Chapter Thirty-Five: Some Will Win, Some Will Lose

Some were born to sing the blues!

Moon Unit: Serious face, Starla.

Oh, right. Ahem. A tragedy has befallen the Creeper household.


Moon Unit: It’s a little tough to be afraid of anything when death is so near…

Moon Unit is stuck in her maternity wear D: It doesn’t sound bad, but it is. She resets whenever she’s supposed to change her clothing, meaning she can’t shower or sleep or swim or work out. She can’t age up or be edited in CAS either. Moving her out and back in doesn’t help. I don’t even know if she can die, because that would require a clothing change as well.

Moon Unit: You had to go and get me knocked up again, didn’t you?

But of course we can try to kill her off.

Moon Unit: Pfft, who needs Handiness points when jabbing the thing with a screwdriver works just fine?

I’ve sent Bronx Mowgli around Sabotaging just about every electronic device in the house, but I guess the jabby screwdriver girl is immune to repair fail.

Bronx Mowgli: Take this, evil sound creating device!

At least someone gets satisfaction out of it.

We’ve dealt with it as best as we can, but omg make it stop.

Moon Unit: I feel like my Neurotic sister.

We’ve got about 30 more hand washes to go before the stink goes away, Moon.

Moon Unit: I won’t have skin on my hands by then!

Yeah you should just die and put an end to your misery. Go do that.

Moon Unit: Oh forget it! This is pointless! Why is this happening to me?!

Honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve played (read: annoying computer issues) that I’ve forgotten what I did to cause this. I just know that it’s my fault and that it has to do with a mod update and Moon Unit’s wellingtons.

Moon Unit: So YOU did this? Ugh, I give up.

Moon Unit: It’s time for me to go, baby girl. Maybe living in Story Progression will fix me and I can come back and see you when I don’t get a negative moodlet every time you’re around.

Bluebell Madonna: Can you at least re-customize my hand-me-down crib before you go?

Edison: NO! *falls to floor in a heap of sadness* PLEASE, DON’T GO!

And so Moon Unit kicks herself out of the legacy house in the hopes that she won’t have to suffer through me trying to kill her over and over again. We’ll miss you.

Moon Unit: Yeah and I’m Claire Danes.

Edison: I will miss you at least, dear Moon Unit. I even used my daily move to come out here and wave goodbye.

Aww. Sweet gnome.

Everyone deals with the loss of Moon Unit differently. Bronx Mowgli begins drowning his sorrows at 5:30 every morning.

Bronx Mowgli: I really don’t have any sorrows to drown. I just like the juice.

You’re sad that your mother is gone shut up.

Hector has taken to being generally more awful to be around.

Hector: It’s your fault she’s gone, you know. You’re supposed to be this great genius doctor and everything, and you can’t even come up with a solution for your own mother’s condition!

Audio Science: I don’t really think that’s fair…

Audio Science works. Constantly.

Rufus Tiger devotes his time to raising Bluebell Madonna.

Rufus Tiger: If you don’t learn this crap we’ll never get to the heir poll, Bluebell. Now say VOTE.

Bluebell Madonna: I don’t think anyone’s going to vote for me anyway, even though I am cute and sweet and Starla’s seen me as an adult and I’m pretty in a unique way.

Rufus Tiger: …I guess I’m a better teacher than I thought.

There was a bit of a tie between those wanting to wait for Bluebell to age up and those who could just vote for the heir now, so I’m going to let her age into a teen and then start the voting to be fair.

Pilot’s been out of the house a lot more. Stalking people. People like my BFFIRLLOL Andie.

Pilot Inspektor: The back of your neck looks nummy!

Pilot Inspektor: Hey, and the front of your neck looks pretty nummy too. That doesn’t always happen, you know.

Andie: I suppose not.

Pilot Inspektor: Is your name Gloria?

Andie: Er, no. It’s Andie.

Pilot Inspektor: Nice to meet you, Andie. I’m Pilot Inspektor. That was my way of getting you to tell me your name without it being awkward for me.

Andie: Should I… get you to a hospital?

Pilot Inspektor: No I’m fine.  Hey, you are single, right? I mean, I don’t want to get jealous hammer smashed by someone for talking to you.

Andie: Well actually, I am married to a man named Ty. Ty Dee.

Pilot Inspektor: He was once our maid.

Andie: Yeah, he’s um… Well, he can’t do much else with a name like his, you know? My ex-boyfriend’s name was Ree Treave. He was a Repo Man.

Pilot Inspektor: Trust me, I know all about fate sealing names. I’m going to be an Astronaut!

Andie: I see what you did there, yeah. Well, Pilot…


Pilot Inspektor: What the I don’t even…

Pilot Inspektor: You… can… come to my house for dinner. I have the cooking skills of an artist! But you can’t move in. That’s weird.

Andie: I just…

Pilot Inspektor: You can’t ask people you’ve just met if you can move in with them, nummy Andie. I mean, sure, my dad did that to my mom, but I’m me and that doesn’t work with me.

Andie: So you can’t help me out of my terrible marriage?

Pilot Inspektor: No. And Story Progression says your marriage is fine, by the way.

Andie: Well, it’s not.

Pilot Inspektor: I don’t believe you. Good day.

Birthday time! Hector gets out of his bad mood long enough to give Bluebell a small party.

Le Maid: But I am le tired.

Oh, classics.

Bluebell Madonna: Who’s a good, light sleeping vegetarian? THIS GIRL :D

*crickets chirp*

The good, light sleeping vegetarian deserved a good, light sleeping vegetarian look.

Bluebell Madonna: I would like to be a vegan fairy princess who rescues sad animals! Is that a LTW option?

No. No, it’s not.

Bluebell Madonna: Life is grand! Isn’t life grand, daddy?

Hector: Hell yes it is. I just smacked a cop with a bat and stole a car. Life is sweet!

Rufus Tiger: Mom’s probably sleeping on a bench somewhere and you’re sitting here like nothing’s wrong. Shame on you!

Hector: It was her choice, son. Oh man, look I took that skank’s money!

Bluebell Madonna: After such a long day of gaming, I must soak my fragile bones and rest my weary, delicate head.

I totally feel the same way sometimes.

Bluebell Madonna: Ah! Duckie, what are you doing?! It is not proper for you to be in here!

Duckie: I was being creepy. Aren’t we all supposed to be creepy? I thought that was the thing here.

Yeah, Bluebell is a different kind of creepy.

Rufus Tiger: Oh, dear. Hello, would you like a Band-Aid for your face?

That’s not very–


Lucy Ferne: That is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. YOU ARE MY BOYFRIEND NOW.

Rufus Tiger: Um, do I get a say in–

Lucy: No. You are my boyfriend AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.

Bluebell Madonna: I have finished my homework, cleaned the house, and spent quality time with my family. It is now time for me to have a beautiful slumber. Goodnight, wonderful world! I will see you again when the majestic sun rises!


Lucy: Now Rufus, if I’m going to be your trophy wife, I expect you to make a few changes. First, you need to get a real job. No more of this, “I’m an Inventor, I invent things!” crap. It’s just an excuse to be worthless. Secondly, are you going to live with your parents forever? …Hey, are you even listening?!

Rufus Tiger: Sorry, you lost me at “trophy wife”.  Continue.

Lucy: If you haven’t noticed, Rufus Tiger, I can kick your ass. You either get serious about this relationship OR I WILL BEAT YOU INTO A PASTE.

Rufus Tiger: But I never asked for th–

Lucy: You want to be spread on a CRACKER?

The next day.

Lucy: I AM HERE TO MOVE IN. Anyone got a problem with that?

Not me. Please don’t haunt my dreams.


Lucy: Good. That’s what I thought! *snarl*

Please go inside now.


Hector: Neck. Breaking. Help!


Lucy: Now stop being mean to everyone! I will not tolerate that in my house!

Hector: Rufus Tiger, did you build this robot woman?! Owww!

Rufus Tiger: Look, you can’t just come in here like you own the place. We can be together if you want because I fear for my life, but don’t bring my family into this too. Even if my dad deserves it.

Lucy: Do you really feel this way?

Rufus Tiger: Yes… But don’t hit me, please.

Lucy: No, I understand. I won’t beat up your family if it makes you unhappy.

Rufus Tiger: Good.

Lucy: I’m still moving in though. You can’t stop me!

Rufus Tiger: W-whatever you want, dear.

Bronx Mowgli has a new lady in his life as well: His boss, Pattina Knack.

Bronx Mowgli: Hello, Pattina. You look lovely in pink. *rolls want to kiss*

Well. I hope no one was hoping to vote for him as heir. I thought he just wanted a promotion, but apparently he wants much more than that.

Bronx Mowgli: You have such beautiful eyes. I especially love your laugh lines.

Pattina: Why thank you, dearie. I haven’t heard anything as sweet as that since I was 15.

Let me guess, just before you were clubbed in the head and dragged by your hair to the cave?

I love old people, really. Some of the best people are old.

Cake shot time. Anyone else ready to get this over with?

Lucy: I would smile, but it hurts too much. I’d rather scowl.

Rufus Tiger: That’s fine, honey. You’re trying, that’s all that matters.

Pilot Inspektor: Yay, I haven’t said anything too weird yet this chapter!

Really? This is how you want to start off your teenhood?

Bluebell Madonna: As a newly made Perfectionist, this might’ve been the wrong outfit choice, I admit.

So. She’s a good, light sleeping perfectionist who doesn’t eat meat. Omg can you say BORING? I played her in another file and she was a totally awesome inappropriate, childish and flirty thing.

Bluebell Madonna: Excuse me, I must do something.

Her Unmade Bed Senses must’ve tingled.

Bluebell Madonna: A quarter could bounce off of this thing.

Good for you. Boring moving on.

Pilot Inspektor: Hello, nummy Andie.

Andie: Can I come over?! Please say yes!

Pilot Inspektor: How about I say FISH?

Andie: Fish?

Pilot Inspektor: Yes. It’s your lucky day. Fish means YES.

Andie: Thank you for having me over. Ty was being so unreasonable about–

Pilot Inspektor:  You’re not really talking right now, did you know? Starla just took pictures of me teaching you Ping and his Checkers and is now pretending we’re having a conversation.


Andie: Maybe Starla has a reason for doing this, though. Maybe she’s just too awesome to–

Pilot Inspektor: Now she’s talking through you. I bet you feel violated.

>:(  You will play by my rules or else!

Pilot Inspektor: I am sorry that you and your husband are having problems, Andie. You can stay here for a bit to clear your head. And there is no way I am teaching you a song right now.

Andie: Thank you for all of your help, Pilot. You are my hero, how will I ever repay you?

Audio Science: Ha! Logic point equals GAINED!

Pilot Inspektor: Yes, I am a hero.  I have heroic poses such as this that are unrelated to Ping.

Andie: Ooh, impressive.

Pilot Inspektor: You can repay me by accepting any flirts I may send your way.

Andie: Done.

Hector: Where is that piece of garbage you let move into this house, Rufus? She busy shaving her moustache?

Lucy: I am right here, I can hear you, and I will chop off your man parts and feed them to you in a stew.

Rufus Tiger: What was that you were saying, dad?

Rufus Tiger: I’m sorry my dad said that stuff about you. He doesn’t know how to love anyone like I love you.

Lucy: You… you l-love me? I’ve never been loved before.

Rufus Tiger: Well, you know, after I got over the debilitating fear, you kind of grew on me.

Lucy: Oh, Rufus! I want to squeeze you until you burst!

Rufus: You probably could, so uh.. don’t try, okay?

Lucy: You have to marry me now. I won’t take no for an answer.

Rufus: Well, lucky for me, I won’t mind marrying you.

Lucy: Very lucky for you.

Rufus Tiger: Let’s hurry up and get married before the shock sets in and I lose feeling in my legs.

Lucy: *purrs*

Lucy: Are you… CRYING?

Rufus Tiger: No, my face itched!

Lucy: I can’t believe I married a nancy boy!

At least you’re man enough for the both of you, right?

Lucy: I will eat your compu–

Sorry! Being not-talky now.

Andie: Cookies are my favorite!

Pilot Inspektor: Cookies? I’ll have to remember that. I can bake you some someday!

Andie: Sweet.


Pilot Inspektor: But you have to learn to brush your teeth before AND after eating cookies. They’ll turn into parasites in your mouth and eat your esophagus.

Andie:  Suddenly cookies just aren’t my thing…

Bronx Mowgli: Hey look, dad. You’re an elder now and no one cares.

Hector: People care, don’t they?

Bronx Mowgli: Nope. You’re a jerk.

Hector: Oh…

Bronx Mowgli: I know we’ve just met, but I’m a photographer. I think you’d be great in my next photo project. You interested?

Andie: As long as they’re not nude. I will absolutely NOT do nude again.

Bronx Mowgli: Again, eh?  Approximately how much would it cost for you to do nude again? Money’s not an issue with us Creepers, you know.

Pilot Inspektor: Heeeeey, I’m slightly interested in her.

Audio: I’m pictured playing chess again? People are going to think that’s all I do!

It’s not all you do. You do other things too.

Audio: Well then SHOW THEM. I’ve got no face time.

Oh, right.

See, Audio went to the consignment shop one day. And instead of finding an ugly painting or an overpriced bottle of nectar, he found his destiny.

Audio Science: You… are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.

Look at that face. Can you say “Love at first sight”? 

Marlene: Oh, like I haven’t heard that one before. I don’t give out free bottles of nectar, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you boozehound, I am NOT your girl.

Audio Science: No, it’s nothing like that! I’m sorry, I just… You are… Well, look at you! You’re beautiful.

Marlene: …Really? You think so?

Audio Science: Absolutely! And not just because I’m lacking a love life and spend my days playing chess with myself.

Marlene: Funny, I spend my days playing chess with myself too…

Audio Science: Seriously? I… Oh man, that’s really ho… I think I need some new pants, do you have any?


Marlene: Oh god… Kinda uncomfortable… Yes, we have a wide variety of pants.

Audio Science: Thank you… for not freaking out at me and stuff. And for your help. With pants.

Marlene: Thank you for thinking I’m beautiful.

After that, there was no question about who Audio Science would end up with.

Audio Science: I still can’t believe you’re my girlfriend :D

Marlene: And I still can’t believe you’re my boyfriend! And you actually think I’m pretty!

Oh, sappy sappy blah blah blah.

Things between Pilot and Andie are warming up. But what about her marriage to Ty Dee?

Pilot Inspektor:  My dad is making this awkward, isn’t he?

Andie: I can deal.

And now it’s time to get down to business! I know a lot of people have already stated who they want to vote for, but I’m going to do an official vote anyway! I won’t leave it up very long though so we can get the next generation up quickly.

Anyway, will it be Pilot Inspektor?!

Traits: Absent-Minded, Grumpy, Handy, Insane, Slob
Favorites: Classical, Ratatouille, Orange
LTW: Become an Astronaut 
Possible Mates: Andie, some girl at work I forgot the name of

Or would you prefer Audio Science?

Traits: Clumsy, Genius, grumpy, Perfectionist, Workaholic 
Favorites: Latin, French Toast, Orange 
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Possible Mates: Marlene Clay

Or maybe Bronx Mowgli! Hector photobombed his shot.

Traits: Technophobe, Easily Impressed, good Sense of Humor, Grumpy, Mooch
Favorites: Pop, Tri-Tip Steak, Red 
LTW: CEO of Mega-Corporation 
Possible Mates: Pattina Knack, perhaps someone younger

Don’t forget Rufus Tiger!

Traits: Couch Potato, Eccentric, Light Sleeper, Over-Emotional, Workaholic
Favorites: Egyptian, Mac and Cheese, Green
LTW: Chess Legend
Possible Mates: Lucy Ferne

Oh, and there’s this one too I guess :P  Bluebell Madonna!

Traits: Good, Light Sleeper, Vegetarian, Perfectionist
Favorites: Classical, Pancakes, Spice Brown 
LTW: To Be Determined
Possible Mates: To Be Determined

Voting can take place in a comment here, or HERE on Boolprop! Thank you guys for reading and for all of your support throughout my computer problems and non-updating XD

42 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty-Five: Some Will Win, Some Will Lose

  1. I’m a longtime fan, but I just noticed now that ANYONE can comment. XD I’m stupid, I know. Anyway, your legacy is kickass and hilarious and totally awesome. :D

    And I vote for Pilot Inspektor. Of course. He’s awesome. And I might have a crush on him. Just maaaybe. XP. All the kids are fantastic of course, and I’ll miss whoever ends up moving out. T.T And I hope Moon Unit will be back in the legacy house soon, wellingtons and all.

    I shall surely comment more in the future! Yay! Happy! Bai!


    1. Haha you’re not stupid at all! I’M the stupid one for taking so long to find the option to change that. Thank you so much, that compliment made my day :D

      Pilot’s a very good choice! He’s so crushable, haha. I’ll miss them too, especially when the house will be so empty. I like the flow of things right now :( Poor Moon Unit. I hope she can return soon too.

      Thank you and I’m glad you commented!


    1. Aw, a Rufus vote, yay! I was afraid he wouldn’t get any votes, so thank you XD Lucy is definitely great. I’m glad she forced him to be with her.


    1. Haha yesssss Andie is a perfect Creeper, isn’t she?

      <3<3 I win.

      Yeah poor thing. I dunno what to do with her. She's still wandering around as an adult when she should be way elderfied D:


  2. Sorry to see Moon Unit get booted, but hopefully it was for the best and all is now as well as it can be in Creepertown.

    I think I want to vote for Rufus. I love Lucy. I think she’ll add just the right amount of Creeper to the next generation :)


    1. Aw, thank you. I think it was for the best. All the resetting she did made me antsy. She will live on as a reminder of my mod update fail, haha.

      Another Rufus vote! Awesome :D Lucy would DEFINITELY make things interesting. Thanks for the vote and for reading!


  3. I love Lucy!!!! Har Har Har! She has me concisering a vote change. I actually know a woman that house sat for her boyfriend and moved in while he was away.

    Glad you have your game back! I recently lost my legacy family to code 12! Luckily I had an old back up copy, but I now have to replay alot of my game. My game is now behind where my blog is. Game problems are very upsetting.


    1. Hahaha that woman sounds AWESOME.

      Oh thank you, I’m glad to have it back too, omg! Aw, I’m sorry to hear that! Stupid code 12! Game problems just plain suck, especially when you love the little pixel people you’re playing with. I’m glad you at least had an old back up and didn’t lose it all :(


  4. Awesome chapter, I’ve been looking forward to it ^-^ I wish my legacy was this cooool. You have been linked, btw.

    OMG, it’s my first heir poll ^^

    So far I’ve been Pilot all the way, but now I’m really not so sure :(

    It’s either him or Audio :P They both have really awesome personalities, so I’ll probably end up voting on boolprop once I’ve decided. I’ve got the same name over there :)

    Happy simming :)


    1. Thank you, I’m glad to be updating again! And come on, your legacy is awesome! I’m hooked :D Thank you for the linkage too. I’m working on a new Links page because my blog got all messed up from picture sizes and junk. When it’s up, look for your blog on it!

      Yay first heir poll! I know how you feel about that!

      It’s definitely a tough decision. I couldn’t do it myself :/

      Looking forward to your vote and happy simming to you as well! Thank you!


  5. Hmmm… Now it’s between… darn. I forgot his name… *checks* Yes yes, Bronx or Rufus. But Lucy… eugh… so Pilot or Bronx. I would’ve said Audio but really, enough with the red hair.


    1. Haha yeah that red hair is never ending! The voting is going differently than I thought it would. I’m excited to see what happens! Thanks for the input!



    Moon Unit! D:

    I had this glitch right after I installed AMB, but my cause had something to do with misplaced CC.

    But, whilst this, you can have Moon Unit shower with the Shower-In-A-Can and make her first relax on the bed and then click Sleep. Seeing as somehow doing it that way sims don’t change clothes.

    I would’ve voted for Pilot the previous chapter, but I like Lucy and Rufus better :D
    Plus, Rufus has grown up rather cute.

    Anyway, happy simming!


    1. Yessss! Hopefully another chapter will be out soon :D

      I thought about the Shower-In-A-Can thing, but I was too lazy to find any haha. We used to have tons, I dunno what happened to them O_o Thank you for the advice though! I didn’t even think about making her relax. I know she couldn’t woohoo, so I figured sleeping would be a bust as well.

      Yeah Rufus is cute, I think. He’s underrated and I think that’s my fault just a bit XD

      Thank you so much! Happy simming to you!


    1. LOL sure! You’re officially the one and only vote for Bluebell! I’m glad. I would’ve been sad if no one voted for her.

      Thanks for the vote!


  7. OMG I’m yorn between Audio and Rufus i.i Though Bluebell is cute.
    ANd no, I’m not voting on Audio because his girl has my name LOL I really love him. And Rufus. And Lucy is awesome.

    Will Moon Unit ever come back? i.i


  8. Okay, so, I have to be honest: I so didn’t get the whole Sims legacy thing. I thought, what could possibly be more boring? And then I thought, well, maybe I just don’t really understand what that means… so I went looking for some. And let me tell you, some of them really proved my initial thought! But then I found yours, and seriously, it’s funny. I have laughed so much throughout the whole thing. Really, really enjoyed it. I have been reading the Chimerees as well, which I was linked to from your blog, and enjoyed it also, though in a different way than yours. But anyway — just wanted to say, excellent job! Can’t wait for the update!

    And I would have to say Rufus is my vote for heir… Lucy has some serious potential for creeperness. Could you tell us her traits if they don’t end up winning? I kind of want to create a sim just like her.



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