Chapter Seven, Part Two: There Can Be Only One

Welcome back!  Are you ready to end this chapter as well as this generation?  I am!  I’m very excited to see who gets chosen as heir.  Before that happens, though, part two has to finish, so let’s DO THIS.

Good morning, Agnes!  Have a nice nap on the loveseat?  You didn’t have to sleep there, you know.  I would’ve kicked Gerald out for you.

"No, no, I don’t mind.  My old, creaky bones are worth aching just a bit in exchange for my daughter’s boyfriend’s happiness."

Aw, that’s really sweet.

"He’s probably the only man in the world who will ever put up with her, so that makes him an alright guy to me."

Agnes was asked to prepare a meal of hamburgers and take it to Gerald Steel.  Usually I’m lazy with these kind of opportunities, but since Gerald was currently in the house, I went for it.

"I know he’s probably just sucking up to me, but mama does know how to grill up some burgers!"

And in a moomoo too!  Good job!

She gave him the burgers, got the points, then tried chatting with him for a bit before he went to school.

"Ew, Apple was right about you smelling the place up all the time.  Gross."

Um, somehow I don’t think that’s going to get you on her good side, Gerald.

"I’m really sorry, but she reeks!"

"So about school today.  Um, I’m not feeling it.  I’m gonna skip."

Sure, go ahead!  Go back to bed and I’ll have your mom wake you up with a nice plate of fresh pancakes in a few hours.

"Really?  Thanks, you’re the greatest!"

NO.  Get your bum dressed and get on the darn school bus NOW!

FINALLY.  Agnes maxed her painting skill.  It only took her a million years to do it.  I blame Chad once again for this.

"Where are you making me go?  Today’s my first day of work at a job that I earned all on my own!  I’m going to be fired!"

The grocery store can wait.  This is more important.  Don’t worry, you’ll love me for this.  I’d be more worried about the fact that NO ONE’S DRIVING THE TAXI OMG!

"You’re not fooling me.  Someone’s driving.  You just didn’t give them time to appear before you took this picture."

Smart Aleck.

"Who lives here?  This is a nice house!"

Yeah, so nice that it makes my game laggish.  Stupid mediocre CPU speed.

"Gasp!  It’s her!  Elise Donner, the girl I’ve been rolling wants for all week!"

Yes, it is.  Do you want to go to work nooow?

"No way, let me at her!"

Okay… channeling a bit of Chad there.  Slow down, big boy.

"Th-this is the most wonderful thing you’ve ever done for me!  I’m just overwhelmed with emotion right now, give me a minute."

What’s new?

"I’m sorry I’m a little smelly right now.  I must smell like rotting leftovers or something."

Xander: "Yeah, you’re stinkin’ up my kitchen, kid.  I gotta make my salad outside cuzza you!"

Yep, Elise is the daughter of Xander (Clavell) and Tamara Donner.

"Oh, it don’t bother me none!  I am aaaall over that rotten leftover stuff, yo."

She’s not all that cute, but ever since he met her at school, Moses has been dying to hang out with her.  WHo am I to deny my sims of their desires?

"What about the day I wanted to skip school?"

Oh, hush, you.  Pay attention to Elise.

Apple was waiting up for Moses when he got home.

"Why didn’t you go to work tonight, brother?  On your first day?  Mom will be so mad at you."

"Mind your business, Apple.  And quit looking at me like that.  I’m expecting your head to spin around any minute now."

"Happily drown yourself in a pool, dear brother."

"Let’s put this sibling rivalry to rest Apple.  It’s silly to fight over something as dumb as heirship."

"You know I love you, Moses.  I’m just competitive.  It’s not an actual trait, but it should be.  Besides, you know you want it as bad as I do."

"I don’t know… Our creator had been planning on making me homosexual because I kept rolling wants for guys, but that’s impossible if I’m heir because she won’t download those hacks.  Maybe I’d rather have that life, though.  Maybe I’d rather be fed to the fate of Story Progression, instead of living according to the creator’s wishes.  And maybe I’d rather not die while trying to fix a broken dishwasher."

"You do that, then.  Make yourself happy, give heirship to me, and we can move on.  Unless… Hey, you’re using reverse psychology!"

"I’m a nice guy.  Would I really do that?"

Would he?!

"I made pie, look."

Key Lime Pie, Chad’s favorite food!  Good job, Agnes.  Now just um… hold it right and it’ll be perfect.

"What are you talking about?"

Yeah, she’s losing it.

Aww, pretty rainbow painting.  It reminds me of the Chimerees.

"That’s funny.  I named it Chimeree out of nowhere."

Well your old age is paying off then.

In honor of the Chimeree legacy, I stick it in the Creeper living room.  Sure, I could be framing my paintings, but what’s the fun in that?

Chad portrait:  "I approve!"

(You can find a link to the Chim-Chim-Cheree legacy on the right!  Definitely a good read.)

"I don’t know what he’s planning, Gerald, but we’ve got to step up our game.  You do want to marry me, right?"


"Oh, yes!  Of course!"

"Well then let’s start strategizing.  I couldn’t tell if he was being serious about not wanting heirship.  From now on, though, we have to prove that we’re much better for the job.  Which we are!"

Trash can:  "GO APPLE, WOO!"

Mailbox:  "I don’t know.  I’m more of a Moses fan myself."

"If homework isn’t done at YOUR home, is it still considered homework?"

"I think so.  You’re doing it at A home, so it’s still HOMEwork."

"But I don’t consider your home a HOME yet, technically.  It’s just a house to me.  So if we were to really get into it, I’m doing HOUSEwork.  But then what would I call housework?  You know, like cleaning my house?  Would it be homework?  And then what if I’m homeless?  That just screws everything up."

"…Gerald, why does this even matter?"

"It’s question number 16!"

"Oh, hi, Elise.  Um, I can’t really talk right now."

"O…kay.  Moses, why are you whispering?"

"My sister’s watching me.  She’s been wondering about who I’ve been spending time with, and whether or not I’m serious about not wanting to be heir."

"Well, is your phone’s volume down low enough to where she can’t hear my voice all the way across the room?"


Hate when that happens!

"I am not pleased."

Chad portrait:  "I am!  Yeeeeeah, get her, son!"

Meanwhile, Gerald continues to try to get on mama’s good side.

"So I heard you like books!  Well, quite frankly, Mrs. Creeper, I think they’re swell too!"


"Yaaaaay, today is my birthday!"

"Hooray!  My daughter’s becoming an elder!"

That would be young adult, Agnes.

"Oh, okay."

"Where’s Moses?  He should be here to see me grow up!"

Oh, he had to… step out for a bit.  He should be back soon though.

"You didn’t tell her I’m going back to bed, did you?"


"Good.  Night night."

Haha, look how disappointed Agnes looks.

"Way to age up inappropriately dressed, Apple."

"My bad.  But man am I HOT?!"

Apple rolled Lucky as her final trait, and I immediately send her off to get a job at the Police Station.

Police Station: *wolf whistles*

"Unprofessional!  But totally understandable."

"OMG, Moses, you don’t need ANOTHER bubble bath!  That’s like your fourth one today!"

"Third, and yes I do!  Life is HARD!"

Super cute repairwoman is  super cute.

"I got a call about a drain clogged with bubbles?  How does a drain get clogged with BUBBLES?"

I don’t know, but bubbles are cute.  Like you.

Moses is about to get his first kiss!

"Okay, hold still."

"I am holding still."

"Don’t move!"

"I’m NOT moving."

"You are when you talk!  Stop talking!"

"Fine!  Hurry up before my dad gets home!"

"Ugh, I just lost all concentration."

Luckily, they got it over with before Xander arrived.

"Whuddup.  You know, I’m pretty sure I’m creepier than Chad.  I shoulda been your founder."

You might be right, but I loved that I used Chad so go away.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Oh my goodness, Xander!  Don’t you have somewhere to be?  A wife to be with or something?!

"Tamara died like… yesterday or something."



"Okay, tee hee!"

And, just like his mother, just as things are getting good, he bolts.

"Where are you going, Moses?!"

"Sorry, babe, but there’s a bath tub at home waiting for me."

"I like him."

"Ew, dad, go away!"

"Mommy walked in on my bath time!  I don’t think I’ll ever recover!"

Well, when you take fifty million a day, I’m sure someone’s bound to walk in on you sometime.

And now it’s time for Moses to age!  Yay, it’s been a long time coming.

"Unlike you, Moses, I am here to celebrate with you!  I’m not heartless and inconsiderate!"

"Apple, those are for blowing through, not yelling at me at a louder volume than necessary."

"I am unsure of this transformation."

"All right, I’ve seen enough."

"I rolled Handy.  HANDY, APPLE!"

"Whatever!  Going to paint."

" That means I probably won’t die fixing things.  My dad should’ve had this trait."

Yes, he should’ve.

So there you have it!  Our second generation is ready to take over the legacy!  Who will you choose?!

Will it be Apple?  She’s a lucky, artistic, perfectionist couch potato who kisses amazingly.  She loves electronica, french toast, and purple.  Her lifetime wish is to become a Forensic Specialist – Dynamic DNA Profiler, and she is currently dating and plans to marry the very handsome Gerald Steel.  She can be sassy at times, but when she’s not feeling competitive and superior, she’s a real sweetheart.

Or will it be Moses?  He’s a friendly, over-emotional heavy sleeper who only eats vegetables and is handy around the house.  He likes kids music, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the color violet.  His lifetime wish is to have 20 friends, and so far he’s been kind of horrible in that area.  He is currently dating Elise Donner, but their relationship is relatively new and may or may not last.  He gets stressed easily and relaxes with many, many bubble baths.

You can find my heir poll HERE, or simply comment with your vote!  I’ll probably stop counting votes in a week.  As always, thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed generation one!  Until next time!

8 thoughts on “Chapter Seven, Part Two: There Can Be Only One

  1. I’d be more worried about the fact that NO ONE’S DRIVING THE TAXI OMG!

    bwahahahaha!! lol… scarlet, I was laughing so much my sides hurt!!

    I am totally attached to quirky Moses! So I hope he gets enough votes!

    Can’t wait for your next instalment!


    1. Aw, I’m glad I could make you laugh :D I’m really attached to both and I’ll be sad to see one go. I might just keep them both around, lol.


      1. I know what you saying, I hate kicking out family members.. specially the first children of *The Chadster* lol.. he was very endearing.


  2. Eish… I am impatient!!! How long will this take!!!

    VOTE or COMMENT ppl!

    *sheesh, do i need to pull out the feather duster?? tsk tsk*


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