Chapter Twenty-Five: Omg Hurry Up, Generation Four

The day after the very timely death of her husband, Apple pretty much did this every 30 seconds.  Sweet at first.  Not so much after about two minutes.

Apple: Gerald ate pancakes.  I can’t bear to eat these.  Oh, and that bottle of nectar behind me reminds me of him too.  And so does that odd colored spot on the floor…  And the air.

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Chapter Twenty-Four: You’re Unbelievable

i rite guud!

Diva Muffin decided she’d like to learn the writing skill, so I excitedly built an office into her room and took her door away and let her creative juices flow.

Diva Muffin: Aw, you even created a special Sunset Valley-esque backdrop to inspire me!

Actually, no.  I moved the family back to Sunset Valley because I missed it dearly.  And (hopefully) this is where they’ll remain until my save file gets too big :P

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