Chapter Twenty-Four: You’re Unbelievable

i rite guud!

Diva Muffin decided she’d like to learn the writing skill, so I excitedly built an office into her room and took her door away and let her creative juices flow.

Diva Muffin: Aw, you even created a special Sunset Valley-esque backdrop to inspire me!

Actually, no.  I moved the family back to Sunset Valley because I missed it dearly.  And (hopefully) this is where they’ll remain until my save file gets too big :P

Fifi Trixibelle is the first to embrace the true bettarness of Sunset Valley and its inhabitants.

Sunset Valley, you are cool
Even with that Landgraab fool
We’ll be happy here, you know
But EA needs to add some snow

Too bad there aren’t songwriting skill points.

The Chimerees are win!

Slowly, all of the freshly added households begin to explore their new town.

Tallulah: We’ve been standing here for ten minutes, Alex.  Are you going to say something, or what?

The coolest part about moving everyone is that the relationships stayed the same.  I was worried that they wouldn’t register as related, but the Creepers are still family :)

Justice: Someday, little Oliver, we will be able to stay in a town longer than two generations.

Oliver: Not if you starve me.

Justice: Meh, I’ve got two other kids.

Modern Warfare 3: Dish Detail

Back at home, Liang and Diva Muffin are bonding over the disgustingness of dirty dishes.

Diva Muffin:  I will annihilate you, specks of food!  I’m not afraid of dishpan hands!

Liang: You tell ‘em, Diva!  And these plastic covered controllers were a great idea!

Neat + Neurotic = Fast friends.

Although he’s retired and in a new town where he knows no one, Gerald holds an autograph signing.  Mostly because I’ve never done it and I wanted to.

Vita: Sign my bra!  SIGN MY BRA!

Claire: This man looks familiar.

Grady: *fangirls inwardly*

Apple: See you later, dear.

A supportive wife, that Apple.

Claire: Oh my god, I love you! I will name this baby after you, even though I normally have a girl!

Gerald: Actually, in an alternate universe, I am your son.

Claire: What are you talking about?  I take back my comment.  You’re weird, I don’t want any of my kids to turn out like you.

Cuteness in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Look, it’s a Moon Unit!  The hair makes her head look oddly shaped, but I like it so I’m keeping it.

Moon Unit: Somehow, I don’t really appear to be half-Chinese.

I was hoping for some dark hair this time around for a bit of variety.  Guess I’ll have to wait.

I’m pretty sure this is where Diva Muffin will be spending most of her time.  I did buy her a toy oven to make some muffins (a suggestion made by commenter Amanda :D), but she pretty much ignores it.  Her first novel is titled “Chad Creeper and the Leaky Faucet”.

Diva Muffin: Excuse me, I am trying to write a novel here.  It keeps me from rolling wants to wash my hands, so please leave.

No argument here.

Diva Muffin: Actually, now that I mentioned it, be right back.

Diva Muffin: Ahh, much better.  Two more times should do the trick!


I almost forgot why I took this picture, but now I remember it’s to commemorate Fifi topping off the guitar skill!  How’s it feel, Fifi?

Fifi: I… can’t feel my fingertips.

Fifi: Who is this stranger in my bed?

Liang: It’s Liang, remember?

They’re re-living China, I guess… Creepy.  I’m leaving.

There isn’t just woohoo and writing going on in this house, though.  Fifi often helps Diva Muffin with her homework.

Fifi: Come to think of it, I don’t think doing homework directly behind the sofa positively impacts the screenshots of our legacy.

Diva Muffin: Right, so this experiment was not a success.  I do believe this is A+ work, mommy.

She is an A student, so they’re doing something right I suppose.

Betty: Helloooo, Fifi!  I’m finally pregnant, look!

Yessssss, Teddy Jo finally did something with his life :D

Teddy: I heard that.

Jupiter: Heeey, I don’t see an open bar, you liar.

I had to get Jupiter to a kid’s birthday party somehow.  Diva Muffin’s blossoming into a teen, yay.

Oh, and that guy with the long hair is Tallulah’s new husband, Dustin Sheets-Creeper.  Both girls actually got married while the family was still in Riverview.  I just forgot about them because they’re unimportant.  Since birthdays are boring, I’ll take this moment to show you both husbands.

Diva Muffin: But I’m sparkling already!

So this is Dustin.  He’s got the evil trait somewhere in his personality, so I think he’d be better matched with Rumer… But who am I to disagree with story progression?

Rumer: Haaaawt.

This is Rumer’s nerd of a husband, Bradly Staples- Creeper. 

And yes, I did have a good laugh when I saw that the twins were now Sheets and Staples.  Call me weird, I don’t mind.

Anyway, Diva Muffin grew up.

Fifi: Awesome, she’s nearly as cool as me.

Jupiter: She’s not a child anymore so I can like her now!

Diva Muffin: Must. Change. Appearance.

Post-Made Over Diva Muffin: Roses and chocolates and dating and kissing and sunsets and beaches and Taylor Swift songs and LOVE!

If you guessed that she rolled Hopeless Romantic, you are correct.  Her great-grandmother would be proud.

Diva Muffin: Oh, and CONSPIRACIES!

Yeah, can’t forget those.

Moon Unit: I love you, Mr. Bojangles. If I’m heiress, you’ll be my husband, kay?


Moon Unit: Aw, I’m so sorry, Mr. Bojangles.  I really didn’t mean it.  Do you forgive me?  

Diva Muffin: So Moon Unit… I don’t want to upset you, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Bojangles was sent here on an undercover mission from the SimIA to find out why we’re being given such strange names.  They think they’re code words for top secret superpowers that we’re going to use against them.  He appeared out of nowhere after you were born.  Obviously he can’t be trusted.

Moon Unit: But… But I love him!

Mr. Bojangles: So then would you say I’m… smarter than the average bear? Eh?  EH? *rimshot*

Stuffed pandas shouldn’t tell jokes.

After breaking her sister’s heart, Diva Muffin goes back to writing.

Diva Muffin: SHH! I’m writing a death scene.

Oooh, what kind of death scene?

Diva Muffin Creeper, what have you DONE?

Like that segue? Yeah, I’m not pro.

Gerald: Something smells funny in here…

Liang: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Gerald, it smells nice where I’m standing!

Gerald: Oh… crap.

Apple: Oh, did I walk into your shot?  Sorry, what’s going on?

Moon Unit: Grandpa’s dying, genius.  But more importantly, I’m growing up.

Gerald started to die after I started her birthday party.  There’s something up with her, I tell you.

Apple: I still don’t get it.

Gerald: Honey, I love you.  This is my goodbye.

Liang: My face doesn’t know whether to be sad or happy.

Diva Muffin: It was a more violent death in my book.


Glad you’re with us now, dear.

Apple: Nooo, not my Gerald!  I’m older!  I was supposed to go first!

Gerald: It’s okay, my love.  I will be out and about in a few days.  It’s not like REAL death.

Moon Unit: Jeeze, Grandma, get a grip. 

Fifi: Oh dear, my kid is a demon.

Apple: My husband is dying, little one.  My one true love.  You may not understand, but it is not a happy event.

Oh, I think she understands.  She’s just heartless.

Even though she’s a little demon, she really is adorable.

Moon Unit: Age me, my little sparkly minions!  Hee hee!

Moon Unit: Suddenly, you all tick me the heck off.

Hot-Headed.  Isn’t she lovely?

Welcome to the Underworld, Slave.  My, Moon Unit, you’ve grown up well.  You’ll be doing my bidding some day, I’m quite sure.

Gerald: kbai!

Gerald Creeper (formerly Steel) lived to the age of 97.  As he died, Nick and Vita Alto had a baby named Gerald, so I’d like to think his spirit lives on in that kid (or maybe he did more than just sign her bra?).  Hopefully he’ll be just as much a teddy bear as Gerald was.  We’ll see you in your ghostly form!

So Gerald moves down to what I like to call the Basement of Dead People and Portrait Fail.  As you can see, as this legacy has progressed, I’ve gotten better at simming.  Or something.  At least I have a decent looking urn.

Next time, things will happen!  I can assure you there will be growing up and eating.  Other than that, who knows what special things I will do.  Sorry for the long break between updates!  New job that’s 60 miles away = lots of driving and not enough free time.  Thank you all SO MUCH for reading, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!  Happy simming!

9 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Four: You’re Unbelievable

  1. Oh my, I finished reading your legacy yesterday and you updated after I left! I just love your legacy up until now, btw. And there’s definitely something very very strange with Moon Unit [besides the name xD]. I just LOVE her and Fifi. Fifi is so precious!
    And I hope Liang and Fifi get another baby! A more chinese-looking girl. It would be very nice. Then the Creepers would have lotsa different hair colors in the family o/
    Congrats, this legacy is lovely ^^


    1. Oh, I’m so happy that you’re liking it! Welcome!
      There IS something strange about her. She’s so creepy sometimes.
      I’m glad you like Fifi! She’s one of my favorites.
      I wanted them to, but then Fifi was so close to elder I decided against it. Darn her for waiting so long to have kids!
      Thank you so much!


  2. Yay, Diva got an oven! Too bad she can’t use it now. :<

    Moon Unit is quite the evil child, huh? Fires and deaths…what's next?

    Also, Liang is my favorite. Probably because he's awesome.


    1. Haha yeah too bad :( But it does make an appearance in the chapter I’m writing now!

      She really is! I don’t know what to do with her. Everywhere she goes, bad things happen.

      Liang is very awesome! And he’s so easy to take care of too! He’s like an old dog, lol.


  3. Re: portrait fail – it happened to me when I moved my legacy family – I had to go into the old save file and chuck the portraits in an inventory to get them to move across safely. I guess you won’t want to replay but if you have a space in the house, you could always move in one of the family from your old save with the paintings in their backpack, then kill them off?

    Great chapter, though. LOVE this generation of kids.


    1. Good idea! But I think all my old save files got deleted from my old computer. I kind of did a factory restore and then sold it… Maybe someone somewhere has them, haha. Thank you so much for the advice though!

      Thank you! I really do too. Their personalities are different, which is always nice!


  4. I’m enjoying this legacy alot. And even though there’s new kids and all that, I think Chad will be my all time favorite. He was just too funny in a pathetic sort of way, but still… :) I’ll definitely being keeping up with your updates.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying reading it! I think Chad will always be my favorite too. Someday I will play him again (and maybe I’ll get to play his whole life next time). Thanks again!


  5. Looking back at older posts is sorta weird – but awesome, cause i found this legacy whilsts looking at old Chimeree posts :D

    Y’know, I think that my sim may have Moon’s evil powers – her name is Frankie, and she’s an evil genius ( I forget what her other trait is – she’s a child). I made her a goth – I love a good goth sim XD Anyway, she was reading outside the bookstore when some blonde kid called CHAD sat next to her. She got up, and starting chatting to him (I was thinking that he may be a possible future husband with a name like that). Whilst she was doing that, some old guy died behind them – there was just a HUGE crowd of sims (like, 30 of them, it made my game laggy as hell) mourning him – then, just as Grim left, some OTHER lady died :/



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