Chapter Thirty-Eight: Date Night

Hey, it’s sim!Mariah! 

Mariah: I don’t know why some people think I’ve discovered the secret to always getting the most adorable babies in existence.

Because you freaking have! Have you SEEN her babies? They kill people!

Pilot Inspektor: ‘Sup, ladies?

Cassidy Crazybat: Oh, I see you’ve FINALLY decided to stick me in your game, even though I AM missing my custom hair.

I told you I would! I’m a slacker. Sue me :P

Cassidy: My lawyer should be calling yours within the hour. Anyway, who’s that?

Pilot Inspektor: Oh, that’s just my paparazzi. They follow me everywhere. I’m kind of great.

Welcome back, everyone! See, I CAN update faster! Are you proud? I am.

Last time we had lots of girl babies. We also… yeah, that’s pretty much it. Girl babies. Let’s continue on!

Pilot Inspektor: Honeycakefaaaaaaaace?

Andie: Yes, sweetie?

Pilot Inspektor: You just had two babies.

Andie: Yes, I did.

Pilot Inspektor: Marlene just had two babies.

Andie: That’s right…

Pilot Inspektor: Let’s leave our two babies with Marlene and her two babies and go out and have fun while she cries herself to sleep with a pillow over her head.

Andie: Are you sure? You think that’s a good idea?

Pilot Inspektor: Yeah, the lack of oxygen from the pillow will eventually put her to sleep. Let’s go!

Pilot Inspektor: What do you mean you don’t know who I am? I’m PILOT INSPEKTOR CREEPER.

Bouncer: Saying it louder isn’t going to increase your chances of getting in, sir.


Bouncer: Sir, please CALM DOWN or I’ll be forced to put my muscle definition to good use.

Pilot Inspektor: Ugh, this is worse than the time I tried to read my toenail’s fortune.

Pilot Inspektor: Maybe…

Bouncer: Now we’re talkin’. Show me the money.

Pilot Inspektor: All I’ve got are these love coupons from Andie. One free massage, one free make out in the hot tub… Oh, I didn’t know I had this one! One free woohoo in elevator…

Bouncer: Nice. I’ll take all of them.

Pilot Inspektor: Something seems not right about this transaction… I’m not sure why though. But can I get in now?

Bouncer: Sure, you can get in anytime you want, buddy. Have at it!

Pilot Inspektor: Oh, thank you! You turned out to be a really nice guy.

Everly Bear: Has the crying stopped yet?

Moxie CrimeFighter: Yeah, the babies’ has. Aunt Marlene’s still bawling like a baby though.

Everly Bear: Poor mommy.

Andie: WOOOOOOO! I am SO buzzed.

Bartender: You’ve had half a drink, ma’am.

Andie: Is the room spinning, or is it just me? Maybe I shouldn’t be dancing on the counter so crazily! WOO!

Bartender: N00bs.

Andie: Oh, whoa, I must be WASTED. Where did this maternity dress come from?

Bartender: Seriously?!

Andie: I’m preeeegnant, I’m preeeeegnant.  Doin’ the pregnant dance!

Bartender: Please, kill me now.

Pilot Inspektor: Woo, go baby! I wish I still had my stack of coupons to throw at you!

Andie: I learned all my moves from BOOKS. Reading is GOOD. Wait, what was that about the coupons?

Bartender: Okay, because the bar is full of morons, we’re closed now, goodbye!

The next day is Everly Bear’s birthday!

Aww, what’s wrong, Moxie?

Moxie CrimeFighter: It’s supposed to be MY birthday first! Not fair!

I’m sorry :(

Andie: It’s okay, honey. When you grow up you’ll be so much cooler than Everly Bear anyway.

Moxie CrimeFighter: I know I will, but that’s not the point!

Everly Bear is basically a lazy genius so far. She rolls Heavy Sleeper as her third trait.

Everly Bear: Last night’s dinner residue! Breakfast of champions.


Later that day, Andie takes matters into her own hands.

Andie: Omg apples. The perfect hangover food.


Foreign Tourist Guy: Hey, some bouncer told me you practically give it out. Judging by the way you just violated that apple, I’d say he’s right. Wanna give it a go in that alley over there?

Andie: Ew, what?! No way, get the hell away from me, scumbag!

Foreign Tourist Guy: Huh? What about the free elevator woohoo?!

Andie: That is both disgusting and dangerous. GTFO.

Yay, another birthday! Sage Moonblood (3) is finally ready to become a toddler!



She totally reminds me of Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical. Seriously, that was my first thought. So either I’m extremely right, or I need to get out more.

Sage Moonblood: I am SO EXCITED to be a toddler!

She’s a brave party animal.

Sage Moonblood: I wanna rock and roll all night!

I fear for her teen years.

Moxie CrimeFighter: It’s finally MY birthday today.

Yes, it is, but we have other things to do first.

Potty training, for instance.

Sage Moonblood: B-but I’m afraid of the potty.

Andie: Ahaha, A Very Potter Sequel reference. I get it.

Sage Moonblood: No, I really am afraid of it.

Darnell: Oh, Kisha, you make me want to do dirty things to you.


Kisha: Oh, Darnell, I’d like to do dirty things right back.

Why is this important? Well, Darnell is the grandson of Justice. Kisha is the granddaughter of Rumer. And if you really get technical, she’s also the granddaughter of Diva because Diva’s adopted son married Rumer’s daughter. Grosssssssss on many degrees.

Kisha looks a lot like Agnes and Apple, though, only more tan. Pretty cool. Except still gross!

Yay, Moxie finally gets to grow up!

Moxie CrimeFighter: It’s only all I’ve ever wanted since I was born. GOSH.



Andie’s baby bump looks TOO CUTE in that dress. Look at it!

Andie: Uh, my kid grew up, by the way.

Oh, right. Sparkles!

Moxie CrimeFighter: Moooom, your baby bump is blocking the cake that I earned so hard!

Moxie is freaking adorable too. I almost want to edit freckles onto her. Maybe I will!

Moxie CrimeFighter: What’s my new trait, Starla?

Oh, it’s uh… Um… I forgot to write it down, sorry.

Moxie CrimeFighter: You must hate me.

Never! No way!

Omg gross Andie, did you just break your water all over the floor?

Andie: No, the shower’s broken. But I am in labor. Can I pleeeeease go to the hospital this time? I think I’ve earned it.

Fiiiiine. But remind me to redecorate this bathroom. It’s still pink from when Roderick lived here.



This is Tu Morrow. She’s the kid of actor Rob Morrow from Num3rs (I never watched that show). And, of course, actually her name is her first name with her surname, but it’s still a funky celebrity name so oh well lol. She’s grumpy and easily impressed. And it goes without saying that I am NOT impressed that she’s a girl.

Andie: Sorry, but I’m done having babies. I love them, but I’m done raising them. Where do I put this one? And hey… where’s Pilot?

Where IS Pilot?

Pilot Inspektor: I jacked a boy from the hospital LOL.

Aw, you did that for me?

Pilot Inspektor: No, I did it for ME. If I don’t have a boy, I’ll be driven insane by all the female vibes and carrot sticks in the house.

He didn’t really steal a baby, but I’m happy to at least have one boy in the mix. And mixed gender twins are nice to have too!

I named him Dweezil, after Frank Zappa’s son. He’s easily impressed and perceptive. Oooh, spooooooky. And also, while he was being born, Darnell and Kisha broke up. I’d like to say he’s my good luck charm, just because of that.

So now there are 10 people in the house. How will I do? Find out next time, because I like to do short chapters just to keep you hanging :P

…Where was Reignbeau this chapter? Pfft, I dunno haha <3

34 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty-Eight: Date Night

  1. Omg. I’m at work and I was pretty much piddling myself at the dancing preggo!Andie part. Coworkers: officially frightened. Victory.

    I AM SO GLAD YOU GOT YOUR BOY! See what I said though? SEE? YOU GOT TWINS. I AM SO PSYCHIC (I swears I didn’t read this update before I commented on the last one). Dweezil will prove to be a productive member of Sunset Valley, of this I am sure.


    I’m getting jealous of all these RL cameos though D:

    (At first I wrote “RL cameros)

    (I don’t even like cameros)

    (It’s also 6am and I clearly need to sleep)

    BUT I WILL SAY your rapid-fire updates have inspired me, my friend. Expect a Nubbin update in the next 2 to 425 days. :D



      1. Omg this comment made me LOL so much, haha. You must ALWAYS comment in this fashion.


        I think Dweezil shall become mayor.

        I don’t like CAMAROS either. They’re rubbish.

        Do you have a simself? Because if so, WANT.



      2. Indeed I do. Like you said about yours, she changes from time to time but Imma put her up for download when I update. BUT I MIGHT SEND HER TO YOU PERSONALLY because I just love you that much.

        PS Sim!you will be added to my town. And perhaps to my Legacy. Mwahahaha! >:D


  2. LOL! I’m very glad their names didn’t really turn out to be WTF??! and Oh…Okay. Though it would be very funny if they had. Also pregnant woman table dancing for the win!


    1. Hahaha I almost DID name them that. At least Tu Morrow. I was so mad haha.

      I’m kind of sad that I never table danced while pregnant.


    1. Aw, thank you very, very much! Comments like this make my day :) I’m sure he would! I can’t imagine the weird things he’d say if there were only girls in the house xD


  3. I TOLD you that moxie crimefighter = win!

    And yay for boys! I didn’t know that mixed gender twins were possivle – is it awesomemod? I waaant it :(

    Sage has an awesome name AND looks like Draco! Which is why she’s my current fave – I’m a pot(ter) head ;)


    1. Lol you did! And she totally does.

      I think it’s Twallan’s SP that did it. There’s an option for mixed gender twins. AND I think I also heard once that if you eat fruit to determine the gender and the pregnancy is already a multiple pregnancy, the first baby’s gender is decided by the fruit and the second stays the way it would’ve been to begin with.

      Haha me too! Potterheads FTW!


  4. LOL at putting WTF in the name box! :P I do that sometimes too when the fruits don’t work. :P
    Where’d you get that club? Did you build it?
    I’d probably die with so many babies/toddlers/kids in the house. I struggle with having one :o


    1. Oh and I slacked off at school and re-read your awesome legacy today! So if I fail, it’s your fault :P (Not really, I don’t plan to fail anytime soon XD)


      1. LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one!
        Oh, yeah, I forgot to take a shot of it! It’s actually a premade dive bar that comes with Late Night and is in the bin thing. I was going to build my own, but I was too lazy lol. I named mine Fiji.
        Yeah I’ve played the household ahead just a bit and pretty much everyone’s on different sleep schedules. It’s mad!
        Haha, good job slacking off! Hey, at least you were IN school, right? XD
        Thanks for reading!


      2. Heh, of course I was in school. Even though I do feel like skipping sometimes XP I never do, though. I’m too scared to. :P

        And BTW, I downloaded your Simself and Chad for my game. I had to change your Simself’s hair and clothes though. I don’t like downloading CC that much, but I am partial to mods.


      3. Lol well, not that I condone it or anything, but when I was in my senior year of high school, I came down with the skipping school bug. I was scared too, but I guess I started thinking I was basically done, so I could do what I wanted. I skipped a lot, but not to do anything bad. I just wanted to hang out alone at home haha. Baaadness.

        And I understand about the CC! I used to go without too. Then I decided to download one hair that I liked and BOOM, I was addicted. It’s a virus! Thanks for downloading, though! You can torture me all you want, if you’d like :P

        ETA: Whoa, this is a narrow box XD


      4. Hehe, I don’t plan to torture you, but Twallan’s StoryProgression might :P

        I kinda want to start a legacy… We’ll see. XD


  5. Laughed out loud at the bar dancing. Also poor Moxie…(how the heck do you remember all of the names?…and why the heck do celebrities name their children such crazy stuff?)

    Yay for the boy..must have been the table dancing.


    1. Lol I’m glad you liked it! Honestly, I have no idea how I remember haha. Sometimes I don’t, but I think in this case, I’ve had to re-play a lot of junk so I’ve got them down pretty well. As for the celebrities naming their kids, I have no freaking clue! Maybe just publicity, but that’s kind of awful. And actually as I’ve wiki’d a few of their children, some of them have become really successful as well. Maybe the key to success is… being named Pilot Inspektor. Haha.

      Yeah I think table dancing automatically equals boy, definitely.

      Thanks for the comment :D


    1. Wow, thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I think Pilot’s my favorite too, although these new kids are grabbing my heart as well :D


    1. Thanks! I think that was the first thing I did when I got Late Night, just because of the LOLworthy animations, haha. Definitely recommend it!


  6. One time I wanted a girl cause I had so many boys and when my sim had another I wrote “NOOOOOOO” and accidentally pressed enter. =/

    give or take a few O’s.

    Anyway I was so happy to see these two updates! Made me happy. <3


    1. Hahaha that’s awesome! Thankfully, with mods it’s pretty easy to rename them. I think I would’ve had to keep it that way though.

      I’m happy to make you happy lol. Hopefully more updates will come soooooon!


  7. I heard that for the fruit to work, you have to eat them before the baby bump shows. Not sure if that’s true, but I always make sure she eats them right after woohooing.

    I love your legacy!


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