Chapter Thirty-Six: Orange You Glad

Bluebell Madonna is on a mission. I’ve shot the goody goody full of sedatives so she’ll skip school and do it for me.

Bluebell Madonna: I can feel the air’s soul…

There was no other way.

Now that my major computer problems are fixed, I can complain about the little things again :D We’ve been having a GHOST INFESTATION, as in the ghosts are haunting full force and keeping everyone up at night. I did have a ghost reaction removal mod installed, but I took it out because… well, apparently I like to be tortured.

And while I love seeing three generations of Creeper women at once (SOCUTE), it’s time to build… THE CREEPER FAMILY CEMETERY. *cue creepy-yet-underwhelming music*

I want the entire family tree to be included in this.  The only problem is the Creepers can’t just be found in the mausoleum. Noooo, there are Creepers creeping everywhere around Twinbrook. That’s just what they do, you see.

Bluebell Madonna’s mission, should she choose to accept it (and she will, by FORCE), is to visit every Creeper household and pick up all the dead people that are planted there.

Old Man Named Thad Creeper: Now where have those teeth of mine gotten to?

Hopefully that vine there isn’t a DENTURE VINE. LOL, I’m not funny.

Thad is married to Luz, who you might remember is Justice’s daughter. I know what you’re thinking: WTF, she isn’t DEAD yet? These were my thoughts too. It’s not insensitive.

Or you might be thinking WHO THE HECK IS LUZ? In that case, I’m mad at you >:(

But not really.

Luz and Thad never had children.

Luz: Because they would steal all my toys! MINE!

So true. My daughter stole my stuffed Link toy.

How I loved him. *sniffle*

Nah, I’m kidding. I took him back while she was sleeping. MINE! XD

Bluebell Madonna: Hello, Mr. Creeper. I’m here to pick up the remains of Justice and Robyn Creeper.

Thad: That’s just sick. You can’t do those things to dead bodies, you know!

Bluebell Madonna: What?! I’m not going to… EW! I need them for the–

Thad: Uh huh. All you Creepers are deplorable.

You married one?

Kay: Hi, I’m Kay. I’m Oliver’s wife.

Bluebell: You are way pregnant.

Kay: Yes, because there just aren’t enough Creepers in this town.

I made a family tree with every single Creeper EVER on it. There are like five trillion, seriously, I’m just waiting for the inbreeding.  It’s here if you want to check it out (not the inbreeding, the family tree).  I dunno if that link will even work. Let me know if it doesn’t XD

Anyway, Kay is Kay Pebble, awesome purple eyed babysitter. Just thought I’d add that in because yay.

Next stop is Joanne Simovitch’s place, where we pick up Teddy Jo. Betty is in the mausoleum, so they will be reunited soon.

Bluebell Madonna: SCHOOLKBAI

Silly School Push. *exes out queue* We’re too busy for school!

Joanne: Sorry, little girl. I’m not buying any cookies.

Bluebell Madonna: My name is Bluebell Madonna Creeper. You’re like my Great Aunt or something, but the game doesn’t see it that way.

The game doesn’t see past cousins, I guess?

Joanne: Bluebell Madonna, did you say? What the eff kind of name is that, messed up hobo?

Bluebell Madonna: I’m just going to get the gravestone and go, shall I?

Joanne: Whatevs.

Joanne is still very cool.

And she’s not married, but she has a kid named Terry with the pizza guy Carl Zoni. Terry looks like a creeper. OH WAIT, HA…

Bluebell Madonna: I’m going to be arrested for truancy and it’s all your fault!

Yeah well maybe a little jail time wouldn’t hurt you and your Mary Janes.

This is Diva Muffin’s house. I don’t think anyone’s been buried here, but I figured why not?

Diva’s place is hoppin’. Maybe she deals drugs O_o

Roderick: Ahem.

What the… OH HAI ROD. We miss you. Whatcha been up to?

Roderick: I come here to eat because I’m still homeless from when you kicked me out.


Old Guy: Um… I am not comfortable with this…

Blonde Chick: Maybe if I stay really still he’ll go away.

Roderick: I kind of don’t miss you ruining my life.

Blonde Chick still looks pretty worried there.

Bluebell Madonna: Hi, Aunt Diva Muffin.  Please don’t make fun of my name.

Diva Muffin: Your name? Psh, I’d take Bluebell Madonna over Diva Muffin any day.

Which would YOU prefer?

This is Diva’s only biological child, Audrey. She’s basically just a face one clone, boo.  Still rockin’ the Claire Ursine hair though.

Aaaand nothing’s here. Moving on.

Finally, our last stop. The mausoleum. Here we find the remainder of the Creeper family… only we’re missing Rumer. Where the heck did Rumer go?! Oh well. I didn’t care enough to use Master Controller to look for her, but I’ll probably do that the next time I play (because “didn’t care” actually means “was too n00bish to think of it” in this case).

And here is the finished product!  It’s lamely decorated and empty :D I sent Hector to buy it, but now that I’m typing this, I think I should’ve had Pilot do it since he’s, you know, an actual family member. I dunno if that’ll be a problem later on or not. Yes, five generations in and I’m still a n00b.

This is the lovely founders’ section. As you can see, I had some statues built in the perfect likenesses of Chad and Agnes.

…What? They totally looked like that, you don’t remember?

Chad’s Grave: Yeah baby.

Here are the spares and their children. Still missing Rumer. LOL SPOILER ALERT! I think Oliver and Diva have also died since I took this picture.

The best part of The Creeper Cemetery is the trampoline (in grey for mourning)! Now all the Creeper ghosties can jump around all night instead of walking through rooms and waking up my alive people.

So that ends the mission, albeit anti-climactically. Now on to better things.

Pilot Inspektor: Yeah, like the whole ME running this thing now… thing!

Of course! Our dear Pilot Inspektor won the vote, followed closely by Audio Science. Bluebell Madonna came in last place, but we all figured that, didn’t we?

Pilot Inspektor: I did. She’s like salmon, I’m like a unicorn.

…Right, and so the house gets painted in MANLY ORANGE. I tried to make it to where it didn’t stab our retinas too badly. I hope it’s okay :)

Not-Fun Trivia: This is the first generation to have a ceiling. Hooray XD

First, Bronx Mowgli moves out, because he’s an independent man ready to tackle the world and I’m not all that interested in keeping him around (sorry Mariah, but I will upload him for you!). He moved in with Pattina Knack right away, but started dating some girl with the last name of Snow. Maybe we’ll actually see spawn from him.

Bronx Mowgli: Bai guyz!

Rufus and Lucy had already moved out last chapter, but I didn’t say it in case he won the poll XD Rufus took Lucy’s last name (of course), and they’ve already had a baby boy named Keith even though she Dislikes Children.

Yes, I forced it. I’m terrible, I’m sorry.

Hector found a magical laundry gnome one day, and Bluebell found one right after that. I named them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Because I’m original.

Thing 1 and Thing 2: We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!

That makes 4 gnomes running around the Creeper household. They could start a legacy of their own.

Pilot Inspektor: What’s wrong, Anderpatanders?

Andie: My terrible husband died and I’m just kind of bummed I didn’t get to divorce him first.

Pilot: Aw, sad hug for sad Andie on her sad day.

Andie: Thank you, Pilot.


Pilot: Oh, did I just touch a girl?

Andie: You did! Did you like it?

Pilot: Um…

Andie: You totally did *smirk*

Pilot: Yeah… It was almost better than the time I hugged my door.

Andie: …Thanks?

Hector: ARGH! Playing video games isn’t fun without my not-wife. And I clash terribly with this couch. Can’t I just live with Moon Unit until I die?!


It’s true, he wants to move in with her. I might feel nice enough to let him.

So far no luck in fixing her, though. She might not EVER return to the legacy house because she resets too much for my liking, but I don’t think she’ll die out in the world either. She hasn’t become an elder or anything.

Hmm, so the girl who’s killed many has somehow defied death. Iiiiinteresting.

Also, I changed Bluebell’s hair and I think it’s the cutest.

Bluebell Madonna: A lot of people don’t like me, but that’s okay.  I will kill them with kindness.

Like, literally?

Bluebell Madonna: Just watch your back, people :3

Hector: I just miss your mother so much, Audio Science. What do you think I should do?

Bluebell Madonna: Don’t mind me. Just slipping in here for a drink…

Bluebell Madonna: A HAPPY drink :D

Audio: I think you should do what your heart’s telling you, dad. I’m sure mom misses you too.

Hector: I hope so. I think I might just have to leave you guys, but I’ll feel guilty. You think you’ll all be okay?

Bluebell Madonna: Yep, nothing but lots of underage drinking going on right in front of you guys.

Audio Science: Don’t feel guilty. No one likes you anyway.

Later that night…

Moon Unit: It’s not true, you know. That no one likes you.

Hector: Moon…

Moon Unit: I do. I always will.

And so they kiss. But they can’t woohoo because she resets. Hellooooo, abstinence!

Still aww.

Speaking of abstinence, I don’t think there will be much more of that for Audio Science and Marlene. Things are heating up pretty fast.

Marlene: Does she try to take artsy shots often?

Audio Science: Nah, I think she just likes your butt.

Pfft. Shut up.

Audio Science: Have I told you how much I love the way your hair glitches through windows?

Audio Science: I love it so much, in fact, that I want to marry it—er—you. 

Aww, he almost dropped the box.

Audio Science: Marlene Clay, will you marry me?

Marlene: So… bright… can’t… look… away… Ow, my eyes…

Audio Science: Here, I’ll help.

Marlene: Please do. I think I might’ve lost all sight in the left one.

Marlene: Omigawd, did this really just happen?!

Audio Science: I think so, yeah.

Marlene: I love you, Audio Science Creeper.

Audio Science: I love you too, Marlene. You make me the happiest man in the world.

Pilot Inspektor:  You know what would make me the happiest man in the world, Andie?

Andie: What’s that?

Pilot Inspektor: If we could… maybe… hug again.

Pilot Inspektor: Or this. This is nice, too.

Andie: It is.

Andie: I really like you, Pilot Inspektor.

Pilot Inspektor: I like you too, Andie. You’re like an orange traffic cone.

Andie: Why’s that?

Pilot Inspektor: Well I love the color orange, but having it shaped like a cone makes it thirteen quadrillion times better, you know?

Andie: Of course.

Pilot Inspektor: I like how you don’t look at me weird when I say things. Other people do.

Andie: Maybe some people just don’t understand.

Pilot Inspektor: I’m going to kiss you now because your lips look delicious. Don’t turn into a dolphin.

Andie: Okay.

Andie: Are we finished?

Pilot Inspektor: Hell no.

Pilot Inspektor: Wow… it got dark. Oh! And I forgot it’s my birthday party with Audio tonight!  Let’s-a-go!  

Blonde Chick: You’re still not gonna eat me, right?

Roderick: For the last time, I do not eat sims!

Marlene: Happy birthday, babe.

Audio Science: Thank you, gorgeous.



Uh oh, Rufus. What would Lucy think if she saw you dancing like that with Blonde Chick?

Rufus: Quiet, you. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me.

Pilot Inspektor: BEWBZ!

Andie: Serious face.

Sims just don’t make happy expressions when they dance. They always look bored.

Andie: I am having great times.

Pilot Inspektor: They’re booing me.

Andie: Yeah, but they don’t matter. I’ll never boo you.

Pilot Inspektor: Good. If you boo me I might have to dump you.

Pilot Inspektor: I like the way you blow that… horn…


Before my new graphics card, birthdays took like 8 hours. Now they’re pretty quick. *likes this*

Pilot Inspektor: Waiting for my birthday woohoo…

Andie: Birthday woohoo, huh? You think I’m that easy?

Pilot Inspektor: I think you’re pretty and I want to woohoo you on my birthday because you’re a special gift.

Andie: Okay, maybe I am that easy.

Pilot Inspektor:  Hmm, that charisma class really worked.      


Pilot Inspektor: Off to work I go. Who needs sleep?


And of course Pilot isn’t the only one getting birthday woohoo.

Audio Science: Marlene, your ears… I never noticed how…

Marlene: How what? How abnormally large they are?

Audio Science: Well, yeah…

Marlene: They’re all you can see now, aren’t they?

Audio Science: Kind of…

Marlene: If you want me to leave, it’s okay. I understand.

Audio Science: Yeah. I can’t do this.

Marlene: I thought so. They’re a deal breaker, I know.

Audio Science: Oh shut up, Marlene. I don’t care and you know it. I love everything about you, especially your huge ears.

Marlene: You don’t think any different?

Audio Science: Of course not, baby. I love you more than ever.



Pilot Inspektor: ANDIE. Hey, it smells nice in here.

Andie: Um…

Pilot Inspektor: WE NEED TO TALK RIGHT NOW >:(

Andie: A bit scared…

Pilot Inspektor: ILUMARRYME.

Andie: Huh?! I thought you were mad!

Pilot Inspektor: I am. About YOU. Ha.

Pilot Inspektor: So, I’m going to conjure up this magical ring…

Andie: Oh my gosh…

Pilot Inspektor: See, here’s the ring like I said. Don’t get used to it because it’ll disappear after I put it on you.    

Pilot Inspektor: Here you go, now we’re engaged :D That was easy, right?

Andie: Pilot, you are so adorable :D


Andie: Hey, you’re right, it did disappear.

Andie: Oh, there it is again, look!

Pilot Inspektor: Yeah, it does that.

Pilot Inspektor: So, engaged?

Andie: Engaged!


Pilot Inspektor: How about married?

Andie: Say wut?

Pilot Inspektor: Just get it over with now?

Andie: Sure, okay :)

Andie: Is this ring going to disappear too?

Pilot Inspektor: Yep, sure is. I’ll still love you though.

Andie: Good. And now we kiss.

Pilot Inspektor: Cool. Okay, bye!

Andie: But where are you…?

Pilot Inspektor: Not telling!

I re-did the wallpaper in the bathroom too. You like? I love the fishy pattern.

Andie: It’s lovely.

You’re back.

Pilot Inspektor: I am.

Where did you—?

Pilot Inspektor: NOT TELLING.

Pilot Inspektor: Cookies, anyone?

Aww, he went and learned the cookie recipe because they’re Andie’s favorite :D

Pilot Inspektor: Shut up, did not.

Did toooooooo. Someone’s whipped.

Andie: The baby and I will love the crap out of your cookies, Pilot.    

And I must end this here! Why? Because I’ve still got unpacking to do from the move I just made. Yeah, I put the legacy first, haha. Thank you all for reading! Next time: Baby City. Also, we might just learn Andie and Marlene’s traits and junk. And other stuff might happen too! Until then, happy simming everyone!

36 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty-Six: Orange You Glad

  1. ILUSM.

    I love how Andiesim’s arms went o/ when they got engaged. XD Adorable. I also love the little octopi in the bathroom. =D




    1. Oh thank you, so am I! I’m glad you like the house. It took me so long to re-decorate and I tried so many different shades of orange for the least insane lol.

      Me too!


  2. Pahahah Pilot is such a goober. I’m going to tell someone not to turn into a dolphin today. Fact.

    Love it. Preggo Andie :3 I hope her spawn will be evil ^_^



    1. Haha YOU’RE a goober :P

      Omg I hope so too. I’m trying to resist the urge to torture Andie, but I think i’ll just go for it XD



  3. OMG XD

    Can’t wait for Pilot babies, those kids are gonna be messed up :D

    Nice to see from Rod :) He should hook up with blonde chick before he dies :) Gonna miss the boys, but glad to see things going well for Audio! <3 him :)

    I'm gonna go update the Roses, and thanks for commenting, by the way :D It make my day!

    P.S: One of my buddies is now addicted to this legacy, coz of me. The other day, she spent, like, 4 HOURS reading it :P


    1. Haha it’d be so weird if the kids came out absolutely boring. Let’s hope they don’t!

      Yeah I feel bad about Rod :/ I think he adopted a kid though, who might also be the current Creeper maid. Not sure lol. I’m going to try and keep Audio around since so many people seem to like him :)

      *blushes* Thank you for sharing the addiction! THAT just made my day!

      And oh man I’ve been slacking on reading updates. I’m heading over to your legacy asap!

      ETA: Oh it is! I looked at it and just went whoa. Almost makes me want to see what weird little man I came from haha.


  4. OMG! I love Marlene’s ears! They are HUGE! Those ears would be great in my legacy, they would totally work with the Monkey DNA my sims have!!! Did she come with the town or did you create her?

    BTW, another fab update as always! I love the dolphin comment, I may use it on my husband some time.

    Moon Unit’s having immortality sounds to me like she made a deal with you know who. Does she kill people to stay young?


    1. Ah, I love her ears too :D I agree, they’d be great for your legacy! She came with the town, actually! I think Harwood Clay adopted her.

      Thank you so much!

      Ooh, I bet that’s exactly what she does! I always knew she’d be special.


  5. Yay :D

    A cemetary, huh? I am never bothered to make those things although I have currently about fifteen ghosts roaming around my legacy lot :D

    What a chapter full of love! If I were a sim I’d swoon xD

    MOON UNIT! And bbz (about to be) :D

    Awh, you moved out Rufus and Lucy D: I wish we could’ve seen them be creepy a little longer :)

    PS. I too would prefer Bluebell Madonna. It reminds me of blueberries. :D

    Happy simming!


    1. Lol it’s actually pretty fun making a cemetery. I’d never planned on making one either. It’s like the one place the entire family can gather and be nostalgic. I might have weddings there, just for fun XD

      Aww, yeah lots of love going on!

      I know I wish we could’ve seen Rufus and Lucy together too. We might see more from them next chapter!

      Haha yeah Bluebell Madonna > Diva Muffin. Diva Muffin just makes me think of odd things O_o

      Thank you, you too!


  6. I’ve been stalking the creepers for a while now and finally stopped being lazy and decided to say how much I love your legacy. :D

    And… now I’m lazy again. (Pssst. What graphics card do you use?)


    1. Aww, thank you!! It means so much to me to hear that :D

      Hahaha that’s great! I use the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240. It’s not too expensive and works great! Also so easy to install.


    1. “EDIT”: It starts off with TS2 Kaylynn selected… just click on one of the Maes to see my family. I did the family tree for a bunch of premades too :P


      1. Oooh, neat! It’s so cool to see the family tree grow. I can’t wait to see it!

        Yes, FINALLY the next gen! I totally agree, last gen just seemed to drag on haha.

        Thank you once again for a lovely comment!


  7. Aw, Bluebell is so cute! And the orange house looks really good (and I don’t even like orange) :) Great update as always, and awesome that you got a new graphics card! :D


    1. My husband LOVES orange, so I got a bit of his input while I was doing it XD. I asked him if it was manly enough for my first male heir. Thanks so much for reading!


  8. Just in case, I’ve been trying to get some publicity for my’s fairly new but if people could show their support that would be great! Oh and by the way I love this legacy! It’s awesome :D *thumbs up*


    1. Thank you :)

      I know how you feel. It feels good and motivates you when you get comments and feel like people are actually reading your legacy. I checked out your Pearls though and it seems that the pictures are broken :/ Sorry!


  9. The whole “I’ve got a bone to pick with Andie” scene cracked me up! I was literally LOLing and its hard to get me to do that. :P

    I love the way your hair glitches in the window. XD

    I made a new legacy, I think you can just click on my name or picture or something to go to it.
    I wish it could be as funny as yours.


    1. Aw, thank you! He seriously looked furious and I almost got the impression that he didn’t want to do it haha. But he did, he loves her. I’m glad I could make you laugh, that makes me feel great!

      Those darn windows glitch all my hair haha.

      Oh, I definitely will be checking that out! I looked it over and it looks great (and totally funny!). I need to fix my links page so I can link to it. I’ll do that soon.


  10. I just started reading your legacy a little while ago, and look! I’m caught up! I have to say, it’s adorable, as well as hilarious!! I can’t believe how many death coincidences Moon Unit seemed to cause – every time I thought it couldn’t possibly happen again, it did! I love her :’)
    And Pilot! Oh my goodness. You make his insanity so incredibly hilarious! It cracks me up every chapter. I’m so glad he’s heir! You do a great job with his traits :3
    Love your legacy – definitely gonna keep up with it :D


    1. Glad you could catch up, and VERY glad you actually read through it! Thank you so much for the awesome compliment :D Honestly, I was surprised with all the death around Moon too! It was strange in the best way lol.

      Oh, thank you :3 I love writing him because I have an excuse to be weird, haha. I’m really glad he’s heir too.

      Thank you so much! I get so excited about new readers!


  11. Yay, I’m probably going to download all of them lol.
    Except maybe Moon Unit, cause I don’t want her killing all my sims. :P

    Thank you for reading my legacy btw. I’ll put a ling to yours too. And that way I wont have to look through my bookmarks to find yours I don’t have many veiwers yet, so it probably wouldn’t help with traffic, though. :P


  12. so ive been stranded on the couch after a bad injury with my knee, and ive spent an otherwise boring afternoon reading your legacy, and it has cheered me up immensely. please continue!


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