Chapter Seven, Part One: Oh, Teens.

Hello again!  This is part one of chapter seven of The Creeper Legacy, because I took too many pictures and had to split.   Have you read the previous chapters already?  I hope so!  Are you prepared to vote for an heir or heiress at the end of part two?  I hope so, too.  Because I’m not!  YOU get the hard part.  All I gotta do is take pictures.  Neener!  Let’s get it on then, yeah?

I left off with a cliffhanger of epic proportions.  Moses… hadn’t been given proper clothing yet!  Ooh, suspenseful.  Well, here he is in his violet madeover glory.  You were on the edge of your seat, weren’t you?  I know I was.

"Okay, ready for my first day of high school!"

Well, your sister’s not.  Let’s see what she’s up to.


What on earth are you doing, Apple?

"This is my morning routine, thank you very much.  I start off with a facial scrub, then a moisturizer, then massage every single pore until my skin feels just tingly enough to add a touch of lemon juice and mayonnaise.  You might not care about YOUR complexion, but I like to keep mine flawless."

Whaaaaat?  Just go to school, plzkthx.


"I am so nervous.  So, SO nervous.  I hope I make some friends.  What if I don’t, though?  What if no one likes me?  Oh, I don’t know if I can do this now, my hygiene is dropping quickly."

"Are you freaking kidding me?  Jeeze, how are you my brother?"

You’ll be okay, Moses.

"No he won’t, look at him!"


Because she was getting absolutely nowhere in the Medical career (still level one after a week and I like to think it’s Chad’s fault), I just let Agnes retire so she could work on her painting skill and at least get half of her LTW done.  She gets a whole $40 a day in pension.

"Woo, that’ll buy me some new underpants!"

She’s also getting senile.


Moses didn’t come home after school, so I went looking for him and found him here.  What’s going on, Moses?

"I don’t have any friends.  And it’s all I roll wants for."

What happened to Oscar?

"He disappeared!  Probably moved out of town because he didn’t want a loser like me as a friend.  It’s AWFUL!"

That’s pretty drastic.  I doubt that was why.  It might be because I cleaned out the homeless NPCs and he was a paperboy…



You’re friends with your mom!


…Point.  We’ll find you a friend, don’t you worry.


These kids have one-track minds.  Moses only ever wants friends, and Apple only wants Gerald.  But I give in because I happen to love the two of them.  And I also love Gerald and Apple together.  They’re literally inseparable.

"This is what you call true love, baby!"

"Yeah, I can’t feel my arm but I dont care at all because I’m with my girl!"



I was trying to figure out who Gerald’s parents are.  Christopher Steel, obviously, and I’m guessing Claire Ursine, since he lives in her house.  But you never know with all the moving and baby having going on in my town.  He’s a handsome guy though.

"You are the sweetest girlfriend ever, Apple.  No one’s ever stroked my cheek so lovingly before."


"Aww, honey, I was just wiping this bit of mustard you had on your cheek.  You should really pay more attention when you’re eating."

"Yes, dear."


OMG again?!

"Yes, it is I, The Toilet Caper!  Bwahaha!  Prepare for a negative moodlet!"



"No toilet is safe from The Toilet Caper!  I’m just glad it’s clean this time, bwahaha!"

The only thing you could think of, honestly, was The Toilet Caper?

"Well, yeah, John Boy, The Loo-ter, and Potty Man were all taken!"

I didn’t know there was so much bathroom related crime in existence.

"Oh, there’s a whole big group of us.  You should follow us on Twitter."


"Hey, so, that guy who stole our toilet before?  He’s back.  Help?"

"Someone’s on their way.  Please remain calm."

"Oh, I’m calm.  You can take your time, I’m going to try and befriend him."


Nooo, don’t take Agnes!

"Huh?  What would I want with a dirty old lady?"

I don’t know.  What would you want with a bag full of toilet dust?


"Hey!  I was coming to see if you would like to… be… my…  Sigh."




Ha, I think we’ve got him this time.  He’s still in there.


Whatcha dooooing?

"Running away was dropped out of my queue in order to wait for the cop to attack me."

"Should’ve been my friend!  Then you wouldn’t be getting a beat down.  Hmph."


"Okay let me just streeeeetch before we get started.  Aaaaaahhh, yes, there we go."


"Now I’ll gaze lovingly into your eyes, hoping you’ll suddenly fall in love with me and forget that you have to–"


"OOF!  Not exactly what I had planned, but kind of!"

The Toilet Caper’s Knee:  *impales cop lady*


"You know, if Apple’s such a perfectionist, why didn’t she make sure she pulsed the waffle batter eight times before turning it on high?"

I don’t know, Moses.


"And the bowl should’ve been extra shiny, like this one.  Otherwise the batter would feel underappreciated.  You have to respect the batter."

Of course.


"And also, if she’d done a three quarter stir every five stirs, she wouldn’t have burnt them at all.  Everyone knows this."

Everyone except our Apple, that is.

"Yeah, isn’t she something?"

"Um, hello!  Just beat up your burglar back here!  Zoom in, please!"


"Consider your toilet stealing career FLUSHED down the drain!  Hehe!"

"Oh, come on, everyone saw that coming."



"Let that be a lesson to all of you out there.  Crime doesn’t pay.  But neither does being a cop, so choose another career."

Okay not-funny cop lady, goodbye!


You know you could just book it right now.  She’ll never find you because she’s dumb.

"I could, but I think I’m ready to give up my life of crime.  Plus, jail food is better than anything I’ve eaten in the past week."

Empty Alto House:  *has no detail*


So I got a friendly little pop-up letting me know that my daughter’s simself, now a young adult, had been seeing Jared (Frio) VanWatson.  Then I got a pop-up saying that Madison had discovered this and promptly divorced Jared.


This was only a few hours before Madison was supposed to give birth to their first baby together.  My daughter is so grounded.


Congratulations, Miss Perfectionist.  You’re my very first sim EVER to gain herself a detention.

"Yes.  BUT, those chalk boards have never been cleaner, ha ha!"


Whoa, whoa, what’s the rush, Moses?


Silly over-emotional sims.


"Ahh, much better.  I feel all my troubles washing away.  And thank you for letting me splurge for the duckie."

No problem.  Except I can’t get any pictures of you playing with him because of the censor.

"That’s what you get for deleting AwesomeMod."

Yeah, should’ve never done that.

He looks so much like his mother here.

"I know your job is to document me, but I really would like some privacy now, if you don’t mind.  I’ve had such a bad day.  Sadface."

Aww, okay.


"Okay, kids, I know legacy living is supposed to be somewhat amazing at this point, or at least comfortable, but I need the both of you to get part-time jobs.  We have $338 in family funds right now, and with my $40 daily pension and Apple’s daily skin routine, I’m pretty sure we’ll be running out very soon."


"I can feel the stress coming.  Oh, I must go run my bath water now!"

"Consider it done, mother.  I WILL save this family, as it seems Moses is too weak to do so."

"Being over-emotional is not weak!  Oh, dear.  Blood pressure rising.  Don’t plan on using the bathroom for the next three sim hours."


Four sim hours later.

"So, Moses, I’VE already got a job because I CARE about our lives.  What the heck have YOU done for us lately, besides use up the family funds for bubble bath?"


"Let me guess.  You’re going to be working at the spa with your boyfriend.  Oooh, big surprise.  I’ll be getting a job on my own."


"At least it’s a JOB.  Besides, you don’t have any friends to help get you a job anyway.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to let Gerald in."

"I need another ba–"

Already in your queue, Moses.

I was told my simself family’s new kid, JoAnna, had aged into a toddler, so I sent Agnes to check her out because I was bored.

"Good job breaking up a marriage, daughter!  You make me so proud!"

Unfortunately, everyone decided to leave after I took this picture so I just sent Agnes home.

Apple’s "sense of security" had been destroyed after the second robbery, so she decided a REAL man should be around at night.  She asked Gerald to sleep over.

"You’d better be giving my daughter a diamond soon, young man.  *creepy monster voice* Or eeeeelse."

"Y-yes, ma’am."

Oh, they’re only teenagers!  No need to rush things.

"Hmm, this seems to be a sufficient sleeping apparatus.  I suppose that means I’ll be crashing here."

And so he did.

"Oh my goodness, only my bottom has touched this bed and already I know that this is the BEST. BED. EVER.  No way will I be passing out at school tomorrow."

Yeah, as much as this guy passes out, I’m pretty sure this is the first actual bed he’s ever slept on.


And this, my friends, is where I leave you for part one.  Part two should be out very soon!  I hope you enjoyed it!

9 thoughts on “Chapter Seven, Part One: Oh, Teens.

    1. I didn’t know that about the guitar! Lol, if I ever get him unstressed enough to do it, I will! Maybe that’ll be his new stress reliever. Would be nice on the water bill :D


      1. Guitar tends to de-stress most of them too. Play it in public and watch the friends come rolling in. Theatre, shops, city hall, park are all good places.


  1. Yay scarlet, an update! I am so thrilled!

    I absolutely loved this chapter.. haha.. can’t believe your loo got stolen twice!

    “THIS POLE IS MY ONLY FRIEND IN LIFE.” –>> lol.. that cracked me up!


    1. Thanks! I know, I have never seen someone so interested in a toilet! I’m glad he finally got caught, but what’s up with the cops just letting the criminals stand on the sidewalk while they go inside and talk to the victims? Lol.


  2. Hahaha, the whole Toilet Caper scenario was hilarious! Aw, poor Moses. He can’t deal! I peeked and saw that Apple’s the heiress, and I think that’s probably a good Too much stress for young Moses!


  3. I’m with Rad, guitar is a great way to make friends. the max guitar/charisma is the easiest LTW ever, because by the time guitar is full, your sim will have more than enough friends to just read all the charisma books. The most recent sim I played actually listened to the charisma tabcasts *while* playing guitar and fulfilled the LTW while still a teen. Though he didn’t have any teen fun, lol. Ah, legacy spares and forcing them to earn points while growing up.

    Anyway, onto the actual chapter. The Creepers sure are unlucky about burglars. I think I’ve had one burglar in the entire time I’ve played Sims 3, and they didn’t take anything because there was an alarm. But that does mean I don’t see many sim fights, which is part of the awesome of the burglars.


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