terribly. Also congrats on winning the award!


    1. LOL I’m sorry! I like forcing other people to vote, especially when it’s this hard of a choice :P Dweezil’s a good choice, so thanks!

      Aww, definitely :)

      Thank you so so so much! That means a lot :D


    1. Please count that as a vote for Moxie CrimeFighter. Isn’t it a coincidence (I think that’s how you spell it:l) that she wants to be an International Super Spy? Or did you just use the Random Lifetime Wish option that came with the Late Night update?


      1. Lol thanks for the vote! I love Moxie fans! And yeah she chose that when she was a teenager I think! I thought it was hilarious XD She’s definitely good for the job, right?

        Thank you! <3


  4. Thanks for answering my question BTW! obviously Tenisha is worse than Pauline! I have a question for you, are you using twallans story progression mod?


  5. I just was obsessed with the ‘Hello, I love you’ song from Glee so this was yay (yeah, where I live we’re REALLY behind on episodes) :D

    Clearly, Leroy is his father’s child. And Audio deserves everything he’s getting *nods*

    I had no idea that the people of your town were so well informed of the situation in Japan with the protests and all.


    *ahem* Excuse the fangirl squealing.

    Glad to see that your move went well :D

    Happy simming!


    1. Oh man yeah the song was stuck in my head for hours while I posted this XD They are pretty behind, wow! But it’s totally worth watching, isn’t it?

      I agree!

      Yeah totally, haha.

      I think she will! She’s winning the poll so far, so we’ll see!

      LOL don’t worry, I do it too :D

      Thank you so much :D I hate moving.

      Happy simming to you too! Thank you!


  6. Can you please tell me the website that you get the weird celebrity baby names from? Thanx!

    TEAM MOXIE GO YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KICK SOME ASS I KNOW YOU CAN BEAT SAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Actually can you change that to Dweezil? I just read the chapter again and… Kristina’s freckles are just so cute! Vote for Dweezil


      1. Nice, haha. Vote counted! He’s 6 votes behind right now! This is closer than I thought it would be! Thank you!


      1. I wish I could do a vote for my heir lol, my legacy founder had 2 sets of twin girls and I love all of them! Can’t pick xP


  7. Man, I don’t know whether to vote for Dweezil or Sage. I’ve loved Sage since her Draco Malfoy days, but it’d be nice to see another male heir, especially after seeing how awesome Pilot was. (And Kristna’s super cute)

    I… I really don’t know who to vote for. D:


    1. Maybe make a pro and con list? Lol. I really wouldn’t know who I’d want for heir either (hence shoving the burden on everyone else). I thought about keeping them all around, but omg that would probably make me cry XD


  8. Yay for vote time! Early on, I thought for sure I’d vote for Sage, but Dweezil won me over. I voted for him on boolprop.

    Loved this chapter, so glad you’re back! :)


    1. Wow, this vote is close! Thank you for voting!

      I’m glad to be back, thank you! Now it’s time to play catch up :D


  9. I’ve just realised something. The post where Sage went to the bar and did her homework: “Unlike you, I have goals in life. I don’t want to end up a barwoman… Or a legacy writer”. It’s weird how she want to be a Master Mixologist. I notice lifetime wishes, yeah, I do O_0


  10. Um… Starla (if you don’t mind me calling you that) I have a question for you. Have you ever had trouble installng The Sims 3 Store content? I’m facing a stressful problem where I can download, and the status bar says it has installed, but when I load the game the items are missing from CAS and buy mode. It’s really annoying me, because I want to do my own legacy, but I can’t until I get my content :( . I just thought I’d ask you because I have noticed lots of store content in the blog eg. Moxie’s hair.


    1. Yeah I think I’ve had that problem, especially with full sims. I’m not sure what’ll fix it either. Have you tried re-downloading or clearing your caches?


      1. LOL you’re not stupid! So you go to your Downloads>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3 folder and look for the files CASPartCache, compositorCache, scriptCache, and simCompositorCache and delete them! It helps if you delete them before you play every time.


  11. Oh jeez…. How hard does this poll have to be?!?!?

    Well, I’ll comment on other stuff first xD

    I WILL MISS ANDIE!!! :( She was awesome. And also I love Pilot’s beard. (Not random at all :P)

    All the kids and their romantic interests are so cute :3 Although man, Leroy, he just seems like… like.. like a 50’s greaser gang dude! Like the movie Grease!!! Even his name fits it. That’s totally what he reminds me of.

    All riiiight, all right, I’ll vote…. I’m just going to comment-vote :P And I have to say…………. My vote goes to Dweezil!!! He is adorable, and Kristina is ADORABLE also. But I’ll be happy with whoever wins :D


    1. Yeah, I know! I’m sorry, but better you having to make a decision than me! Ner ner :P

      Aw, I’ll miss Andie too. LOL I’m glad you like Bartholomew.

      Haha, I never thought abou tthat, but he really does! That’s hilarious XD

      Aw, good vote! I adore Kristina.

      Thank you!


      1. I love it too omg!
        Poor Andie :(
        Thanks for the vote and the comment!

        Ooh, Nightstalker. The prologue is intriguing! And I love the blood running down in the backround. Awesome!


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