Chapter Eleven: Let Them Eat Cake. Lots Of Cake

Having three children under the age of child in a household is no walk in the park.  I’m actually glad Agnes has stuck around this long because the help is absolutely needed.  And I’m extra glad that the fertility treatment I gave Gerald didn’t work when Apple was pregnant with Justice.  That sounds so cool.  Pregnant with JUSTICE.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much thrown toddler skilling out the window.  I know it won’t be fun when they age into children and I can’t roll for a trait, but hey, it’s not like I was going to be able to personally choose the traits anyway.  Basically the same thing.

Despite the hectosity (yeah, I made up a word) of the house, Apple and Gerald still find time for some sort of romance.  Gerald needs to stop rolling wants to Have A Child, though.  That want is bad enough, but then he throws in Have A Child With Apple, which I have trouble ignoring.  I mean, he could be rolling the want to Have A Child With The Evil Maid, but he isn’t.  He wants one with Apple.  It’s cute.  Would YOU be able to resist? 

Gerald is pulling a total anime face.

You would be too if you were getting rid of a toddler!”

We aren’t getting rid of a toddler!  We’re gaining a child.  You make us sound like bad parents.”

You’re gaining a child who can’t walk or talk, but has maxed the amount of skill available to toddlers on the xylophone and has barely learned to go potty on their own.  I think you’re going to seem like bad parents anyway :P


HEY, WOMAN.  Those are MY candles to blow out.  You’re a horrible mother!”

You were saying?

I will never get over the creepiness of a toddler aging into a child.  Since this is the Creeper legacy, I am obligated to show things like this repeatedly.

And here is Fifi Trixibelle as a child!  Because I failed at toddler skilling this generation, the trait of Never Nude was nice and locked in for me and I got reprimanded for being a bad simmer.  I had originally pictured her a little more girly and fluffy with a name like hers, but with her traits it doesn’t seem to be turning out that way.

I have a weird mouth.”

Yes, you do.

“Hai, I grew up bald with yellowy green eyes!”

Justice’s birthday kind of snuck up on me even though I was prepared for tons of birthdays this chapter.  The eye color is pretty freaking sweet though.  I’m going to guess it’s from Gerald’s throwback genetics because I refuse to admit that it could be a silly randomly chosen eye color.

I bought him a wig and called it good.  His favorite color is aqua, by the way.  I don’t know what the others are.  You’ll find out next chapter if I remember.

Teddy Jo is a complete nightowl and has maxed out all of the skilling toys, so I threw some books on the floor and let him at them.  It’s not exactly a TSAL, but we’re also nowhere near as awesomely efficient as the DeCasims, so this is good enough for us.

It’s already time for another birthday (get used to them this time around), so let’s all clap and cheer and pretend to be excited for Teddy Jo.

Oh, and let’s hope he’s cute.

Apparently this is the next picture I had of him.  No post-birthday picture.  Oh well.  You’ll see him running around here eventually.  Excitable was locked in for us.  That’s okay with me.  Along with clumsy that could be pretty funny.  I can imagine him running around excitedly about something random and falling flat on his face.  Too bad that doesn’t actually happen.

“So this is called a notebook?”

Well, it’s usually called a spiral notebook because of the spiraly metal binding it together.” 

Oooh, okay.”

I didn’t know sims could get the option to tutor if the child has never been to school.  Where did the spiral come from?  He hasn’t had any homework assigned yet.  A sims mystery.

Fifi Trixibelle wanted to go over to this little boy’s house (I forgot his name) after school, and instantly rolled the want for a sleepover.  You’re a little too young for those sort of thoughts, girly.  He is a little cutie though.

Um, Mr. Possessed Looking Bus Driver Guy?  Are we the only kids in town going to school?  This bus is rather empty.”

The other kids?  I ATE THEM.”

It goes against my wishes because he’s not blonde, but I have to admit Justice is freaking adorable.  I think I really like him as well.  All three kids, really.  They’re great.

The abandoned laptop that nearly keeled my computer a while back is STILL sitting in the park.  I think there’s a cheat of some sort I can use to get rid of it, but hey, Teddy Jo is enjoying himself with it.

TheBlondeCreeper1: A/S/L?
PigtailedGirl563: lol teen/f/sunset valley duh! u?
TheBlondeCreeper1: teen/m/your dreams
PigtailedGirl563: omg u r so cute!!1!
TheBlondeCreeper1: Ya, I am.  do you have pics?
PigtailedGirl563: lol yes, but I wonnt show u unless u show me 1st

My spell check is going crazy right now.

“Ugh, why do they always want to see my picture first?  Fine.  Let’s see…, don’t fail me now…”

PigtailedGirl563: omg wow u r so hawt
TheBlondeCreeper1: Of course I am now let’s see yours

“Ahaha I am so awesome.  She wants me.”

He is making his family proud. 

Apple turns into an adult, blah blah.  She looks the same, blah blah.


Not nearly as much as the bus driver does.”

The light.  It’s eating me.  I am the light’s delicious snack.  My time has finally come!”

Er, not quite, Agnes.

Aww.  Now that we have two children, you’d think I’d have more sweet little pictures of toddler Justice.  But alas.  I do not.

Wait, mommy!  Stay wif me so I can have more face time!”

Honey, I barely get face time anymore.”

Aha, this is amusing.  Story Progression actually did bring Moses and Elise back together, albeit briefly.  Is there still a chance for these two outside the realm of the legacy house?  We’ll see.

Yeah, I’m a legacy teen.  I’ve got plenty of money, babe.  Nah, I can’t marry you in.  I can’t!  I dunno if I’m heir yet.  What?  I can still buy you stuff until I find out.  Jeeze, woman, you forgot who you’re talkin’ to or somethin’.”

I never know what Teddy Jo is up to.  He is certainly turning into quite the little man, though.  You’d think the girl on the other end of the line would wonder why he still sounds like a child.  But if I remember correctly, his voice does seem a little deep for his age…

What is this?!”

This is the camera.  I know you haven’t seen it in a while, but don’t freak out.  I’m just showing everyone the new bathroom.

Why is there a window directly across from the toilet?!  People can see me when I tinkle!”

…Are you secretly neurotic?  You freak out quite a bit.

Do I really freak out that much?!  WHY?!  Why do I freak out?!  Is there something wrong with me?!”

All signs point to yes.

This worries me.  I thought I was supposed to be brave!”

I thought so too.  What’s your deal?

Look, it’s three generations of Creeper women, sitting around and talking about boxing.  What a nice family moment.

I want to punch you in the face, Fifi.”

Mom!  That was rude!  And why aren’t you dead yet?!”

And yet another birthday has come around… Hooray…

Teddy Jo:Why did we have to interrupt my cereal consumption?!”

Gerald:This painting is more awesome than birthdays are to me now.”

Agnes: “Woo!  Go lamp, grow up big and strong!”

Apple: “Aaaany minute now, Grim Reaper.”

I will now age up with the grace and sly stealth of a ninja.  Fear my aging up skillz.”

Just hurry it up, Fifi Trixibelle.  There’s no way to make birthdays interesting to me anymore.

She looks… um, interesting… AND I LOVE IT.  She’s actually very pretty and I love the hair on her.  Easily Impressed is her fourth trait (locked in because I fail at schoolwork as well).

Portrait Chad:  I thought Fifi Trixibelle was growing up.  Who is this boy?

Oh, hush!

She looks very awesome in the shower.  I actually kind of like the Never Nude trait, even if it is pretty useless for general gameplay.  And of course being a Virtuoso, she also sings in the shower.

It’s gettin’ hot in here,
But don’t take off your clothes!

Get it?  Because she’s never nude?  Yes.  I am exhausted right now so all of this is funny to me.  I am sorry :P

I know she looks prettier without the big glasses, but I think they’re fitting to her personality.  She’s one of those people who enjoy nerd rock, unafraid to be her awesomely geeky self.  I love her.

And she instantly helps with her siblings.  Still, I was too lazy to try and teach the toddler skills.

Teddy Jo is at it again.

“Well, hello there, young man!  You’re my daughter’s friend from school, aren’t you?”

That’s right, honey, and I happen to be a real man.  So if you ever decide you want to leave your deadbeat husband and find true love, you know where to look, get what I’m sayin’?”

Uh, okay, little boy.  First of all?  Get out of my house.”

…Was it something I said?”

Woman’s Husband:  continues to stand there looking stupid.

Absolutely everyone in the house hates birthdays now.  Agnes didn’t even show up this time around.  It kind of makes me feel sorry for Justice.  It’s not his fault :(

Everyone welcome Chad’s nose to the family once again!  How on earth will anyone choose an heir or heiress with all three kids being so amazing?  In my opinion at least.  Maybe some of you will find it easier to pick.

Something not so amazing, though: The trait locked in for Justice was… … Virtuoso.  That makes ALL THREE KIDS virtuosos.  Boo.

Agnes:  “Are you freaking kidding me?  Another freaking birthday?  I wanted to see my grandkids age up, sure, but this is just freaking annoying.  Freaking.”

Life is really getting to Agnes.

Agnes:No, BIRTHDAYS are getting to me!”

Gerald: “You forgot to change Justice’s shoes, didn’t you?”

Yes –_-

Apple: *is spaced out and doesn’t care*


That’s because you haven’t been to fifty million of them this chapter.

Teddy Jo: “Is it sad that I’m actually bored with my own birthday?  Let’s get this over with.

That nose is really weird.  Gerald’s doesn’t really look like that… Nor does Apple’s.  Maybe it’s a mixture?  I don’t know, but his eyes are shaped like Agnes and Apple.  That’s kind of neat.  What do YOU think?

He’s not bad, eh?  Hmm.  I don’t know what he rolled as a teen.  I guess I’ll have to let you know next time.  Thank you for your comments, and for reading!  Sorry this chapter wasn’t that great.  I’m really tired, but wanted to get this out so I could actually PLAY again.  Happy simming to all of you!

15 thoughts on “Chapter Eleven: Let Them Eat Cake. Lots Of Cake

  1. Scarla this chapter was great… I did not note even a hint of tiredness.

    SO many funny moments in here.

    Haha, the online chat took me back to mIRC chatrooms. *rolls eyes*
    The kids are really cute! Teddy Jo’s nose looks alot like Gerald’s but maybe the game decided to dabble with CAS on its own. LOL

    Now he can post a pic of himself in the chatrooms *giggle*

    LOL at the kids looking at the bus driver.. ha! that one is a classic.
    Thanks for showing us Moses! GO MOSES!

    I love never nude sims! LOL they do such great bathroom shots!

    -Apple: “Aaaany minute now, Grim Reaper.”- ROFL


    1. Aw, thanks :D

      Omg silly online chatrooms. I was all over that when I was 13, haha.

      Yeah his nose seems weird to me, maybe because it sits a lillte high on his face and makes that weird crease looking thing. I agree with the game Casing on me, lol.

      He can! He loves to chat. I almost want to buy him a computer.

      That bus driver just screamed cannibal to me :P

      They really do! And I didn’t even think about that trait when I planned her swimwear, but the sunglasses make it all the more better!

      Thank you again for reading! I’m going to play later tonight and I’m so excited.


  2. “I am the light’s delicious snack!” Love it. birthdays get se tedious in legacy families, don’t they? I share your pain. Although mine usually had a side order of death and birth.


    1. Thanks :) They really do. They weren’t so bad when I was playing them, but when I was captioning I was about ready to slam my head on the desk repeatedly.

      Mine NEEDS a side order of death. Lol.


  3. “Everyone welcome Chad’s nose to the family once again! How on earth will anyone choose an heir or heiress with all three kids being so amazing? In my opinion at least. Maybe some of you will find it easier to pick.”

    so uhm..easier to pick the heir or his nose? Cuz that would just be gross.


  4. I freaking love your store, picked up that word from Agnes. The bus driver is indeed super creepy and so is little Teddy Jo. His nose by the way is strange looking, I agree. Based on looks I’d have to say the secretly neurotic Fifi is my fave at the moment although I love Justice’s eyes.. Personality wise, Teddy Jo cracks me up – he’s like a reincarnated Chad! :D


    1. Freaking thank you! Lol. Yes, lots of creepy still going on in the family. Teddy Jo became ceepy completely on his own, too, which makes me nostalgic of the founder days. I’m glad again that I won’t be choosing the heir. It’s too difficult for me :D


  5. New reader here. I just devoured your legacy so far. Love the irreverence and wacky humor. The celebrity kid name thing is awesome! Can I put in a request for my favorite? Heavenly Leilani Tigerlilly, daughter of Michael Hutchens from INXS, althought you’d probably have to shorten or split it between several kiddos.


    1. Thank you so much and welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Oh, good one! I’d seen that one but somehow it didn’t make my list. I will definitely be using it, so thank you!


  6. And the donkey laughs continue . . . Oh, man. I’m not just blowin’ smoke up your butt here – you are seriously, seriously hilarious all the time.


  7. I just found this legacy last night and I absolutely love it! The chapter when they first get robbed had me in tears from laughing. Entertaining and well-written :) I’m pretty torn about who should be the next heir as well! I love the personality Teddy Jo has developed but Fifi is a definite looker and Justice is just a cutie. Choices, choices! I hope this excellent legacy will be updated soon ^_^


    1. Thank you so much! The next update should be out soon and it’ll have a bit more character development so it might be a bit easier to decide :D I hope you enjoy and keep reading!


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