Chapter Nine: What’s The Obsession With Weight?

Welcome back!  Sadly, this is about all Agnes does these days.  The ‘Mother of the Bride’ moodlet (which I find awesome, by the way) from her daughter’s wedding has come and gone, and now she waits for grandkids.  Or death.  Whichever comes first.

“Thank you so much for that.”

Anytime, Agnes!  Don’t get me wrong, lovie.  I will miss you when you’re gone.

Just a little note: You may have noticed the page and posts are looking a bit different these days.  I downloaded Windows Live Writer to help make updating less of a chore.  I’m loving it so far.

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Chapter Eight: The Color Purple

O hai!  It’s been a while!  The heir poll’s been closed for over a week now, but I haven’t had one minute to spare because my husband’s been home sick and we’ve had lots of family time.  Yayz.  But you don’t care about that, do you?  Nah, you just want to see what kind of nonsense I’ve come up with this time.  Well, thank you for coming, and here you go!  Disclaimer:  this chapter will be filled with a LOT of white and purple.  I apologize for the inconvenience, and hope that your retinas don’t burst into flames.

This guy here is the non-winner.  That’s right, the next generation will be brought in by Apple!  I actually messed up and told you that Moses had the LTW to befriend 20 sims.  WRONG.  He actually wants to become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.

"Oh, first she calls me a non-winner, and now my creator can’t even remember my only dream in life.  I am LOVING myself."

At least I didn’t call you a loser.  I’m sorry.  Just work on your gardening skill, it’ll help you reach your goal.

"That you FORGOT."

Aw, come on.

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Chapter Seven, Part Two: There Can Be Only One

Welcome back!  Are you ready to end this chapter as well as this generation?  I am!  I’m very excited to see who gets chosen as heir.  Before that happens, though, part two has to finish, so let’s DO THIS.

Good morning, Agnes!  Have a nice nap on the loveseat?  You didn’t have to sleep there, you know.  I would’ve kicked Gerald out for you.

"No, no, I don’t mind.  My old, creaky bones are worth aching just a bit in exchange for my daughter’s boyfriend’s happiness."

Aw, that’s really sweet.

"He’s probably the only man in the world who will ever put up with her, so that makes him an alright guy to me."

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Chapter Seven, Part One: Oh, Teens.

Hello again!  This is part one of chapter seven of The Creeper Legacy, because I took too many pictures and had to split.   Have you read the previous chapters already?  I hope so!  Are you prepared to vote for an heir or heiress at the end of part two?  I hope so, too.  Because I’m not!  YOU get the hard part.  All I gotta do is take pictures.  Neener!  Let’s get it on then, yeah?

I left off with a cliffhanger of epic proportions.  Moses… hadn’t been given proper clothing yet!  Ooh, suspenseful.  Well, here he is in his violet madeover glory.  You were on the edge of your seat, weren’t you?  I know I was.

"Okay, ready for my first day of high school!"

Well, your sister’s not.  Let’s see what she’s up to.

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Chapter Six: Moving Forward


Welcome, welcome, to another chapter of The Creeper Legacy!  Long time no see.  How’s the family?  Good.  Now if you haven’t yet read the other chapters, do eet.  If you have, good job!  The mood last chapter was glum, but we’re waking up from the horrible nightmare and beginning to move forward.  Now are you ready for some FUN?!  I surely am.  Let’s commence the fun having.

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