Chapter Twenty-One: Oh, Snap!

Aww, elderly love.  After all these years, Apple and Gerald still keep it going strong.

Apple: My shirt matches the wall.  Doesn’t that make you want to woohoo?

Gerald: Honey, we’ve only woohooed five times in our entire lives.  EVERYTHING makes me want to woohoo.

There will be plenty of time for them to woohoo now.  Just a couple of days after Apple’s final promotion, Gerald got his as well, granting him his lifetime wish of becoming a Hit Movie Composer.

Gerald: Thank you kindly for this most honorable promotion.  NOW I’M RETIRING, FIND SOMEONE ELSE.

Apple: Gerald, dear, don’t get yourself all worked up.  You know what that does to your blood pressure.

I know I don’t include the twins in many of these chapters anymore, so for those of you who might possibly but probably aren’t wondering what they’ve been up to, this is about it.  Tallulah works out.

Tallulah: Come on, Tallulah, you fat piece of lard, work it, work it, feel the burn!

She also disturbingly talks to herself.

Rumer kicks at the training thing. 

Rumer: Take THAT, Tyree Newbie!  Right in the goods, yeah!  There goes YOUR family line, muahaha!

Good to see she’s channeling her evil into other things, at least.

Oh, look, I do have another Rumer picture. 

Rumer: I’ve earned my white belt *preens*

She earned another one soon after that, but naturally I didn’t get a picture of it.  More on them later.

Where we last left off in the Baby Daddy Drama-lympics (going for gold?), we still were unaware of where little Diva Muffin’s paternal donation came from.  I know who it is, of course, but you don’t.  Neener. 

Fifi Trixibelle: Hmm, let me put on my most intrigued expression as we discuss this.  Who could possibly be the father of my childItalics.

As promised, Liang still hasn’t stopped waiting for his dear Fifi Trixibelle.  He continues to stand outside the Creeper household, not too far away, but not close enough to risk being slapped with a restraining order.  If you ask me, he already is a creeper.

The house disappeared because I was naughtily fiddling with graphics settings, but this MS Painted house works nicely, in my opinion.

MS Painted House: I shan’t fail you, oh beautiful creator!

As if by magic, little Diva Muffin Creeper aged into a toddler!  A toddler with her mother’s hair and the lightest grey eyes in the world.  Where did those come from?!

I found this funny when I saw them.  None of the possible fathers have light grey eyes.  Bahaha, now you’ll NEVER KNOW!

And for the record, Fifi is a most excellent mother.  She and Diva have the closest relationship I’ve seen so far between a mother and toddler.

Diva Muffin: Is that hand properly cleansed, mother?!  Oh dear, I hope so!  And when’s the last time you checked the sink?  I’m too short to reach it, please check it soon!

Tonight was a big night for the Creepers!  While grandma Apple held on tightly to her only granddaughter, everyone else prepared for a birthday party of massive proportions.

Apple: I want more babies.  Download a hack that gives me my baby making stuff back.

Hell to the no, Apple.  And ew.

Lovely Robyn was the very first sim to arrive for the party.  As soon as she arrived, she spilled her guts all over the deck.  This was her only present to us.

Robyn: Well if that darn spare of yours would stop knocking me up!

She JUST had their second baby, a boy named Oliver, and now she’s pregnant again.  I never thought Justice would be my baby making machine.

This is my attempt at a triple birthday party.  Apple wanted to throw a birthday party for Justice and Gerald wanted to throw one for Teddy Jo.  No one wanted to throw one for Fifi, but she’s the oldest so she gets one by default.

Fifi: That makes this so much more special.

Sims take so freaking long to age, though, that Teddy ended up leaving before Fifi even began the sparklies.  By the way, his missing trait got filled in, thanks to Twallan’s mod.  He’s a workaholic.  Nerd.

So that left us with Justice, which was okay with me anyway since this was Apple’s party and not Gerald’s. 

Justice: Let’s see how many more children I can father in Adulthood!

Robyn: Haha, you’re getting fiiiiixed!

Justice aged up long after everyone had grown bored of waiting.

Justice: I’m dashing and no one’s around to see it?

Sorry, Justice.

Also attending the party was Ghost Chad.  I learned a while ago that the difference between these pseudo-ghosts is that Chad’s otherwise invisible ghost blinks with bolts of electricity. Agnes has sparkles.  Maybe it’s a good thing they died in different ways then :D

The next night was another birthday party.  A much smaller one for the twins.  They were finally becoming Young Adults and could move out and give us room for (possibly) more babies for generation 4.

Apple: My hair is back.

Fifi: My arm is still tired from last night.

Rumer: I’m only turning four?  What nonsense is this?

They’re always getting ripped off, aren’t they?

Crap.  Rumer rolled Insane.

Rumer: AHA, I just got a lot more interesting, DIDN’T I?  You’re considering keeping me around, AREN’T YOU?

Shut up -_-  Just go mastermind your plot with yourself or something.

I was so excited about Rumer’s new trait that I forgot what Tallulah’s was.  Oh well.

Wait, it was Hot-Headed.

Fifi: Copycat.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because Tallulah was promptly given a hot pink wardrobe and booted out into the wide world of Story Progression.  So far I’ve read that she got a job in the Athletic career and is dating some guy named Dustin.  Way to move fast, Tallulah.

A few days had passed since Liang’s stalkery promise to Fifi, and he was still showing his absolute devotion to winning her heart.  I mean, the guy might want to invest in some real estate here or something because I imagine all that traveling gets pretty expensive.

Liang: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…

This would be the very first time the entire family has been seated at the dinner table at the same time.  That, my friends, is the power of a freaking delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I love how intensely Fifi is nomming hers.

Liang’s arm: …Anybody going to let me in? I’d… I’d like a sandwich too.  I haven’t eaten in three days…

He really is doing all this on his own. It’s starting to freak me out.

Diva Muffin: They didn’t use the stove to make those sandwiches, did they? Can you age me up early so I can check it?  PLEASE?!

Oh, Diva.

Rumer, that top makes you look like a fish.  Did some psycho dress you or something?  …Oh, wait.

Rumer: I wouldn’t be talking like that if I were you.  I’m an orange belt now, you know.

Orange belt doesn’t grant you the power to break a giant space rock in half, though.  I only tried it because it sounded cool.

Rumer: I’ll be getting the Hurt Hand moodlet after this, won’t I?


Apple: You look wonderful for having three children.  But not as wonderful as me for having five.

Robyn: Thank you, Apple.  Your bluntness is always a delight.

This is the newest Creeper.  Her name is Luz.  I hadn’t heard the name before, so I googled it and found that it’s pronounced looz.  I, for one, am just going to call her Lulz.

Lulz: No milk coming out!

That’s because it’s not fully loaded yet, silly baby. 

While we’re here we might as well check out the other kids.  This is Archie, already a child.  Time flies.  He’s got throwback hair, so that’s pretty cool.

And this is little Oliver.  How they both have blue eyes is beyond me.

Oliver: Anything else?

You’re all adorable.  Moving on!

One day, mysteriously, a mysterious white haired man showed up on the Creeper’s front lawn.

Mailbox: Ooh, is that him?!

Trash Can: I dunno, she’s givin’ weird hints like ‘mysterious’ and junk, but he don’t look the same, man.

Chinese Relic Thing Guy Lion Something: Just shush and let her continue, dudes.

Oh my god I just made THREE inanimate objects speak.  I’ve crossed a line there.


Rumer: This is beyond even MY comprehension.  I’m outta here.

Chinese Relic Thing Guy Lion Something: Now this is some messed up stuff right here.

The [OLD] Mysterious Traveler: Sorry I’m late!  Been working on an intense cloning experiment.  As you can see, I’ve finally got it right.  At least I think.  His jaw hasn’t fallen off like prototype number four’s.

And so, quite lamely and much too late, the Mysterious Traveler, or Pierre, is finally revealed.  I honestly don’t know what’s up with the clone, but as you can see his eyes are purple.  As in genetics GOLD. 

I had a younger picture of him at one time, but I think it’s long gone.

Fifi: You know, now that the mystery is gone and you’re old and wrinkly and I’m not trying to prove myself to anyone, I don’t find you all that appealing.  It’s kind of disappointing.

Pierre: Okay, see ya. *poof*

Wtf.  He turned and ran off in the middle of the conversation.  He took his clone with him, though.  That’s good.  He was, everyone with me now, CREEPY.

After Pierre left without warning, clearly stuck in his mysterious ways, Fifi felt oddly disconnected momentarily.  Although it had been six times larger than normal on Pierre’s elderly face, she knew that nose.  It was the same nose she’d been pretending to steal from her daughter’s face earlier that morning.  The Mysterious Traveler was Diva Muffin’s father.  He was old.  He was gone.  He was cloned.  He smelt of wet dog.  And Diva hadn’t gotten his cool purple eyes.

What’s next for poor Fifi?  Will The Pierres make another appearance?  Will he and Fifi make another baby because I really wanted those purple eyes?  Will Liang stop pining for Fifi as much now that it’s official he isn’t the father?  Did we win gold in the Baby Daddy Drama-lympics?  A special thank you to themarinalegacy for nominating the Creepers for boolprop’s Story of the Month!  Also thanks to the wonderful CC creators who make my game better, and to each and every one of you who take the time to read this.  Much love and happy simming!

7 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-One: Oh, Snap!

  1. I’ve spent last sunday afternoon reading up on this legacy. I LOVE your writing style! I sure hope you keep going. Thanks for writing this stunning saga of absolutely … erm .. interesting sims :D


  2. whaaat?? where did pierre come from??? O.o
    *thinks* ok there was the mysterious traveler… the chinese guy…that other guy…
    :/ didnt see that coming.
    cant wait to read more!!


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