Chapter Nineteen: Just For Tonight

Chinese Relic Thing Guy Lion Something: Whazuuuuuuuup?  Be prepared for a wonky update because, due to bad planning, the writer had no idea what to do with her screenshots. KBAI!

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Chapter Sixteen: If You Give a Sim a Woohoo

There was a nice little surprise announcement at the end of last chapter, and before Apple pops I figure I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

See, what had happened was… Apple randomly rolled the want to have a child with Gerald one day.  I’ve noticed this sometimes happens when Sims are nearing their elderhood, maybe they want one more fling before the “issues” set in, know what I mean?  Anyway, so I figured, you know, they’re about six days away from being elders, plus Apple and Gerald barely have time for woohoo any more, so (pay attention, this is what NOT to do) what would ONE ‘TRY FOR BABY’ hurt at this point?  It’s not like they’ll actually get PREGNANT or anything.

Well, I guess you can see how that went.  I’m a genius, I tell you.

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Chapter Fifteen: The Real Sim Shady

Apple: Ugh, I don’t feel very well at all.  What could possibly be wrong?

Fifi Trixibelle: Mom, you just ate a salad that’s been sitting on the table since yesterday.  I’m pretty sure that’s what that’s all about.

Apple: I thought you just made this!

Fifi: I’m eating waffles!  You think I made myself waffles and then randomly tossed together a salad for kicks?

The Portrait Formerly Known as Chad: …

Welcome, my friends, to the Creeper Legacy.  Apple’s not an elder yet, but she’s already losing her memory.

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Chapter Thirteen: The Big Move

Fifi Trixibelle: Dude, mom, what the heck happened to your hair?

Justice: Yeah, you look really weird…  This whole place does, really.

Apple: I have no idea.  Starla, uh, what did you do?

Well, I GOT A NEW COMPUTER, THAT’S WHAT.  Finally!  Ah, it’s so amazinnng!  And I didn’t feel like transferring absolutely everything over, so you’re going to have to deal.  Oh, and you guys live in Riverview now, by the way.  Because I’m too lazy to fiddle with CAW right now.

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