Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Y Chromosome?

Ahhh, the invigorating smell of fresh update! I think the new Creeper maid, Harley Sears, would agree there’s nothing like it.

Harley: It’s like heaven! I offer you this stack of freshly laundered shirts to celebrate your updating victory!

Why, thank you! But I don’t deserve heavily starched, cube-shaped clothing, really. It’s been over two months since the last update D: Sorry, everyone!

Andie: Since it’s been ages since our save file was loaded, I thought I should tell you that I’m pregnant, just in case we never get played again.

Marlene: Ooh, nice job hitting that (Y)

So! We have some stuff to discuss. First, the Creepers have moved. Again. I know. But it was only because their save file was getting too big, and I prefer my legacy town to be NOT blown up. They reside, once again, in Sunset Valley :D But it’s not the typical SV. I’ve deleted nearly everyone and added a few things.

Lola Belle, for instance.

Lola: Who are you and what have you done with my rockin’ lifestyle?

Pfft, you can totally rock out in SV, yo.

I deleted the Altos or the Landgraabs or something and plopped her house in their place. Also, I’ve deleted the Goth house, because it’s the only lot (I think?) big enough to accommodate the Plumbob Pictures Backlot. I stuck the Goths in a different house because I love them too much to delete them completely. The only other SV playables I kept were Pauline Wan and Hank Goddard, Marty and Justine Keaton, and Emma Hatch. NPCs are still here too, but the rest of town (the non-Creeper relative part, anyway) is being populated with the help of twallan’s SP and AwesomeMod.

ALSO (omg quit talking), I’ve added a dance club (Dance Your Pants Off!) and a dive bar (Fiji). I’ll probably add little things here and there as I go. SV will be EPIC, I tell you.

Pilot Inspektor: Hello, five star celebrity sim who I haven’t heard of until today.

Lola: Watch where you put that hand, pal. My lawyer’s on speed dial.

Paparazzi: Ooh, inappropriate gropage! I’ll get front page for sure.

Pilot Inspektor: I’m not trying to touch your goodies, Miss Belle. I’m a happily married man. I’m also rich, in the military, and have one whole guitar skill point!

Lola: Wow, guy! You sound absolutely awesome and deserve to be recognized.

Pilot Inspektor: I know, huh?

Lola: As a five star celebrity, I grant you the power of FAME!


Pilot Inspektor: So now that I’m kind of a big deal, what do I do?

Lola: You OWN it, baby. And eventually, you’ll be just as notorious as I am.

Pilot Inspektor: Sweeeeeet.


Lola: Now if you’ll excuse me, I must evade the paparazzi in my big obnoxious bus. Because I can.

Paparazzi: Ugh, go away with that!

Pilot Inspektor: See how it feels to be photographed, paparazzi lady?! See?! Leave us celebrities alone! Get a real job before I smack you around with an umbrella.

Ahem. Meanwhile, back at home…

Marlene: Hmm, my stomach itches in a most peculiar way.

Moar babeez!

Pilot Inspektor: …And then she said, “I wish you weren’t married so I could have your babies, you handsome hunk of man.”

Audio Science: I kind of doubt that, but okay.

Pilot Inspektor: She did!

Audio Science: Did not.

Pilot Inspektor: Did too!

Audio Science: Did NOT!

Pilot Inspektor: Did TOO!

Ten minutes later.

Audio Science: Did not.

Pilot Inspektor: Did too.

Marlene: You realize when we pop these kids out, there’re going to be four babies in the house?

Andie: Tell me about it. Those two need a time out.

Who is this adorable woman standing in front of the Creeper house?

Adorable Woman: Vickie Waller, paparazzi. Adorably stalking Pilot Inspektor, the celebrity.

And then two seconds later she farts and laughs about it.  There goes my girl crush.

This guy’s standing there with a goofy grin as Pauline Wan, town bike, is running away. Naughty, naughty. You know her fiancé could kick your butt, don’t you?

Goofy Grin Guy: It’s worth it, let me tell you.

Somehow I disagree. By the way, his name is Ben Savage.

As in the guy who plays Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World, one of the greatest TV series of the 90s! Did they play that show overseas, my overseas friends? If not, they should’ve.

Anyway. While the Creepers were sleeping, I was creeping around town, making sure things were running smoothly…

That’s when I found THIS. And no, I didn’t accidentally snap the picture while she was blinking. Her eyes are actually like that. How does she seeeeeeee?!

This is Joanne Simovitch’s daughter, Terry. I don’t ever do this, but in this case, I had to CAS her. It was just too sad.

I didn’t want to change her much, so I kept her as close to the original as possible, only without the nightmare inducing features.

Terry: What is this new stuff in my eyes?

That would be the world. Enjoy!

I forgot to mention that Hector and Bluebell Madonna moved in with Moon Unit, since Bluebell hadn’t gotten much time with her mommy, and Hector kept rolling the want for them to live together. The joke was on him, though, because he died two days after he moved. Haha… Okay, that’s kind of sad too.

So with them gone and no babies yet, not much is going on in the house. Except two pregnant women eating.

Marlene: Oh, I would kill for some cobbler right now.

Andie: Cobbler? No way. Spaghetti and ice cream with a side of cookies.

Marlene: Yeah… Is Pilot going to be making dinner soon?

Andie: God I hope so.

Apparently, Pilot’s the only one who cooks.

Finally, some legacy action!

Pilot Inspektor: Andie, my carpool’s here! You couldn’t wait?!

Andie: How can you be thinking of working at a time like this?!

Marlene: Andie, labor doesn’t look fun! I’m scared for you!

Andie: Shut up and take me to the hospital, someone! I don’t care if it’s in a friggin’ ROCKET SHIP, just GET ME THERE.

Audio Science: Hospital? I AM the hospital. What seems to be the problem?

Marlene: Heeeeelp heeeeer!

Pilot Inspektor: Should I stay, or should I go? I’m torn… like a rhinoceros. Or an igloo.

Probably not the best time for psycho babble, Pilot. Just sayin’.


Pilot Inspektor: As long as you’re happy. Okay love you bye bye!

Audio Science: I have just forgotten every bit of medical knowledge I know D:

Marlene: This is so stressful! I’M about to go into labor!

Andie: Beautiful vistas…

Audio Science: Alright, she looks fine to me now.

Marlene: Yep, it was probably just gas. I want a snack.

Andie: …

Andie: Okay, little baby. Let’s do this.

Andie: Oh, well this is nicer than I thought. Sparkles are fun.

Andie: Daddy picked your name out, sweetie, so don’t hate mommy for it, okay?

This is Moxie CrimeFighter Creeper. She’s named after the daughter of Penn Jilette (of Penn & Teller).


She is a grumpy loner.

And her favorite color is spiceberry. Thankfully, so was Hector’s, so I didn’t have to do much to make a room for her. Hooray for laziness!


Marlene: Carving stone is tough when you’re really pregnant… and… uh oh…

Marlene: You coming, Audio Science?

Audio Science: Yeah, as soon as I figure out this two move check mate.

She’s in such a hurry she didn’t even disappear her chisel.

Audio Science: Where did she go? I thought she wanted woohoo…

My guess is she went to have your baby, dear.

Audio Science: Oh… OH!

Creeper geniuses just aren’t very… genius.

Pilot Inspektor: Should’ve read a pregnancy book! Or just Exit at Powell, like I just did.

Heriberto (grandson of Justice) decides to serenade the crowd while they anxiously await the newest family member. Just so you know, all but one of these sims are related in some way to the Creepers.

Lucy Ferne: Not me! The only relation I have with the Creepers is my $500 child support check, bwahaha!

Oh, yeah. Shortly after Rufus and Lucy moved out, I got a few pop ups about them. They were fighting a lot, and then…

Lucy: You will avenge my downfall, son. KILL THEM ALL. Starting with your so-called father.

Keith: Yes, mother. 

The kid seems fine though, yeah? Yeah, he’ll be alright.

Audio Science: I have a new daughter.

Actually, that’s Moxie CrimeFighter you’ve got. I think Marlene’s got your kid in the taxi.       

Audio Science: No way. How did that happen?

Don’t ask me. I just click the mouse buttons.

HERE’s the new baby, also a girl (I could see how he’d be confused? O_o). Her name is Everly Bear, named after Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Keidis’ son. Everly Bear is unisex in my opinion :P  She is a slobby genius.

Even though she’s not technically the heir’s child, I’m going with the legacy naming theme just in case I decide to do double heirs with Pilot and Audio. The idea’s been thrown out there, but I don’t know if I want to go for it or not. I should probably decide soon, huh?

Andie: We’re just gonna fast forward through the next few days, okay?

Fine by me! The next few days passed and not much happened besides Andie getting a makeover and a bunch of babies being put in the wrong cribs. Over and over and over again. I agree with Mariah, you should totally be able to assign cribs.

Hey, look, Everly Bear grew up first somehow. It was probably because Moxie CrimeFighter was off… fighting crime or something. Too busy for her birthday. Or just that EA fails. It always comes down to EA failing.

She’s got the famous Creeper red hair and dark grey eyes. I can’t believe those have lasted THIS LONG. It’s like a legacy curse, only not as bad as an actual… curse.

Moxie CrimeFighter finally managed to grow up the next day. She also managed to escape the legacy curse. To quote the real Andie: “That is Lady Gaga blonde!” 

Marlene: It IS Lady Gaga blonde. What is she, an AFFAIR baby?

I don’t know. IS she, Andie?

Andie: I dunno. But anyway, I may or may not be pregnant again.

Well, that’s comforting.

And so, while I set up the Cool Creeper Christmas Ctree…

The womenfolk get to the skill building in the new sandbox I built over Hector’s former garden. Marlene also changed into maternity wear. Probably just because she likes the attention.

Marlene: Hey, that’s not fair at all.

Sure it is, attentionh00r.

Because the same nose and mouth has been in the family since Gerald was around, I can easily tell that Everly Bear has Marlene’s. The eye shape looks like it could be Marlene’s too.

Everly Bear: Could you just focus on the cuteness for a sec? I am trying to walk in the most adorable of ways.

I guess I could do that… Oh, but wait!

Moxie CrimeFighter has Andie’’s eye color and the Creeper nose and mouth, see?! And look, she’s not yelling hateful things anymore, bless her.

Moxie CrimeFighter: That’s because mommy puts sedatives in my bottle :3

I wouldn’t doubt it.

Our little genius practices her logic skill. Are you going to be our first actual genius genius?

Everly Bear: The statistics don’t look good, I must say.

Well, darn.

Andie: Okay, Moxie. Time to go potty.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Pretty sure I need another dose too, mom. Seeing your face just made me SO MAD.

Andie: Oh. Hold that thought…

Moxie CrimeFighter: Mother, I am starting to CHANGE! I need SPACE.

Andie: Change all you want, kid, I need some space myself at the moment!

You know what I always thought would be funny? If pregnant Daredevil sims were just all jacked up on adrenaline during labor. Running around like, “HAHA, I FEEL SO ALIIIIVE! YESSSSSS!”

…Yeah, that’d be so cool.

Andie: OKAY, they don’t even know my TRAITS, so SHUT UP about stupid CRAP I am having A BABY.

Hey, she has a point. Andie’s a friendly bookworm who has a great kiss and a good sense of humor. She’s also a loner. Ah, so that’s where Moxi–

Andie: OH MY FUC–


Marlene: Let’s get you out of the crossfire, Moxie. Please don’t bite me this time though, okay?

Moxie CrimeFighter: I MAKE NO GUARANTEES >:(

Everly Bear: LOL I’m hiding in here to escape!

She might just make me proud after all :)

Andie: Why won’t you let me go to the friggin’ HOSPITAL?

Because it’s just more satisfying this way? I mean, come on.

Andie: I hope my real life self punches you in the throat.

Ahoy there! Another girl. Why do I get so many GIRLS?

This kid is Sage Moonblood. Sage Moonblood is the son of Sylvester Stallone. I can’t help but name my kids BOY names, considering I don’t GET boys. Ugh. Frustrating.

I don’t know Sage’s traits yet (although I do think one is Party Animal) because there have actually been three different Sages. A mod messed up on me and possessed all of my babies, so I had to delete them and spawn new ones. Whoops.

So now comes the part where I cry because I now have two toddlers, one baby, and one on the way.

This is what that looks like on most days. Shut up, I know I’m a wimp LOL.

I do like the lighthouse in the background, though.

Andie has taken to walking around looking like a zombie.

Andie: Braaaaaaainburgerrrrrrr

She finally takes some time to relax with Pilot in the hot tub.

Andie: I bet throwing the Yeti in a hot tub is the best way to kill it. Don’t you think?

Andie: Not that I’d want to kill the Yeti. He is adorable.

Pilot Inspektor: Andie…

Andie: Yeeees?

Pilot Inspektor: You know what Yeti talk does to me.

Andie: Well, yeah. I told you you shouldn’t have worn a complete outfit into the hot tub. It’ll take so long to take it off.

Pilot Inspektor: I like the feel of clingy materials. You know that.

Andie: I’ll show you clingy.


Marlene: Starla, where the hell is everyone?!

I really have no idea. They could be anywhere. I’m not their keeper!

Marlene: You kind of ARE!

They’re busy!

Marlene: GRR!

Marlene: All done. *SNERK*

Friggin’ Marlene. Where’d you put it?

Marlene: I don’t know. I’m not it’s KEEPER.

You kind of a–

Marlene: See how it feels?!

Another effing GIRL, ladies and gentlemen. I might look into apples. I try not to interfere, but when life gives you girls, eat apples to get boys instead, right? 

Her name is Reignbeau. She’s named after the daughter of actor Ving Rhames. I don’t know her traits either. Since there’s no Boy trait, who cares?!

NEXT TIME: Boys? A quicker update? People throwing things at me? Simselves? We shall see! Thank you so much for reading, I seriously heart you all. See you soon! Happy simming!


20 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Y Chromosome?

    1. Thank you! I have to say I adore Moxie. And her name lol.

      Lol thanks! I’m glad you like them! I was worried that I’d run out of names, but I think I’ve got plenty. Why are celebrities so weird?!

      Omg Keith is so cool, haha. I might have to save him and play with him on his own.

      …That sounded wrong.


  1. Yay! Chapter of Creepery goodness!!! :D
    I love all the girls, actually :3 I think Moxie might be my favorite based on her adorable blondeness (which looks awesome with her spiceberry outfit <3), but I have to see the two new ones first :D
    Braaaaaainburgerrrrrr lol, I love zombie sims xD I love the inside of the house! Orange-y and black-ness is cool! :P


    1. Yay, finally, right?
      Oh I’m so excited about this batch of kids! Moxie seems to be my favorite so far too, but we’ll see how that goes!
      I love zombie sims too, man I wish they were in TS3.
      Thank you so much!


  2. Welcome back. Fun read, as usual. I had to laugh at that poor girl with no eyes. Nice CAS changes. I feel you about the girlz, too. I have the random thingy for Twallan’s mod turned on, but I often get stuck with one gender or another for an entire generation. Annoying.


    1. Thank you :) Lol I don’t even know how the no eyes happened! As far as I know, her parents could both see perfectly fine. And yeah I had it on random, but I switched it to balanced because of all the girls. It honestly seemed like only girls were being born all over town too D:


  3. Yippy! I am so happy you are back. I loved every minute of it, just like always. If you want boys, I too suggest Twallian’s Master Mod and use Random. You can also just choose boys if you really want to, :-) LoL.


    1. Aw, thank you, it’s good to be back! I’m glad you liked it! Lol I try not to use help, but you know, I might have to eventually.


  4. Hooray, the Creepers are back! It’s really surprising how much I missed your little pixels. Great update, as always. I loved the part with the celebrity and the paparazzi, and the first labour scene.
    Can’t wait for the next update!


  5. Yay! The Creepers return. i finally got caught up on your legacy and you vanished. =P Glad your back now.

    Hopefully your Townies don’t all go vampire on you ^^


    1. LOL that sucks, I’m sorry! I really didn’t mean to take so long :/ Hopefully it won’t happen again.

      I’ve heard about vampire infestation, but so far, I haven’t seen one vampire! Maybe I’m doing something wrong haha.


  6. I can has brainburger? :D

    I hope you get some boys soon. But be careful what you wish for; I ended up with triplet boys that way once <<


    I heart Pilot XD I stand by the fact that he is a goober. :3 Hoping for more Andie!torture! ^_^


    1. Lulz, yes, you CAN has!

      Hahaha omg triplets. Wow, I don’t think I’ve played triplets yet.

      And speaking of you, you need to update!

      Pilot is one of my favorites tooooo. And of course there HAS to be Andie!torture XD


  7. The Harks had 4 toddlers and 2 infants. Fertility treatment screwed me over giving me twins each time X.X Luckily Gen 2 was by far the largest generation, and it hasn’t happened since.


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