Chapter Thirty: Children of the Moon

A few chapters back, I mentioned that teenagers Sandi French and Darlene Bunch were dating.  Well, they continued to date into young adulthood, and Darlene continued to look freakishly cool, but sadly…  now they’re over :(  Let us mourn the end of an awesome relationship.  I wonder what went wrong.

Sandi: I’m sorry, Darlene, but you’re just too marvelous for me.  I want to find someone who won’t upstage me at our wedding.

Yeah, I bet that’s what really happened.  Freaking Sandi.

Last chapter, a random teenage boy named Hector walked up to Moon Unit and told her to grow him up and marry him in.   Naturally, she did it.  For a brave couch potato, this sort of encounter was a dream come true.  She would be able to carry on the legacy and not have to miss any of her favorite TV shows.  A total win-win.

Fifi was the first to welcome Hector into the family.

Fifi: Despite your track pants (and maybe because of your track pants too), I think you’ll make an excellent Creeper, Hector.  You have my blessing to marry my daughter.


Hector: Ahaha, thank you , Mrs. Creeper, but me and Moon are just friends for now.  I kinda just wanted a birthday party.

Fifi: I stand by my original statement.  You’ll make an excellent Creeper.

Diva Muffin: Hee hee.  I like him!

Trespasser.  Someone get her out of here.

“Just friends” quickly became “romantic interest”, thanks to Moon Unit’s Charismatic trait.

Moon Unit: You see that grilled cheese over there?  You’re in for even more than that if this works out, baby.

Hector: Score!

Obviously grilled cheese makes them both hot.  That, or they’re just trying to eat the remains off of eachother’s faces.

Ew.  Yeah, I just said that.

Moon Unit: Woohoo please?

Hector: No way, what kind of man do you think I am?!

Moon Unit: …The kind who shamelessly throws himself at a legacy heiress for some birthday cake?

Roderick: Not until  you’re married, Moon Unit!

Says the seducing stalker simbot.  (Alliteration!)

Speaking of that.  After the somewhat disturbing woohoo between Roderick and Fifi went down, absolutely nothing was different.  And by nothing, I mean it was as if it never even happened.  Roderick hasn’t rolled a wish for Fifi since then and vice versa.  Was it that bad?

Fifi: Let’s not talk about it.

Roderick: Yeah, go back to ignoring me please.

Rod kind of started annoying me, so he pretty much stays in his room inventing when he doesn’t need fun or social.  I would recommend a hack that puts a stop to autonomous reactions to simbots if anyone ever adds one of these to the family.  Normally I can handle the annoying reactions and such, but my sims stopping what they’re doing every five minutes got to be too much, even for me.


Liang rolled the wish to kiss Fifi when he got off from work one day, so I sent him to do it and… DEATH.

Liang: But… I wanted a last woohoo.

You got your share when I was trying to build Fifi’s charisma skill, dude. 

For once, Moon Unit had nothing to do with it.  She’d been busy getting to know Hector a little better when it happened.  She had to do something since he was spending the night and not putting out.

Moon Unit: So your dad is burglar Robbie Bland?  Does that mean you get the hidden Burglar trait?  ‘Cause if so, you’re totally in.

Heck yes he is.

Moon Unit: Hang on… Do you smell something old and dying?

Hector: It did start smelling a bit like an old guy is having a death scene somewhere, yeah.

So Hector and Moon Unit quickly meld together to form Hector Unit, and Liang seems to be enjoying the fact that no one can get through the door to mourn for him.

Hector Unit: Hector Unit does not appreciate this.

Liang: Hehehe, was I always this annoying? 

I dunno, I never paid much attention to you.

Fifi: Aw, Liang.  You weren’t supposed to go before me :(

Liang: I win.

Fifi: Not fair.

Ahaha, Liang, you crack me up.  Look at the disastrous foot tapping traffic jam you’ve caused.  You always were my favorite. 

Liang: It’s a talent, really.

Fifi: I can’t believe I lost, I thought I was so much older than him!


Moon Unit: Is it possible to feel sad and fall in love at the same time?

Come, Liang.  It’s getting deep in here.

Liang died at the age of 93.  His last wish was to kiss Fifi, which didn’t happen.  It’s kinda sad, but after he married in he  was pretty much ignored.  He was a good husband to Fifi, though.

Moon Unit: So what gives, Grim?  Why’d you do this one without me?

You were getting way too close to that Hector guy, and frankly, I don’t like it.  Correct me if I’m wrong, Moon Unit, but I thought we had a thing going on here.


Moon Unit: We do!  And we also have trait compatibility.  Nice.

I’m just going to go, you heartbreaker.  Have fun with Hector.

Aw, poor Grim.

Fifi is my first sim ever to go out and mourn autonomously.  It was really kind of sad to watch.

Fifi: I’ll join you soon, Liang. Maybe I’ll go talk to Moon about speeding up the process.

But Moon was a little busy.  It seems that death makes Hector REALLY hot, so he was ready and willing when Moon made him choose between woohooing her or sleeping on the couch.

Moon Unit: Good choice, my friend.

After that, it was really tough to get Moon Unit to invite Hector over.  She was always so tired after work (she’s a Paramedic now).  It had nothing to do with his woohoo skills, I promise.

But since Hector and Fifi were friends as well, I had Fifi offer him a place to stay one day when he happened to be visiting.

Fifi: Come to the dark side, Hector.

Hector: KAY =)

Fifi: Also, we’re having a birthday party for my other daughter, so get some clothes on.

Hector’s stats?  Well, his name is Hector Dotson.  He’s the lovechild of Robbie Bland and a lady named Haeju Dotson.  He enjoys pop music, autumn salad, and spiceberry.  He’s Absent Minded, Hot-Headed (like Moon Unit), Excitable, Evil, and has a Green Thumb.  My first gardener, huzzah.  Anyway, more on him later.

I love parties.  I don’t throw them often enough.  So when Fifi rolled the wish to throw one for Diva, I had to give in.  The first guest to arrive was Joanne.  LOOK AT HER, SHE’S SMOKIN’. 

Joanne: Eat your heart out.

But while Fifi’s making hamburgers for the party guests, something more important comes up.

Fifi: Crap, now this party’s gonna suck.  Someone finish these burgers!

Fifi: And clean out the fridge!

Everyone was pretty shocked by the death, including me.  I didn’t expect her to go so quickly. Hector Unit was in such emotional turmoil that they developed the power to look through walls.  They win at reacting to death scenes, don’t they?

Fifi’s long time friend and fellow legacy heiress, Jupiter, was too broken up to be near anyone.  She just kind of stood there with a blank expression.  I’d like to think that it was due to her utter sadness and not because the game made her idle.

Like a true diva, Diva Muffin arrived to her party fashionably late.

Diva: So sorry I’m late!  How’s the party going?

Joanne: Oh, it’s totally great.  I especially loved my dying Aunt and the old man passing out out of nowhere.

It was a disaster!

Jupiter continued to keep her distance, Grim stayed for the party, and everyone else was generally all messed up.  But Diva got to age up and the party was verging on epic, so I think we made Fifi proud.

Fifi Trixibelle was my favorite sim of the legacy so far.  I expected her to live much longer, but I think the death of Liang made her want to go sooner.  She lived to the age of 98 :(  She definitely will be missed.

I think the Creepers have become a cop family.  Apple had reached the top of the career and left us with the police cruiser.  Justice followed in her footsteps (because he had to with a name like Justice), and Archie, his son, has done the same thing. 

The reason Archie’s cruiser is still here is because he would not go away after the party had ended.  You didn’t even know Fifi that well, dude!

Archie: But I SAW her go.  It’s so much more sad when you WITNESS it!

I guess.  Man up.

But life goes on.  That’s the point of a legacy, right?  The house now only having three members, it seemed awfully quiet.

Hector: Not for long.  I sense that I have knocked up this woman beside me.

It would seem that he’s right!  For someone who dislikes children, you sure look happy.

Moon Unit: These maternity clothes are way more comfortable than normal ones.

She insta-rolls the wish to read a pregnancy book.  For someone who disl–

Moon Unit: Shut it.  I just want to be prepared for the torture.

Hector rolls the wish to read a pregnancy book as well.

Hector: The pictures in those books are frightening!

Moon Unit: Just eat your salad.

Hector: I can’t!  It looks just like the diagram on page 18!

Hector is one of those male sims that get borderline clingy when their wives are pregnant.  Liang and Gerald weren’t really attentive at all during Fifi and Apple’s pregnancies.  Chad was another clinger.  It’s cute, though.

Hector: There, does that feel better?  I read about how achy being pregnant can make you.

Moon Unit: I’m like barely showing, but yeah… thank you.

Moon Unit: So listen… maybe since we’re having a baby together and you live here, we should go steady.

Hector: Yeah, we can do that.

Hector registers as a Self-Employed gardener and gets started on the new Creeper garden.  I haven’t done much with gardening, so this is going to be fun I think.

Hector: I plant this first seed in the name of my unborn child! …Hey, it kind of looks like the drawing on page 46 of the pregnancy book.

Reading another pregnancy book, oh disliker of children?

Moon Unit: It’s so dull around here, I have to.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have any screenshots.

Fifi’s not out of the game for long.  Literally.

Hector: Ew, ghost.

You were just bawling your eyes out for her.

Hector: Yeah, but I didn’t realize she’d become this.

Moon Unit: Hello, mom.

Fifi: Hey, kid.  Pregnant huh?

Moon Unit: Yup.

Fifi: Let’s play for who gets to name it.

Hector: …Is that the baby’s head?!

Fifi: Ready for your kid to be named Dobby Hedwig, hun?

Moon Unit: You wish!  Take that!

Fifi: Aw, you can’t beat your poor dead mother.

Moon Unit: Can too.  I’ve got the Stone Hearted reward.

I took loads of pictures while Moon Unit was pregnant because I thought she looked so adorable.

Moon Unit: That and there’s nothing else going on.

Yeah that too.

Hector: I’m going to be a daddy soon, my precious plants.  But don’t worry, I’ll still have time for you.

Emo Plant: That’s what they all say.  Then we wilt and die.

Moon Unit: This is so sad, you know.  Forcing me to bake a fortune cookie just to get screenshots?  Where’s Roderick?  Isn’t he doing something cool?

I don’t know.  Just shut up and DO STUFF.

Moon Unit: ‘Man with four fingers give “high four:”’  Okay, done.  Can I go watch TV now?

Sigh.  I guess.

I don’t think I live having an empty house.  Chisagi has the right idea.

I sat and watched her do this for about ten minutes.


Baby: OMG SHUT UP, I’m trying to sleep!

Hector: I’ve been thinking about feeling your belly all day, Moon.

Moon Unit: That’s kind of pathetic, but sweet.

I think this picture is so cute.

Hector: I haven’t said it, yet, but I love you, Moon Unit.  I know I started off just using you for your birthday cake, but I’m glad I did.

Moon Unit: Mmhmm.  Let’s go to sleep now, I’m exhausted.

Two hours later.

Moon Unit: Oh Hector :D

Hector: Yes, dear?

Moon Unit: Get your clothes on, I’m in labor :D

Hector: Okay :D

Moon Unit: :D


Moon Unit: Ugh, move, grandma.  I am not having this baby at home without drugs.


Moon Unit: I might just kill you again if you don’t MOVE IT.

Moon Unit: Death to these people if they don’t shut up right now.

Hector: Calm down, love.  We can murder later.

Hector: Okay, now… what was I doing again?  Where did Moon Unit go? 

She’s in the hospital HAVING YOUR BABY GET IN THERE.

Too late.  Look, it’s a baby.

Moon Unit: Bad moodlet, bad moodlet.  Must put this kid down soon.

Actually, it’s twin boys.  Yay, maybe I’ll have a boy heir this time.

Hector: Now where are we gonna put these?

I gave Moon Unit the Fertility Treatment reward, but it was AFTER she got pregnant.  So does that mean these are natural twins?

These twins are more like twins than any other set I’ve had.  They both like orange, for example.

On the left (as if it matters, they both look the same anyway) is Pilot Inspektor.  Actually for a while he was just Pilot Inspekt because of the silly name limitation.  Pilot Inspektor is the child of actors Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf.  He’s Grumpy and Easily Impressed, I think.  I forgot to write it down.

On the right is Audio Science.  He’s named after the son of Shannyn Sossamon, an actress in one of my all-time favorite movies, A Knight’s Tale.  He’s also Grumpy (see the twin-ness?) and Excitable. 

My first thoughts?  Great, two grumpy babies and a mother who dislikes them.  This will be fun.

Moon Unit: You’re not so bad, are you?  And you’re kinda cute. I can handle this.

Moon Unit: Um, but I can’t handle this

Moon Unit: There you go.  Once I leave the room, feel free to cry all you want.

Moon Unit: Don’t get me wrong, I like what we made together, but NO more kids.  Got it?

Hector: No problem. I’m not Family-Oriented anyway.  Whatever makes you happy, Moon Unit.

Moon Unit: Kay, I love you and your tiny bald spot :)

Hector: Hey, that’s the first time you’ve told me that.  I love you too.

So will Moon Unit end up killing her children?  Will she and Hector get married?  Will they end up with more children?  And will the twins ever be happy, or are their plumbobs going to stay orange FOREVER?  At least orange is their favorite color.  Will a new chapter be out soon?  The answer to that is yes, most likely.  Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty: Children of the Moon

  1. This continues to be amazingly funny.
    Roderick, you hypocrite! xD
    LOL @ Joanne.
    Hector: “Calm down, love. We can murder later.” XDD
    Hmmm… about that reward… who knows? EAxis does some odd things.
    Wait, how is Audio Grumpy AND Excitable? Isn’t that a trait conflict?


    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, Rod! Lol.
      Joanne is so cool. I saved her so I can play with her later!
      EAxis does do weird things. I’ll have to Google it or something.
      Haha, yeah um… I messed up with the traits, and I’ll clear that up next chapter. Thank you for bringing that up!
      Thank you so much Connor!


  2. OMG XD

    I knew Hector would make a great creeper, and I was defineately expecting the name Pilot Inspektor, so he’s my actual fave so far, even though they’re only babies :)

    I read your entire legacy at once up until chapter 28 I think, which is when I had to start waiting for updates – I’ve sorta got attached to all of your characters, but I think that I’ll like Moon’s twins especially, ‘coz I was there from the start :)

    Jeez, that sounded SO pathetic. It sounded alright in my head, trust me.

    Anyway, good luck with the twins and HAPPY SIMMING!


    1. Haha you don’t sound pathetic! Pilot was definitely my favorite name this time around, but once they became toddlers I kind of grew to love both of them!

      Aw, I’m glad that you’ve become so close to my legacy. I know the feeling, I’ve gotten attached to so many characters in legacies, it’s almost unreal, lol. I can’t wait to start reading yours!

      Thank you, happy simming to you too!


  3. Aw, I forgot to comment about Fifi – if anyone gets beyond-the-grave face time, IT MUST BE HER!!!

    From your stalker, ELF <3


    1. Haha definitely! She’s only come out once so far and she was still awesome in death so hopefully she’ll show herself again soon!


  4. Ok, so I’m behind by two, but I have some gardening tips.

    1. Get an auto sprinkler as soon as you can.

    2. Get the gardening mod from Modthesims which allows you to garden faster. Gardening is SLOOOOOOOOOWWW.

    Congrats on the twins and Hunky Hector the Horticulturist (love alliteration!)


  5. I really love this naming theme. Pretty sure I’ve said that before, but it’s true. The twins’ names are so cute. And I love their twinness – now to see if they’re identical. I would love some identical twins in my game, never had any.


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