Chapter One: The Creepiness Begins

Hello!  Welcome to The Creeper Legacy’s super special WordPress page!  I’m (un)known to the Sims world as scarletsimphony.  I’ve dabbled in both legacies and WordPress before, but never have I smushed them together to form one… giant TS3 blog of awesome, so we’ll see how this goes.  Let’s start the first chapter, shall we?

This is Chad Creeper.  Basically I opened CAS, clicked the randomize button, and called it good.  He’s an easily impressed loser flirt who doesn’t eat meat and mooches, with a lifetime wish to be a chess legend.  Quite a catch, isn’t he?  His traits reminded me of one of those perverted, obnoxious, creepy (hence the surname) nerd-in-denial types, which is why his hair and clothes are the way they are.

“Don’t forget to tell them I wear an earring on my STRAIGHT ear.”

Er… that, too, I guess.

I built him a tiny box with a bed and light in it, because I really hate how the graphics are outside.  Plus, I figured he could mooch people’s food, toilets, and showers until he’s got his own stuff.


Um, Chad, normally people just ring the doorbell.

“Yeah, well I ain’t normal people.”

Can’t argue with that.

“So your name’s Malcolm, huh?  You look like a lost cause, but I’m sure the rich factor will get you lots of ladies when you’re older.”

“…What are you talking about, mister?”

“Ah, nevermind.  Where’s the kitchen?”

“Steak, pork chops… Where’s the good stuff?  Lettuce and carrots and tomatoes!”

Beggars can’t be choosers, Chad.  Now grab something and scarf it down before we’re kicked out for being inappropriate.

“Oh, gross, meat!  Horrible!  I think I’m dying!  I’m too good looking to die!”

Oh, shut up, it’s fake meat.

“Is it?”

If it gets you to stop that, then yes.

RUDE, Kanye!  Candi wrote an UGLACY, which is… um… different!  MUCH DIFFERENT!

“Who is this tiny, horribly graphicked man and why is he in my picture?”

Surprisingly, Chad, he’s someone who is more obnoxious than you.

“Riiight.  Well, can I go look for chicks now?”


“Hey, taxi driver guy.  I’m going to look for chicks.  Which you can’t do.  Because you’re driving me around.”

“I’m married and have children of my own, so I don’t really ca–“

“Yeah, yeah.  Yo, can I bum $20?”

“Yeeeeeeah, lookin’ for chicks.”

Isn’t that the creepiest face?  He’s staying true to his name, that’s for sure.

“Uh, scarletsimphony…”



Beats me.  Hey, look, it’s Geoffery Landgraab, playing chess.  LTWCHADGO!

“I don’t like your son.”

“Neither do I.”

Well, we didn’t score a chick, but you did gain a logic point!

“Whatever, I hate you. GOODNIGHT.”

Yeah, go to sleep in your pretty flower panties and your pretty flower bed.


And that’s the end of day one, meaning the end of the first chapter!  I wanted to do more, but I also wanted to get this started.  Chapter two should be out soon.  Thank you for reading, comment if you’d like!

32 thoughts on “Chapter One: The Creepiness Begins

  1. Hi, I found this after reading the Chimerees. :) Might take me a while to get caught up, but I always like to start at the beginning. Love Chad…he’s snarky. I lol’d when Landgraab said he didn’t like his son, either! XD


  2. Oh my gosh, Kanye… genius little addition there. And Geoffrey Landgraab was priceless.

    So yeah… I just came across this today, and I have to say–I’m loving it so far!


  3. When I started my legacy, I figured that I should probably go and look for some for me to read! So I found your’s and this is pretty frickin’ awesome! I don’t care if you’ve done like, fifty chapters since this one, I may just comment on every single one because I’m creepy. Like Chad. Oh god, Chad’s great but I A1N’T N0 MO0CH! But yeah, this is great, I love it!


  4. (re-reading and realizing I never commented here.)
    Wow…I had forgotten how…wonderfully terrible the namesake of the legacy was.
    This is going to be a great re-read. Especially since I apparently forget everything so its like reading a brand new story. :D


  5. Coming back around for a re-read of all my fave legacies. Chad is so hilariously awesome, and I like the fact that he’s not the same gorgeous sims that seem to start most normal legacies. Then again, any family with the surname of Creeper aren’t likely to be ‘normal’.


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