Chapter Thirty-Two: Grumpy

We get a lot of randomly angry NPCs in this legacy.  This mail carrier literally threw the Creepers’ mail on the ground and yelled at it after I took this.  Turn that frown upside down, guy.


Well that’s mature.


Go ahead, they’re just bills.


Welcome to another chapter of the Creeper legacy, titled Grumpy because of this guy!  Oh, and because every kid that’s been born so far this generation has the Grumpy trait.  It’s fun, let me tell you.  For example:

Audio Science: I’m bored, there’s nothing to do.

Why don’t you play chess?  Put your Genius trait to work.

Audio Science: I did that yesterday.

Watch TV?

Audio Science: TV makes me lose brain cells.

Play computer games?

Audio Science: No, I don’t feel like it.

Go to the park?

Audio Science: Ugh, your ideas suck.

Curse your Grumpy trait.  Just get out of my face!

There’s been so much grumpiness that I’ve barely had time for screenshots.  Last time you saw Bronx Mowgli becoming a toddler.  Here he is already becoming a child.

Hector: They grow so fast.

Moon Unit: You bet your ass they do, if I can help it.

Bronx:  No more bear hat!

Moon also became an adult, so that’s why her hair’s different.

Moon Unit: Great, no more toddlers!  I hope you’ve got a favorite kid, Starla, ‘cause I am DONE!

We’ll see about that.

Bronx: Is that the TV I hear? *runs flailing from room*

Technophobe was nice and locked in for Bronx.


Hiiiii Chad!

Chad: Sup.

I had this idea that since I now have the SuperComputer to do super things, I could now properly fix the ghosts that didn’t make it in the move from my laptop to my desktop.  

Chad: In other words, Chagnes is back, baby.

Until I kill you off again, that is.

So here’s what I did!  I’m telling you because it’s so exciting or something.  I made a new Sunset Valley file, created a Chad household, threw him into the Crumplebottom house, forced them to let them fall in love and get married again, aged Agnes up, saved their household to the bin, opened the Creeper file, stuck them in the legacy house, then I added them to the family tree aaaaand breathe!  Doing this actually brought the family funds up to about $250,000, but I took it back down to the $10,000 we’d finally managed to save up ‘cause I ain’t a cheatah.

Agnes: Oh, Chadwick!  How I’ve missed you!  I’m so happy to see you, even if it is only for a little while!

Chad: I’ve missed you too, sweets.  You’re th– *zap, zap, electrocution*

Agnes: DDDDDDDDDDDD: Not aga– *elderly death sounds*

…Was that insensitive?  You don’t know how tempted I was to let them hang around a bit, maybe mingle with the new generation.  But they had to go.  We’ve already had time to get over them anyway, right?

RIP (again) Chagnes.

Chad: I’m baaaack!

Already?  Jeeze, I can’t miss you if you won’t go away.

Bronx Mowgli: You know I can’t see anything, right?

Since the other boys had to have EAxis hairstyles, it was only fitting that Bronx had one too.

Bronx Mowgli: You make me grumpy.

So what’s new?  Just play with your metal dog thing.

Moon Unit: I sense that I am with child again.

Do you now?

Moon Unit: Yes, and my maternity dress reflects the burning fury that I have because of it.  Now who wants to die a very painful mac and cheese death?

Moon is looking pretty rough this time around.  I almost feel bad about making her have another baby, but I wanted to see if I could get a little more variety in the mix.  All the boys have the same colored eyes, boooooo.

To the spa you go, Moon!  Get yourself pampered.  You deserve it.

And I expect you to have a freaking smile on your face when you come out!

Moon Unit: We’ll see.

Gah, even SHE’s come down with grumpy.

One who hasn’t really shown his grumpy trait is Pilot Inspektor.  All he’s wanted to do is bake things and have bake sales.  At least it’s constructive.

Pilot Inspektor: And now the epic battle between muffin batter and heat begins! 

Pilot Inspektor: You did such a good job in there, little ones.  Now it’s time to spread your icing-lined wings and make me some money!

Um, Pilot?  You’re not really going to sell anything next to your house.

Pilot Inspektor: People walk by, though.

You’re facing backwards.  Let’s go to the park, okay?

Ah, I see Audio’s found something to do.  Stand awkwardly behind girls.

Silver Skank Thing: That poor boy.  He seems disturbed.

Archie: Yeah… Wonder what family he belongs to.  Definitely, uh… not mine.

Alecia: Are you just gonna stand there all day, creeper?

Audio Science: Umm… BYE.

Alecia is actually a daughter of the Keatons.  I brought a couple of families with us to Twinbrook because I liked how they were turning out.  Mortimer and Bella had gotten married, so I brought them.  I also snatched Malcolm Landgraab and his wife Kaylynn Langerak, because they had a daughter who I might be able to marry in if she looks decent.  I kind of adopted the Keaton girl into one of my simself’s granddaughter’s houses though, because I don’t care for her parents :P

Pilot Inspektor: Why hello there, butterfly.  Would you like to buy one of my vanilla muffins?  Battle scars are included!

Butterfly: Can I pay you in gum?

Pilot Inpektor: No, cash only!  Get away from here, cheapskate!

Pilot Inspektor: Screw this, I’m going to swing.

There were at least six people in the park and not one of them bought a muffin.  I even tried lowering the price to almost free :(  Oh well.  We’ll try again later.

Hector: Babe, you’re in labor!

Moon Unit:  After three kids I think I might know what labor feels like, Hector.

Spa day didn’t make Moon any less grumpy.

Moon Unit: I am done now, yes?

Yes, you’re done.  You should take my forcing you to pop out babies as a compliment, though.  It just means I think your genetics are too awesome to waste.

Moon Unit: Well, now that you put it that way!  …No.  Wait.  I still freaking hate you.

The new baby boy (yes, another boy, and I promise there weren’t any apples anywhere near Moon during any of her pregnancies) is Rufus Tiger, named after some dude named Roger Taylor’s kid.  You might have heard of him, he’s in a band called Queen?  I love me some Queen.  I also had a dog named Rufus once.  He was really ugly and scared me a lot.

Anyway, little Rufus Tiger is a Couch Potato and Eccentric (yay, new trait).  His favorite color is green, which is awesome because so is mine.  And I find it funny that his favorite food is mac and cheese because Moon (I so just typed Fifi) rolled a wish for it about four times while she was pregnant.

Since Rufus is Eccentric, which is mainly an Inventor’s trait, he’s sharing a room with Roderick.

Moon Unit: See you when it’s time to become a toddler, little Rufus.

What is Roderick up to these days, you ask?

He’s talking to appliances because no one else talks to him.

Roderick: So you see, we can’t take showers because we’ll pretty much die.

Food Processor: Bull crap, I took a shower yesterday.  Whoever told you that is a liar.

He’s also been mining because he’s not inventing much anymore when I put him on the inventing table.

We found these three guys with The Miner, so we analyzed them…

Yeah, bb.  The second one was valued at about $19,000.  They are hidden safely away until the Creepers become broke again.  I’d say anyone who comes across a Miner should definitely keep it.

Pilot continues to bake.  We’re preparing for an EPIC BAKE SALE OF AWESOME.

Pilot Inspektor: Shhh!  The batter only likes whispering, and the peas can’t handle hostility.

Peas?  No wonder you’re not selling anything.

Pilot Inspektor: What?  Peas are delicious!

Sometimes I attempt to get the boys to bond, but it doesn’t ever really work out.

Bronx Mowgli: Dude, it’s like really awkward to try to talk to you while you’re wearing that.

Pilot Inspektor: I went to school in this and everyone loved it.  They laughed!  I brought joy to the world!

Bronx Mowgli: I’m going… stuff.

Bronx Mowgli: You’ve got cool hair, chick. What’s your name?


Dee: I’m Dee Liver, former newspaper girl.

Oh looooord, her FACE looks like a liver.

Dee: What, you mean THIS face?  I’m like a model, baby.  My ex-boyfriend told me I’m just too pretty for him and that’s why we couldn’t be together.

Bronx Mowgli: I’m going… stuff.

Pilot Inspektor: As my very first customer, you get the honor of paying triple price!

Notzo Curious: Oooh, that sounds like a good deal!

Back at home, oh my god, Moon’s autonomously feeding the baby!  Good job, Moon.

Moon Unit: Hurry up, kid, chug that crap!  Commercials only last so long.

The garden’s also coming along really well.  Hrootbeer gave me some excellent advice for gardening, but I’m still noobish.  Hector’s managed to get some free time to collect seeds (with the help of the Collection Helper, which I think I had Fifi get before she died).  The weedy rows are the rare and uncommon seeds weve found so far.

Also, Chadwick is missing D:  I looked in the fridge and even in the oven, and I can’t find him anywhere.  Halp?

I forced the Chimerees to have a baby, and this is what they managed to make before they grew old.  His name is Colin.  He looks more like Jupiter than anything, I think.  I need to get moar Chimerees in town though.

Audio Science embraces his inner Genius and plays chess with himself.

Audio Science: I am a formidable opponent.  The first move could make or break me.

The next few shots are the I Clicked the New ‘Try New Experimental Treatment’ Option that Moon Unit Has Montage.

Well, yeah.  Could’ve told you that would happen.

Double birthday time!

But first, let’s set the house on fire, shall we?

Pilot Inspektor: Mini cavemen did this.

It wasn’t just one cake that caught on fire either.  It was both.  Moon Unit, this is your fault.

Moon Unit: Can’t prove it.

Moon Unit: Rod, I’m not on fire.

Roderick: Yeah but you’re so hot, baby.

Moon Unit: …Ew.

Bronx Mowgli: Wow, that incense is powerful!

Everyone: Sigh.

Fire Fighter: Hey, there’s no fire out here, you liars.

Take two, where the table is scorched and everyone’s a lot less enthusiastic.  Just another day in the Creeper household, my friends.

Omg you’re borderline face one, you freak.

Audio Science: Job plz.

Workaholic was locked in for our resident Genius.

Aaaaaand insta-crush.

He looks a lot like Moon Unit, only in boy form and pretty hot… you know, for a sim and stuff.  Ahem.

Pilot Inspektor: I’m Handy, too.

Hey, wait, another birthday!

Moon Unit: Growing up my very last baby, this one’s for ME.

Rufus Tiger: *suffocates*

Ty: That ain’t right!

And the boys show off their post-makeover pjs.

Audio Science: Why is he always half naked?

Pilot Inspektor: I like birthdays.  They remind me of orange juice.

Moon Unit: Tell me when Rufus is a kid, okay?

So Rufus has black hair and dark grey eyes.  Those eyes have been in the family since Agnes, so I won’t be complaining. 

Rufus: I look soopid.

No way.  Since he’s the son of a rock star in real life, he has to be epic.

Bronx Mowgli: GRUMPY.

Poor Bronx seems like the forgotten middle child.

Bronx Mowgli: Because I AM the forgotten middle child.


So far, Audio Science is the only one who’s been making friends. He’s got about three teenage girls in his phone book.  You go, Audio.

Audio Science: Yeah, come on over.  I’ll show you my two move check mate.

Is that code for something?

Audio Science: No, I can actually get check mate in two moves.

Aha.  What a… turn on?

The girl he’s closest with seemed a little more interested in Hector, though.  She was plain anyway so whatever.

Girl: Mmm, he smells of fertilizer. So dreamy…

Pilot has become Hector’s gardening buddy until I figure out what I really want him to do with his handsomeness.

Hector: She’s creeping on you hard, isn’t she?

Pilot Inspektor: Yeah and she’s like married and junk.

Hey, shut up.  You don’t know me!

So far, Rufus is the only toddler to learn how to walk.  He still hasn’t learned talking and potty training, but for me, this is progress.

Rufus: Mama!

Moon Unit: You don’t actually have to come to me, Rufus.  You could walk anywhere you want.  Maybe somewhere where you’re liked better.

Everyone’s on a different sleep schedule somehow,  but I managed to get Hector Unit a bit of romantic alone time for once.

Hector: We should get married, Moon Unit.  We’ve got four kids together and, let’s face it, we’re not Brangelina. 

Moon Unit: I dunno… do you still love me when I make this face?

Hector: Of course I still love you.  I will always love you, no matter how hideous or goose-like you look.

Moon Unit: Oh, Hector, you know just what to say to get in my pants.

Hector: Of course I do.  That’s how we managed to get four children.

Hector: Psst, hey Audio, is that kid next to you one of ours?

Audio Science: No, dad, he’s our uncle or cousin or something like that. 

Hector: Oh.  Phew, I thought I’d missed something.

The boy is Tallulah’s adopted son.  I didn’t check the relationship panel, so I don’t know what he’s considered in relation to the kids.

Birthday time for Bronx!  Tired of birthdays yet?  Me too.

Bronx Mowgli: …Where’d everyone go?

Bronx Mowgli: Oh well.

Wow, he looks a lot like the other two.  Where the heck is Hector’s nose at?!  I wanted Hector’s nose!

Bronx Mowgli: Sorry to disappoint.

Oh, no you’re fine, it’s just–

Bronx Mowgli: No, it’s okay, I’m used to it.

Your new trait is Good Sense of Humor.  That means stop being so doom and gloom!

Roderick finally invented a time machine!  And I couldn’t find the first one he made (it was in the family inventory, durr), so I had him make another one.  Now we’ve got two.  To the past, Rod!

Roderick: I went to the past and now I’m exhausted.  Goodnight.

That was it?  Disappointing.  It’s pretty much the same as going in the mausoleum.  We’ll try again sometime soon.

Moon Unit: Hey, look, another birthday.  You’ll have a child in 3, 2, 1…


He looks a little different than the others, but not by much. And he’s also a Workaholic, like Audio.

So will I end up making Moon and Hector have another baby, or will I try to be happy with the mix I’ve got?  I dunno.  All I know is this house is pretty hectic, so another baby would make me cry.  Thank you for reading!  <3

35 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty-Two: Grumpy

  1. God I love this legacy so much XD I vote having another one and hoping for Hector’s nose :3 I’ve been too afraid to do the Try Experimental Treatment thing myself. Looks like it’s worthwhile :P Audio Science getting all the ladies = win. MOOOORE! <3


    1. <33333333

      Yeah the experimental treatment is definitely worth it. Anything that causes my sims pain is good enough for me :D


      1. Pilot is great, but I actually think Bronx is better looking at this life stage. (I’ve seen adult Pilot. He looks so awesome!)


  2. Audio and Pilot look like Harry and Ron! I CAN’T be the only person to have noticed this, but I guess everyone else was too busy laughing they’re butts off. My favorite legacy, for shurr! :B


    1. They totally do! I actually didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it! Thank you so much for reading :D


  3. Great chapter – it has everything. Babies, aging up, robots, fire – DRAMA!!!! Loving it.

    The voting has started for the 6th generation heir – maybe you could stop by and cast your vote for the head of the Seraphine Legacy? x


    1. Thank you do much!

      And your sims are so gorgeous :) I have catching up to do on your legacy, but I don’t mind at all because it’s great.


  4. Aw :) I LOVE Bronx – why doesn’t anyone comment ’bout Bronx? :(

    By the way, I was looking through a book today, and I found a huge collection of weird celebrity baby names – I almost peed my pants when I saw the name Fifi Trixibelle -.-

    Some of them are awesome, but , as much as I’d love to (and I actually really would) I couldn’t post them all on here just by commenting – is there any way of messaging you on this site? XD I’m noobish.


    1. Haha maybe they will next chapter. He got a bit more face time :D

      Lol, I think Fifi Trixibelle is one of my favorites. Celebrities are so odd.

      I have no idea if you can message me, lol. If you have a boolProp account, you can find me there. If not, umm… I dunno! Thank you though :D


  5. I haven’t enjoyed the new generation this much ever. I love these boys. I want them all. I CAN HAS? Can I cougar all over Pilot? He so fine baby


  6. This is the first and only legacy I’ve read. I tried to read a couple others and just got bored. Yours is too funny and the only one that can hold my short attention span, I love it! Can’t wait to see more!


  7. Hiii!
    Just wanted to say that your legacy iz awesome :D
    No seriously, every time I laugh, my family gives me this ‘Oh joy, someone’s simming again’ look.

    Also I found something that might be useful regarding Chadwick. One of my sims invented this thing called ‘the Harvester’. I used it outside and first time it gave my sim ‘Dizzy From Spinning’ moodlet, but second time it gathered my gnomes into sim’s inventory. I’m still testing it, but thought it might useful. I have no idea what it really does, though.

    I bursted out laughing when I saw Audio’s t-shirt. ‘If it were easy, it were your mom’ text made my day.

    And your legacy has made me think of starting my own. Anyway, keep up the good work and lots of happiness!


    1. Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy it :D

      Ooh, yeah Roderick’s had the harvester in his inventory forever. I tried having Hector use it to garden and it ended up draining all of his fun. It was cool, though. Thanks for the advie, I’ll try it out!


  8. Roderick <3.

    I can already tell Pilot is going to be my choice for heir, unless Rufus becomes super amazing or something like that. Also: Yay for a male heir (probably)!


    1. I’m so excited to have a male heir! I’ll have to try to resist the urge to make him impregnate all sort of inactives though. I tend to love doing that with male sims sometimes, lol. I’m glad everyone seems to like Pilot. I think he’s pretty awesome too. Thank you for the comment!


  9. whooooo funniness! And also, Pilot Inspektor…wow… wow… He’s… wow. I don’t care what his brothers end up being like… i defenitely think he should be heir. His face would provide the perfect excuse for creepiness, all in the true spirit of the legacy. ahem. yes, that is the reason. yeah… Pilot Inspektor…


  10. I have a question it says that moon unit is generation 4 but she is only generation 3 because chad and agness are not a generation they are the founders or i guess you could call them generation 0


    1. Aha, you caught me! I guess I got mixed up somewhere between moves, so thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I’ll have this fixed soon!


    1. Oh, well I looked at official legacy rules and it said that generation one is the founding generation, so I guess that’s what I had in mind, lol. Not that I’m following rules. But again, thank you!


    1. LOL well actually Bronx and Pilot look a lot alike, so it might be a little tougher to decide whose personality is more worthy of heirship :D Thank you for reading!


  11. Hmmm . . . I actually think that Pilot and Audio look pretty similar – but so far, Pilot is my choice for heir :) I do hope that he gets a good young adult trait . . . as you said, perhaps he could end up as a ladies man and suddenly spawn an army of ‘lil Pilots :D


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