A non-Creeper update post what?

I figured I’d make a quick post to let everyone know that I’m back and the move went fine. It did take longer than a month, unfortunately, but after three weeks of eating nothing but fast food and living in hotel rooms, I’m finally ready to settle in and get back to the Creepers :D

I’m going to attempt to get some playing in today and go from there. So until the next update, please enjoy this picture of the kids doing their homework:

And this one of Moxie CrimeFighter:

And this one of a pink elephant in nerd glasses:



12 thoughts on “A non-Creeper update post what?

  1. Glad you’re all moved in! Wow, fast food for three weeks sounds tasty but bad for the digestion. XD I hope you get settled in soon. Thanks for the teaser pics, can’t wait for your next update!

    …*pink elephants on parade*…


  2. I’m so very glad you’re back and happy that the move went well!
    P.S. I love the pink elephant with glasses. Nerd Glasses.


  3. hee~ I can’t wait for your update ^ ^ i found this site rather randomly like 4 days ago and read the whole thing in one sitting, my BF thought i was going insane cause i kept giggling every few seconds lol XP It inspired me to make my own legacy to! So thanks for being such a funny, creative person i guess? ok done rambling nows >>


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