Chapter Twenty-Eight: One Small Step

Grawr, I just spent about five hours building this freaking thing!  There are two unfinished rooms because I ran out of money, and there’re plenty of things to improve, but the basic concept is there and I love it.  Much better than the old one, I think.

But welcome back!  It’s finally time to start generation four going on five, which is a personal record for me :)  Prepare yourselves for MOAR PURPLE HUES, as your chosen heiress’ favorite color is Lilac! 

Before we get started on the reign of Moon Unit, however, I’d like to give a bit of an update on the spares of the legacy.  They do still exist, after all, and keep the family going strong.  Let’s-a-go!

The second eldest of generation three was Teddy Jo (didn’t he age well, omg).  He and the love of his life, Betty Simovitch, were married (after a bit of an intervention) and last we’d seen, Betty had shown up at Diva Muffin’s birthday party sporting a nice baby bump.  Obviously that bump is not there anymore.  Wouldn’t it be weird if it was?


Anyway.  This is their beautiful and only child, Joanne.  She makes the family proud by being an inappropriate mooch.  I expect great things from her.


Justice and his wife, Robyn, seemed to be spawning children every time I looked away when they were younger.  They ended up with three kids who I’ve introduced before, but I’ll do it again because it’s been a while.


Their youngest child is Luz (or Lulz), who just aged into a young adult.  She’s an evil couch potato.

Oliver, the middle child, is probably the most boring sim in existence, but he’s been endowed with the founder’s nose, so I’ve got some major love for him.  These two still live with the ‘rents.


Archie, the oldest, lives in wedded bliss (obviously, look at all that love) with his wife and high school sweetheart, Natasha.  Natasha is particularly significant because she’s one of my simself’s daughters.  Yes, that means that the Creepers and I now share a family tree O_O.  A scary thought.  No wonder she’s making that face.

Rumer (does anyone really care about her?) married a man named Bradly who is now an elder.  They have two children together, Andrea and Darrin, and I always get pop-ups saying they’ve been fighting.

Rumer: I am insignificant.

Yes, you are.

And finally, there’s this one:  Tallulah.  She’s married with no children to this guy, Dustin.  They’re both lanky weirdos who also don’t matter.

And now joining the spares in the great big world of story progression is Diva Muffin!  I was going to keep her around for a while to write more novels, but I had to sell some doors and windows in order to buy Moon Unit a chess table, so she can’t get into what would be her room.  We have loads of gems and relics we could sell, I guess, but pfft.  Goodbye, Diva Muffin!  Don’t be insignificant like the twins!

I think I forgot to mention that Fifi Trixibelle reached her LTW (Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers).  She did, and now I ignore her let her do whatever she wants because she earned it.  Mostly, she does this.

Fifi: Playing my guitar never gets old!

I’m about to sell that freaking thing.

Liang, Neat sim that he is, loves that he can now do laundry.  It’s probably his favorite pastime besides washing dishes. 

Liang: Can’t wait for the spin cycle!

Yes! Exciting!

Also, his LTW was to have $88,000 in funds.  We had about $51,000 before the renovation, and after I tore the house down we had well over his goal, so he got his LTW as well.  Was that kind of like cheating?  I don’t know.  But it’s not like I’m playing for points anyway. 

I changed the active household a few times in order to get decent shots of the spares (bad me, I know).  In that little bit of time, story progression paired Moon Unit with this guy, Abram. 

Moon Unit: Um, yeah…  This is really awkward.  Come inside for a bit and we’ll see what we can do about this.

Abram: This arrangement dissatisfies me.

I didn’t have the heart to have her dump him yet, though she hasn’t really rolled any wants for him at all.  He’s not all that bad of a sim, really.  My only misgiving about him is that he has what I like to call TS3’s “Face 1”.  It’s like TS2’s in that it’s really generic, and I see it around A LOT.  I’m pretty sure Diva Muffin’s dad had a Face 1 too.  It just makes him blah to me.

Moon Unit: Okay, let’s set some ground rules for this.  I’m generally uncomfortable with this entire situation, but since I’d rather catch the latest episode of Glee than go out spouse hunting, you can keep being my boyfriend until further notice.  We can have conversations, but no touchie. 

Abram: Can’t you just dump me and let me get some action elsewhere?

No.  That would be too easy, silly.

So Abram spends his first woohoo-less night with the Creepers in the hopes that something about him might make him spouse-worthy. 

Moon Unit: I can’t deny it, he is pretty attractive. 

Abram: My life is miserable.  Must. Not. Look at hot girlfriend.

Apple didn’t waste any time coming around to try out the new couch and TV.  Who cares about her granddaughter’s man issues.

Apple: You’re blocking my view, go away!

Missed you too, dear.

Fifi: Gah, being old is so boring.  Don’t you have anything I could do right now?  Don’t other simmers try to actually… oh, I dunno… accomplish things with their sims?

…Yes, but I’m not other simmers.  I do have something for you to do, though, so shut up.

In the early hours of some average day, one lonely taxi began snaking its way through the town of Sunset Valley.  Inside was something great.  Something new!  Inside of this taxi, my friends, was…

Roderick Creeper!  Play your choice of heroic themed music here. 

Roderick is a SimBot, obviously, and a darn cute one at that!  Aw, look at him, he knows his creator already.

Roderick: Fiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiii…

Fifi: Ugh, a SimBot, really?  That was my big task?

Yes, and it was a pretty important one!  You see, I was looking through the LTH Rewards for something to spend Fifi’s points on, and I saw one that said ‘My Best Friend’.  We could all use a best friend, can’t we?

Fifi: I have plenty.  I am not liking this.

Roderick Creeper (I didn’t choose the name, but I like it) is brave, but very much afraid of water.  He’s handy, can’t stand art, and has a little bit of a lucky streak going through him.  His favorite color is pink, he loves soul music, and enjoys a big plate of egg rolls any time of day.  I’m hoping the Creepers welcome him with open arms.

Liang: …I don’t get it. 

Just treat him as if he was your own son, Liang. 

Liang: But he’s rusting all over my couch.  No son of mine would dare rust all over my couch.

Roderick: Thank you, Moon Unit, for sharing your home with me :)

Moon Unit: As soon as I find a way to bring death to you, I will.  I don’t know if my powers work on hunks of rusted metal yet.  They might not’ve been patched for Ambitions.

Roderick: It’s okay if they don’t like me.  I understand I am different.

Aw, that’s just heartbreaking :(

Roderick: Excuse me, I must vent my frustrations.


SimBots have the option to smash many objects.  They can also eat scraps.

Liang: I’m glad you have a boyfriend now, Moon Unit.  I never liked that bear of yours.

Moon Unit: Oh, Mr. Bojangles…  He was a lot cuddlier than Abram, that’s for sure.


Speaking of boyfriends. I told you I expected great things from Joanne.  The creepiest part about this, though, is that technically Noel is her cousin.

Moon Unit: I think I might be starting to warm up to you, Abe.  I will allow you to use a romantic interaction on me, but don’t push it.

Abram: Now that you’re allowing me closer than ten feet from you, Moon Unit, I am seeing how truly beautiful you are.

Moon Unit: Uh huh…

Moon Unit: Okay, that’s enough of that.

Abram: Sigh…

Roderick continues to try and win the family over.

Roderick: Perhaps this elderly ghost will accept my friendship. 

I’m going to pretend Gerald read him to sleep because that’s adorable :D

Gerald: You’re a weirdo.

The next day, Diva Muffin drops by to see how the family is faring without her.  Moon Unit introduces her to Roderick.

Diva Muffin: Oh, gross!  What was mom thinking?!  I’m glad I moved out, he’s creepy.  I bet he watches you when you’re sleeping, Moon.

Roderick: I understand the language of humans, Miss Creeper, and I don’t appreciate your hurtful remarks.

Fifi: You’ve been here all of two days and we’re already driving you to drink? 

Roderick: Yes, ma’am.  I don’t think I fit in here.  Perhaps I should move.

Fifi: No, no, come with me.

Fifi: I have to be honest, Rod, I didn’t like the idea of having you around at first.  But, you know, I don’t think I mind it much now.  I’m just sorry the rest of the family aren’t as cool as me.

Roderick: It is okay, Mrs. Creeper.  Where I come from, we probably wouldn’t be too happy with a human joining the family either.  I’m just glad I have someone to talk to.

Fifi: Well, I heard you like to eat scraps.  Let’s go to the junkyard and gather some for you.  How’s that sound?

Roderick: Great, Mrs. Creeper, thank you.

Fifi: Call me Fifi, Rod.  Mrs. Creeper makes me sound old.

Roderick: According to my calculations, ma’am, you are old.  Or am I mistaken?

Fifi: Stop being robotic, kthx.

And so together Roderick and Fifi collected scraps of junk, because Roderick doesn’t get nearly as much satisfaction from eating human food than he does eating garbage.  Up until this point, they’d only had friendly interactions.


…So where the hell did this come from?

Next Time: What will become of Moon Unit and Abram?  Will he prove himself worthy of joining the family, or will Moon Unit continue to be uncomfortable with him?  Will Roderick’s growing crush on Fifi cause turmoil in the Creeper household?  Will Roderick finally have enough with being treated badly by the rest of the family and go on a smashing spree?  Ooh, questions.  Find out next time!

16 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Eight: One Small Step

  1. URGH! I so want ambitions. I love Rod, he’s so cute… And rusty. :P I’m happy Moon Unit won, but I kinda like Diva Muffin more… No offense to her. I love her relationship with Abram hahah :D


    1. Yeah I think I’ll miss Diva Muffin. Her personality was different. I don’t think she and Abram are going to work out, haha. Thank you so much for reading :D


  2. This chapter was hilarious! I got my family a sim bot but then the game file crashed before saving and I thought ‘screw it, I want more babies instead’ so they’re going to have to wait for another one.


    1. Haha aw, that sucks! Babies are better, yeah. I didn’t realize he’d be so needy. I though the’d be almost like a servo.


  3. i came across your legacy the other day and omg, i’m glad i did! this has been such a hilarous read! i can’t tell you how many times i literally laughed out loud. :) i’m definitely faving this so i can keep up now :)

    poor roderick, lol such a misunderstood piece of metal. is it really a surprise that he wants to kiss fifi? she’s a smokin, fiesty simmie ;)


    1. Aw, thank you so much and welcome! I’m glad to hear from you!

      Haha yeah Fifi’s freaking irresistible. Plus she’s the only one being nice to poor Roderick :(



    I found it the other day as I was researching for ways to present my own legacy, then this popped up –

    I haven’t been able to do any work on that legacy ‘coz I’ve benn readin’ this :D

    Rod is SO cute . . . it’s a shame that you can’t make half robot, half sim babies, that would DEFINATELY be pretty interesting :p

    Thanks for writing and PLEASE update soon ! ! !

    ELF :D


    1. Aww, thank you and welcome! Whenever you get your legacy going, let me know! I’d love to read it!

      It really is too bad! I wonder if anyone will try to make a hack for that, lol.


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