Chapter Ten: Three Kids and an Elder

…I should never have made fun of that darn fur coat.  My elder simself (with her toddler son wtf) looks absolutely HORRID.  I do not age gracefully already, then they go and add insult to injury by sticking me in that.  Sadly, though, soon after this picture was taken, I got the notice that my husband’s simself died, followed a day later by me.  RIP Starla (hi, that’s my name!).  That just means Agnes will be joining us soon (maybe?  She’s like 109 days old now, everyone else is dead, and my daughter’s simself is now an elder as well).

Where did I leave off?  Oh, right.  Gerald had stepped into the Torture Chamber of Doom, thinking he’d come out looking fit.  Well, he was sadly mistaken. 

Sadly mistaken?!  OH NO WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!”


OH MY… Hey!  You tricked me!  Oh, you!”

Oh, YOU.  You liiiiike?

Yes!  I can finally see my feet!  This is the greatest day ever!”

Really, Gerald?  The greatest?

Oh, um… Right, besides my wedding day… and the birth of Fifi Trixibelle.”


If it weren’t for you, Agnes, there would be THIS MUCH more of me in this picture!  Thank you so much again!”

Anything to keep young love strong, my dear.”

Apple’s foot: OHAI!

Walls weren’t down, in case you thought they were.  Windows just make it look that way.  I am not a n00b! :P

I loved chubby Gerald, but I have to admit, he is quite a handsome sim this way, too.  And I think he knows it.  Don’t get a big ego and ruin your marriage, okay?

Oh, I won’t.  But you will see me striking sexy casual poses such as this one more often.”

Well, I think we can all live with that.

I’m sorry, I had to do it.  And really, the shorts make it better.  Also, I love that Virtuoso sims sing in the shower. 

What is love
Baby don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me no more


It’s really nice that you match your icon now, Gerald, but I hope you didn’t go through with this because you thought your old self bothered me.”

No, honey, I did this for me.”

“…But, you know, we should test out your new body… Just to make sure everything still works, of course.”

Of course.”

It would appear that things went well, don’t you think?  Baby number two is on the way!

Quickest pregnancy ever.  I guess I got lazy with the picture taking.

Oh!  It kicked me!  It kicked me!”

Portrait Chad: I wanna feeeeel :(

We all wish you could, Chad.

I know I don’t have many pictures of the baby care, but Apple and Gerald are great parents.  A lot of the time when I go to line up their queue to feed or change Fifi, they’re already ahead of me.  My only issue is that everyone seems to get Ceiling Eyes Syndrome, so they look dreadfully bored when they’re holding her.

I love parenting.” 

You look incredibly sarcastic.

Our evil maid is truly evil.  When we go to fire her, she turns around and gives us the farewell message, whether she’s finished or not.

Best to not test the patience of a pregnant woman, maid.  We’re capable of things others are not.”

True.  Very true.

Are you pregnant?  I just thought you were awfully FAT.  Cackle, cackle.”

You’re late.  We did that last chapter.

Maybe YOU were early.  Ever think about THAT?!  Just for this, I’m going to go clog your toilet.”

No, we’re going to fir–


Hi, I’m the maid!  Booshaboosha, look at me, I’m stoooopid!  Nyah nyah!”

“Yes, boogedy boogedy!  I have horns and a fork tongue and I am going to die sad and lonely because the creator has relationships with NPCs disabled!”

Muahaha.  My own type of revenge right thur.

“I could’ve sworn I just heard it say, “Daddy, you’re gaining weight again.””

You’re delusional, babe.”

Wait, now it’s saying, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…””

Told you I could hear it.  And stop doing that, you’re going to break it!”

Hush.  I’m going to stretch this thing out of me, and until YOU carry our child for three days, I don’t want to hear crap about it!”

Three whole days of pregnancy. Wooooo.

Looks like the stretching did the trick.  Introducing Teddy Jo Creeper, named after the daughter (yes, daughter) of John Mellencamp, an American singer.  The girl’s name is actually Teddi, but obviously I had to make it man-friendly.  I thought the name was adorable and was hoping for another girl, so there you go. 

Okay.  I lied.  I actually thought it was a boy’s name because the site I originally got this stuff from said it was.  Sorry, Teddy.


Okay, my job is done here.  Moooom, here’s another grandkid for you!”

Teddy Jo was born with Virtuoso locked in, which is disappointing.  Too many music inclined people in this family.  It’s going to be the Brady Bunch in here and junk.  He also rolled clumsy.  And I forgot to look at his favorites, oops.

Well clearly his favorite color is lime.  This is actually a very nice change from all the freaking purple pasted up everywhere.  I have a feeling I’m going to be watching the household from this room for a while. 

And now it’s time for this generation’s first birthday!  Yaaay!  And as you can see, Gerald is beginning to gain his weight back.  I guess they do that if their genetics call for a larger body?

Are you ready to age up, my Fifiwifi?  Yes you are!  You’re going to be a big girl!”

D’aaawww.  She’s got her mom’s eye coloring, and her dad’s hair.

I dare say I am in need of a xylophone.  If you would, please procure one from Buy Mode for me.  It would be much appreciated, thank you.”

Okay, so she’s not a genius per se, but Virtuosos give me a vibe that says, “I am smart in my own musical way.”

And after a trip to the dresser and mirror, we have our adorable little Fifi toddler.

MY daddy.  Back off.”

Okay then.

I really need to build a second bathroom.  This is pretty much a typical afternoon in the Creeper household.  And it just makes things worse when I tell the maid to Stop Doing That. 

“Yes, it does, doesn’t it?  I think my teeth are REALLY dirty today.  I must stand here for another hour.”


You are getting way too creepy, even for the Creepers.  Can we fire you now, PLEASE?!

“FIRED!  You are F-I-R-E-D!  Now get out of here!”

Yes!  Thank you, Gerald!

You will regret this day.  Mark.  My.  Words.”

Portrait Chad: Oooh, I think she’s serious.

I wouldn’t doubt it.  She’s got that Grinch smirk.

 The forceful manliness displayed by Gerald and the end of the evil maid saga called for a celebration.  And I don’t mean a formal party, either.

Apple decided she’d assist Fifi in her musical learnings.

Mother, you’re doing it wrong.  The crescendo is not for another eight beats, and your high C is ridiculously flat.”

“Now, now, Fifi.  We don’t chew on the bangy thing.”

It’s called a mallet, and you are so musically inept I’m pretending it’s your head.”

Agnes spends a lot of her time snuggling the grandbabies.  I don’t think she’ll ever die at this point, but she’s getting her bonding done just in case, I guess.

Teddy Jo, huh?  What will they come up with next, Pumpkin Headface?

We just might!

Dirty toilets make Apple very, very sick.  It’s the Perfectionist trait, you know.

Oh my god, this thing makes me sick and then I have to get sick in it, which makes me even more sick!  Blargh.”

Yeah, it’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

Agnes was getting a bit Stir Crazy, so I sent her to the beach.  She stood there reading for hours, and I actually forgot about about her until late that night.  She seems so sad sometimes :(

I am.  I wish I would just DIE already.”

Gerald!  Where are your muscles?!  Why do you look so frail?! 

Um, I got a little too excited with the Body Sculptor the second time around.”

I would say so!  No more!  That thing is dangerous.



And we’re expecting another?!  This is so fun –_-

You’re much better at reading to me, mother.  But your decision to read on the floor right next to the dining table kind of cancels that out.”

And now for our second birthday of the chapter.  Agnes is stoked that she gets to see Teddy Jo toddlerfied.  I’m glad for her too, but COME ON. 


I didn’t ever look at Teddy Jo and think, “Hey, I bet he’ll have blonde hair.”  This was a pleasant surprise.  I don’t like to play favorites, but he’s now my favorite so there.  He also got the dark grey eyes of his mother and grandmother.

I don’t think masochistic is a trait, but the way Teddy Jo impaled his head into the bathroom counter kind of makes me wonder. 

Feeling pain makes me feel HUMAN.”

Well stop it.

Teddy Jo is too cute for his own good.  I just hope he stays that way.

Fifi Trixibelle is pretty cute, too.  But she’s not blonde.  Moving on.


Okay, is it just me or does this new maid look suspiciously like the old evil one?

I’m blonde, there’s no way I could possibly be the other maid.”

Riiiight.  Because there’s no such thing as hair dye, right?

Gerald: “When did this candle get here?”

Lol the wideness of Apple amuses me.  The old wives tales say that if a woman is wide when she’s pregnant, it’s a girl.  Psh.  Apple’s been wide every single time.

You’re being awkward.”

“Omigawd it’s time!”


Yeah, I hate to tell you this, Apple, but you’re going to have a very long home birth.  Gerald, you and Agnes take care of the whiners.

”Oooh, thank goodness I don’t have to go through this again!”

I shall call you Justice.”

Justice Creeper is also named after a John Mellencamp daughter.  I thought it was only fair.

Okay, so I thought it was a boy’s name again.  I’M SORRY.  But it IS only fair that the second boy gets a girl’s name too.  I am justified.  Get it?!  Anyway, because of the home birth, Justice was born with Brave and Friendly locked in.  These kids had better get some more diverse traits or else I’m going to have to cry.  But brave goes well with someone named Justice.

And that’s it for this chapter!  Will I continue to mistake girls’ names for boys’?  Will Agnes EVER die?  We’ll see.  As per usual, thank you so much for reading!

14 thoughts on “Chapter Ten: Three Kids and an Elder

  1. Hmmm…so the body shaper doesn’t change genetics..interesting. I haven’t used it but just assumed that it did. -shrug-

    Fifi and Teddy Jo are absolute dolls! seriously so cute. Your picture taking skills do them justice. haha, get it? :P

    Loved the bit about the evil maid! Keep up the awesomeness =)


    1. Yeah I thought it changed everything, but if I don’t watch him when he eats or have him work out a bit, it does start to come back. It’s pretty funny, actually.

      Haha aww, thank you. I’m happy with this generation, but I hope they start rolling traits that are a little more diverse.

      That darn maid. Ugh, lol. Thank you!


  2. I had a Sim once who didn’t die until he was 111. It was really irritating. I mean, I loved him, but he was hogging household space. By the end of it I was like GOD JUST DIE ALREADY.


    1. Yeah totally! I have a feeling I’m going to sit here glaring at my computer screen until the day actually comes. Then I think I’ll be really sad and feel horrible :P


  3. “…But, you know, we should test out your new body… Just to make sure everything still works, of course.”

    “Of course.” – LOL

    The evil maid dialogues had me giggling like a loon at 5am! Moving along… LOL

    The kids are so adorable! I think this is my favorite chapter to date. Great job!


  4. Oh, jeez. So, being busy and all, I got behind on your legacy. I wanted to read it, but I remembered what a fool I made of myself last time when I laughed so hard and had to answer awkward questions about what I was doing on the computer. This time, I carefully planned it so I could read while no one was around.

    And it was a good thing I did.

    Because Apple and Agnes impersonating the maid. That. That made me laugh big, loud donkey laughs like a big fat donkey.


    Off to see what the next chapter has in store . . . .


  5. LOL,I totally understand the whole: “Agnes, why won’t you die already??”. I have my sims life-span set to 190 days (I think 90 is just not enough….. Even tough I played sims 2 and it was like that) and, once, a spouse of my 3rd generation heir only died when she was 217 days old!!!!! I swear, I thought I had a glitch or something :(. Then, after she FINALLY died, she glitched my family and it was kinda impossible for me to play xD. Thanks God, after I quit without saving, and she died again, the glitches were gone. The only thing I can think of was that she wanted to get revenge on me for wishing her death :P.


  6. They also say that if you have a lot of heart burn when you’re pregnant, that your baby will be born with a lot of hair. BTW, I just tuned into your legacy and I’m loving it so far!


  7. Pumpkin Headspace, lol! I would not put it past a celebrity to name their child Pumpkin. Only a matter of time.

    I kind of like Teddy for a boy, reminds me of Little Women. But Justice is weird, perfect for a celebrity, and thus also perfect for a Creeper.

    Woot, throwback genetics. I kind of love how genetics work in Sims 3. My latest gen has 2 kids with green eyes that haven’t been seen in the family for three generations. Tis fun!


    1. I’m super sad too :( I wonder if recreating them would be harder, or better… I would totally do it if I could. Thank you for reading in 2019 though! <3


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