Chapter Thirty-One: Woooosaaaah

Hey, look, it’s Roderick.  Remember him?  You’ll probably be seeing a little bit more of him this chapter, but still not much because at this point I still hadn’t downloaded any hacks to stop everyone for flipping a wig whenever he entered the room.  I was being stubborn.

Also, sorry the nursery is so dark.  We can’t afford lights :D

Is a picture of a rusty robot feeding a baby a bottle creepy?  Hm, not for us.

Roderick: I love you, little baby :)

D’aww.  I’m glad I didn’t make Rod move out like I’d been tempted to do a while back.  He’s come in handy, helping out with the grumpy twins.

Jcnorn (writer of The McCool Legacy) asked in a comment if SimBots die.  I answered there, but I figured I’d answer it here too in case anyone else was wondering.  The answer is YES, as far as I know.  They have a lifebar that fills up, but you can’t actually see how old they are.  When you hover over it, it simply says, “SimBots live longer than normal sims.”  Roderick has a full lifebar right now, so maybe the end is near.

He’s invented so many things now that I’m running out of room for them.  I don’t have the heart to sell them, especially since a lot of them are really cool looking (useless, but cool looking).  Kids are able to play with the small toys on the left, so when Pilot and Audio get older they’ll be playing with them too.

One of his cooler inventions is The Miner.  It’s basically like being able to dig for treasure, only with a huge and loud machine!  It’s so awesome.  After a while of using it for the first time, this pop-up came up:

Oooh!  So we hopped off that thing and got to it.

Rod fearlessly (yay, brave trait) flung himself into the shiny hole and disappeared for a few sim hours.  Was I worried?  Not really. 

Roderick: A little help getting out, please?


But not really.  Come on, Rod.

He came up with this.  THIS.  He happens to be my very first Mysterious Mr. Gnome!!1!11one!

Yeah, four generations in and I’m just now getting one.  Fabulous.  Anyway, I popped the name Chadwick on him because I’m uncreative, and I stuck him next to the computer desk.

Then I watched him.

And watched him.

And he didn’t do anything, so I moved on.

Not everyone is a fan of The Miner.  In fact, everyone else seems to absolutely loathe the thing.

Hector: Bah, is he at it again?

Moon Unit: Yeah I think it’s his new girlfriend or something.

Chadwick the Gnome:  Look, I moved!

Only because I moved you to give you an idea of what you’re supposed to do.

But wait, don’t you two have screaming babies to take care of?

Moon Unit: Oh.  Them.

Moon Unit: Yes.  See?  Here they are.  Still alive.  And still unhappy.

Moon Unit: I really do love you, Pilot… er… Audio.  Whichever one you are.  I just can’t wait until you grow up.  Please hurry, okay?

Pilot (or Audio): *spits up out of spite*

Hector: I know we’ve just woohooed eight times, but I have this really strong, unstoppable urge to do it again.

Moon Unit: Okay…

Gah, no chime.

Moon Unit: …What was that?

Um, I said… Look at the time!  It’s uh… It’s late.

Moon Unit: Ugh, crying kid.  Hang on oooone second.

Moon Unit: HECTOR –blarg- I WILL –blarg- EFFING –blarg blarg- KEEL YOU –blaaarg-

S’what you get for killing my simself. Nyah.

Moon Unit: Hector Dotson, the babies are crying and I don’t know what they need and WHY DID I JUST PUKE MY GUTS OUT, HUH?!  I SAID NO MORE CHILDREN.  YOU AND YOUR STUPID, AMAZING WOOHOO.

Hector: I can’t help that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MOON.  And what do you want me to do, GROW THESE KIDS UP IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE?

Moon Unit: If it is possible… yes.

Hector: Okay, just stop with the death glare and I’ll get some cakes.

Moon Unit: Thank you.

Moon Unit: I appreciate your enthusiasm, maid, but this is not a happy party.  Get back to work.

Moon Unit: Sigh, here we go again.

Haha, maternity wear fail.  I actually like it.

Hector: She is going to castrate me.

Moon Unit: Yuuuup.

Oh, right, we were having a birthday.

If Audio Science were a Sims 3 toddler, this is what it would look like.  This red hair has lasted FOREVER, hasn’t it?  I think EA has a thing for redheads.  I mean, this legacy started out with two blondes and I’ve had ONE blonde kid since then.  The rest have been gingers.

And here’s the part where I tell you how much I screwed up last chapter :D  When I mentioned what traits the twins had, basically the only thing I was right about was that they’re both Grumpy.  I hadn’t actually written down or remembered what they were, and it wasn’t until reader Connor mentioned Grumpy and Excitable being a trait conflict that I actually looked into it (thanks Connor!). 

Ahem, so Audio Science is actually Grumpy and Clumsy.  I wasn’t even close.

Upon his aging up, he initiated a staring contest with his brother.

Pilot Inspektor is a Grumpy Slob.  Yeah, I will remember to write traits down from now on.

Pilot Inspektor: I have black hair and therefore win.

Yesssss, black hair!  And both boys have their daddy’s grey eyes, which I find somewhat boring, but it’s all good.

Chadwick moved, yay!  This is fun.  This is good times.

Chadwick: Be patient, my brothers!  I will be down there to rescue you as soon as I can!

This picture pretty much sums up the next few days.  I didn’t get many pictures.

Moon Unit: Maybe you shouldn’t be simming, Starla.

Ha, don’t be bitter ‘cause you’re knocked up again.

I kind of went overboard with making the twins twin-like.  I don’t usually, but they were so similar I had to this time.


Audio Science:  MINE TOO, WAAAH!

Yeah, yeah.  Get used to it. 

Audio Science: I want Mariah for a creator! She can handle a bajillion sims at once!

Oh no he di-in’t.  It’s true, though.  I dunno how she does it O.o

Even further proving how awesome I am at this game, Roderick was sitting in the hallway all powered down and junk for who knows how long.  It was kind of like sleeping, I guess, only he had sparks coming out of him.  Yeah, that couldn’t be good.  I had the option to call the repairman, but then the moodlet he got with this had a time limit of 3 hours, so I decided to wait it out.

Moon Unit: I am too pregnant to care about this.

As I was hoping, he snapped out of it after the moodlet ended.  Welcome back, Roderick!

Roderick: I feel like a new SimBot!

Yeah, well you’re still really old, so I wouldn’t get too excited.

Moon Unit: I just… wanted… SLEEP!

Hector: Is there anything I ca–


Well, this is quite a bit less pleasant than last time, isn’t it?


Hector: Okay.  Hospital!  …Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?

Moon Unit: *grumbling*

Moon Unit: Be good, Pilot.  Mommy’s going to go have a baby and then probably be checked into to the psych ward. 

Pilot Inspektor: Deuces.

I bet that’s Hector calling.  “Honey, why did I need to go to the hospital again?”

Maid: Uh… Unsupervised kid?  Hello?  …Anyone?

Pilot Inspektor: I can hold down the fort, lady.  Just go clean my house.

Any excuse to stop working, these maids.

Moon Unit: You are so lucky it was just one this time, Hector.

Hector: You’re telling me.  Maybe now I can sleep without a protective cup.

Moon Unit: I wouldn’t count on it.

So this is uh…  Wow, I’ve really forgotten the name.  Oh, right.  This is Bronx Mowgli.  His name is one of the newer odd celebrity baby names, and it’s not all that odd, but oh well.  He’s the kid of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.  Mowgli is the main character from The Jungle Book too, which was one of my favorite Disney movies when I was young, and that’s why I chose it.

Ready for an anecdote?  No?  Oh well, here goes.

So when he was a lot younger, my brother had a crush on Jessica Simpson (in her pre-Nick, not as lame days).  He went to one of her concerts and ended up hitting on this “cute blonde girl” who turned out to be Ashlee.  She was a backup dancer at the time and no one knew who she was.  And she totally hit on him back.  Therefore, my brother could’ve been the father of Bronx Mowgli. Sure, why not?

Our little Bronx is OMG ALSO GRUMPY, and Easily Impressed.  So I HAD been right about one of the kids last chapter, just not one that had been born yet.  That’s what I get for playing ahead (these boys are all children now). Oh, and his favorite color is red.


Meet our new manmaid, Ty Dee.  Sometime in-between the first picture and this one, I moved the family to Twinbrook.  The main reason was because the Creepers needed to move anyway, since my save file was getting pretty big (darn that traveling).  Also, I was tired of all the face ones that were taking over Sunset Valley.  Twinbrook has some NICE genetic possibilities.

Also, I finally downloaded Twallan’s SuperComputer for minor editing of things like the family tree (which got a little borked when I moved, but not too bad).  I also stuck AwesomeMod back in my game, just for its NoVanillaPudding option, which will hopefully solve the face one NPC problem. 

Ty: I clean now.

Yes, I’m talking way too much this chapter.

The twins got to move into Fifi’s old room and got a whole new arsenal of toys to play with.

Pilot: Whale!

I love the whale toy :D

Moon started spending a little more time with the kids.  She even rolled wishes to teach them things.

Moon Unit: Sure, you can put the cylinder in the square hole.  Figuring out how to make it fit takes true logic.

Hector: Where in the world could Pilot Inspektor be?  I can’t find him anywhere!

Pilot Inspektor: You might think we’re playing a game, but daddy’s serious.

Hector: This is really starting to worry me!

Moon went to the park to do an opportunity and we found a pregnant Diva playin a rousing game of chess with herself.  She had spectators going crazy with her ability to outsmart herself.

By the way, the girl on the left is my, lyk, total BFF, Andie.  She’s been begging to get stuck in the legacy somewhere, so we’ll see what she spawns.

Moon Unit as a mother, everyone.

Moon Unit: Someone get that.

Hector’s lifetime wish is to have the perfect garden, so we’re trying our best.  Even Chadwick has decided to help.

Hector: Keep these guys safe, Mr. Gnome.

Chadwick: Ay ay, Captain!

Three cakes means three birthdays!  The twins will become children (finally) and Bronx will become a toddler!  I’ll spare you the sparkles.  THIS time.

Audio Science is aDORKable!  I had to give him the new crazy hair because it’s just so funny and cute.

Audio Science: Awesome, I’m a Genius!

So he never learned how to walk or talk, but he became a Genius anyway. And I promise that’s the right trait this time.

Pilot Inspektor: You gave me the stupid looking bowl cut.

You’re Insane.  No one will blame you.

Pilot Inspektor: I’m going to the park to find some cherry flavored dragon flies.

Um. Okay.

Bronx Mowgli has an animal theme.  Aren’t I creative? (No.) 

…Although now that I think about it, I should’ve just stuck him in a red diaper.


Darn it!  Oh well.

Mowgli: Do I get to be added to the Profiles list now?

No.  Go away.

Hector: Daddy loves you very much, son.

Hector: But it’s time for me to finally fulfill this wish.

Hector: YANK.

Hector: Ahh, the taste of sweet, sweet suffering.  I feel whole again!

Bronx: Why would you do that, daddy?  It’s bad enough I have to wear this bear on my head :(

Bronx: I will get my revenge!  Mark my words.

And that’s it for this chapter!  Next time we’ll get a brief glimpse of some old, beloved friends.  We’ll also do other things!  Thank you for reading!

18 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty-One: Woooosaaaah

  1. Oooh a good chapter! I like the new maid and gosh! Jc spotted her name there O.O even with a linky! *sparkly eyes and smothers you in snugglings and feeds you cookies* YaY!
    The boys are looking completely adorable with the new hairs! I love the gnome, he so much fun and I can’t wait till Eld manages to get that digging thing! >:D It looks like so much fun!


  2. (I’m going to stop saying that this is hilarious. It’s a given. xD)
    About Audio’s traits… no problem. (For some reason I keep forgetting which twin is which.)

    Ah, so THAT’S what the Miner does! One of my Sims invented one, but I sold it so she could advance in the “Inventing” profession. I thought it dug up gems. (I’ve actually uninstalled my EPs for now, since I wanted to play the “vanilla” Sims 3.)
    Ew. Ugly maternity pants.
    Yay, kids who like non-pink colors! And who have non-red hair!
    Wow… your description of being “very hungry” is quite accurate… only I say it feels like my stomach is “digesting” itself.
    Ick, I hate that bowl cut. What was EA thinking??


    1. Haha, thank you. I kept forgetting which twin is which too, honestly. I finally managed to remember that Pilot is the black haired one.

      Yeah the Miner is pretty cool. It’ll get loads of gems too, even rare ones. I’ve gotten two pink diamonds and countless other things. The vanilla Sims 3 is awesome in itself!
      Yeah, those maternity pants were awful, weren’t they?!
      Totally, finally some diversity!
      Haha yeah I hate feeling that hungry! My husband and I both said that before we got together. That’s how I knew it was true love :P
      Yeah really, what are we in the 80s?
      Thanks again for the comment, Connor! Happy vanilla simming!


  3. Pahahahahaha omg Pilot’s hair nearly made me spill my cherry Coke Zero all over the desk. >> Good thing I didn’t. That would have been tragic. Have I told you lately that I love you? <3


    1. Haha don’t kill your stuff with cherry Coke Zero! That would make me sad. Have I told you lately that I love you moar?! Update, yo :P


  4. whoohoo finally was able to catch up on the chapters that i missed! :) i’m so so bummed that fifi has passed on, buuutt hector and moon are so entertaining! those poor kiddies are going to be a crazy bunch. i’m excited to see how the creepers are going to shake up twinbrook :)


    1. I’m glad Hector and Moon entertain you! Poor Fifi :( The kids have definitely kept me in a pretty stressful state of mind lol. They’ll shake it with fervor! Thank you for the comment!


  5. I LOVE Pilot Inspektor! He looks like a little child version of Mr. Spock! Adorable. The hat is cute on Bronx…but would the real Mowgli be a bit upset at him wearing Baloo on his head?


  6. Love the new generation, they’re interesting kids and they might get some cool Twinbrook spouses for genetic diversity. Rod makes me laugh every time as well.


    1. Yeah, I can’t wait to find their spouses. I’ve been looking closely at all of the girls being born around town. It’s going to be fun! Thank you for the comment love!


  7. I’m not kidding – I actually said to my friends that I follow the religeon of Creeper :)

    “In the beginning there was Chad….”


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