Chapter Thirty-One: Woooosaaaah

Hey, look, it’s Roderick.  Remember him?  You’ll probably be seeing a little bit more of him this chapter, but still not much because at this point I still hadn’t downloaded any hacks to stop everyone for flipping a wig whenever he entered the room.  I was being stubborn.

Also, sorry the nursery is so dark.  We can’t afford lights :D

Is a picture of a rusty robot feeding a baby a bottle creepy?  Hm, not for us.

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Chapter Thirty: Children of the Moon

A few chapters back, I mentioned that teenagers Sandi French and Darlene Bunch were dating.  Well, they continued to date into young adulthood, and Darlene continued to look freakishly cool, but sadly…  now they’re over :(  Let us mourn the end of an awesome relationship.  I wonder what went wrong.

Sandi: I’m sorry, Darlene, but you’re just too marvelous for me.  I want to find someone who won’t upstage me at our wedding.

Yeah, I bet that’s what really happened.  Freaking Sandi.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: One Small Step

Grawr, I just spent about five hours building this freaking thing!  There are two unfinished rooms because I ran out of money, and there’re plenty of things to improve, but the basic concept is there and I love it.  Much better than the old one, I think.

But welcome back!  It’s finally time to start generation four going on five, which is a personal record for me :)  Prepare yourselves for MOAR PURPLE HUES, as your chosen heiress’ favorite color is Lilac! 

Before we get started on the reign of Moon Unit, however, I’d like to give a bit of an update on the spares of the legacy.  They do still exist, after all, and keep the family going strong.  Let’s-a-go!

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Happy Ambitions Day!

Biggie: Starla’s really slacking with the updates, man!  We need to do something about that, it’s getting out of hand!

Smallz: But we are mere pyramids!  What can we possibly do besides sit here looking aged and pyramid-like?

Biggie: We will do as the Egyptians did, and look to the sky for answers!  Peer to the heavens with me now, Smallz!  Peeeeeer!

Smallz: Er… okay!

Sad that this is the only inspiration I could find to open with, lol.  Anyway, while they do that, let’s get on with a heaping plate of Egyptian update, shall we?  This place is gorgeous.

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