Chapter Forty-Two: Take a Bow

Sage Moonblood: Hey, aren’t these posts supposed to be about us? So people can decide who they like for heir? I’m feeling neglected here.

We’ll get to you, Sage. Right now, there’s a family crisis!

Some Chick: There will be MORE of a family crisis if she wakes me up with this awful music one more time >:(

Um, who are you?

Some Chick: Duh, I’m Reignbeau. I grew up last night at some random bald family’s house.

Reignbeau: See? Memories are in black and white.

Reignbeau rolled the Good Sense of Humor trait.

And speaking of random family’s houses, Audio Science has returned from the one he’s been at.

Andie: Dear lord, he’s got that conspicuous strut thing from woohooing somewhere else.

Marlene: What strut thing? There’s no strut thing. There’d better not be a strut thing!

Audio Science: Hello, all! It’s a great day, isn’t it? I’m just off to shower and get back to work :D

Everyone: …

Marlene: I’m so on edge, I can’t eat.

Andie: Yet you ate all of your food…

Marlene: Whatever. Anyway, so this strut thing came with Nightlife Late Night?

Andie: Mmm hmm.

Marlene: And one only gets to do it when they’ve had woohoo relations in a place besides their home?

Andie: Yup.

Marlene: I don’t believe you.

Andie: Okay.

Sage Moonblood: Don’t be nervous, Reignbeau. It’s only high school. You’re a Creeper, so you’ll be automatically cool. Maybe not as cool as me, but–

Reignbeau: Shut up. I… I think my parents are splitting up.

Sage Moonblood: Probably. I mean your dad had that strut thing… EA made it nearly impossible to hide affairs.

Reignbeau: …Thanks for that.

Marlene: Hey!!

Andie: What?! I’m going to read, not sleep with your husband! Get that chisel away from me!

Marlene: What the… I wasn’t even… YOU! You are trying to ruin my marriage!

Andie: I don’t think you need help with that, Mar–

Marlene: You’re just jealous, Andie!

Andie: JEALOUS, am I?! Of what exactly? Of not being stuck with a husband who’s never here, doesn’t care, and probably has a baby on the way because affairs in stories almost always end with a pregnancy? Face it: your husband sucks. Now stop blaming me for it!

Marlene: My husband sucks? Oh don’t get me started on your husband! He is demented! And the only reason you ever got pregnant is probably because he thinks woohoo prevents… yodeling refrigerators or something!

Andie: Actually, Pilot knows exactly what woohoo is. And he has it. With ME. All the time.

Marlene: I didn’t need to know that…

Andie: Like I said, you’re taking this out on the wrong person. This is between you and him.

Marlene: What have I done to deserve this?

Andie: …Was that a rhetorical question, or did you want me to list th–

Marlene: Just leave me alone, please.

“You’ve got a friend in me…”

For those of you who wondered where Pilot and Andie had gone on their date night, this is the place. It’s a premade dive bar that came with the registration gift thingy from Late Night. Sage has been itching to come here, and with all that’s been going on, I figured I should let her.

Sage Moonblood: PARTAY YEAH!

Unfortunately, even when the place is considered a Hot Spot, no one seems to be here.

Bartender: Are you sure you’re old enough to be in here? You look like you just graduated kindergarten.

Sage Moonblood: Of course I’m old enough to be here. Why would I be here if I wasn’t?

17 is of age in the wizarding world, after all.

Sage Moonblood: Besides, I’m your only customer. I wouldn’t be picky if I were you.

Bartender: Touché. Drink up!

I bought Reignbeau a drum kit for her Virtuoso trait.

Reignbeau: *bangs obnoxiously*

I regret it. Go do your homework!

Reignbeau: It’s done.

Yeah, I guess I raised a bunch of freaks because they all do their homework without being told to. The only one missing here is Sage.

There, that looks normal.

Frig. But as you can see, she’s just like everyone else, even when she’s supposed to be acting like an irresponsible teenager.

Bartender: Nerd alert!

Sage Moonblood: Unlike you, bartender, I have goals in life. I want to be something other than a cup washer.

Oooh, buuuurn.

Sage Moonblood: Or a legacy writer.

Hey! >:(

Marlene: I’m a good wife, aren’t I, foot? I do my best.

Foot: *nods*

Marlene: You’re probably the only one who thinks that, but it means a lot :)

Poor Marlene. She’s losing it. That’s never good.

Marlene: Hi, honey. How was your day?

Audio Science: It was fine. Nothing special about it.

Marlene: Oh, really? You were walking kind of funny when you came in. One would almost say it was strut-like :|

Chisel: *gleams*

Audio Science: *gulp* Not um… Not sure what you’re talking about, dear. I‘m in a good mood is all. Or, I was

Marlene: Mmm hmm…

She’s going to torture him with guilt and fear? Ooh, I hope so!

Pilot Inspektor: I’M A PILOT :D

Everly Bear and her boyfriend (now young adult, obv) were on a date when I saw that she had this interaction called ‘Confess’. Confess what? I wasn’t sure, so I tried it.

Everly bear: Oh, Buddy, something terrible has happened. I don’t even want to tell you what it is.

Buddy: You can tell me anything, babe. Anything at all.

Everly Bear: Promise you won’t get mad? Because it’s really, REALLY bad.

Buddy: Just tell me, Everly. I promise I won’t get mad. I think you’ll feel a lot better once you let it out.

Everly Bear: OkayI’mpregnant.

Buddy: What?!

Everly Bear: You said you wouldn’t get mad though…

Buddy: In what world would I not be mad about this? I thought you said Starla hasn’t downloaded that hack! How could you even–

Everly Bear: I’m sorry, okay? Look, I was only kidding. I’m not pregnant at all, actually.

Buddy: You’re not?

Everly Bear: No. But thanks for being supportive, douche bag.

Buddy: Everly Bear, you are psychotic. Are you sure you don’t have the Insane trait? Normally people don’t kid about that stuff. It could’ve been really bad if I wasn’t such a nice guy.

Everly Bear: I know. I was just bored.

Omg next time you’re bored, play Gnubb or something D: Wtf. I’m assuming that ‘Confess’ thing is for Childish sims?

Heeeey Mariah! I don’t remember giving you that dark lipstick. Or hearing about you having a baby.

Mariah: That’s because this isn’t my baby. It’s yours.

Aww, my baby :)

Mariah: Yeah, and I’m babysitting.

Mariah: Here, kid. Go to sleep, I’m going swimming.


Mariah: Fine, I won’t go swimming, babysitting police.

Mariah: I’ll play video games instead.

Fair enough XD

That is my husband, the town gigolo. He’s um… Well, he’s flirting.

With Cassidy.

Cassidy: Can you go away now? You’re angering me.

Since Mariah, Cassidy, and my simself are all celebrities (of course, I had to), I figured Sage could befriend them and start gaining celebrity points and such.

Mariah: How are you beating me? You’ve never even touched a video game before, technophobe.

Sage Moonblood: I’m not sure, I’m just pushing buttons.

Cassidy: Impressive. I think she’s a natural, Mariah.

Mariah: But she can’t be :(

Sage Moonblood: Oh, I am. Thinking twice about betting me that $10,000 you’d win now, aren’t you?

Sage Moonblood: Aw man, the screaming baby ruined my killstreak!

Cassidy: Iiiiiiinteresting…

(Cassidy is leader of the nerds in town, by the way.)

Starla: Unhand that baby, you cheating jerk.

Mariah: I will strangle it!

Haha, Mariah’s expression is pure win.

Back at home… Omgwtf is that?

Oh, right, it’s Dweezil. He and Tu Morrow are growing up.

Tu Morrow: You’re going to regret ignoring me once I age up.

Pfft, I doubt it!

Omg regret. She’s really pretty.

Tu Morrow: Told you.

Tu Morrow is now easily impressed, grumpy, over-emotional, and a natural cook.

LOL she’s the stereotypical housewife.

Tu Morrow: I will cut you.

Dweezil looks like… well… a dweezil, if were an actual thing. I like him :)

He’s now also easily impressed, perceptive, clumsy, and friendly.

Dweezil: I’m a fun guy.

In some countries, maybe.

So Tu Morrow gets started on learning recipes while Moxie does what Moxie does. Fighting crime?

Moxie CrimeFighter: No, go away, I’m blogging about my cyberdate.

As long as you used cyberprotection, it’s none of my business.

Reignbeau does some more banging, this time in a way that is pleasant.

Those are all Creeper family members watching her play.

I downloaded the cool Scribbling Pad, so now when Andie writes her novels, she can escape the tension of the legacy house.

Andie: I’m actually just drawing a picture of Marlene stabbing Audio with the chisel.

Or she can do that, yeah.

Pilot Inspektor: Look at my thumb! LOOK AT IT! My thumb is swollen with happiness! You know why?!

Marlene: Because you’re a moron?

Pilot Inspektor: Hurry up and answer or you will die!

Sage Moonblood: Um, I dunno! Is it… is it because it’s not broken?

Pilot Inspektor: NO IT ISN’T HOW DARE YOU!

Sage Moonblood: AHH!

Pilot Inspektor: I can’t believe you don’t know why my thumb is happy :(

Sage Moonblood: Dad, sometimes your insanity just isn’t cool. Sorry.

Where’d this come from?

Everly Bear: Thanks for not breaking up with me after what I did.

Buddy: Honestly, everyone’s been telling me I should… but they say psycho girlfriends make three times more psycho ex-girlfriends, so I think I’d rather keep you around for now. Besides, I love you. I think I might even want to spend the rest of my life with you, once you grow up of course.

Everly Bear: Spend the rest of your life with me? As in get married?

Buddy: If that’s okay with Starla and the readers.

Everly Bear: Who cares what they think? I’ve been planning our wedding since you sat in front of me in Algebra.

Everly, that sort of stuff should be kept to yourself, especially if he already thinks you’re psycho.

Suddenly, out of nowhere…

Audio Science: Tenisha! Wait!

Tenisha: Oh god, here we go.

Audio Science: Tenisha, hey! Can you hear me?! Wait up!

Audio Science: Tenisha! Why are you pretending not to hear me?!

Tenisha: Because I’m on my way to the hospital to have a baby, genius. No time to stop and chat.

Audio Science: Why haven’t you called? Why have you been avoiding me? I’m not mad that you’re having my baby, you know. It’s a wonderful thing!

Tenisha: I don’t know if it’s yours or not, and frankly I don’t think it’s a wonderful thing, so leave me alone.

Audio Science: But… what?

Leerooooooooooooooy Jeeeeeeeeeenkiiiins!

I’m a nerd, hush :P

Audio Science: I knew he was mine. I knew it! I was the only guy you’d been with, so it was pretty obvious. I don’t see why you’d question it.

(Pahaha, dumbass.)

Tenisha: Would you stop following me, please? You’re creeping me out.

Audio Science: He’s beautiful. I always wanted a boy.

Tenisha: So will you be telling your wife, or shall I?

Audio Science: …?!

To be continued…

So this update was really scattered because there were so many things going on at once. I’m sorry for that. But I hope you enjoyed it anyway. See you next time!

50 thoughts on “Chapter Forty-Two: Take a Bow

  1. Yay for new chapter! My favourite was Marlene saying that Pilot thought woohoo prevented yodeling fridges. He is my fav character by far.


  2. I can’t decide if I like Reignbeau or Tu Morrow better for outcast Creeper girls that get only a little attention. I suppose I’ll have to cross my fingers for little Moxie Crimefighter and see if she ends up better than both of them. I like all of her cyber-dating and all things tech.


    1. LOL yeah I didn’t realize, as I was popping out all these kids, exactly how hard giving them face time would be! I’m going to try and get them all special attention in some of the next few updates. I love Moxie as well. I really think she looks awesomely unique, and her personality is so cool. Thank you for the comment! :D


  3. Best update by far and Leroy Jenkins got me. I couldn’t stop laughing. OMG too damn funny. And I really can’t wait to see what Marlene does to Audio. I too feel that a chisel will be involved. Hehe. Can’t wait. You are brilliant Starla.


    1. LOL I’m so glad you liked it! I hope Marlene kicks Audio’s ass XD I feel bad for generation six kids, though. They haven’t got much time haha. Thank you so much!



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      I hope Audio gets his!

      Haha it is. I just hope I can remember all of them when it comes time for voting.


  5. I cannot WAIT for Sage to grow up. ANDDD

    I hate Audio. Not for real, but. you know. ANDDDD

    LEROOOOOOYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIINSSSSS!!!! *rolls on the ground laughing spastically* I thought i was the only one who watched that and LOL’d. xD


    1. I can’t either!

      Haha, I totally understand that!

      LOL oh man me too! I’m glad I’m not, it makes it so much more enjoyable XD


  6. lol. Audio is not going to like where that chisel is likely to end up. XD I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Wow. Tu Morrow grew up pretty. Her and Sage have surprised me the most. :3


    1. Haha yeah he’s so in for it. I can’t wait either!

      Me too! I think i got pretty lucky with the genetics this generation.

      Thank you!


  7. Leroy Jenkins is what happens if Leroy from the Southern Prettacy married into my uglacy. Just saying.

    Also, MARLENE YOU BITCH. I’ll cut you. I love Tu Morrow and Dweezil, for the record. I LOVE ALL MY BABIES.


  8. Oh, PS… Isn’t Confess the option that comes up when celebrity Sims get caught doing something weird in public and they get all embarrassed about it? Or is that Ask Forgiveness? Meh. I know I had one of those when one of my sims passed out outside a bar.


  9. Aww, and I was such an Audio Science fan, before he became such a skank D:

    Usually when I get the Confess option, it’s only because they want to confess their love to someone/ that they love someone else. Maybe it’s because I don’t have Late Night ._.


    1. Aww, same here. I feel bad for giving into his wishes, but I like to have my sims choose their own lives. I hope that doesn’t sound… crazy. Lol.

      I have no idea. She’s got it like all the time, it’s so weird. And there’s never a thought bubble or anything D:

      Thanks for reading!


  10. Wow… I’ m beginning to think that Audio have at least three hidden Absent-minded traits!! Even I am not THAT oblivious… or at least I hope I’m not that oblivious. :P


    1. For real, hahah. He’s definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. I don’t think anyone can be that oblivious XD

      Thank you!


  11. “Pilot Inspektor: Look at my thumb! LOOK AT IT! My thumb is swollen with happiness! You know why?!

    Marlene: Because you’re a moron?”
    ROFLMAO!!! I’m soooo happy for this update!! Pilot is my favorite!! Audio is second! love this chapter! so glad for this. thanks for making me laugh!


      1. Aww, I’m so glad you liked it! It warms my heart <3

        And I'm so sorry! I think I'm too late in seeing Edward, but I think he's wonderful! Congrats on second place!

        Oh wow, thank you for the invite! Once I get a bit more free time, I'm totally in :D


  12. Hahahahha these chapters always crack me up xD Well, despite the fact that damn Audio Science is cheating on Marlene… But eh. It’s just because he’s a wacko, is my theory xD
    You’ve got a friend in me……. That’s stuck in my head now D: But omg. So Toy Story-ish!
    The kids are all awesome… I loved Ev’s confession! And of course Pilot (who is a pilot!) and his happy thumb, ahahaha xD
    Keep it up! I love your legacy :3


    1. I’m so happy that they make you laugh :D Haha, nice theory! I likez it!

      Oh man it wasn’t stuck in my head until I read this XD It’s catchy.

      Poor kids are taking a back burner to the old people drama haha. Pilot the pilot is so happy and oblicious to the goings on :D

      Thank you so much! <3


  13. ahhh nooo. this angers me that stupid cheating old guy >:O. hes so old he forgot he had a family.

    i still love him though. audio has always been my favourite. <3.


    1. LOL I feel your pain!

      Aw, I’m glad you’ve still got love for him. He would’ve been a great guy if he hadn’t rolled naughty wishes.



    1. You made me LOL. I’m so sorry I missed your birthday, but happy belated! There’s another chapter out now, so consider it all for you :D


  14. I freaking love Pilot Inspektor! I just recently found your legacy. I have sat up for HOURS reading it. I love it so much it inspired me to do my own legacy. Granted I will not post it. XD But Awesomeness none the less.

    Person Person Plus.


    1. I’m glad you like him, he’s one of my very favorites :D Thank you for spending hours reading this! I hope you got your proper nutrients. I tend to forget to feed myself when I’m reading sims stories, but maybe I’m weird or something.

      Aw, you should totally post your story. I’m always up for another good read.

      Thank you! Person Person Plus times ten XD


  15. Ok I think the game really knows me well. I’m head nerd in Mariah’s game too! How weird is that?! Oh well…. *waits while still plotting way into this legacy* I LOVE SAGE! The Draco references are priceless and I love it! I want her to be heir i truly do!


    1. Haha that’s awesome! I wish my simself would join the nerds, but apparently she’s too evil for that. I think she might be town thug. I’m glad you like Sage! Thank you!


  16. I was like killing myself laughing when Marlene was talking to her foot. i love her eyes and smile in that picture. It made her look really funny. I coudn’t stop myself from laughing and my mom was like “It’s a sad day when you’re sitting laughing at yourself”. I tried to explain to her but she wouldn’t listen. But what’s even sadder is when the foot “thinks” she is the only good wife. LOLOLOLOL.



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