Chapter Forty-Three, Part Two: Rumble in the Valley

Moxie CrimeFighter: Psst, I’ve got an idea to get some facetime.

Reignbeau: For both of us, or just you?

Moxie CrimeFighter: Oh, just me. Your face is too weird.

Reignbeau: …Why would you say that?

Moxie CrimeFighter: Just kidding aaaahaha!

Reignbeau: Oh. Hahaha!

Moxie CrimeFighter: …kind of. Anyway, yeah, just for me. I’m going to the pool to finally meet ZombieApocalypse15!

Reignbeau: How exciting for you! I’ll just be here, thinking about having a life but not really having one at all.

Moxie CrimeFighter: KBAI!

Moxie CrimeFighter: He’d better not have stood me up. I’ll hack into his computer and delete his three years of fanfiction if he did >:(

Brad: Hi there.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Hi! Are… are you ZombieApocalypse15?

Brad: No, I just like hitting on teenage girls in bikinis. They’re hooooooot.

Moxie CrimeFighter: I am so uncomfortable right now.

Brad: Heh heh… heh… You’re hooooooot.

Moxie CrimeFighter: His eyes are like… leaving stains on my skin.

Heroic Guy: I can help you there.

Brad: Hey. You’re blocking the sun from her hot teenage body, bro.

Heroic Guy: I heard you mention ZombieApocalypse15. That’s me. Moxiefightscrime?

Moxie CrimeFighter: Yes, that’s me! Oh, I’m so glad you’re not a guy who likes hitting on teenage girls in bikinis.

ZombieApocalypse15: Actually, I am. But I do it in a way that’s charming and overlooked by you :)

Moxie CrimeFighter: Wow, you ARE charming, just like online. I less than three you 4srs.

ZombieApocalypse15: I less than three you too.

Brad: Awwwww, I just love happy endings :)

…And that ends Moxie’s facetime. For now XD

She shouldn’t feel bad though. Here’s Dweezil’s only picture in the chapter.

Dweezil: ‘Suuup.

Kay. Bye.

Dweezil: Lates.

So… I know I said this would be up "tomorrow" and that was like… 8,749 days ago, so I’m really sorry for that. I really did intend to have it posted, but I’ve been having a really rough week. My brother-in-law sucks for the record. Blame him. But enough about that. Onto the good times :D 

Everly Bear has a birthday outside with her lame sister because her parents are too busy having drama to care.

Everly Bear: I don’t think I could’ve grown up any hotter than I am at this very moment.

Reignbeau: EEEE!

Poor things, so messed up because of their daddy. I pity them.

Everly Bear: What are you talking about? I’m absolutel–

Whatever, I lost interest with this caption like 10 minutes ago, shut up.

Because I want to get rid of the extra kids who aren’t important Everly loves her boyfriend so much, the very first young adult thing she’s going to do is propose marriage.

Everly Bear: Way to spoil the surprise.

Oh pfft, like no one saw that coming.

Everly Bear: Wow, which one do I propose to?

Lol father/son twins. This entire family is just weirdly bald and lookalikeish. It’s crazy.

Everly Bear: Buddy, I’ve known I was going to marry you since the day I decided that the first boy I dated would become my husband.

Buddy’s Brother: Omigawd, I wanna be the flower girl SO BAD.

Buddy’s Dad: At least I’ve got one manly son. I suppose I can Person Person Plus you to make you feel good about yourself.

Buddy: *squeals like a school girl*

Buddy’s Dad: I take that back.

Buddy’s Brother: Ooooh, this is the best day ever! We have to start planning the wedding! I’ve got a notebook in my room devoted to my wedding day. Obviously Buddy can’t copy me, but we can definitely get some ideas from it.

Buddy’s Dad: Seriously, I’m about to start putting steroids in your cereal.

Buddy’s Brother: SO HAPPY YAY!

Buddy’s Dad: Oh man, he is such a girl. How did I miss this?

Everly Bear and Buddy: *are engaged*

Buddy’s Dad: I think it’s about time for you to become a man, Buddy. Go woohoo your fiancé.

Buddy’s Brother: A white wedding with lilac accents would be perfect, I think.

Buddy’s Dad: PLEASE, HURRY!

Everly Bear: You heard your dad. Let’s DO EET.

Buddy: Um, I don’t know if I’m ready…

Buddy: Just kidding, I was SO ready. Look, it was so great she has to fan herself and is cross-eyed.

Everly Bear: *swoons*

Daddy would be proud?

BURFDAY TIMEZ. Moxie CrimeFighter actually gets to celebrate because I like her.

Andie: Who are all these people?

You’re probably not the only one wondering that, Andie. I’m pretty sure I don’t know half the household.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Look out, world. *sass*

Moxie is now an art hating, outdoor loving, grumpy loner computer whiz.

Audio Science: That sounds mildly obnoxous…

Hush, you.

And Moxie wasn’t the only one who grew up.

Leroy: Hi. I’m not Audio’s.

Yeah… that’s not obvious at all. I don’t remember his traits. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Audio Science: Eep! Go away!

Marlene: What are you doing?

Audio Science: Nothing! Nothing at all. Especially not getting ready to go out and buy blonde hair dye for a toddler.

Marlene: You’re acting strange again, Audio. You’re probably scaring our orphaned child who has hair and eyes just like your entire family line. Stop it.

Audio Science: Yeah, well, your FACE is strange. Leave me alone.

Marlene: Excuse me?!

DING DONG. *ominous*

It seems as though his strangeness will be explained very soon.


Tenisha: Hello, Mrs. Creeper. I’m Tenisha Goss. You’re more wrinkled than I thought you’d be.

Marlene: Oh, hello! You’re the one having babies with all sorts of men around town aren’t you?

Tenisha: Not exa–

Marlene: Come on in, slut :) What can we do for you?

Don’t you love old people? They don’t care what they say, do they?

Tenisha: Well, you see, this is a bit awkward for me, Mrs. Creeper, but I’m just going to get to the point. I’ve worked with your husband for nearly ten years and–

Marlene: Please tell me he didn’t steal the baby from the hospital. Oh god, I didn’t know it was stolen property! I’ll give it back, I swear! I don’t want to be arrested for grand theft infant!

Tenisha: Oh no, it’s nothing like that, I promise. I can’t even imagine what story he’s told you… Anyway, no, um… You see, Audio and I, there’s no easy way to say this…

Tenisha: We had an affair LOL.

Marlene: *stares*

Tenisha: The affair resulted in my becoming pregnant. The little boy your husband brought home randomly is our lovechild. You’ve been feeding, playing with, and snuggling our affair baby.

Marlene: *stares*

Tenisha: Don’t worry, though. This baby I’m carrying right now isn’t his. I’m not sure whose it is, really, but I’m 100% sure it’s not Audio’s. We haven’t slept together since before the birth of our son.

Marlene: *STARES*

Tenisha: I’ll just uh… quit talking and give you a minute to let that sink in I guess.

A minute later.


Tenisha: Um, oh, I suppose you’re hard of hearing. YOUR HUSBAND AND I HAD AN AFF–


Chisel: *is missing*


Tenisha: Yes, I DO have the balls to say it again! You weren’t taking care of your husband properly, so I SLEPT WITH HIM. And now I require $300,000 of hush money, otherwise his career is over.

Marlene: Bitch, you are so lucky you’re knocked up again and the Fight interaction is disabled! I would cut you up into a thousand pieces and pummel each piece individually, then buy a fish tank just for the purpose of feeding your bruised and bloody pieces to my pets! Just wait until you pop out your third bastard child. You will regret EVER stepping foot inside my house or touching my husband, mark my words.

Tenisha: B-but what about Audio? Doesn’t he get cut up and pummeled? He started all of it! He still loves me, you kn–

Marlene: I’m going to cut you off right there because your voice is beginning to make me want to hurl and murder you. Leave my house right now. If you don’t leave in the next ten seconds, I will use my Genius trait and my niece’s computer hacking skills to override the disabled Fight option! And you can forget that $300,000, whore. I don’t care about my deadbeat husband OR his career, so do what you’re good at and spread the filth around town. 3, 2 ,1…

Tenisha: *teleports out*

Marlene: YOU!

Audio Science: Wh-Who was at the door, honey?


Audio Science: Um… Are you sure she had the right house? *lame*


Audio: Ow…

Marlene: How DARE you do this to me, you filthy piece of shit! I stood by you through EVERYTHING and you repay me by playing house with the town SLUT! Even Pauline Wan has better morals than she does!

Audio Science: I ju–

Marlene: No, don’t talk! Don’t you say another WORD to me! MARLENE FIGHT STANCE GO!

Andie: Nothing good is ever on TV.


Marlene: And don’t think for another SECOND we’re still married, Audio! We’re more done than your girlfriend’s body.


Audio Science: You sure about that? Think about what you’re doing…

Marlene: I said don’t talk to me! You want another beat down?! NINJA MARLENE G–

Audio Science: My life’s already at it’s lowest point, what’s another beat down? I don’t care, I’d rather die at this point.

Marlene: Don’t you EVEN try to get pity from me!

Marlene: How… How could you do this to me, Audio Science? To our family?

Audio Science: I don’t know… I will regret this for the rest of our lives.

Marlene: Damn right you will, I’ll make sure of it.

But things for the Creeper family aren’t all bad. Good things are happening all around.

Everly Bear: I’m expecting :)

Sage Moonblood: And I got a rockin’ makeover to fit my rockin’ lifestyle.

Thank you for reading! Next time: Now that the drama’s (somewhat) over, will we get a glimpse of the other kids in the house whose names I’m having trouble remembering right now? Will an heir poll be soon? Will Tenisha be murdered? Will I try my hardest to get it out quickly? I will.

I’m moving again, however (yeah, I move more than the Creepers), so I’m not sure when the next update will be or when I’ll be able to reply to your lovely comments and such. I’m hoping it won’t take longer than a month. It shouldn’t. But until then, take care! And also, to those of you who have voted for me on Boolprop’s Golden Plumbob Awards, thank you so much! It’s an absolute honor! I <3 you all! Happy simming!

23 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Three, Part Two: Rumble in the Valley

  1. LOL Buddy’s dad and brother XP
    Oooh, Marlene dramaz :D Tenisha got what she deserved, and Audio got what he deserved too >:D

    *evil laugh*




  2. Wow, Sage looks preeety awesome :D Also, go Marlene!

    The shots with Buddy’s family made me lol so hard! And Leroy’s awfully cute :)

    Great chapter as always! You totally deserve that golden plumbob award. I voted for you, obviously :3

    I less than three the creepers 4srs :)


  3. I love Sage’s new hair.

    Also: HA, AUDIO. YOU DESERVED IT. I was wondering what he’d do if the child became his clone. Evidently it was more lying.

    Tenisha can still go die in a ditch somewhere.


    Everly Bear is cute with Buddy. I was laughing at his family. And OHMYGOSH Leroy kicks ass with his cuteness.
    Audio got what was coming to him.


  5. Dysfunctional family my ass.

    I’m *ahem* glad that Audio and Marlene worked things out.

    Wow. Tenisha has to have balls to go and tell Marlene (who looks perfectly frightening without the chisel) that she and Audio had a baby concieved in cowboy sheets and that she has been taking care of it. Oh and pregnant women can still engage in bar brawls :P

    Buddy’s dad’s anti-feminism makes for a lovely family atmosphere, doesn’t it?

    Oh Sage… ILU.

    Oh and Buddy’s sarcastic dad + Sage is less than three?

    Happy simming!


  6. Aww, Everly Bear is so sweet :) I love love love her husband’s family!!

    Haha, Marlene’s skills are awesome xD Pity the chisel didn’t stay though, mwahaha..*ahem*

    Absolutely GREAT chapter as always!


  7. Yaaaay I’m caught up! Oh wait, that means I actually have to WAIT for the next update! Damn! lol

    I’ve been reading on my phone so it was difficult to comment, but I loved them all. <3 Sage and Dweezil are probably my faves of this gen. :D Hope your move goes well!


  8. Yay I finally caught up! but now that means I have to wait for an update :( oh well! hope your move is going good :) Can’t wait to see what happens next!


  9. i love this legacy soo are too funny and your sims are all beautiful! don’t stop posting pleasseee i check everyday! <3 anywho….no pressure :P


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