Chapter Six: Moving Forward


Welcome, welcome, to another chapter of The Creeper Legacy!  Long time no see.  How’s the family?  Good.  Now if you haven’t yet read the other chapters, do eet.  If you have, good job!  The mood last chapter was glum, but we’re waking up from the horrible nightmare and beginning to move forward.  Now are you ready for some FUN?!  I surely am.  Let’s commence the fun having.

As one life passes, others have just begun.  Apple begins the voyage from toddler to child.  Agnes goes through the motions, but still seems really broody about the loss of her husband of about seven sim days.  We’re supposed to be having FUN, Agnes.  Look, your daughter is becoming more self-sufficient!  Put a smile on that widowed face.


"My heart aches!"

Yeah, well your phone rings, too, and I still don’t care.  Pay attention to your aging kid!

"You’re so insensitive!"

No, I’m sad.  But that doesn’t mean we have to have eighty bajillion chapters of you being depressed.  Chad wouldn’t want his legacy to be that way.  It’s called tough love, Aggie.  I gave you your chapter to mourn, now we MOVE FORWARD like the title demands.

"*whispers* My Chadwick…"

I SEE THAT.  Stuff some cake in your face and get happy already.

Apple ages up with the trait of Perfectionist.  That makes her an artistic perfectionist who WOULD get up and paint, but would rather remain in the comfort of her precious couch.  She’s cute, and it looks like she got Chad’s nose.  Thank goodness the facial features are less dramatic on females.  I like her.

"*sigh* He was the tortilla chips to my salsa…"

"Mommy be happy or else scarletsimphony will make you remarry."

"You bit–"


Being that she’s pretty much a fully functional human being now, Apple gets started on hogging legacy pictures.

"I’m perfect, scarletsimphony.  Look how I hug my mommy, who’s gone through so much for me and Moses!  I should be heiress because I’m sweet and clean up after myself!"

Well that’s a start.

Moses: *glares*

Walking is the last skill for Moses to learn, and I guess Apple’s not-so-subtle hints about heirship have rubbed off on him.

"I should be heir ’cause I talk and walk and don’t suck up to you.  And sometimes you forget I even exist.  That’s how good I am."

We’ll see.  But you do have a point.

Because Moses is pretty much set for childhood, and because we’re beggining to go broke, Agnes decides she can return to work.  This time, she wants to work at the hospital.  I send her over and, of course, she gets the job.  Because there’s no qualifications for sim jobs.

Moses has really stepped up his cuteness in order to catch my attention.  But all sim toddlers do this at one point in sim stories, Moses.  You need to be more creative.

"Aw, shucks.  I have a boat up my bum for nothing."

Apple’s rolled more artistic wants than couch potato ones.  Thank goodness.

"I call this one ‘Chagnes’."

Brownie points, Apple.

"Yessss!  Take THAT, brother."

She’s also made her first friend, Gerald Steel!  I think that’s his name anyway.  So far we’ve discovered that he’s artistic, friendly and never nude.  Three good traits for a cute little guy like him.  He reminds me of one of those really sweet, easy-going guys who have a lot of female friends.  You know, the ones that stand on the sidelines as their girl friends go through their "bad boy" phases.  Then they find the girl of their dreams and all the girl friends are sad that they missed out.  Yeah, I’ve put a lot of thought into him.  And I’ve only seen him once.

The dishwasher seems to be cursed.  It’s broken twice since The Incident.

"It wasn’t me, I swear!  I think I saw Moses put some teddy bear stuffing in the soap dispenser compartment thingy!"

Uh huh.

Oh, how cute!  Gerald’s passed out in front of the school.

"Not again, Gerald!  You’re so never going to go anywhere if you keep failing at life."

Don’t point out his flaws, perfectionist bully!  Help him out, he’s your friend.

"Yes, ma’am!"


…Would you want this guy babysitting YOUR kid?  After this, the wacko sat Moses down and started talking to himself.  Seriously, you should be able to interview these people or something.

Now it’s time for Moses to even out the odds for the heirship competition, and possibly avoid weirdo babysitters as well.  What are you going to wish for, kiddo?

"My mommy’s phone to stop ringing during birthdays."

Trudat.  Make that wish from me, too.

The sparklies fade and he looks like his mama.  He’s got her pointier nose.  He rolls over-emotional as his third trait.  I’ve never had an over-emotional sim before (if you don’t count Chad, who was a possible closet over-emo).  This should be fun.

Speaking of over-emotional Chads.  Ohai, Chad!  I’ve missed you!  He still does his crying thing and I still don’t know why.  Well, I guess he has an excuse now, what with his untimely death and all.

His very first haunt is the trash can.

"Get it? ‘Cause my dying is rubbish!  Haha!"

Oh, how I’ve missed your pathetic jokes.

"I think I’ll go right aboooout… here."

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you, son."

"*grumbles* I’ve got more logic points than you, mom.  I think I know what the heck I’m doing."

Ha!  You just got checked, Agnes.

You and that darn phone.

"It’s the science lab.  Hmm."

"Hello, Agnes Creeper!  We’ve been informed that you’ve got some DEAD PERSON remains on your lot.  We’d love to dig through all the guts and brains and other nasty human bits in the name scientific discovery!  How about you dig up that carcas and drag it on up here!  Whaddya say?"

"If you call me again, I will go up there and use YOUR guts and brains in the name of VIOLENT MUTILATION!"

My first TS3 burglar!  Squee!



"Ugh, being a burglar is so hard on the neck.  I think I’ll just sit heeeeere… massage my neeeeeeck… and give the homeowner time to wake up and call the police.  Ahh, that’s nice."

"Yes, police people? Um… Okay, this is going to sound weird but… *whispers* a burglar stole my dirty toilet."

"What was that, ma’am?  A burger toll in flirty mullet?"

"No… *whispers* a burglar stole my dirty toilet."

"A worbler mole eye is nerdy so foil it?"


"Maybe he’s going to clean it!  Hahaha, just kidding.  Someone’s on their way.  Have a wonderful night."

"You think it’s possible I’m going to get away with this?"

Most likely -_-

"So.  Like, the burglar got away.  But.  I MUST have your recipe for cheesesteak!  I could smell it from outside."

"Whatever.  This day sucks.  I’m going to sleep until tomorrow.  Goodnight."

Poor Agnes.

It was then that Apple realized her Lifetime Wish.

"No longer will sims live in an unsafe world!  I will solve all problems… as a Forensic Specialist!"

Yeah, well, Miss Forensic Specialist.  If you fingerprint that plate back there, you’ll see that it’s yours.  Clean it up.

What’s wrong, Agnes?

"Have you ever gotten the feeling that there’s a presence or something behind you?"

Nope.  Not really.  It’s just your imagination, probably.  You’re getting old, you know.

"Yeah, you’re probably right."

Like I want to open those wounds again.  Not yet anyway.

"All right, I swear there’s something strange going on around here.  What is it, scarletsimphony?"

The only thing strange around here is that you’re eating sushi at 4:30 in the morning.

Saturdays are usually for skilling, but the kids needed fresh air.  Naturally, I sent them outside to play tag around their dead father’s grave.

It’s Apple’s birthday time!  That face would make your father proud, Apple.

"Does that mean I’m heiress?!"

Er.  Not quite.

Even Aunt Cornelia showed up!  Mainly because I just found out she divorced Gunther and has about one day to live.

"Who are you, lady?"

"I don’t know you either, kid, but WOO!  Grow up AWESOME!"

Cornelia’s really my favorite premade.

"Am I turning into the beautiful swan I always knew I would be?!"

By the looks of your neck, I would say yes.


Except you need a makeover.  To the dresser!

After her makeover!  I LOVE how she looks.  She’s like a female version of Chad, but in a really cute way that’s not so creepy.  She’s even super scrawny like him.  I was going to have an heir poll, but I’m really leaning towards her for heiress now.


"It’s a shame I’m gong to die tomorrow, love.  I’m a perfectionist like you.  You could’ve learned a lot from me."

"That’s okay, Aunt Cornelia!  I think I’ve let myself become the spitting image of perfection on my own.  I mean, who else could roll great kisser randomly?!  No one!  Because I take my time perfecting everything about me, I’ve been gifted with wonderful traits."

What about couch potato, huh?

"Being a couch potato is not bad.  And who are you to talk?  You’ve just spent an hour on your couch writing a sims story."

…You are so not going to be heiress.

Even though she’s un ungrateful brat, I risked my laptop to have a TV for her birthday.  Normally they don’t make my screen go black until they’re turned off, so she got to watch it for a little while.  Then I turned it off.  It didn’t go black this time! W00t.

"HEY!  I was watching that!"

Yes, well, it’s only a one day thing.  Besides, I’ve got another gift for you in your room.

Whoops.  Cornelia took it over.  You’ll have to wait until she’s done.  Because of your comment earlier, she’s my favorite in this chapter.

"And because I’m dying tomorrow and have no one to go home to?"

That too.


She’d been wanting to play a game FOREVER.  But I didn’t want to buy a console with her TV.  This’ll do.

The next morning Apple decides she wants to make breakfast for everyone.  That doesn’t really look like waffle batter to me…

"There’s no way I can mess this up.  I stirred everything perfectly.  The consistency was perfect, everything about this stuff was perfect."

Except the appearance.

"This… looks disgusting."
Eat up.  You’ll hurt your sister’s feelings if you don’t.

"But mom’s throwing hers away!  She should have to eat it too!"

Fine.  Pretend to eat.  I’ll send her to the mirror to gussy up.

Apparently THIS is the town’s new cassanova.  A balding farmer.  I don’t think even Pauline Wan would touch this guy.

"Yew don’ know that.  All women fin’ me appealin’."

Haha.  You just made me choke on my Dr. Pepper.  Carry on, good sir.

This is Moses’s (Moses’?) new friend, Oscar.  He is the most interesting sim I’ve ever seen.  Dark skin, blonde hair, and purple eyes.  I need to make a note of this.

Except he doesn’t have a sense of humor.

"Did you hear about the folded napkin on a plate?!"

"I am going to kick you!  That was horrible!"

"I’m sorry you’re so LAME!"

I didn’t really find it funny either.

"That’s because you couldn’t think of a good folded napkin joke!  To us sims (except lame ones like Oscar), this stuff is comedic GOLD."

Agnes decides she’s going to grow up in the library bathroom.  How fitting!

"Woo!  Go me!  I probably won’t see my children grow up!"

Aw, you never know.  You could live to the point where I wish you weren’t living anymore.

I didn’t know there was chili in TS3.

"This is mac and cheese."

We should really stop letting your sister cook, huh?

Apple runs into her friend, Gerald, who’s aged up also.  Aww, lookit him!

"Last time I saw you, you were passed out, haha!"

"I’d kind of blocked that out of my memory.  Thank you for reminding me of my least proudest moment EVER."

They get along so well.  We learn that another trait of his is loves the outdoors.  And he’s also artistic!  Suddenly, Apple rolls the want to flirt with him.  Aww, maybe she won’t be going through a "bad boy" phase.

She asks if he’s single.

"Obviously.  Look at me!"

Aww, confidence issues.  That should so be a trait.

"I don’t see a problem with you, Gerald.  You’ve always been such a great friend!  I’ve got a new want now, and I think you’ll enjoy it.  I’m really GREAT at it, if you know what I mean."

"Paint something worth 100 simoleons?"

Aww, so innocent and clueless.  Like a puppy!

"No, Gerald, just shush or you’ll ruin this perfect moment!"

And so Apple had her first kiss by the beach at sunset.  How romantic!  I’m jealous.  Mine was in a hallway at school, lol.  Your hopeless romantic mother would be thrilled, Apple.


I forgot to show you elder Agnes!  Here she is!  She didn’t age too badly.

"I’m not even close to fulfilling my LTW, scarletsimphony.  We should discuss this."

Oh, yeah that… Um… NEXTPICTURE.

"Mom, you’re starting to smell like grandmas.  I just thought you should know."

Pointing out the flaws of your own mother. Tsk tsk.

"I don’t think she can hear me, anyway.  Look at her blank expression."



"Whadda you think?"

Omg your haaair!

"Uh… thanks?"

He looks a lot like his daddy, too!  And on top of that, he rolls vegetarian.  Aww.  I guess I will have an heir poll after all.  But not until after they turn into young adults.  Will Agnes live to see her grandchildren?  Will Apple and Gerald last?  Will Moses find love as well?  We’ll see!

Until next time, thank you once again for reading!  You make the story writing experience worth it.  If you want to send me comments, suggestions, or questions, you can do it here or at!

15 thoughts on “Chapter Six: Moving Forward

  1. LOL! I LURVED it again:)

    Your pics are SO awesome!

    I am so glad the tv did not explode your laptop *lolz*

    Apple is so cute! But a bit of a little madam.. teehee.


    1. Thank you! I’ve finally mastered my graphics without my laptop dying on me, lol. It took a while, but I’m finally happy. I love love LOVE the first kiss picture. And I’m glad nothing exploded too.

      At first I thought Apple would be boring, but she’s really entertaining. And her face is so unique. I really have a feeling she’ll be heiress.


  2. LOL, yes she is unique, she looks so much like dad, but not quite, and she is just marvelous.

    She reminds me of my daughter in some ways.

    8 going on 38, you have to love them :D


  3. Apple’s cooking = pure awesomeness. Aww @ her and Gerald! You could always wait til that Oscar fellow grows up though and snag some of those genes :D

    Great pictures, I enjoyed the ones of the robber…never really see those.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the legacy!

      I used to never be hit with robbers, so it’s funny to me that this household’s already been hit twice :D


  4. “Did you hear about the folded napkin on a plate?!”

    “I am going to kick you! That was horrible!”

    LOL! Awesome. And awww at Apple and Gerald. Too cute.


  5. CREEPIEST THING — my current legacy that i’m working on, right now i’m well into generation 3 but i’m lazy and only have one chapter up but I WILL GET TO IT I PROMISE, is the Gerald legacy. guess who the co-founder is? Christopher Steel, the possible father to that Gerald Steel. COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT.


  6. I’m loving how this legacy is unfolding. Nice to know that my game isn’t the only one jacking up the sims’ hair genes. But besides that, I love how the kids actually look like their parents. Are you using the Nraas story progession mod?


  7. So I decided to finally check out this Creeper bandwagon all the cool kids were talking about and I’m super glad I did. It’s been entertaining so far but this chapter had me cracking up left and right!

    “Yeah, well, Miss Forensic Specialist. If you fingerprint that plate back there, you’ll see that it’s yours. Clean it up.”

    Pure Awesome! Needless to say I’ll be reading this the rest of the night because now I just can’t not read more.


  8. I know I’m wayyyyyy behind but I love your legacy!! Also Chad does the crying thing because he has the loser trait, I just realized. lol


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