Chapter Four: Didn’t See That Coming

“Nice to meet you, Kaylynn.  You gonna be agin’ up soon?  ‘Cause you’re lookin’ sweeeet!”

“Gross.  Give me my hand back, creep.”

Kaylynn’s got the right idea!  If you’re here, you’re about to read chapter four of The Creeper Legacy!  If you’re not here… well, you’re not here then!  But you should be!  So sit back, relax, and look at cartoony pictures with captions!

So far, this legacy has made me wish you could just click on your sim and pick the option for them to go out and find their own darn spouse.  We’ve had no luck finding someone to bring in generation two, and as every sim minute passes, I see more and more pop-ups saying the single ladies are no longer single.  We’ll see if this chapter finally gets this legacy going!

“Working is hard.  I’m so tired.”

You went to work for six hours.

“I know!  Ain’t it ridiculous?!”

Er… not really?  Most people work eight hour shifts.

“WHAT?!  That exhausts me just thinkin’ about it.”

Well get some sleep.  We’re going to the library tomorrow.

“For what?  Hot nerdy ladies?!”

No, to get you a cooking skill point.


Off you go.

Of course, we run into Molly French while we’re there…

“No thanks.”

Did I mention she’s his boss?  It would get you quicker promotions if you wooed her a bit, Chad.

“Nah, ’cause then I gotta woo her kid too.”

Little Sandi is so cute, though.  Look at her reading!  That’s probably all she’ll do when you and Molly are married and living together like one big happy family :)

“I’m leaving.”

“See you at work then, cowboy.  Don’t be late.”

Aw, she wants yooooou.

“She’s creepy.”


We interrupt your regularly scheduled legacy to bring you Thornton and Morgana Wolff.  Flirting.  Yay!  In most of my games they end up divorced.  Good to see them getting along this time around.  Anyway, back to Chad.

Aw, Chad, what’s the matter?  Is work really that bad?

“No, I got a promotion.”

…And you’re sad about that?

“No, it’s just… I can’t stop… rolling wants for… for HER!”

I know, dear.

“I can’t stop THINKING about her!  What am I supposed to do?!”

Go to her, my friend.  Go to her.  Fate has spoken.

Feeling better?

“Oh yeah!  I’m finally gonna woohoo!”

How romantic.

“What do you want, Chad?  I don’t have another $10 to spare and I’m fresh out of soup.”

“Shh… I just wanted to see you.”

“Oh, ha ha!  Why don’t you go find your legacy wife and get on with your life?”

“I will as soon as these wants of mine are fulfilled.”


“Is it really that hard to believe I’m here to see you?”

“Well, yeah.  I’ve pretty much just been a joke ever since The Sims 1.  Besides, I have no time for this nonsense, so if you’ll please let yoursel–“


“*gasp* That is the most romantic thing that’s ever been said to me…”

“Now it’s getting late, you’ve got to leave.”



Okay, she’s had the whole day to let last night sink in.  You’ve got to seal the deal tonight, Chad.  You’re halfway to adulthood and I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to elder already.

“I think I’m gonna be sick!”

Chad!  You’re The Chadster.  You can do this, come on.  Quit being all whiny and GET IN THERE!

“Look how beautiful she is, making salad in her nightie…  Never have I seen such an amaz–“

Yeah, yeah, she’s great.  NOW GO!  I need my second generation!  By the way, you’re being creepy in a whole different way now.

“I’m so glad you came to see me again today, Chad.  I’m starting to think I really am the salsa to your tortilla chips…”

Don’t miss!

“Shut it!  I’m concentrating!”

Aw, his first kiss and he’s only almost like… 30 years old or something.

…Where did she go?

“Not sure.  She likes to leave me hangin’ don’t she?”

I’m starting to think so.

“Oh, Agnes…”

“Oh, Prince Chadwick of Northington!”


Too many romance novels, Chadwick :P

Oh, Chad!  You didn’t!

“What?!  I thought she was ready for it!”

You’re not even in a relationship yet!  She’s a Crumplebottom!  They aren’t widely known for these sorts of things!

“But she called me Prince Chadwick of Northington!”

*headdesk* Start over!

“Look, my creator says you’ve got lots of morals or whatever, so I guess we should be in a relationship…  If you’re okay with that.”

“Of course, Chad!  It’s all I ever wanted!”

“Is it really?”

“Yes!  Now go home.”

Haha.  Looks like you’re done for the night, Chad.

So it was back to work at the Bistro until the next visit with Agnes.  Justine sat outside and “read” during Chad’s entire shift.  Stalker, much?

“Hmm, I still have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Keep it up, Justine.  The truth will come out eventually.

And Justine isn’t Chad’s only stalker.  While he was waiting for Agnes to come home from work, Molly called.


“*dreamy sigh* My prince, the love of my life!  Hang up that phone this instant!  Your princess awaits!”

You heard the kook.  Hang up, loverboy.

“I know it might seem like I’m rushin’ things, but my creator has had this lined up in my queue since you invited me in.  She didn’t even bother gettin’ pictures of us flirtin’ and makin’ out ’cause she had it on triple speed.”

“Agnes Marie (I don’t even know if that’s your middle name, but it fits) Crumplebottom…”

Yes, I got a lot of these pictures because I EARNED it, dang it.

“Will you marry me?”

“*GASP* Prince Chadwick!”

“Pretty riiiiiiing!  Just for yoooooou!”

“Of course I will marry you, Prince Chadwick!  Take THAT, simmers who have done nothing but make fun of my family’s cat lady, prudeish ways!  I am now going to be the co-founder of a legacy!”

When you put it like that, I get a little frightened…


“Not until we’re married!”

Don’t worry, Chad.  It’s already in your queue.

“With this ring, I thee wed Prince Chadwick!”

“Heh heh… so close, so close…”

Obligatory wedding kiss picture, and off they go to Chad’s box with a bed and a light!  And I collapse on the floor in a heap of relief and exhaustion.  Finally, we can get started.

“Oh, I’ve got so many plans for our new place, and our future, and everything else you can think of!”

Why don’t you start by paying those bills.

Agnes Creeperbottom (haha I wish I could change their name to that) brought to the household about $54,000… which I kinda feel guilty using.  I didn’t know she’d bring that much.  Chad didn’t see her as rich or anything.  But anyway, she is a cheap, grumpy, hopeless romantic loner who has a love affair with books.  Her favorite music is classical, food is lobster thermidor, and color is spice brown.  Her LTW is to be an Illustrious Author (max painting and writing).  She has 9 painting, 6 cooking, and 1 handiness skill, and she works as an Overseer of the Dead.  I’m letting her keep her job because it’s fitting.

Speaking of the dead… I got a pop-up saying that Leighton Sekemoto’s head exploded after consuming fizzy sweets and cola.  Trufax.  RIP, Leighton.  I feel sorry for your son.

So the time has finally come.  It’s time to prove your worth as a man, Chad.  Time to completely seal the deal with your bride. Time to–

“Will you please stop?!”

“You’re shaking, Chadwick!”

“Let’s just hurry up and get this over with…”

Not so excited now that the pressure’s on!

And there you have it, folks!  The Creeper Legacy is finally a GO!  Now for a tour of the house.  What have I done with the holy matrimonial $54,000?  All I have to say is be prepared for a lot of spice brown and orange.  I like the favorite colors thing :P

Heeere is the outside view.  I liked the redness of Agnes’ house, so I kind of brought it here.

To the right as you pass the entryway is the living room… area.  I’m really glad brown and orange aren’t too bad together.

On the opposite wall is the glorious bookshelf, probably full of romance novels by now.  You’ll notice I don’t yet own a TV or computer.  That’s because my graphics card isn’t quite up to speed with TS3.  My sims can own them, but they make my screen go black for a second when they’re turned on and off.  I like to prevent that from happening as much as possible, which means when I randomize traits I always hope NOT to get a computer whiz or couch potato.  At least until my sweet husband buys me a new computer :D  Moving on!

The kitchen, where Agnes is already preparing a delicious breakfast.

The small dining area.  The doors lead to the bathroom, bedroom, and nursery, respectively.

You already saw the bed, but here’s the other side of the bedroom.  I’m usually not big on decorating, so I’m pretty proud of myself with this one.

And the bathroom.  It’s pretty small, but it works.  I didn’t want to go overboard.

Oh, and here’s the deck/patio thing.  An easel for Agnes, chess table for Chad, and a telescope for the (non-existent) aliens.  I miss them so much :(

“So we have to get started on making heirs now, don’t we?”

“If it means more woohoo, yeah!”

“Well, that was quick.”

It’s all the vegetables.  Nature’s fertility drugs.


I have no idea, but it sounds good.

Maternity leave is a perfect time for skilling.  And as an added bonus, we get started on our portraits.  You did well capturing his creepiness, Agnes.

“He’s not creepy!  He’s my snugglewugglekins!”


The nursery had been an empty white room (which is why I didn’t show a picture) because I usually don’t decorate until the baby’s born and I know it’s favorite color.  Ever since Agnes popped, though, Chad has been rolling want after want for cribs and girls and teddy bears and tummy rubs.  I didn’t think he’d be much of a doting daddy, but I guess I was wrong.  Agnes, on the other hand, hasn’t yet rolled ONE baby-related want.  Hopefully the girl likes purple.  More importantly, hopefully it is a girl.  I don’t like to use the fruits to determine sex unless I absolutely NEED to.

“Prince Chadwick, I love you so much!  Have I told you that yet today?”

“Only 58782382 times.”

“Oops!  Hee hee!”

“It’s all right, though.  It never gets old comin’ from you, baby.”

Aww.  Gag-worthy!  Agnes really plays up the hopeless romantic trait more than anything, I’ve noticed.

I have to admit, though, they are a really sweet couple.  Chad has really been a lot less of an obnoxious loser since he got married.

“Do you mind?  We’re about to get it on.”

Gross.  Leaving!

I swear, Chad’s first wants every morning are ‘Talk to Belly’, ‘Listen to Belly’, and ‘Massage Agnes’.  It’s getting a little weird how obsessed he is with pregnancy.

“Don’t mix cola and fizzy sweets in your bottle or your head’ll go ‘splodey!”

“What’s that you say?  You want to KEEL scarletsimphony?  Oooh, you hear that?”

Yes, I heard!  I’m really lucky to not be playing at night because that expression you’ve got is freaking me out!

Well, there he goes again.  I sent Agnes to the grocery store and Chad had an opportunity to take care of at the bookstore.  While they were doing that, I was trying to figure out what happened to the Altos (their house is vacant and I swear AwesomeMod is supposed to not let people just move out!) I zoom in to find him FLIRTING with VanWatson!

“Are those space pants you’re wearing, because your as–?”

Not only is she in a relationship, but CHADWICK YOU ARE MARRIED and your wife is HAVING YOUR BABY!  Go home before Agnes (who just came out of the grocery store NEXT DOOR, by the way) catches you being stupid!

“Anything interesting happen while you were out tonight, my Prince Chadwick?”

“…Nope.  Not at all.”


“Get over it, scarletsimphony.  I’m The Chadster.  It’s who The Chadster is.”

Well The freaking Chadster’s about to be fenced in with no gate in the back yard.  After all the work we did to get your creepy butt married and you’re going to nearly throw it all away because you’re The Chadster.  You annoy me.

“I sure can’t wait for my baby to get here.”

Don’t you mean ‘I, as a dirty rotten scum, sure can’t wait for my baby to get here’?!  By the way, your wife needs you in the bedroom.

“Uh… Schnookums?  I think it’s tiiiiiiiiiimeeeeAAAAAH!”


You were just sayi–


“But honey, we have to be ready!  Let’s go to the hospital.”

“You can’t go to the hospital in your condition!  You’re about to… the baby’s gonna… If you walk it’ll… Keep your legs together!  I don’t… what if… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!”

Er… *clicks ‘Take to Hospital’*

You seem to have calmed down now.

“Yeah, man am I tired.  Why couldn’t you wait until my energy bar was full?”

Chad Creeper!  Shut.  Up.  For once!

And this it where I’ll leave you!  Is there one baby, or eight?  Will they be boys or girls? Will they weigh 19 pounds like the baby born in Indonesia this week?  Will Chad ever redeem himself?  Answers to this and more next chapter!  Thank you so much for reading!  Comment if you get the urge!

17 thoughts on “Chapter Four: Didn’t See That Coming

  1. LOL, so funny!
    “Speaking of the dead… I got a pop-up saying that Leighton Sekemoto’s head exploded after consuming fizzy sweets and cola. Trufax. RIP, Leighton. I feel sorry for your son.”
    SO FUNNY , is that the indiestone mod?


  2. The house you built is amazing, seriously. Love all of those orange/brown combos.
    And I always though that Agnes was pretty, so hooray for creepy Chad for having the balls to marry her :D


  3. You could actually have changed Agnes’ surname to Creeperbottom if you sent her to City Hall. :) You probably know that by now, but anyway…
    This chapter (and the previous ones) had me laughing out loud on several different occasions. Your legacy is brilliant!
    Is it stupid that I thought you were spelling “symphony” wrong in your username until about thirty seconds ago? (Actually, don’t answer that question. :P)


  4. “”You can’t go to the hospital in your condition! You’re about to… the baby’s gonna… If you walk it’ll… Keep your legs together! I don’t… what if… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!””
    Aw, gotta love Chad! Him and Agnes are so frinkin’ cute! I LOVELOVELOVE the decoration of the house, great colour combinations! The colours of my legacy house are all white and cream and stuff because I suck at decorating lol. But yeah, Chad’s so creepy that you’ve got to love him! Awesome chapter! :D


  5. Oh, I had an Uglacy, (I still do) and he married Gracie Loveland, and had an affair with Oriele Bird. Little did I know, that he and her had tryed for a baby, and she had TWINS. A boy and a girl. So I had him divorced Gracie, (He was having a mid-life crisis anyway…) and she moved out with the annoying kids. And he married Oriele and moved her and the twins in. And Goobie (my founder) didn’t seem to care one bit. Ah, Sims!


  6. “Anything interesting happen while you were out tonight, my Prince Chadwick?”

    “…Nope. Not at all.”

    LIES. You LIAR.

    LOL, jerk guy sims.


  7. Lols, I love these guys. Large part is your writing, obviously, but also that they’re not just the normal skill-slave legacy sims; these guys seem to have lives!


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