Chapter Seventeen: Jeepers Creepers


Justice delighted us with his guitar playing until dawn of the day after the party.  Don’t you have a girlfriend or something to hang out with now?

Justice: She understands my need for space.

Well understand mine!


Both girls got the oddly colored Crumplebottom hair, which made me smile since none of the others did.  This is Rumer in all her Evil, black liking glory.  Who says evil can’t be adorable as well?

Rumer: Get the white default replacements for these bottles or I will steal your soul.

You don’t scare me, you squishy little cutie pie.

Rumer: Darn this cuteness!


Actually, all in all it’s Tallulah who tends to give the evil expressions.  She just looks mean.

Tallulah: Maybe you should take your camera somewhere else.

Okay then.


So what are your plans for the day, Fifi?

Fifi Trixibelle: Well, first I’m going to annihilate these waffles.  Then I’m going to play my guitar for tips in the park.  Then I might have a nap, and later I’ll take a nice warm bubble bath in my swimsuit.

Shouldn’t you be looking for a spouse?

Fifi: Nah, I don’t think so.

She’s almost worse than Chad.



Hello, Robyn.  What are you doing?

Robyn: I’m in ur spare’s house, marryin’ ur spare.

And we weren’t invited?  Rude.  Meet Robyn Creeper, everyone.  Our little Justice’s new bride.


Fifi: Married?!  How the heck did this happen, Justice?! 

Justice:  It’s a funny story, really.  See, I was out here autonomously gardening one day, and next thing I knew Story Progression led me to Robyn.   Suddenly I felt so in love with her, and we decided to get married.  Heh. 

Fifi: Ugh.  Do you even know her?!

Justice: Well, yeah, I mean we had to go steady for four days before we could get married, according to the creator’s settings.  If it wasn’t meant to be, we would’ve broken up.  That’s what happened to Don Lothario and whatever girl he was dating last.

Fifi: I find this oddly frustrating.


Fifi: You seem like a cool person, Robyn, so I’m going to use my new Charming Introduction on you.


Robyn: Omigawd, that is so CHARMING!

Fifi: I like her.


Their house is really dark.  But anyway, Robyn adores Fifi.  They become friends rather quickly and Fifi  even performs a few songs for her new sister-in-law.

Fifi: I’m going to write this one on the spot, just for you.  I call it ‘Stamp of Approval’.

Robyn: It’s like eating chocolate cake, but with my ears.



Tallulah: I have learned all I can from banging on this toy.  Time to bang on another.


Rumer: As soon as this bar is full, daddy, you’re going to wish you’d never taught me this skill.  Muahahaha!

Gerald:  Lookit my wittle Woomerkins, standing up like a big girl!  Goochie goo!  Ah boo boo boo!

Rumer: I am NOT your wittle Woomerkins!

Suddenly, a few things happened at once. 


First, I got a pop up saying that Teddy Jo had gotten married.  He’d been dating a woman by the name of Bessie Biller and was now Teddy Jo Biller-Creeper.


At that exact same time, I checked to see what Fifi was doing so I could send her to visit Teddy.  Her current action said ‘Fight!’

Who is this?

Fifi: Her name is Bessie Biller-Creeper, and she’s about to get OWNED.



Bessie: I take it this isn’t a Friendly Hug.


Fifi: *earns some skill for fighting*

Is that body or charisma?

Fifi: I dunno, I’m a little too busy to tell at the moment.


I have absolutely no clue what caused this fight, but at least Fifi can hold her own.

Fifi: That’ll teach you to marry my brother when you’re not Betty Simovitch.

Yeah, that’s a little disappointing… which is why I now did something very, very bad.


Bessie: Divorce?!  What gives, Teddy?!

Teddy Jo: I don’t know, I’m just as confused as you are, but GET OUT.

Then I did a little Town Editing :3


Teddy Jo: …Betty?  Huh?  What’s going on?

Betty: Hello, Teddy.  Long time no see.


Betty: Now where did we leave off?

Teddy Jo: I still don’t get…


Betty: Yes, this seems about right.

We’ll give them some time alone.

And just a little note that makes me giggle fiendishly, I actually stuck Bessie in the house that Betty had been living in, so all the sims there can be thoroughly confused.


Rumer: I’m telling you, daddy, you’re going to regret teaching me how to walk.  I promise.

Gerald: Aw, come on, pookiewookie, you can do it, my baby!

Rumer: Frustrated!


While I was messing around at the spares’ house, Story Progression thought it would be funny to get Fifi and this guy together.  I wan only gone for maybe three sim hours, holy crap.  I can’t remember his name, but I think it starts with a G.

Fifi: Haha, you are SO not my type.

Hey, at this point he’s the only option you have.  I might just force you to like him.


It also made her get a job in Law Enforcement, of all things.

Fifi: Hi, I quit.  Yeah, no, I never intended to work.  Really, A RAISE?!  Still no.  Back up off me.


Apple:  Applesaurus Rex ELDERFY GO!

She reminds me of an angry turtle in this picture.


Apple: Eugh, is this really what I look like?



I make Fifi invite her Story Progression boyfriend over again.

Fifi: Why are you doing this to me?

To prove that I’m almighty, since I can’t exactly smite.


Since I keep giving profile pictures, here’s one from the front.  Nothing special about him, really.  Except that he’s a Social Worker.  I don’t know why, but the idea of taking your own kids away from yourself amuses me.

Not that I in any way doubt Fifi’s parenting skills.


Rumer: They still have not taught you how to walk, sister? THEY WILL PAY.

Tallulah: Sure thing, Rumer.  Now move so I can get to the potty.

Rumer: Potty trained?!  Why am I not potty trained yet?!  Cuuuuurses!


Ignore the pixelated building in the background.  I don’t believe in detailed lots, dangit.

That guy looks hardcore, doesn’t he?  He stood there staring intensely at Fifi for a long time.


Then he suddenly burst into dance and I loled. 


Apple looks a lot like Agnes in her old age.  All but the nose, really.  That smile looks fake, but at least she’s smiling for me this time.

Rumer: It is now my birthday and I am one step closer to mastering my true Evil potential.


Rumer: I grew up, elder mother, look at me!

Apple: Uh huh, seen it before.

And Rumer rolls Virtuoso, making four out of five kids having the trait.  Jeeze.


Tallulah: Wee, I grew up too and look a lot like Teddy Jo!

Tallulah rolls Perfectionist, just like her parents.


Rumer: My everyday wear is identical to Tallulah’s PJs.  Freaky.

Unfortunately our Sweater Vest Gangsta didn’t appear this chapter.  I still don’t know where the heck he came from.  But once again, how will the girls look after I make them over?  And will Fifi  realize that she’s the oldest kid, yet the only one not married yet?  And the only one who really NEEDS to get married?  Will she be married by the time the twins become young adults?  We shall see!  Thank you for reading!

11 thoughts on “Chapter Seventeen: Jeepers Creepers

  1. Thanks! I’m reading your legacy now! I can’t remember exactly who made them, but I know they’re on Mod the Sims. It might be oepu.


  2. “It’s like eating chocolate cake, but with my ears.” That made me LOL…hehehe. But so did several other things during this chapter. Like the hardcore guy who suddenly burst into dance…I hope she married HIM! haha


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