Chapter Eleven: Let Them Eat Cake. Lots Of Cake

Having three children under the age of child in a household is no walk in the park.  I’m actually glad Agnes has stuck around this long because the help is absolutely needed.  And I’m extra glad that the fertility treatment I gave Gerald didn’t work when Apple was pregnant with Justice.  That sounds so cool.  Pregnant with JUSTICE.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much thrown toddler skilling out the window.  I know it won’t be fun when they age into children and I can’t roll for a trait, but hey, it’s not like I was going to be able to personally choose the traits anyway.  Basically the same thing.

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Chapter Ten: Three Kids and an Elder

…I should never have made fun of that darn fur coat.  My elder simself (with her toddler son wtf) looks absolutely HORRID.  I do not age gracefully already, then they go and add insult to injury by sticking me in that.  Sadly, though, soon after this picture was taken, I got the notice that my husband’s simself died, followed a day later by me.  RIP Starla (hi, that’s my name!).  That just means Agnes will be joining us soon (maybe?  She’s like 109 days old now, everyone else is dead, and my daughter’s simself is now an elder as well).

Where did I leave off?  Oh, right.  Gerald had stepped into the Torture Chamber of Doom, thinking he’d come out looking fit.  Well, he was sadly mistaken. 

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