My husband laughed because I was nearly hyperventilating at the computer when I watched THESE!!

Click, clickety click! Up there! Do eet!

12 thoughts on “Also…

  1. OMG! I’m so excited I had to repost on my blog! lol…Some people are saying they think the Unleashed one might be a standalone, because it doesn’t say “expansion” like the Generations one does. If so I will be very disappointed. I’ve been waiting for pets since Sims 3 came out! But people pointed out the pets don’t look very detailed yet, probably because this is a very early trailer.

    Generations looks cool, though…more varied and detailed interactions will be SO awesome! I especially loved the teens cuddling on the couch and doing an Eskimo kiss! hehe


  2. WARNING: This is nothing to do with the expansions. I was just checking the family tree, and found something shocking. Diva Muffin married a man called Tad. They had a son called Ahmed. Ahmed married… wait for it… wait for it… wfi… Tenisha Creeper! Is that Tenisha as in cheating lying ***** Tenisha who Audio was having an affair with? Also… (ha title!) Kay and Oliver’s son married Pauline Wan? Isn’t she as bad a Tenisha?


  3. *vomits a rainbow and does a happy dance*

    OMGOMGOMG! I’ve been waiting for a pets one! That was my favourite sims 2 one, even though it’s what killed my old desktop XD

    The generations one looks awesome too! Sometimes I have some trouble with writing about sims’ teen years, so it should spice it up :D

    AND they come out in October! My birthday month!!!!!!! jhfgfjdgudcrbftyugrruqgfuhjds

    I’m really going to need a new computer by then, won’t I? I just don’t know what to choose, I’m not very hi-tech :/



  4. *can’t breath* OMG!WTF!?I WAAAAAAAAAAAANTTTTTT! EXCITMENT UNTIL I FIND OUT IF ITS REAL AND AWESOME!!!!*end caps lock* thank you for exciting me! awww now i can’t sleep…


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