This is an incredibly short chapter that I felt needed to be written before I make another full legacy chapter.  The mood of The Creeper Legacy has taken a sudden plunge, which means a small transition is in order (hence the title).  Agnes is such a sensitive, dramatic soul (she gets that from her romance novels).  I feel it’s only right to let her grieve properly.  This is the world as she sees it, like the pages in the books she adores.  She can get it out of her system and we can move on, so here we go.

After everything was said and done, Agnes was unable to move.  She wasn’t sure exactly how long she’d stood there, staring at the spot where her beloved husband had just suffered an awful death; but by the time her mind had shifted back to real-time, Moses had dirtied his diaper, both kids were starving, and the sun had already begun to hide itself behind the lighthouse.  That was precisely what she’d like to do right now.  Hide.  How on earth would she even begin to pick up the pieces?  She took a deep breath in an attempt to clear her mind, only to feel the shards of her broken heart shift uneasily in her chest.

The very first thing she knew she had to do was quit her job.  Being an Overseer of the Dead wasn’t nearly as appealing to her now, though a promotion had been pretty much guaranteed for her the next time she went to work.  The children needed their mother full time for at least a little while, though, and that took priority.  They had enough money, thanks to her frugalness, to get them by for a bit.

The phone felt very foreign in her hand, the floor foreign underneath her bare feet.  Even the air in the house felt foreign.  Everything, save for the giggles and cries of her children, was unfamiliar now.  It was as though she’d fallen into the pages of one of her beloved romance novels — one of the more tragic ones she used to love sitting and reading over and over again, until she could recite every beautiful word of it in her head.  She was living it; only in this instance, in real life, she wouldn’t find a happy ending.  There would be no true love to sweep her off her feet once again.  She’d been given her one chance at love, and it had been taken away from her.  No one could replace Chad Creeper.

"You can’t quit, Agnes!  Why would you want to quit?!  This job is perfect for you!"  Normally, Agnes got along quite well with her boss.  She wasn’t feeling it today, though.  Her tone, the shrillness of her voice, the way she pronounced the word ‘why’.  Everything about the woman irked her at this point in time.  She sighed heavily, feeling the shards in her chest shift once again.

"I don’t feel like talking about it.  I quit.  Get over it."  She hung up abruptly, lips pursing just a bit as her grumpy trait kicked in full force.  It hadn’t done that since… Well, since just before Chad had set foot on her doorstep for the very first time.  It seemed like an eternity had passed since then.

Various noises began emerging from the dishwasher, growing louder and louder with each passing moment.  Until now, Agnes hadn’t heard them.  Her mind had been too fuzzy to register the sounds reminding her of her loss.  Now they seemed to have invaded her senses completely.  She heard the zapping loud and clear, as if surround sound had been installed in her head.  Her misfortune was being mocked in the personal theatre in her mind.  It was finally too much.  She dialed the repair service, called for a babysitter, and sped out of the house as fast as she possibly could.

Agnes hadn’t been sure where she was going until she’d landed in the arms of her older sister.  Tears instantly began pouring out of her eyes, down her cold cheeks, and onto Cornelia’s shoulder, where they proceeded to soak every inch of fabric they could reach.  It really didn’t matter who’s shoulder she cried on at this point so long as it was a shoulder, though she appreciated the fact that her sister welcomed her grief so easily.  She just had to cry.

After a while, Cornelia seemed anxious to get her out of the house.  It was getting pretty late and the woman had a very early shift.  She bid the family goodbye and headed back home, unsure if she felt better or worse.

Once the children were in bed, Agnes pulled a leftover cheesesteak out of the refrigerator and sat down to fill her empty stomach.  There was no flavor to the food, and she didn’t want there to be.  It was merely a tool to sustain her.  If she were to give in to her sorrows, she wouldn’t have eaten at all, ever again.  But she had to survive for her children; they were the only products of the wonderful life she once had, and the only things that would give her the will to continue to live.  Something as silly and cowardly as starvation wasn’t an option.

She ate quickly, as thoughts of how Chad would’ve gotten so sick if he’d eaten her cheesesteak began to eat away at the barrier she’d built half-heartedly in her mind.  She could just imagine him making a dramatic scene, gagging and flailing about like an idiot.  Her idiot.  Her Prince Chadwick…

No, it hurt too much to think of him right now.  Perhaps one day she’d be able to smile upon fond memories.  For now, she’d have to focus on breathing without her chest ripping in two.

Thank you for reading!  Next chapter will be as normal as the Creepers can be.

9 thoughts on “Transition

    1. It is :( I have such a new respect for Agnes because of it all. She’s a great sim. I saw her in another legacy yesterday and got all sad for her, even though everything was funny. Lol.


  1. I have to say I am proud of you for sticking with the death even though it wad not planned. (it wasn’t right?)
    most legacies only seem to kill off people when its story or when they are old.


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