This is an incredibly short chapter that I felt needed to be written before I make another full legacy chapter.  The mood of The Creeper Legacy has taken a sudden plunge, which means a small transition is in order (hence the title).  Agnes is such a sensitive, dramatic soul (she gets that from her romance novels).  I feel it’s only right to let her grieve properly.  This is the world as she sees it, like the pages in the books she adores.  She can get it out of her system and we can move on, so here we go.

After everything was said and done, Agnes was unable to move.  She wasn’t sure exactly how long she’d stood there, staring at the spot where her beloved husband had just suffered an awful death; but by the time her mind had shifted back to real-time, Moses had dirtied his diaper, both kids were starving, and the sun had already begun to hide itself behind the lighthouse.  That was precisely what she’d like to do right now.  Hide.  How on earth would she even begin to pick up the pieces?  She took a deep breath in an attempt to clear her mind, only to feel the shards of her broken heart shift uneasily in her chest.

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Chapter Five: Visit From An Old Creepy Friend

“Just… Just give me a minute, all right?”

What’s up?

“I just… oh… Get it together, Chad.  People are watching.  Breathe in… and out…”

You finished?

“I think so.  Okay, go.”

All right, then.  Welcome to the fifth installment of The Creeper Legacy!  We last left our sickeningly sweet founding couple at the hospital, where they were giving birth to their octuplets.  Because one baby isn’t enough anymore.  Multiples are the new thing, haven’t you heard?  By the way, this is really what he did the second Agnes came out of the hospital.  I don’t know what’s up with that.

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Chapter Four: Didn’t See That Coming

“Nice to meet you, Kaylynn.  You gonna be agin’ up soon?  ‘Cause you’re lookin’ sweeeet!”

“Gross.  Give me my hand back, creep.”

Kaylynn’s got the right idea!  If you’re here, you’re about to read chapter four of The Creeper Legacy!  If you’re not here… well, you’re not here then!  But you should be!  So sit back, relax, and look at cartoony pictures with captions!

So far, this legacy has made me wish you could just click on your sim and pick the option for them to go out and find their own darn spouse.  We’ve had no luck finding someone to bring in generation two, and as every sim minute passes, I see more and more pop-ups saying the single ladies are no longer single.  We’ll see if this chapter finally gets this legacy going!

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Chapter One: The Creepiness Begins

Hello!  Welcome to The Creeper Legacy’s super special WordPress page!  I’m (un)known to the Sims world as scarletsimphony.  I’ve dabbled in both legacies and WordPress before, but never have I smushed them together to form one… giant TS3 blog of awesome, so we’ll see how this goes.  Let’s start the first chapter, shall we?

This is Chad Creeper.  Basically I opened CAS, clicked the randomize button, and called it good.  He’s an easily impressed loser flirt who doesn’t eat meat and mooches, with a lifetime wish to be a chess legend.  Quite a catch, isn’t he?  His traits reminded me of one of those perverted, obnoxious, creepy (hence the surname) nerd-in-denial types, which is why his hair and clothes are the way they are.

“Don’t forget to tell them I wear an earring on my STRAIGHT ear.”

Er… that, too, I guess.

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