I just played for like 14 hours or something (minus 10) and somehow only managed to take 59 screenshots. 59! Wtf mate? Obviously this won’t do. I plan on having an heir poll after this update so it has to be EPIC. I’ll have to play again tomorrow and hopefully get an update to you guys at the speed of light! Or maybe the speed of… tired light. Really tired light :P

Also, I need to reply to your comments! Wow, I’m an ungrateful slacker DDD: I should… troll myself.

By the way, I don’t envy you for having to vote on this one because seriously, I think I’m in love with every single one of these kids this generation.

<3 Thank you for your lovely comments and patience! Here are some more teasers:

17 thoughts on “Guh.

  1. I would complain buuuut I haven’t updated mine either >> Dragon Age is ruling my life D: Can’t wait for more Creeper fun! :3


  2. It’s pretty weird seeing Moxie CrimeFighter sitting next to her grandmother who is nearly just as old as she is. I’m voting for her as heiress.


  3. Yay she moved! LOL! 2 days is like a month in my time (I’m impatient) She is cuter than I remember. Wouldn’t she be older that Moon Unit now?


    1. Yep! She’s an adult now. Well, actually I think she turned into elder last time I played. Bronx and Rufus have already passed away. It’s kind of sad :(


      1. 2 questions about death. Please don’t judge me, I love your legacies.
        1) Did Bronx and Rufus die of old age? If they did, how do they die before Audio and Pilot?
        2) In the month when you hadn’t updated, I re-read the legacy. If I remeber right, Chad was a LOSER, but he died of electricution. Arn’t they normally banned from dying if it’s not Old Age?


  4. I just stumbled across your legacy and read the whole thing from beginning to now in one sitting. Love it! Pilot Inspektor is awesome and my favourite heir in the whole thing, although I’m pretty sure I’ll be voting for Moxie CrimeFighter out of the current bunch. :D


    1. Aww, one sitting! Thank you so much! Hopefully I’ll get an update out soon so you can vote! Thank you for reading and enjoying this, I’m so happy :D


  5. Ha, nice to see Moon out and about :) Wow, this generation’s vote is gonna be harrrrrdd. It’s your fault, Starla. You just make everyone too damn amazing.

    I think I’ll vote for Sage though. Awesome look + awesome name + awesome draco malfoy = explosion of . . . awesomeness, I guess.

    Oh, and thanks for telling us about the new expansions ! :D I seriously can’t wait, it looks amazing. I mean, we’re talking HORSES XD


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