Chapter Thirty-Nine: Alcohol and Candy

Everly Bear: *SLUUUUUUURP*

Moxie CrimeFighter: See, Everly, that’s why I denied your friend request.

Hi! Last time in Creeper Land, we didn’t know Moxie’s new trait. Well, it’s Computer Whiz. Awesome! Also, Andie had just given birth to twins, one of which being our first maleboyguy of the generation. Where is Andie now?

She’s sleeping on a bench, far, far away from the legacy house. Smart girl! A household of 10 is like a cage full of… rabid… crickets. Or something.

And speaking of rabid.


My bad, Reignbeau. It’s just that technically you’re a spare’s kid, so you’re not all that important. Nothing personal, it’s just business. 

Reignbeau: Yeah, well, just for that, I just did business in my diaper! CHANGE ME.

Fortunately for her, Reignbeau grows up an absolute angel with brown hair and purple eyes. Droooool.

Reignbeau: How do you like me NOW?

Shut them! Shut them right now!

Sage Moonblood: Hey, Reignbeau, wanna come party with me and this bunny here?

Reignbeau: Um, no thanks. You’re giving me a bit of a Lindsay Lohan vibe.

Hey, Sage isn’t anything like her. She’s Draco Malfoy, fool.

See? Aww, the pureblooded sweetness.

Sage Moonblood: Keep looking innocent, little bunny. She’ll never know what we’re hiding  in you ^_^

Even with four capable adults in the house to keep things in order, everyone seems to be on different sleep schedules. Sometimes I have to enlist the help of our Things so that the adults can get some rest.

Thing 2: I will keep  you safe, young Creeper. I’m watching you closely so nothing will go wrong!

Sage Moonblood: It’sss too hot for a penguin to be just walkin’ aroun’ here. I gotta send him back to the South Poooole. Ahahaha…

Um. She must’ve gotten that from Pilot Inspektor.

Sage Moonblood: Yea, it can’ be from all the ‘appy bottlesss hidden under mah crib.

Why are you slurring? Time to teach you to talk.

Since Everly’s a heavy sleeper, I stuck the twins in her room. I wasn’t motivated enough to renovate the house. Or customize the cribs. Or do anything!

Andie: Is she seriously dreaming about disco balls? What a weirdo.

Better than your dream about Mortimer Goth.

Andie: Hey, that’s private!

Just sayin’. And by the way, he’s only like 16, cradle robber.

Pilot Inspektor: If you keep going the way you’re going, Sagey, your life will be a cloudy mess. You’ve got to get things together!

Sage Moonblood: Is this an intervention?! I thought I was learning to talk!


Reignbeau: I have purple PJs to go with my purple eyes! LOOK!

Stop it!

Reignbeau: Look into my eyes, Starla! Doooo iiiiiiit!

She’s trying to hypnotize me into thinking she’s my favorite kid :( I will CAS you, brat!

Sage Moonblood: You are going to actually teach me words, right? I don’t want another day like yesterday.

Andie: Yes, words. You learned your lesson yesterday though, RIGHT? *growl*

Sage Moonblood: Of course, mommy! If I want to get into Pigfarts, I have to be good. And find a rocket ship somehow O:)

Well, your daddy is going to be an astronaut soon. Hopefully. If he doesn’t die first.

Andie: Yeah, I’m a good mother :3

Sage Moonblood: Of course you are, mommy.



LOL JK it’s just food poisoning.

Andie: I hate you.

Pilot Inspektor:  I must bulk up so that I can beat any and all new babies that find their way to my house, regardless of if they’re mine or not.


Pilot Inspektor: Ugh, I… think… I’m… done… for the day…

Dolphin: NO, you must continue! I will never be able to take over the world on this puny arm!

Pilot Inspektor: Puny?! I just put on 20 pounds of muscle in 3 hours!

Dolphin: Not good enough! Keep going!

LOL Everly Bear is boring.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Aha, you can’t catch me! Hey, and did you know… that according to wikipedia, there are like 30 different variations of tag all around the world?!

Girl (some Creeper relative): Um, really? That’s uh… good to know?

Moxie Crimefighter: Yeah, I started out just trying to get facts on Abraham Lincoln. I never know where I’ll end up on wiki, man.

Everly Bear: I don’t need school, dad, so I don’t go. I already know everything.

Audio Science: Keep up that attitude and you’ll never get a boyfriend, dear.

Everly Bear: :DD:

Pilot Inspektor: *grumbling about babies*

Everly Bear: Uh, dad? Where do you suppose he’s taking Dweezil all angry and bulked up like that?

Audio Science: Well, you know, he’s probably… Uh… I’d better follow him.

Marlene: It’s funny, we live in the same house, but I don’t think I’ve seen you for about a week.

Andie: Oh I know! I’ve got about four diapers to change after this, so I’ve gotta hurry.


While I was taking this picture, my four year old said, “Mommy, why is he grabbing her face like that?” Lol. Kids.

Andie: It’s your birthday today! I, for one, am getting hammered.

Will there be more table dancing? Everyone seemed to love that.

Andie: No. No table dancing. The last one knocked me up.


Oh my…

Oh my gosh, she is too cute :D She’s so cute, I forgot to put the half wall up back there.

Tu Morrow: I am cute, yes, but I also have a twin brother who’s growing up now.

Oh yeah! So you do.

Okay, one more.

Tu Morrow: Dweezil? The boy you wanted so badly?

Andie: My last baby :(  They grow up so fast.

Marlene: They do. It’s sad, really. Makes you want to just hold him and cherish the moment…

Marlene: Oh who are we kidding? WOO, let’s grow this monster up!

Andie: Hell yeah!

Dweezil: I am Dweezil.

He looks like he might be an Andie clone.

Dweezil: I am not a robot.

Um… ‘kay.

Aww, he’s pretty cute too. And his eyes are a different color.


See, they’re like a muddy greenish. They’re almost the same color as my son’s eyes :D

Dweezil: I can’t breathe, please uncrop the picture.

So now the house looks like the Creepy Creeper Daycare (“We’ll watch your kids… in the SHOWER.”), which is busy and doesn’t leave me with much screenshot taking time.

By the way, I do not condone watching children in the shower. And while I’m at it, I also do not condone underage drinking. Or child abuse. Or neglect. Or truancy. Are those all the wrongdoings I’ve performed or otherwise implied in this chapter? I think so.

Table dancing, however, is a must.

The twins’ newly made room looks like Christmas. Tu’s favorite color is red and Dweezil’s is lime. There was really no way to decorate it with their favorites and have it NOT look like an elf puked all over it.

Dweezil: I see you looking at my mommy’s butt. And we’re the Creepers?

Hush, you. It’s shiny.

Everly and Moxie now share a room.

Peeping Tom: Is this the Creepy Creeper Daycare? I’d like an application, please!

Everly Bear: Mooooom, there’s another ooooone!

Tu decided she’s too cool to go to bed when everyone else does, so when Andie’s ready for bed, I usually have her give her a bottle before she goes to sleep, then let the kid do whatever she wants.

Tu: Oh, blue block. It’s only you and I once again. I think it’s time to make this official.

I also don’t condone canoodling with blocks.

Pilot Inspektor sat down to teach Dweezil how to talk, and I kid you not, not even two minutes later he was done. He just might be a robot.

Dolphin: No, it was me! I am growing stronger each day. I shall start by teaching toddlers their skills, then I will move on to weapons training!

Pilot Inspektor: Will you shut the eff up?!  No toddler of mine will take orders from a dolphin that is a TATTOO.

Dolphin: But YOU will take orders from me, won’t you?

Pilot Inspektor: Well, yeah, I’m an insane sim. That’s kind of my thing.

Hey, Mo–

Moxie CrimeFighter: Can’t talk, gotta Skype with Jupiter Belle in four minutes.

But doesn’t Jupiter… live next door?

Moxie CrimeFighter: Don’t judge me.

Andie: Hun, will you please get off the laptop and eat some dinner? It’s hard to eat with a screen in my face.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Shutting it down now, mom.

Sage Moonblood: Don’t mind me, just passing through to go to the potty… Hear that? The POTTY. ME. GOING.

Moxie doesn’t just hang out on the computer all day, though. She loves helping out with her siblings.

Sage Moonblood: Oh, sweet bottle of sustenance! I haven’t eaten in days!

Tu Morrow: Me either! I’m so hungry I’ve nearly gnawed my whole hand off!

Hey, I’m not that bad at taking care of you guys.

Moxie CrimeFighter: No comment.

Tu Morrow: Thank you, Moxie! You’re our only hope.

Oh come on!

Andie: *pokes eyeball*

Moxie: *makes moose antlers*

Reignbeau: You guys are just stupid.

Reignbeau: Finally, attention from daddy! Where’ve you been all my life? Like… literally, ALL my life.

Audio Science: Working, honey. Gotta go now.

Reignbeau: :DD:

Yeah, he tends to do that, Reigny.

When he’s not working and I let him roam free, basically all Audio does is go back and forth between Everly and Moxie, arguing with them. Rude.

Everly Bear: Nice of you to get off your computer to get your butt kicked by me!

Moxie CrimeFighter: Oh, please. This game’s way better on PC.

Everly Bear: Pfft, NO game on PC is any good.

…I guess she doesn’t know that she’s in one, huh?

Dweezil: Whooooa.

Sage Moonblood: That’s good stuff, isn’t it? I told you the bunny was the best toy out here.

And this is where I’ll end it! Next time, maybe we’ll get to see TEENAGERS. Or perhaps just children. Sorry these chapters are shorter than most. I can only play 10 sims at once for so long before I want to rip up paper.

Oh, and if you caught the Billy Madison quotes, you get a gold star!

See you next time!

Sage Moonblood: I’m buzzed already!

29 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty-Nine: Alcohol and Candy

  1. Cute… cute…… CUUUUUTE BABIES!!!!
    Although I can’t believe you haven’t burst into flames with 10 sims in your household! Holy crap. I would die.
    I don’t even have a favorite kid though. They are all way too cute.


    1. Yeah they’re friggin’ adorable! And finally new genetics!
      Haha yeah it’s pretty tough, but surprisingly not as tough as I thought it would be. I was sure I’d be punching things.
      They are! Hopefully they’ll all grow up great and make everyone confused for the heir poll :P


  2. …6 kids? I can’t handle 2 and your STILL ALIVE!? epic chapter though.
    And dreams about MORTIMER GOTH are what keep the happeh wheel spinning. Other than this case, yes cradle robbing is like, WRONG! lols. Im voting moxie for heir though. Probs.


  3. Hey, Starla…
    If I made a new Simself would you put him in your game? I’m lazy and indecisive, so I might not make one, but I was wondering.

    AMG Computer Whiz! :D
    Aren’t Pilot and Audio almost elders by now?


      1. Haha I briefly mentioned it in some chapter (not sure which), but they moved into Moon Unit’s house because they missed her and I needed room :P. Hector died about two days after they moved though :(


    1. Lol sure, I’m always looking for new simselves :D

      They are almost elders. Reaaaally soon, actually. I’ll be sad to see them grow old, but these new kids are pretty awesome.


      1. Great! :) Like I said though, I’m lazy, so it might be a while before I make one :P

        Also, I finally remembered that great new “like” feature and liked this :P


  4. Ugh. I’m with you on only being able to play 10 sims at once for limited times. I’m having that issue right now myself. I’ve gotten to the point of not wanting to play them at all. >•<
    Great chapter as usual though. :)


  5. Damn…. Now all that I can think off is “Pigfarts Pigfarts here I come, Pigfarts Pigfarts yum yum yum!” But on a side note the kids are ADORABLE!!!


  6. Totally agree, even 8 sims is a challenge, if you want them to actually DO stuff. And don’t even think about an Ambitions profession when you have that many. I tried Architecture and epically failed.

    Love all the kids, especially the younger girls. Sage and Tu Morrow are awesome. I’m so jealous of your patterning/recolouring skillz. My patterns always look so weird on the kids, and I’m not great with colours. Though I am doing a rainbowacy, so only have various shades of one colour at a time. Not loving the orange I’m doing atm!


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