Chapter Thirteen: The Big Move

Fifi Trixibelle: Dude, mom, what the heck happened to your hair?

Justice: Yeah, you look really weird…  This whole place does, really.

Apple: I have no idea.  Starla, uh, what did you do?

Well, I GOT A NEW COMPUTER, THAT’S WHAT.  Finally!  Ah, it’s so amazinnng!  And I didn’t feel like transferring absolutely everything over, so you’re going to have to deal.  Oh, and you guys live in Riverview now, by the way.  Because I’m too lazy to fiddle with CAW right now.

Justice:  TJ, man, we live in the middle of nowhere, did you hear that?!

Teddy Jo:  This sucks.  I was totally in with all the chicks at our old place.

Well it was either this or be stuck back in Sunset Valley, where it would be creepy seeing your dead grandmother strutting her stuff around town again.  Even though this is the Creeper legacy, it just wouldn’t be right.

Teddy Jo: Gross.  I guess I see her point there.

Justice: Definitely.  Touché.

That’s what I thought.

Is that hair better for you, Apple?

Apple: I suppose it’ll do for now.  You know what this hair means, though, right?

Could it possibly mean… [Three Places in the] WORLD ADVENTURES?

Gerald: Yes, we’re all patched up and set to leave right… NOW.

You’re pretty good on a computer considering you’ve never even seen one before. 

Teddy Jo: Okay, so we’re suddenly in France.  Now what do we do?  Sigh.

Teddy always looks so glum.


Dude, you’re in FRANCE.  All the girls here are looking for romance.

Fifi: Hey, you think maybe this BIG SIGN here will help us find something to do?

Well, you want to go to the cafe, Apple and Teddy want to go to the gallery, and Gerald and Justice want to check out the Nectary.  We’ll start with that.   

Apple: I am not amused.

I really am.

I had Fifi give a Friendly Introduction to this woman and they did the Kiss Kiss Darling thinger.  I didn’t expect it, but I guess I should’ve, considering. 

French Woman: …This is always so awkward.

Teddy Jo:   Art. It exists. Siiiiigh.

Jeeze, CHEER UP, Teddy.

Gerald: Hey, son, that looks like some mighty fine nectar there.  Just don’t chug it, okay? Heh heh. 

Justice:  Freakin’ amateur. 

Two hours later.


Justice: You do realize you’re shouting, right, Dad?

Someone take his glass away.

Apple: That is one huge freaking lion thing.  Speaking of… lions, I guess, where did Teddy go?

He’s staring morosely at a painting of flowers.

This totally looks like some sort of advertisement.  Mighty Man Nectar: Brings out the Mighty Man in you.

No, I did not get paid for this crappy generic advertising.

Teddy and Fifi decide to join the others at the Nectary.

Impatient French Woman: Out of my way, you puny legacy child, or I will strangle you with my large pink scarf!

Fifi: Who peed in her Quick Meal Cereal this morning?

Teddy Jo: SIGH.

I know what’ll cheer you up, TJ.

Teddy Jo:  Well hello there, beautiful.  Ain’t no nectar in the world as sweet as you.

 Teddy Jo: Oh man, this Friendly Introduction thing is AWESOME.

Fifi: Haha, my brother’s such a nerd.

Amelia or something: I saw your brother around.  He looks so dreamy and mysterious.  I bet he’s a little heartbreaker.

Glasses Guy: CURSES! The meddling kid beat me to her.

Fifi:  Whoa, back up, guy.  Eighty percent of my face time this chapter is background.

Teddy Jo: Justice is going through his ‘I’m Too Good for Everyone Because I’m a Perfectionist’ phase right now. I, on the other hand, am good for everyone.  I can show you a better time than anyone around here.  When I become a young adult, of course.

 A-Something: …Uh huh.  Cute.  I guess.  Anyway, bye.

Justice: I’ve never made nectar before, but I’m thinking this Apple Nectar I just made with my bare feet is going to be the greatest thing ever. 

Justice is in his own world most of the time.

Fifi’s looking mighty suspicious there. I don’t think browsing nectar is a felony or anything.

Fifi:  Shh!  I’m a ninja!

 I totally love the scooter, but I think I love Fifi’s superhero facial expression even more.  She’s so rad.

She drags her brothers along to one of the local shops because she’s in dire need of incense.  Unfortunately, both brothers are embarrassing and it doesn’t even matter if the guy behind the register is hot or not because he thinks she’s a dweeb, thanks to them.

Fifi: You guys suck.

Fifi: I saw you crash and burn with that blonde today, TJ.  What’s up with that? I thought you had game.

Teddy Jo: I don’t know, but can we not mention it, please?  I feel like punching things just thinking about it, and your face is very close to me at the moment.

Teddy Jo: Justice, she didn’t want me!  She wanted youI’m the ladies man!  How can I be a ladies man if I don’t have game in France?

Justice: I don’t know, man, but don’t sweat it.  I wouldn’t have wanted her anyway.  And just think: if she’d actually taken your bait, you might’ve ended up having to commit to a long distance relationship later on, meaning no action for you.  Ever.

Teddy Jo:  I guess you’re right, bro.  I need to get my game back, though.  Everybody’d better watch out when we get back home because I’ll be back with a freaking vengeance.

Justice: Yeah good luck with that in Riverview.

Teddy Jo: …Crap.

Next time: Find out if Teddy Jo gets his groove back (did it ever even exist?), see if there’s a woman who meets Justice’s high standards, and if Fifi’s learned her lesson about taking her brothers with her when there are eligible gentlemen around.  Also, more updates on the legacy household!  I kind of used this chapter to test out all my new stuff, so I didn’t get much done at all.  See you next time!  Thank you for reading and happy simming!

6 thoughts on “Chapter Thirteen: The Big Move

  1. Moving them to Riverview seems very logical…poor Teddy Jo though, hope he gets his groove back. lol.

    Congrats on the new computer!!

    You capture some awesome faces and reactions :)


    1. Thank you! I was a little scared of Riverview because I’ve only played it once and wasn’t all that impressed, but I have to say it’s not so bad. I just hope the men in Sunset Valley don’t start growing up in overalls all the time, lol.


    1. Yeah “nectar” just tastes better when your own feet helped create it, lol.

      Unfortunately, yes :( For some reason I just assumed all the portraits would be fine (because I’m dumb haha), but I noticed last night that they’re just blank now. It made me sad, but the old save file was getting pretty big anyway so it’ll be okay I guess.


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