Chapter Twenty-Three: Ignis


The Lianginator says: It is time for you to introduce my stats.

Indeed, it is!  Because what’s a legacy without stats, right?  What?  Did you forget this is a legacy?  I did too, actually.  Don’t feel bad.

Liang Creeper (formerly Yat Sen!) enjoys latin music, much like the love of his life, Fifi.  Did he change that to be more compatible with her?  Probably.  He also likes to eat Dim Sum because dim sum nice foods.  His favorite color is black.  I don’t have anything to attempt to be witty with for that.

His traits are freaking awesome.  He is Neat, meaning he gets a nice little ‘Clean House’ option when you clickety around.  Who needs a maid now?  He’s also Handy, meaning he might not die while trying to fix the dishwasher.  He’s Good, which is… good.  And to top it all off, he is Never Nude and Easily Impressed, just like his wife.  No wonder she rolled the want to woohoo him the second she greeted him when they first met.  They’re total soul mates, I believe it now.

And because all of this is already so ridiculously long, I’ll also mention that Liang comes in with 9 athletic points.  Nice!  Now on to not-so-stat-like things.

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