Chapter Fifteen: The Real Sim Shady

Apple: Ugh, I don’t feel very well at all.  What could possibly be wrong?

Fifi Trixibelle: Mom, you just ate a salad that’s been sitting on the table since yesterday.  I’m pretty sure that’s what that’s all about.

Apple: I thought you just made this!

Fifi: I’m eating waffles!  You think I made myself waffles and then randomly tossed together a salad for kicks?

The Portrait Formerly Known as Chad: …

Welcome, my friends, to the Creeper Legacy.  Apple’s not an elder yet, but she’s already losing her memory.

Apple:  Hello, stranger who rang the doorbell for no apparent reason.  I ate spoiled salad this morning, brb!

Visiting Stranger: …This is awkward.

I just realized, because I’m a terrible simmer, that Justice has no skills whatsoever D:  He does have his father’s natural musical talent, though, so I snatched the guitar from Gerald and tossed it to Justice.  I think it’s doing it’s job.

Maid: This guy?  He’s my future husband *swoon*

Fifi: *sneaks into the shot like a ninja*

And yeah that darn taxi is still there.

Teddy Jo continues to have absolutely no luck with the ladies.  Even the ones his age.  He and Betty are good friends, but she’s not ready to commit to an Amorous Hug.

Betty: I’m dating Bob Newbie, TJ.  No touchie.

Is she specially coded to date him? If not, I find that funny.  Every other teen in this town is taken too.  My poor legacy kids :(

Betty: I’ll be generous and give you a Friendly Hug, okay, friend?

Psh, they’re basically the same thing, only without the “feelings” and crap.

Fifi: TJ, I have a wonderful idea that might just solve your lady problem.  Because I’m the coolest big sister ever, I think it’s only right that I help you out. 

Teddy Jo: Okay, I’m listening.  A little scared, but listening.  What is it?

Fifi: It’s all about mind games, TJ.  I’ve got it all planned out.  Have you ever seen Criss Angel Mindfreak?

Teddy Jo: We’ve never owned a TV, so–

Fifi: Well, anyway, it’s like that.  Only not.

Teddy Jo: …O…kay.

They plot behind the scenes because that might keep you reading.  Or something. 

Ever since our hot dog eating ghost appeared, Teddy’s had the want to visit the graveyard.

Teddy Jo: Heck yeah.  Sad, vulnerable chicks hang out here.

So wrong. Anyway, I send him out to keep him happy.  I do sometimes try to do that.

As he’s walking through the gravesites, he spots two people who look suspiciously like Betty Simovitch’s parents, Vadim and Fatima.  Perhaps that means Betty’s in the graveyard too.  What a coincidence that would be.  I promise you that at the time I hadn’t planned this.  It’s one of those Sims Fate things, I guess.

And there she was, hanging out near the exit.  Even though she’s already taken, she and Teddy Jo are still good friends,  so it would be impolite not to say hello.  This time, Teddy forgets about pick up lines.  They’re no use with her anyway.

Teddy Jo: Hey, I saw your parents here and figured you were around.  Did, uh, someone die?

Betty: No, actually, they got married here or something…  It’s their anniversary.

Teddy Jo: That’s, uh… heh.  That’s actually really odd, Betty.

Betty: Yeah I know, haha.  Kinda funny…

Teddy Jo: Yeah…

Betty: …

Bob Newbie: Hey, Mr. Creeper.  What’s up?

Gerald:  Just painting, young man.  You here to see my daughter?

Bob: Yeah, kind of.  We have a project together at school we need to work on.

Gerald:  Ah, well, you see this red paint here?  It’ll be your blood if you touch her.  I’ll paint a picture with it and send it to your parents.

Bob: Haha, I don–

Gerald: Not kidding.

Bob: Okay then. Going inside now.

Teddy Jo: Listen, Betty, I think you should know that I really like you.  More than I’ve liked anyone I’ve known.  Even that French woman.  I know you’re unavailable, but if I didn’t tell you how I feel I think I would go crazy.

Betty: Teddy…

Apple: Oh, a project?  Well, you two should definitely work on it here in the living room.  The lighting is much better.  Definitely not dim and romantic like in Fifi’s room.

Fifi: Uh, mom, shouldn’t you be in the bathroom getting sick or something?

Betty:  Teddy, I really like you, too.  Honestly.  But Bob is just… well, he’s my husband in all the Sims games.  He’s all I know.  It would be weird without him, you know?

Teddy Jo: …Huh?

(Lol @ his face.)

Fifi: Alright, so now that my parents are being entertained by other things, let’s get down to business.  I like you, Bob.  I want you to break up with Betty and date me.

Bob: What?  Where did this come from?

Fifi: It’s been a long time coming.  Remember when we met and I made fun of your shoes?  I’ve liked you ever since.  Promise. 

Bob:  I don’t even… What do I…?  How…?

Fifi:  Just don’t say anything.  Follow your heart and kiss me.

Betty: I can’t kiss you.  I can’t cheat on Bob, Teddy, I’m so sorry.  He’s my soulmate.

I guess he can cheat on you, though, can’t he?

And that was the beginning of the end for Bob Newbie and Betty Simovitch.  Unfortunately, it was also the beginning of the end for all three Creeper teenagers.  I’d put it on hold for as long as I could, but tonight a triple birthday was unavoidable.  Prepare for a special Rapid Aging Sequence.

First up is Fifi Trixibelle.  Oohlala, look what she grew into.  Since she was my only A student, I was able to roll a trait for her.  She rolled Hot-Headed.

Next is Teddy Jo, who looks a bit like Colonel Mustard.  It fits, though.  I kind of like it.  He was given the Ambitious  trait, and unfortunately the missing trait didn’t ever show up.  Boo.

Last to age is the baby of the family, Justice.  I think Moses (who I forgot on the old computer) grew up in that very same shirt :D  Justice is given the Schmoozer trait, which finishes his personality perfectly in my opinion. 

So here are the final stats for each kid, since I’m posting an heir poll right after this.  There’s no way I’d be able to choose this time around.  Forget even trying, haha.

Fifi Trixibelle

Traits: Brave, Virtuoso, Never Nude, Hot-Headed, Easily Impressed
Favorites: Latin, Key Lime Pie, Purple
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (max charisma and guitar)
Possible Mates: Trigger Broke, Bob Newbie
Fifi is my one and only A student and has a rather rebellious side.  She’s close to both of her brothers and has helped them both out numerous times.

Teddy Jo

Traits: Excitable, Clumsy, Ambitious, Virtuoso
Favorites: Pop, French Toast, Lime
LTW: Master of the Arts (max painting and guitar)
Possible Mates: Betty Simovitch, Aimee Lefebvre (Angry French Woman)
Teddy Jo has thought of himself as a ladies man since he was a child, but he’s really too sweet to be that way.  He’s also the only blonde I’ve had since the founder.


Traits: Friendly, Schmoozer, Perfectionist, Virtuoso, Brave
Favorites: Classical, Waffles, Aqua
LTW: Seasoned Traveler (max visa in all destinations)
Possible Mates: Laurel Grisby, MaryKay Shallow
Justice sometimes comes across as pompous, but he’s just got it very clear in his head what he wants out of life.  He’s a true sweetheart and takes interest in a variety of things, so he’s always off doing something on his own.

Please vote for your favorite either via comment on this blog post, or at the boolProp forums.  I’ll stop counting votes in about 3-5 days.  Oh, and the whole Possible Mates is just so you can have an idea of who I might choose for a spouse.  It could turn out entirely different.   Thank you for reading, in advance for voting, and as always, happy simming!

So… this might be a good time to announce that I’m pregnant.


9 thoughts on “Chapter Fifteen: The Real Sim Shady

  1. LOL @ Apple’s concluding announcement.

    Any of the kiddos will make a good heir…I voted for TJ over on boolprop though since he’s kind of a throwback to founding creeper Chad. yeah. :)


  2. Wow. Again, I love how intense the storyline is getting. Usually, by this point, legacies get repetitive and I lose interest because it’s the same story, different sims. But YOURS, a solid soap opera. I love it! Especially, with the Bob and Betty bit. Also, congrats on getting a new computer, as the graphics are spectacular now. I got a new laptop a few months ago, but sadly I was only able to up the edge smoothing and sim detail slider to medium while all the others remained at low like on my old laptop. Hopefully, there is some way I can upgrade the graphics card. Anyways, superb job!


  3. The ghost is Agnes, the sparkles indicate an Old Age ghost, not an Electric ghost- that would be lightning. The effects sometimes stay. Mine did when my ghosts somehow got deleted ;>_>


  4. I love Fifi’s look, you’re right, she’s very unique looking – but not ugly like a lot of uglacy/prettacy sims that I’ve seen. I’d vote for her, if I wasn’t years late…


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