Chapter Twelve: Return With A Recap

Well, hello again, old friends.  It’s been too long, hasn’t it?  Actually, it’s been about 86 days since my last update.  I just sat and counted on a calendar because I had nothing better to do.  I could sit here and list the excuses I have for not updating, but I’d rather you come up with your own for me because that’s interactive and kind of fun.  Anyway, since there’s been a ridiculous gap between chapters, I figured a nice little recap is in order, plus a small update on what’s been going on in the Creeper household.  Then I’ll figure out some way to jump back in and get this legacy rolling once again.


The Creeper legacy began with this mulleted man.  Chad Creeper was an easily impressed, flirty loser who mooched and didn’t eat meat.  With his huge ego and an ignorance of tact, he sauntered around town in an attempt to woo the ladies and find the salsa to his tortilla chips.  The ladies of Sunset Valley, however, were not impressed.  No, not even Pauline Wan.  He was just a bit too creepy for them.  And sometimes for me as well.

Eventually, he found The One in Miss Agnes Crumplebottom, who seemed to be the only lady in town he couldn’t get his mind off of.  As a grumpy, widowed hopeless romantic who preferred reading in solitude and clipping coupons over anything else, it seemed a marriage between the two would be a complete disaster.  Surprisingly, they were the most adorable sims couple I’d had in quite a long time.  They produced two lovely children, Apple and Moses, before Chad tragically perished in a dishwasher accident.

After the shock and horror of our beloved founder’s death subsided, and despite being widowed for a second time, Agnes was able to raise two healthy children, and soon the two were old enough to begin their own families.  Being incredibly competitive, Apple often gave her brother a hard time about who would make a better heir, and in the end she won.  Her brother didn’t mind, and happily made his exit, preferring the free will above heirship glory.  As of now, he’s yet to get married or have children of his own.  Apple is a lucky perfectionist who kisses great, loves to paint and watch TV. 

Choosing a spouse was easy for Apple, as she and her childhood friend, Gerald Steel (son of Christopher Steel and Claire Ursine) were a perfect match from the beginning.  Gerald shares Apple’s love of painting and perfectionism.  He also has a love for the outdoors, is uncomfortable with nudity, and holds an aptitude for music.  The couple had three offspring, but I won’t be going into them until the end of this chapter.  In the meantime, let’s play a little catch up.

Shortly after the last update, it finally happened.  Agnes slowly put her book away and I was zoomed over to her. I was thinking this is it, but then she sat calmly in her chair for a bit, so I figured it was just some sort of false alarm.  I was just about to have her get some canned soup (it reminded her of Chad), when she casually stood, began to float and spew sparkles.  The end of Agnes Creeper, and generation one, was here.

I feel bloaty.”

“What is this nonsense?”

Oh. I get it now.”

It was about time, but as soon as everything happened, I instantly regretted trying to rush things along.  Agnes was my co-founder!  My only link to the beginning.  I’d gotten so used to her being around, reading in her room, reading in the living room, reading at the beach, reading at the dining room table…  What would I look at while everyone else is out of the house during the day?

At first I was going to blame the Clone of the Evil Maid, because it wasn’t until she walked through the door that Agnes began her death scene.  I don’t know, though.  She looked pretty surprised and saddened by the event.

Where is Chad?”

In due time, Agnes.

Gerald was home at the time, but I’m sure he was wishing he hadn’t been.

“It’s really not cool to be feeling this dark presence behind me…”

“Dark presence?! Where?!”

Portrait Chad: *is silent for once*

Now the maid looks kind of pleased with herself.

Agnes Creeper, you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid scythe on.  Come, join me in death and become my Queen for all eternity.”

Where’s Chad?”

Oh, come on, you’re not over him yet?  And what about Erik Darling, huh?  He’s never even been mentioned in this legacy.  What’s this loser Chad got over him?”

He wasn’t my legacy founder, fool.  In fact, when we found Agnes, she’d moved out of the house she begins the game in and had left him behind.  Obviously she and Chad were the ones meant to be.  You can’t deny that it was fate.

I want Chad!”

Yes, yes, I get that.  Very well then.  If I had a heart, it would be like this: </3”

What is that?!  What is that casual glance between those two?!  Omg the evil maid did get her revenge!

Actually, no.  I just think she’s really hot.  Come, fair maid, join me in death and be my Queen for all eternity.”

Not a chance.”

Aww, man.  I get no respect.  Fine, but you still owe me $50,000 and your soul for this.”

Shh!  Not here!.”


“- $125!”

Rest in Peace, Agnes Creeper.  We didn’t achieve your LTW, but you were able to raise two beautiful children all by yourself and that’s more than anyone could have asked for.  You had the saddest co-founder’s life I’ve ever seen, but you soldiered on like it was nobody’s business.  Despite my complaints that you weren’t dying, you are truly missed.  At 110 days old, you were still rather young compared to a couple of elder sims I’ve read about, so don’t feel bad.

And someday I’ll build a mausoleum.  Huh.  That seems to be the only thing worth mentioning that’s happened… Well, now to re-introduce the next generation.

First born is Fifi Trixibelle who is the most unique looking TS3 sim I’ve had as of yet.  She’s very brave and easily impressed, doesn’t think nudity is appropriate EVER, and has a natural skill in music.  So far she seems to be a generally easy going sim who doesn’t care much about what people think of her.  She’s got her father’s hair and nose and her mother’s lips and eyes. 

The middle child is Teddy Jo, who has his grandfather’s hair color, mother’s eyes and lips, and father’s nose.  Somehow he’s missing a trait, but for now he’s excitable, clumsy, and also gifted in music.  He seems to have picked up his grandfather’s ego, and has autonomously been chatting up older women since he got out of diapers.  I’m hoping when he ages, his missing trait will show up.

The current baby of the family is Justice, who, despite his appearance, is the sweetest guy around.  He’s a perfectionist like his parents, brave, friendly, and yes, ALSO blessed with musical talent.  He’s the only one in the family who has green eyes, and the only child with his mother’s nose (which is also his grandfather’s).  His hair, as you can see, is just like his dad’s, and he also has his mom’s lips. 

So that’s that for this update, I suppose.  With three musically inclined teenagers in the house, I’m sure it’s beginning to seem like they’ll be breaking into song any minute. Thank you for reading and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get this out.  I promise it won’t be another 86 days before you see another Creeper update.


6 thoughts on “Chapter Twelve: Return With A Recap

  1. I just got to read through this, and I really love it. Every chapter had me giggling at one point or another, and that’s just what I need when I’m home sick from school.
    Justice is my favoriteee<3


  2. Freakin super! Glad you’re back! :)

    As for the reason you were gone…hmmm…you went on tour with your favorite band. That would be awesome…and would take months. Yep, you’re totally a roadie.


  3. Yay! I came by cause I was cleaning out all my old legacies to make more room and saw an update…well several updates! I am excited cause I really liked reading this one. So I will have fun catching up when I have more time. Thanks for not leaving us!


  4. The missing trait will not show up on it’s own. It never does, I have to use the testingCheatsenabled true( I think…..) in order to give my kids the trait they lost while growing up. At least it’s not a gross amount of cheating.


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